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Melbourne 2018
Australian Grand Prix

Here is the June edition of the JA on F1 podcast. There's a lot going on at the moment in F1; fans and insiders alike are confused by the six different winners in six races, something …

01 Jun 2012   |  1:42 pm GMT  |  38 comments

The new JA on F1 podcast is out today. This month, with a lot of talk about whether the F1 drivers are able to push to the maximum with the current regulations, we take a …

30 Apr 2012   |  2:13 pm GMT  |  38 comments

Thanks to all the JA on F1 followers who downloaded the first podcast in February and for taking it to number 1 on ITunes in several countries, including the UK. The new podcast, Episode 2: …

28 Mar 2012   |  11:09 pm GMT  |  41 comments

Here is something I really hope you enjoy: it's the first JA on F1 podcast. This is a new content strand for us and we're really excited about it; at the end of every month …

01 Mar 2012   |  12:39 am GMT  |  147 comments
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