Why Psychology Matters When Trading Cryptocurrency

Generally, cryptocurrencies trading is a mind game and hence psychology matters when we trade in the cryptocurrency market. This is because the profit loss in this business is completely dependent on the time you sell your shares. Therefore, to sell your cryptocurrencies at the right time, it is necessary to …

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Can You Purchase Real Estate With Bitcoin?

Nowadays, you may be hearing that payment has been done using bitcoin in buying and selling real estate. It is a form of virtual currency in which no third parties are involved in making the transaction. It is a secure and encrypted transaction. Yes, now you can purchase real estate …

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6 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Is Going Mainstream 

The digital currency has gotten a lot of attention in the last year, and it’s now at the core of a lot of fintech and banking conversations. As consumer and business interest in digital currencies grows and governments consider the possibility of a central bank digital currency issue, many financial …

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