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Melbourne 2018
Australian Grand Prix

When Fernando Alonso made his announcement recently that he would compete in the World Endurance Championship with Toyota as well as F1 with McLaren, there was a clash in the calendar. Today the organisers of …

09 Feb 2018   |  2:44 pm GMT  |  185 comments

"This year, I have the chance thanks to McLaren to race for the win at Le Mans. It is a big challenge – much can go wrong – but I am ready, prepared and looking …

30 Jan 2018   |  5:01 pm GMT  |  146 comments

Fernando Alonso will get behind the wheel again today in Daytona as he begins his quest to win a 24 hour race and build up to his goal of winning Le Mans. Alonso, 36, will share …

05 Jan 2018   |  10:59 am GMT  |  84 comments

Ahead of their new partnership for 2018, Honda and Toro Rosso have both made changes to their team structures as they seek to build a successful relationship in Formula 1. Honda recently announced that Yusuke Hasegawa …

14 Dec 2017   |  10:52 pm GMT  |  100 comments

While most F1 drivers are having a quiet weekend ahead of the final F1 race of the season in Bahrain, Sunday saw McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso at the wheel of a Toyota WEC car. The …

19 Nov 2017   |  7:28 am GMT  |  95 comments
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