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F1 2017

McLaren Honda had a painful season in 2015, to put it mildly. Honda loves a challenge; but to go racing in 2015 with a 1.6 litre hybrid turbo engine, less than two years after making …

28 Dec 2015   |  7:52 am GMT  |  118 comments
Fernando Alonso

Ron Dennis has shed light on one of the most talked about moments of the year. The veteran McLaren boss admitted that he laughed when he saw the images of Fernando Alonso sunbathing in a …

19 Dec 2015   |  1:58 pm GMT  |  111 comments
Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis believes McLaren should have reverted to its 2012 car immediately after the first race of 2013, at the beginning of the team’s longest gap between Grand Prix victories its Formula 1 history. McLaren has …

02 Dec 2015   |  5:14 pm GMT  |  94 comments

The conclusion of Pirelli’s 12-hour private tyre test in Abu Dhabi represents the final track running of the 2015 Formula 1 season and Stoffel Vandoorne topped the times for McLaren. Pirelli had requested the test to …

02 Dec 2015   |  11:51 am GMT  |  30 comments

The possibility of Fernando Alonso taking a year out of Formula 1 in 2016 remains after his season ended on a downbeat note and McLaren boss Ron Dennis suggested he could take a sabbatical if …

30 Nov 2015   |  6:59 pm GMT  |  160 comments
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