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Ross Brawn

Former Mercedes boss Ross Brawn has broken his silence over his exit from the Brackley-based team and Formula 1 at the end of the 2013 season. Brawn left Mercedes at the end of 2013, shortly before …

19 Oct 2016   |  1:24 pm GMT  |  92 comments

Wherever possible we like to give a platform to readers to express their views beyond the comments section of this site and a post overnight from Twitch_6 on our discussion on possible future venues for …

18 Oct 2016   |  6:40 pm GMT  |  107 comments
US GP 2015

The US Grand Prix at Austin returns this weekend and once again it should be a fascinating strategic battle, with unpredictable conditions and a wide range of options on how to run the race. Recent races …

18 Oct 2016   |  12:28 pm GMT  |  55 comments
Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll will turn 18 at the end of this month and a few days later he will be announced as a Williams F1 race driver, replacing Felipe Massa, according to French Canadian media reports …

17 Oct 2016   |  5:35 pm GMT  |  59 comments
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