Valtteri Bottas 2017
Strategy Report

A slow burn of a Grand Prix, that built to an exciting climax in the final laps; this was a race that the winner might have lost had there been one more lap, but it …

11 Jul 2017   |  6:05 pm GMT  |  130 comments
Strategy Report

This year’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix was highly eventful and although the three drivers who stood on the podium had been through a lot to get there, the strategy talking points were not the obvious ones. Last …

27 Jun 2017   |  2:17 pm GMT  |  156 comments
Force India F1
Strategy Report

For the winning team in Montreal this was as easy a race from a strategy point of view as you will ever see, with the main opposition falling away early. However behind the winner, Lewis …

13 Jun 2017   |  4:43 pm GMT  |  121 comments
Strategy Report

Looking back over the last few years’ Monaco Grands Prix, a pattern emerges, where controversial strategy calls have decided the race outcome. When it is so hard to overtake, the decision-making is critical. Last year it …

30 May 2017   |  2:49 pm GMT  |  350 comments
Strategy Report

The Russian Grand Prix was always likely to be one of those races where, with the new 2017 combination of high drag cars and low degradation tyres, overtaking would be extremely difficult and strategy games …

02 May 2017   |  3:51 pm GMT  |  112 comments
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