Nico Rosberg
2016 Formula 1 World Champion
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Silverstone BRDC

Silverstone Heritage Limited has been awarded a £9.1 million grant that will allow a new historical exhibition centre to be built at the home of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. The Silverstone Heritage Experience will …

08 Dec 2016   |  2:30 pm GMT  |  36 comments
Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton

JA on F1 has teamed up with Memento Exclusives to give you the chance of winning a unique piece of Formula 1 memorabilia. The prize on offer is a race-used Mercedes F1 gear ratio that …

07 Dec 2016   |  5:02 pm GMT  |  35 comments 2016 European Grand Prix Baku

The organisers of the Baku Grand Prix got their wish for Formula 1 to avoid a clash with Le Mans in 2017 when the FIA published the championship’s official calendar last week and moved the …

07 Dec 2016   |  2:42 pm GMT  |  21 comments
Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg’s retirement has set a new record for the most comments on a JA on F1 news story. The world champion stunned F1 when he announced he would stop racing in the championship just five …

07 Dec 2016   |  1:10 pm GMT  |  127 comments
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