Hamilton backs Button for world title

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton has today backed Brawn GP's Jenson Button, the runaway championship leader, to finish the job off and take his title. "I think Jenson's got a great chance, a great shot at …

14 May 2009   |  5:08 pm GMT  |  0 comments
Lewis drives his F1 car – remote control!

If you liked that James Bond sequence where he drove the BMW Q had given him using by remote control using his phone, you'll enjoy this wacky bit of video. I remember a few years ago …

10 Mar 2009   |  10:05 am GMT  |  14 comments
Car makers take a further hammering

Today's Financial Times has some shocking information about the state of the motor industry. And as F1 is seen as an extension of that industry because of it's reliance on, and domination by, the car …

04 Mar 2009   |  5:39 pm GMT  |  8 comments
Mercedes deny narrow vote story

There is a story doing the rounds on the websites at the moment, based on an article in a German magazine called Focus, to the effect that Mercedes' continued participation in F1 was the …

03 Feb 2009   |  11:40 am GMT  |  6 comments
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