It is that time of the year again to crystallise all that happened during the F1 season and commit to a top five of drivers for 2017. It's always a tough decision and sometimes controversial; …

25 Dec 2017   |  7:45 am GMT  |  1,112 comments

Continuing our look into 2017's biggest talking points, we'll now take a tour through Force India's fantastic season in which it played host to one of the best rivalries of the year; Sergio Perez vs …

24 Dec 2017   |  8:23 am GMT  |  30 comments

To go quickly in F1 in terms of lap time, you need to be good at stopping; it sounds odd but it's true. At some venues almost a quarter of the lap is spent standing …

22 Dec 2017   |  7:55 am GMT  |  123 comments

We have had a great response to the launch of this seasonal special series on tech talking points from 2017, so here is the second of the five topics. We're going to get close to the …

21 Dec 2017   |  6:16 pm GMT  |  37 comments

The first year of a new set of regulations is always a fascinating time; to see who has got it right and who's got it wrong. During a flurry of launches in February, many fans …

20 Dec 2017   |  8:03 am GMT  |  274 comments
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