Nico Rosberg

The threat to motorsport from autonomous vehicles has hit the news again as F1 drivers Nico Rosberg said today that autonomous vehicles racing each other would be “the end of racing”. The German believes that such …

14 Sep 2016   |  5:48 pm GMT  |  82 comments
Charles Leclerc

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has said that he is optimistic about the new generation of F1 drivers set to enter the sport in the coming years, as some new faces begin to orbit the sport …

07 Sep 2016   |  6:01 pm GMT  |  33 comments
f1 flag

Formula 1 is likely to have a new owner by Wednesday, if the deal for Liberty Media to take a minority stake as a prelude to a controlling stake and then partial flotation goes through. The …

05 Sep 2016   |  11:04 am GMT  |  110 comments
Felipe Massa

Monza always throws up some moments of theatre and today was no exception as Felipe Massa announced his retirement and the two Ferrari drivers spoke in the FIA press conference about their collision with each …

01 Sep 2016   |  7:16 pm GMT  |  101 comments
Mercedes F1

How do you like the idea of an F1 car with over 1300hp that accelerates out of the low speed corners like a bullet and so can overtake other cars coming out of corners, as …

19 Aug 2016   |  8:23 am GMT  |  158 comments
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