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Melbourne 2018
Australian Grand Prix
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Mercedes look to have a bit in hand, despite Lewis Hamilton having only a small margin over Red Bull's Max Verstappen in the qualifying simulations in Practice at Melbourne. It was a busy afternoon for all …

23 Mar 2018   |  7:10 am GMT  |  157 comments

The mood in the Melbourne paddock was pretty relaxed today ahead of the start of running tomorrow for the first Grand Prix of the season. But in one man's head the drums are banging already. …

22 Mar 2018   |  11:59 am GMT  |  118 comments

There was some positive news for F1 on the eve of the first race of the season, as Chinese state broadcaster CCTV re-engaged with the sport, announcing a new multi-year agreement. CCTV is a free …

21 Mar 2018   |  6:49 am GMT  |  84 comments

Shortly we leave for Melbourne. Some are there already, especially the drivers who need at least a week to acclimatise to the time zone which is 10 hours ahead of Europe. This season has a turning …

18 Mar 2018   |  2:36 pm GMT  |  324 comments
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