One of the things that has characterised these early Grand Prix weekends of 2017 has been the greater sense of freedom among the F1 drivers to express themselves and to present a lighter face. This has …

16 Apr 2017   |  11:14 am GMT  |  44 comments
Chinese Grand Prix 2017

Several team bosses discussed the future direction of Formula 1’s engine rules today; with different opinions offered on what power plants the championship should use from 2021. Following a meeting between the FIA and F1’s current …

07 Apr 2017   |  10:53 pm GMT  |  100 comments
Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari's winning start in Melbourne puts them at the top of the F1 world championship table, the first time since the opening race of the hybrid era in 2014 that a team other than Mercedes …

31 Mar 2017   |  6:02 pm GMT  |  204 comments
Sebastian Vettel

Although the Melbourne weekend was largely positive for Formula 1, it revealed one serious threat that hangs over the series this year, which is the problem with overtaking. Melbourne is not a typical race track …

28 Mar 2017   |  1:43 pm GMT  |  395 comments
F1 Australia 2016

There are so many fascinating talking points as we board the planes taking us to Australia for the first Grand Prix, but this year we have the double whammy of a new set of regulations …

19 Mar 2017   |  2:45 pm GMT  |  186 comments
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