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James Hunt

Today marks the 40th anniversary of James Hunt's memorable 1976 world championship success in rain hit Fuji, Japan. The swashbuckling English playboy racer fought a duel with Niki Lauda and prevailed, partly because Lauda was …

24 Oct 2016   |  9:30 am GMT  |  11 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has said that if he can perform at his maximum for the rest of the season, then he will have no problem with coming out second best in the title race, should it …

24 Oct 2016   |  1:08 am GMT  |  42 comments
Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton dominated the 2016 US Grand Prix to take the victory ahead of his Mercedes Formula 1 teammate Nico Rosberg and cut the German’s championship lead to 26 points. The Mercedes duo were joined on …

23 Oct 2016   |  10:16 pm GMT  |  167 comments
Verstappen, Raikkonen

The FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting has finally made his move to spell out what is and is not acceptable for drivers when defending their positions on the race track, following persistent demands from drivers. Max …

22 Oct 2016   |  9:56 pm GMT  |  224 comments
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