Nico Rosberg
2016 Formula 1 World Champion
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz will be stay at Toro Rosso for 2017 after Red Bull activated its option to keep him on for a third season at the Italian team. Sainz’s future in Formula 1 has been the …

29 Jun 2016   |  5:37 pm GMT  |  20 comments Force India

Sergio Perez’s podium at the European Grand Prix marked the first time Force India has scored more than one rostrum visit in a single season during its nine-year Formula 1 history. The team’s fortunes have improved …

28 Jun 2016   |  7:55 pm GMT  |  52 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he needs to “get back on it” in Formula 1 qualifying ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix after crashing in Q3 during the European race last time out. Prior to the …

27 Jun 2016   |  5:10 pm GMT  |  99 comments Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis says the changing nature of Formula 1’s sponsorship models means his McLaren team has prioritised signing smaller deals for longer, rather than sell prominent space on its cars to a single company for …

23 Jun 2016   |  12:54 pm GMT  |  51 comments
F1 team radio

The restrictions on Formula 1’s team radio regulations have been brought under close scrutiny after Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen both battled technical problems without assistance during last weekend’s European Grand Prix. The radio rules were …

20 Jun 2016   |  8:07 pm GMT  |  462 comments Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz believes he achieved the best possible result Toro Rosso had hoped for coming into last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix despite starting a long way back on the Formula 1 grid. The Spaniard had been …

14 Jun 2016   |  9:31 am GMT  |  35 comments
Canadian Grand Prix 2016 start

Lewis Hamilton reckons Mercedes does not need to investigate the first corner incident between himself and his Formula 1 teammate Nico Rosberg the start of yesterday’s Canadian Grand Prix. Both Mercedes drivers made poor starts and …

13 Jun 2016   |  2:03 pm GMT  |  282 comments
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo says he still has faith in Red Bull despite missing out on victory in the Monaco Grand Prix due to a long pitstop after the team made a late decision to change his …

09 Jun 2016   |  5:48 pm GMT  |  100 comments
Force India Monaco GP 2016

Beleaguered Force India boss Vijay Mallya has called on his team to go up to the next level after hailing his team’s “best ever result” in Monaco. Sergio Perez scored a memorable podium to give …

31 May 2016   |  3:38 pm GMT  |  55 comments
Jenson Button

McLaren is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the team’s first appearance at a Formula 1 race at this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. McLaren first took part in the F1 world championship at the 1966 Monaco race …

27 May 2016   |  10:22 pm GMT  |  30 comments
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