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Welcome to the third JA on F1 podcast in our 2013 series. This month we speak to a driver and a team boss, a technical director and the man at the centre of F1's hottest …

29 Apr 2013   |  9:32 am GMT  |  63 comments

Welcome to the second JA on F1 podcast, perfectly timed for you to download and enjoy over the Easter Holiday period. In a packed edition we hear from the ever-popular Kimi Raikkonen, winner of the first …

29 Mar 2013   |  4:54 pm GMT  |  83 comments

Welcome to the first JA on F1 podcast of 2013. As last year, we will be coming out every month throughout the F1 season, going behind the scenes of this fascinating sport, providing in depth …

11 Mar 2013   |  12:00 am GMT  |  60 comments

The final JA on F1 podcast of 2012 is a real cracker, with a panel of F1 experts in the studio analysing the key talking points of the F1 season and we also have interviews …

05 Dec 2012   |  9:51 am GMT  |  56 comments

Welcome to the JA on F1 podcast for November, brought to you by UBS. This month we have something a bit special. We went to Paris to quiz FIA president Jean Todt on the key subjects …

07 Nov 2012   |  12:43 am GMT  |  18 comments
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