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We Found The Ideal Tablet for the Office Work

The work in the office can be challenging, and sometimes requires preparing reports while researching on the Internet or reviewing documents while talking to clients. The new Huawei MatePad 11, with numerous functionalities that facilitate multitasking, makes life easier for all office workers who are looking for a device that …

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5 Neon Signage & Lighting Ideas for your Office In 2021

Lighting and signage play important roles in modern society, a role that is both universal and specific. If you think about it, light-up signs based on neon lights and numerous other variations on clever advertising and entertainment lighting ideas exist all around us. From supermarkets and retail stores of all …

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Is The Office Really Gone from Netflix?

Millions of fans of The Office all posted that one GIF of Michael Scott going “No God, please no!” when they found out their favorite gang over at Dunder Mifflin would be leaving Netflix by 2021. Many jumped on Twitter to vent their frustration, saying they only renewed their Netflix …

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