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One of the most talked about intrigues in F1 this season has been what the engine makers are up to when they burn oil to gain performance. For most fans who like cars and F1, …

23 Sep 2017   |  9:45 am GMT  |  211 comments

Should the FIA make it easier or harder for young drivers to get an F1 superlicence? The topic is back on the agenda after a decision by the FIA World Council today to make some changes …

21 Sep 2017   |  10:14 pm GMT  |  52 comments

A £1.6 million museum in Scotland celebrating the career of two-time Formula 1 champion and Indianapolis 500 winner Jim Clark has secured funding. The new museum, which aims to open in 2018, was announced during the …

21 Sep 2017   |  3:00 pm GMT  |  39 comments

Max Verstappen's season so far, in which he has earned 68 points and holds sixth place in the Formula 1 drivers' standings, throws up some unexpected statistics. And if you were a Dutch Verstappen fan, …

21 Sep 2017   |  11:48 am GMT  |  269 comments
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