Honda F1

Formula 1 is an incestuous business. People are baffled about how the world's largest engine maker, Honda, could have got its hybrid turbo engine programme so wrong, year after year. And perhaps the explanation lies in …

15 Jun 2017   |  7:16 pm GMT  |  236 comments

There are less than two weeks left to get your entry in for F1’s crowdsourcing initiative, the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, which this season is focused on the Internet of Things to improve both the …

05 Jun 2017   |  12:22 pm GMT  |  9 comments
Vettel, Wolff

The president of F1's tyre supplier Pirelli has responded to Mercedes' boss Toto Wolff's line that the reason why Ferrari is able to master the tyres and Mercedes cannot is an "Italian mystery". Mercedes lost the …

30 May 2017   |  10:55 am GMT  |  315 comments

Red Bull's Formula 1 paddock club has been set-up for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix and it was a monumental task involving 70 people and 21 days of construction. The hospitality suite, dubbed the 'Energy Station', …

26 May 2017   |  1:00 pm GMT  |  13 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is at the vanguard of the F1 drivers who use social media and digital tools to communicate with fans and in a special Facebook Live session on Saturday at 5-30pm Monaco time (4-30pm …

25 May 2017   |  10:45 am GMT  |  40 comments
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