F1 Summer Break 2016
Bob Bell
Editor's Picks
Belgian Grand Prix 2015

This weekend F1 roars back into life after the summer break at the Spa Francorchamps circuit in Belgium one of the heritage jewels in the F1 calendar. It will be a test of character for Nico …

23 Aug 2016   |  12:57 pm GMT  |  24 comments
infiniti Renault Engineering Academy 2016

A young Formula 1 engineer has been chosen to join Infiniti’s Engineering Academy, which involves a one-year placement with the automotive company and the Renault team. Riccardo Manfredini, a student at the University of Brescia, was …

22 Aug 2016   |  7:47 pm GMT  |  8 comments
F1 Olympics

Could Formula 1 be an Olympic sport? As the Rio 2016 draws to a close, JAonF1 takes a look at how that idea, which is incredibly unlikely, might work. Already we can hear murmuring: “The Olympic …

21 Aug 2016   |  7:40 pm GMT  |  120 comments
German Grand Prix 2016

Next weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix marks the start of the second half of the 2016 Formula 1 season and there are a number of drivers who head into the final nine races with something to …

20 Aug 2016   |  8:44 am GMT  |  90 comments
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