Ross Brawn, the newly installed managing director of the sporting side of Formula 1, has begun to speak about some of the areas he will work on in the new administration and what he thinks …

25 Jan 2017   |  10:38 am GMT  |  283 comments

FIA safety director Laurent Mekies says the controversial halo cockpit protection device is now ready and it is up to Formula 1’s stakeholders to decide if the device is right for the championship. The halo structure …

13 Jan 2017   |  6:30 pm GMT  |  154 comments
Vegas ERace

E-Sports looks like a great conduit to bring new fans and competitors into motorsport while autonomous cars will prompt the sport to take some tough decisions very soon; those are the conclusions after a weekend …

10 Jan 2017   |  12:17 pm GMT  |  127 comments

The danger of concussion in sport has become a major news topic in recent years and this is of particular interest in F1 as several leading drivers have suffered from it following high speed accidents, …

08 Jan 2017   |  2:20 am GMT  |  18 comments
Ferrari Mercedes

Ferrari has successfully challenged the legality of suspension technology that rival teams have been using, but the row is set to rumble on into the 2017 season. F1 banned the FRIC (Front and Rear InterConnected) suspension …

04 Jan 2017   |  12:25 pm GMT  |  229 comments
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