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Sebastian Vettel

Formula 1 cars will not feature the halo cockpit protection device in 2017 after the F1 strategy group voted against implementing the structure on cars next season. The strategy group, which is comprised of the FIA, …

28 Jul 2016   |  10:17 pm GMT  |  0 comments
Ferrari F1

Sebastian Vettel may have signed for a Ferrari team led by Luca di Montezemolo and Marco Mattiacci with James Allison in charge of the technical department and all have now departed. But four time world …

28 Jul 2016   |  5:12 pm GMT  |  26 comments
Pirelli F1 tyres

Wider F1 tyres will hit the track in anger for the first time next week, when Ferrari conducts the first in a series of tests aimed at proving the tyres for the new 2017 regulations. As …

28 Jul 2016   |  3:20 pm GMT  |  14 comments
Hockanheim GP 2014

The German Grand Prix makes a welcome return to Hockenheim this weekend after missing off the calendar in 2015 due to financial difficulties at the Nurburgring. And the way the race unfolds this weekend will …

28 Jul 2016   |  7:52 am GMT  |  81 comments
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