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Ferrari will be floated on the New York Stock Exchange imminently, according to a statement from parent company FIAT Chrysler Automobile. The shares will trade at between $48 and $52 a share, from October 20th, …

12 Oct 2015   |  3:04 pm GMT  |  69 comments
Sebastian Vettel

In the latest of our short series of interviews with key players behind the scenes in Formula 1, we take a look at what drives a multi-national company to commit millions to a sponsorship of …

03 Oct 2015   |  3:36 pm GMT  |  27 comments
Romain Grosjean

The Haas F1 team pulled off a real coup yesterday by announcing Romain Grosjean as its lead driver for its first season in Formula 1 next year. The 29 year old Frenchman is at the …

30 Sep 2015   |  1:19 pm GMT  |  48 comments

Mercedes F1 team chairman Niki Lauda has called Sebastian Vettel "extraordinary, a driver with two qualities that few others possess - brains and speed," and has expressed his concerns that Ferrari is now "the strongest …

23 Sep 2015   |  11:33 am GMT  |  203 comments
Sebastian Vettel

In the last five races, Sebastian Vettel has amassed exactly the same number of points as Formula 1 world championship leader Lewis Hamilton; he's actually outpointed the Briton in the last four races. So has …

22 Sep 2015   |  11:26 am GMT  |  223 comments
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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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