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F1 is relentless. A week after Mercedes made a very public mistake in not pitting Lewis Hamilton under a Virtual Safety Car, there was a big decision to be made in the closing stages of the …

10 Jul 2018   |  7:55 pm GMT  |  166 comments
Strategy Report

Disruption is everywhere in the modern world, few can escape it. It has always been true of Formula 1, where technological innovation plays such a vital part in success. But we also find disruption in the race …

03 Jul 2018   |  3:56 pm GMT  |  196 comments
Strategy Report

Going to a new circuit, or one that hasn't been used during the F1 racing life of most of the competitors, presents multiple challenges and the return of F1 to Paul Ricard was a good …

26 Jun 2018   |  2:37 pm GMT  |  101 comments
Strategy Report

The Canadian Grand Prix has always been a track where the unexpected can happen, where there are options for race strategy and the DRS wing is very effective for overtaking. However, this year that was …

12 Jun 2018   |  5:58 pm GMT  |  144 comments
Strategy Report

Normally when the leader of a Grand Prix has a problem on the power unit that costs him 160hp, over two seconds a lap of pure performance, the pursuing drivers will find a way past. Had …

29 May 2018   |  12:55 pm GMT  |  217 comments
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