Ferrari F1

Continuing our look at the new F1 cars testing at Barcelona for the first time, with the help of JA on F1 technical adviser Dominic Harlow, formerly chief operations engineer at Force India. With the hybrid …

23 Feb 2016   |  10:11 am GMT  |  21 comments
Manor F1 test

The 2016 F1 season started today in earnest with a flurry of new car launches and the first tests with them in Barcelona. This is an unusual test situation for several reasons: first the new car …

22 Feb 2016   |  3:21 pm GMT  |  35 comments

The new F1 cars will hit the track in Barcelona from Monday and the process of dialling in the new cars will begin. It's always an exciting time, to see whether a team has made …

17 Feb 2016   |  7:34 am GMT  |  93 comments
Start Hungarian GP 2015

Although they have dominated the last two seasons in F1, Mercedes engine boss Andy Cowell says that no-one in his Brixworth engine division is under any illusions about the challenge from its main rivals this …

06 Feb 2016   |  12:54 pm GMT  |  62 comments
SNE28429 1.2

Mercedes opened up its Formula 1 engine base in Brixworth, England to a select group of media today, offering a rare insight into the progress of the hybrid turbo power units and where the technology …

05 Feb 2016   |  1:55 pm GMT  |  234 comments
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