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Baku 2018
Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso and McLaren have announced that he will compete in the 2018 F1 world championship with the McLaren team, which will be powered by Renault engines next season after three tough years with Honda. Alonso …

19 Oct 2017   |  4:35 pm GMT  |  78 comments

McLaren will split with Honda and switched to a Renault engine supply for the 2018 season as Toro Rosso announced that it will use Honda engines from 2018 onwards. As a result, Carlos Sainz Jr will …

15 Sep 2017   |  12:32 pm GMT  |  76 comments

Fernando Alonso expressed his wish to move to a winning Formula 1 team in 2018 and his continuing motivation to achieve the 'Triple Crown' of motorsport. The two-time champion hinted that he may have a Le …

14 Sep 2017   |  2:14 pm GMT  |  49 comments

Fernando Alonso didn't mask his true feelings during qualifying and the race in Belgium. And amid suggestions that he retired the car from the race, he approaches a crossroads as his self imposed deadline of …

30 Aug 2017   |  4:59 pm GMT  |  269 comments

Sauber and Honda have announced before the Hungarian Grand Prix that their partnership to use Honda's Formula 1 engines in 2018 will not proceed. On Friday morning the Swiss team announced that it will partner with …

27 Jul 2017   |  3:30 pm GMT  |  85 comments
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