Daniel Ricciardo reckons Formula 1’s overtaking rules should not be restricted any further to ensure that drivers engaging in'hard racing' - and being seen to race hard by the fans - remains a central part …

10 Nov 2016   |  5:09 pm GMT  |  122 comments
Nigel Mansell

Some 21 years ago Nigel Mansell came out with this line when we were working together on his autobiography "The People's Champion" and it remains as true today as it was then. The quote is extremely …

29 Oct 2016   |  2:57 pm GMT  |  42 comments
Verstappen, Raikkonen

The FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting has finally made his move to spell out what is and is not acceptable for drivers when defending their positions on the race track, following persistent demands from drivers. Max …

22 Oct 2016   |  9:56 pm GMT  |  249 comments
Start Malaysia 2016

The prospect of F1 fans being able to race in the virtual space live alongside drivers taking part in a Grand Prix is only two years away, according to Formula 1's Chief Technical Officer. The limitation …

21 Oct 2016   |  11:42 pm GMT  |  56 comments
Japan 2016 start

Formula 1 races cannot be won at the first corner, but a poor start can make achieving a good result much harder for the drivers. Ahead of the 2016 season, the starting procedure was changed and …

12 Oct 2016   |  8:31 pm GMT  |  174 comments
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