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It's not been announced, but serious outlets in Italy are reporting that the state broadcaster RAI will no longer carry F1 in 2018, leaving pay TV channel SKY as the primary platform for the series. RAI …

18 Jan 2018   |  9:37 pm GMT  |  179 comments

Williams has finally made its long awaited driver announcement, pairing Sergey Sirotkin with Lance Stroll as the race drivers for 2018. Robert Kubica is confirmed as reserve driver. Many Williams fans will be dismayed, while neutral F1 …

16 Jan 2018   |  4:23 pm GMT  |  364 comments

Ferrari's Chairman Sergio Marchiane was in Detroit yesterday and had a few things to say about his F1 team's prospects for the season ahead, suggesting that the team seems very calm ahead of the roll …

16 Jan 2018   |  9:58 am GMT  |  44 comments

Last night was very enjoyable; a night spent hosting an evening with Nigel Mansell at the Genting Resort, next to Autosport International. Mansell is quite different today from the edgy competitor of the 1990s. He has …

14 Jan 2018   |  10:08 pm GMT  |  154 comments
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