F1 team radio

This site has argued that the rules introduced in the last 12 months restricting radio communications between the teams and drivers were nonsense and today the F1 Strategy Group has abandoned them, with the exception …

28 Jul 2016   |  10:38 pm GMT  |  228 comments
Pirelli F1 tyres

Wider F1 tyres will hit the track in anger for the first time next week, when Ferrari conducts the first in a series of tests aimed at proving the tyres for the new 2017 regulations. As …

28 Jul 2016   |  3:20 pm GMT  |  22 comments
Mercedes F1

In the latest of a our occasional series of videos, Mercedes F1 technical boss Paddy Lowe takes us behind the scenes at the Mercedes factory and, against the backdrop of Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 F1 world …

17 Jul 2016   |  10:12 pm GMT  |  46 comments
McLaren Mission Control

“Formula 1 is the probably the world’s most secretive sport and McLaren is known as one of the most secretive teams,” were the opening words on a tour down the McLaren Technology Centre’s history lined …

11 Jul 2016   |  8:04 am GMT  |  60 comments
Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg

A final warning: Toto Wolff certainly means business and both his Mercedes drivers know that if they crash into each other again they will face sanctions, which will cost them heavily. The outcome of Wolff's deliberations …

07 Jul 2016   |  6:53 pm GMT  |  275 comments
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