Jaguar Racing Formula E

After a shaky start, where it has struggled to attract fans, the electric racing series Formula E has a spring in its step. After the recent announcements that Audi, BMW and Mercedes plan to compete, Jaguar …

08 Oct 2016   |  1:24 am GMT  |  32 comments
Bahrain F1 test

Behind the scenes in the Suzuka paddock this weekend, the debate is hotting up over where the crucial winter test sessions should take place, with a price tag of US$4m placed on the extra cost …

07 Oct 2016   |  11:13 am GMT  |  62 comments
Ferrari F1

As is always the way with Formula 1, this season is not yet over, but already much of the teams' and drivers' attention is focussed on 2017. This is because the rule changes for next …

02 Oct 2016   |  5:16 am GMT  |  28 comments
Toto Wolff

As Mercedes stands poised to clinch their third consecutive F1 Constructors' Championship in Malaysia, team boss Toto Wolff has said that he does not want to dominate the sport, but would love to have the …

30 Sep 2016   |  7:27 am GMT  |  41 comments

Electrification is the name of the game for leading manufacturer BMW as it realigns its strategy for motorsport competition, it was announced today. But Formula 1 will not feature in the new strategy of BMW, as …

27 Sep 2016   |  9:21 am GMT  |  138 comments
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