F1 Winter Break

[Updated] Sebastian Vettel has been let off by the FIA after profusely apologising for his tirade of swearing over the radio during the Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday. The four times world champion wrote to the …

01 Nov 2016   |  6:33 pm GMT  |  345 comments
Arrivabene, Vettel

It's been a tough week for Sebastian Vettel. The four times world champion was penalised for the startline collision in Malaysia, which eliminated him and sent Nico Rosberg down to 21st place. He has been …

08 Oct 2016   |  5:17 am GMT  |  102 comments
Kimi Raikkonen

Twelve months after triumphing at the Marina Bay Circuit, Ferrari could not produce another Formula 1 victory in the Singapore Grand Prix last weekend as a combination of poor pace, strategy calls and reliability problems …

19 Sep 2016   |  11:11 pm GMT  |  80 comments
Sergio Marchionne

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has made a dramatic intervention during the Italian Grand Prix weekend at Monza, calling the 2016 season a failure and accepting that as targets will not be met, the focus …

03 Sep 2016   |  1:49 pm GMT  |  50 comments
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel reckons it would be better for Formula 1 drivers to sort out on-track problems between themselves, rather than leaving it to 'inconsistent' stewards' decisions. The four times world champion was speaking at the pre-event …

01 Sep 2016   |  6:30 pm GMT  |  40 comments
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Behind the Scenes at the track
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