Sebastian Vettel
Strategy Report

The first Grand Prix to new regulations and with wider, more robust tyres brought about a complete change of approach in race strategy. With stronger tyres Melbourne is a one-stop race and that was the …

28 Mar 2017   |  5:07 pm GMT  |  210 comments
Red Bull Racing
Strategy Report

The season finale was packed with drama and tension, especially at the end as Lewis Hamilton tried everything to change his situation and win the world championship. His personal strategy was clear, meanwhile team race strategy …

29 Nov 2016   |  12:59 pm GMT  |  148 comments
Red Bull F1

Likely to go down as one of the great wet-weather races, due to standout performances from race winner Lewis Hamilton and especially third place driver Max Verstappen, the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix hinged on great …

15 Nov 2016   |  10:20 am GMT  |  242 comments
Brazilian Grand Prix 2015

Two races to go in the F1 world championship and one senses that if there is to be an upset, a final twist of the tale, it is likely to come at Interlagos, rather than …

09 Nov 2016   |  9:19 am GMT  |  56 comments
Mexico GP 2015

The last few races have seen some fascinating strategy gambles from Red Bull and others, so will we see more of the same this weekend, as the F1 teams race for the second time on …

27 Oct 2016   |  12:59 pm GMT  |  41 comments
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