This last month has seen some momentous shifts in the journey towards road cars becoming zero emissions and one can't help but speculate what impact this is going to have in the long term on …

12 Aug 2017   |  9:45 am GMT  |  431 comments

F1 is on summer shutdown until the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa on August 27, but the chatter continues around the in season test at the Hungaroring last week and in particular Robert Kubica's performance …

08 Aug 2017   |  10:58 am GMT  |  44 comments

Aston Martin's presence at recent meetings between the FIA and Formula 1 manufacturers has raised questions about whether the marque could be considering an entry into the elite motorsport series from 2021. The FIA's engine Working …

26 Jul 2017   |  11:48 am GMT  |  78 comments

Mercedes will quit the DTM at the end of 2018 to enter Formula E after 18 consecutive seasons in the German touring car series. The manufacturer cited a desire to pursue electric mobility and new …

25 Jul 2017   |  9:23 am GMT  |  123 comments
F1 halo

The subject of cockpit protection has been hotly debated since it was first mooted over five years ago. When we ran a post about the tests the FIA Institute had been carrying out on the …

23 Jul 2017   |  8:25 am GMT  |  300 comments
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