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For the third consecutive year, the Mexican Grand Prix and promoter CIE has won “Promoter of the Year” in the FIA’s end-of-season Prize Giving Gala, the first time that an event has won the award …

11 Dec 2017   |  6:24 pm GMT  |  1 comment

The stories of McLaren and Ayrton Senna are inextricably entwined and so it was inevitable that as the UK based supercar manufacturer expands its range, it would sooner or later name a car after F1's …

10 Dec 2017   |  9:24 am GMT  |  79 comments

Jean Todt was re-elected as president of the FIA at the General Assembly in Paris today and promised to put Innovation at the heart of his final four years in the role. The 71 year …

08 Dec 2017   |  12:33 pm GMT  |  114 comments

Formula 1’s introduction of wider, faster cars for the 2017 season may have smashed numerous lap records across the calendar, but on-track overtaking was slashed by almost half of last year’s total according to figures …

06 Dec 2017   |  7:26 am GMT  |  190 comments
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