The stories of McLaren and Ayrton Senna are inextricably entwined and so it was inevitable that as the UK based supercar manufacturer expands its range, it would sooner or later name a car after F1's …

10 Dec 2017   |  9:24 am GMT  |  126 comments

Formula 1’s introduction of wider, faster cars for the 2017 season may have smashed numerous lap records across the calendar, but on-track overtaking was slashed by almost half of last year’s total according to figures …

06 Dec 2017   |  7:26 am GMT  |  209 comments

Sergio Marchionne was a proud man yesterday to announce the partnership that brings Alfa Romeo back into Formula 1 after 30 years. Initially he indicated it would be until 2020-21, and he reiterated his threat to …

03 Dec 2017   |  7:45 am GMT  |  232 comments

With the introduction of the Halo cockpit protection concept for 2018, Formula 1’s leading engineers have had a brand new design problem to solve, seeking to integrate the Halo into the car’s monocoque with the …

30 Nov 2017   |  9:28 am GMT  |  145 comments

Formula 1 made big strides into the virtual-racing world this year, with the World’s Fastest Gamer initiative between McLaren and Logitech and more recently F1's own eSports series. F1 crowned British teenager Brendon Leigh as its …

28 Nov 2017   |  6:48 am GMT  |  27 comments
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