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Sebastian Vettel was on fine form in the F1 Drivers' press conference in Abu Dhabi ahead of the final round, joking that if there were a "fair play" award in F1, he would not win …

23 Nov 2017   |  8:27 pm GMT  |  98 comments

A pair of app developers from London were presented by Lewis Hamilton and Ross Brawn with the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize and a cheque for $50,000 at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi today. The due also …

23 Nov 2017   |  1:11 pm GMT  |  12 comments

Abu Dhabi this weekend marks the final outing for the ill fated McLaren-Honda partnership after three seasons. It is a momentous date for the Japanese manufacturer as it marks their 400th Grand Prix start this …

21 Nov 2017   |  4:56 pm GMT  |  230 comments

While most F1 drivers are having a quiet weekend ahead of the final F1 race of the season in Bahrain, Sunday saw McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso at the wheel of a Toyota WEC car. The …

19 Nov 2017   |  7:28 am GMT  |  93 comments
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