F1 Australia 2016

There are so many fascinating talking points as we board the planes taking us to Australia for the first Grand Prix, but this year we have the double whammy of a new set of regulations …

19 Mar 2017   |  2:45 pm GMT  |  186 comments
McLaren Honda F1

There are increasing signs that McLaren Honda's reliability and performance issues, which came to light in winter testing, are much more severe than at first realised and that it is time for some serious decisions …

16 Mar 2017   |  4:40 pm GMT  |  534 comments

At JA on F1 we have always tried to help the fans get closer to the sport and from time to time that means channeling a question in a reader post to F1 team insiders …

13 Mar 2017   |  2:31 pm GMT  |  37 comments

Today is the 70th anniversary of the first Ferrari car being driven out of the workshop by Enzo Ferrari. And the signs from the winter testing are that the newest Ferrari F1 car, the SF70H, …

12 Mar 2017   |  5:29 pm GMT  |  312 comments
Jean Todt

FIA president Jean Todt has said that a return to F1 of high revving V8, V10 or V12 engines would not be accepted by society, setting out the FIA's stall when it comes to negotiations …

08 Mar 2017   |  5:39 pm GMT  |  225 comments
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