Nico Rosberg
2016 Formula 1 World Champion
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Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has announced that he will retire from racing in Formula 1 just five days after he won the 2016 world championship in Abu Dhabi. The German driver clinched his first world title after a …

02 Dec 2016   |  1:47 pm GMT  |  941 comments

Colleagues in France are suggesting that the French Grand Prix is set to return to the F1 calendar in 2018 at the Paul Ricard circuit in the South of France. Paul Ricard, which has been owned …

01 Dec 2016   |  10:17 pm GMT  |  48 comments
Sauber Manor

Sauber and Manor both hope to improve their position on the Formula 1 grid in 2017 using fresh investment. At this level even a point of two can be worth tens of millions of dollars; …

01 Dec 2016   |  12:36 pm GMT  |  26 comments
Hockenheim F1

The FIA World Motor Sport Council published the official calendar for next season today and, as expected, it features just 20 Grands Prix after no deal could be found to persuade Hockenheim to host the …

30 Nov 2016   |  10:25 pm GMT  |  93 comments
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