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Budapest 2016
Hungarian Grand Prix
Fernando Alonso MotoGP

Fernando Alonso has hailed MotoGP riders as “heroes” during a visit to the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix at Mugello at the weekend. The McLaren driver, who is known to be a keen fan of MotoGP, as …

23 May 2016   |  1:59 pm GMT  |  136 comments
Red Bull Monaco

Flushed with their unexpected victory in the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, Red Bull Racing can be forgiven for feeling some optimism for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix. Although the emphasis in Monte Carlo is …

19 May 2016   |  2:02 pm GMT  |  123 comments

After the shock of the Red Bull move last week to drop Daniil Kvyat to Toro Rosso and promote Max Verstappen, the pair were out in their new cars on Friday here in Barcelona getting …

13 May 2016   |  11:13 am GMT  |  133 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton reckons young Formula 1 drivers need to be given the chance to learn from mistakes they make, in response to Red Bull’s decision to demote Daniil Kvyat in favour of Max Verstappen. The surprising …

12 May 2016   |  7:00 pm GMT  |  56 comments
Daniil Kvyat Max Verstappen

A dignified Daniil Kvyat faced the media today in Barcelona and said he believes that he was doing everything he could to justify his Formula 1 seat at Red Bull Racing before last week’s surprise …

12 May 2016   |  5:39 pm GMT  |  97 comments
Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel

Although Formula 1’s new 2017 rules are now confirmed, there is clearly a concern among fans of the sport that the new regulations will not address its current problems judging from poll numbers that indicate …

04 May 2016   |  12:38 pm GMT  |  116 comments
Russian GP 2016 press conference

With the 30 April deadline to set Formula 1’s 2017 regulations fast approaching, Nico Rosberg reckons that the drivers’ opinions on rule changes will be considered more seriously in future by the sport’s regulators. Earlier this …

28 Apr 2016   |  5:00 pm GMT  |  7 comments
John Booth

Former Manor Racing Formula 1 team principal John Booth has joined Toro Rosso as a consultant, it was announced today. The Briton, who left Manor at the end of the 2015 season and has since gone …

26 Apr 2016   |  5:24 pm GMT  |  25 comments
Alex Lynn

Alex Lynn starts the new GP2 season with DAMS next month as one of the favourites and the 22 year old believes that winning the title could propel him into F1 next season, as the …

22 Apr 2016   |  7:25 pm GMT  |  28 comments
Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso believes that he is the best overall driver currently competing in Formula 1 and says he could beat any competition from his rivals if they all used the same equipment. The McLaren driver, who …

21 Apr 2016   |  7:27 pm GMT  |  365 comments
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