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"What is good racing - it is two cars fighting each other. It may mean the guy in front stays in front but you can have some great racing going on. It is a little …

20 Apr 2018   |  5:37 pm GMT  |  95 comments

Three Grands Prix in, Williams F1 remain the only team yet to score a point in 2018. Their best result is 14th place, they've only progressed into Q2 once this season, and their drivers are …

18 Apr 2018   |  10:24 pm GMT  |  174 comments

This was a race Ferrari had two chances to win, Mercedes had one chance to win, Max Verstappen had a chance to win and yet Red Bull actually won it with Daniel Ricciardo. This would have …

17 Apr 2018   |  1:37 pm GMT  |  208 comments

"Maybe I should just...not even calm down, just oversee the situation a little bit more. I don't know why, I think I was quite good at that before but, somehow this year... "Maybe with the previous …

16 Apr 2018   |  6:04 am GMT  |  326 comments
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