Sometimes you can see moments of history approaching. As we head towards two important dates for the future shape of the sport - the October 31 future engines meeting and the November 7 teams meeting …

29 Oct 2017   |  6:04 pm GMT  |  116 comments

[Updated] Max Verstappen has said that he does not regret what he did in Austin in passing Kimi Raikkonen the way he did, nor speaking out afterwards although he does feel that the words he …

26 Oct 2017   |  5:33 pm GMT  |  185 comments

A lot is happening quickly in the world of Formula E, with news that Nissan is to replace its sister brand Renault as an entrant in the zero emissions racing series. At the same time we …

25 Oct 2017   |  10:15 am GMT  |  181 comments

The development of the FIA Formula E continues with greater interest in the series as season five approaches when Mercedes and Porsche will join the series and the batteries will last an entire race. The latest …

14 Oct 2017   |  3:13 pm GMT  |  105 comments

One of the most talked about intrigues in F1 this season has been what the engine makers are up to when they burn oil to gain performance. For most fans who like cars and F1, …

23 Sep 2017   |  9:45 am GMT  |  400 comments
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