Going Dutch
Spa 2017
Belgian Grand Prix

Toro Rosso is having what could be described as a 'steady' season, neither moving forwards, nor backwards; fighting for fifth place in the Formula 1 constructors' standings against Williams, with a decent chassis and a …

16 Aug 2017   |  2:56 pm GMT  |  33 comments

I will be the first to admit that I thought Red Bull would be fighting for this year's world championship, but it hasn't happened. The car isn't fast enough and it's also not been reliable …

09 Aug 2017   |  10:37 am GMT  |  302 comments

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo continued a season of comebacks with another rapid recovery in the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, which he called 'ten out of ten in terms of fun.' While Ricciardo has made a …

17 Jul 2017   |  5:25 pm GMT  |  150 comments
Daniel Ricciardo

There are so many great stories from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix but Daniel Ricciardo's victory in Baku was truly unpredicatable after the setbacks suffered in qualifying and at the start. He came back from a crash …

25 Jun 2017   |  5:45 pm GMT  |  193 comments

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has said expectations of a resurgence at the upcoming Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix are low with no Renault engine upgrade on the horizon. Daniel Ricciardo earned a podium and Max Verstappen …

31 May 2017   |  5:34 pm GMT  |  91 comments
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