Strategy Report

We said at the start of this 2018 F1 season that with the car that they have, Ferrari could win the championship only if they execute perfectly. Some strategy calls have gone well, others like Bahrain …

15 May 2018   |  2:58 pm GMT  |  117 comments
Strategy Report

This year in F1, with heated competition between the three top teams we are seeing not only close racing but drivers, teams and especially strategists being put under pressure. And the inevitable consequence is some bold …

01 May 2018   |  4:41 pm GMT  |  193 comments
Strategy Report

This was a race Ferrari had two chances to win, Mercedes had one chance to win, Max Verstappen had a chance to win and yet Red Bull actually won it with Daniel Ricciardo. This would have …

17 Apr 2018   |  1:37 pm GMT  |  215 comments

After the rather mundane Australian Grand Prix this was a more interesting race strategically. Bahrain has one of the highest levels of abrasive tarmac of the season. It's also very tough on brakes with big …

10 Apr 2018   |  8:52 am GMT  |  166 comments
Strategy Report

For the second year in a row the Australian Grand Prix was won by Ferrari on a race strategy twist and a strong opportunistic drive by Sebastian Vettel. But whereas Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton lost the race …

27 Mar 2018   |  6:43 am GMT  |  327 comments
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