Williams and Toro Rosso take centre stage in latest F1 car unveilings
Posted By: Editor   |  11 Feb 2019   |  4:07 pm GMT  |  45 comments

Williams have revealed a brand new look for 2019, whilst Toro Rosso continue with their successful colour scheme as both teams unveil their F1 2019 liveries.

With Williams ended their association with Martini at the end of last season, the team announced that telecommunications company ROKiT will be their title sponsor for 2019.

The change in sponsor has prompted a fresh livery, with the team going for a blend of light blue and white, with black accents on some of the more detailed aspects of the body work. The ROKiT logo features prominently across the car.

Note: Additional images to be shared if they become available.

Meanwhile, Toro Rosso released images of their 2019 car earlier today, releasing digital renderings of the STR14, complete with 2019-specification parts, although this is expected to still be some steps removed from the cars which will be seen in testing.

They continue with their dark royal blue and red livery, which proved popular with the fans when it was introduced for 2017.

Honda will continue with the team in 2019, having joined in 2018, and will also power the Red Bull Racing team. Toro Rosso will run with drivers Daniil Kvyat and Alexander Albon.

By: Luke Murphy

What do you think of the new Williams livery? Should Toro Rosso have changed theirs for this season? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Excited to watch Kubica but that is one boring looking car. It’s always amazed me how F1 prides itself on having the top minds of every discipline, but sometimes produce liveries that a 12 year old could improve.


Hmm, not sure about the Williams, but at least they have a new sponsor and Kubica!

The Torro Rosso looks the same as last year, but I like that, the shiny blue looks better than the matte finish on the Red Bull.


By the way Guys, you should have pushed the car backwards 2 inches. The Pirelli labels aren’t level.


Are they are trying to suggest forward movement – ie, a fast car? I don’t think it works. Go Robert!


I like that Toro Rosso have stuck with a very individual & stand out livery. 3rd year in a row & it still looks good.

I like the new Williams look with the colours transitioning into each other, but as usual the stage lighting is made to show some parts & hide others.

I’ll just have to wait to see it for real at the Australian sea side dog walking park.

I just hope Claire & Robert kept pushing the button on Paddy’s shock collar so that it’s not the last car I see each lap.


The Williams design reminds me of the mid 90s Tyrrell cars – like it

Be nice to see them competing a bit more


What is the point really? Apart from Toro Rosso both Williams and Haas rock up with cars that are extremely hard to see properly and then we are asked to pass an opinion. All a bit silly really.


Smoke and Mirrors Kenneth.
No on is going to show the “real deal” until the First free practice Down Under.


@ BKF so what’s the point,,,even the paint jobs are difficult to make out apart from the Toro Rosso. Too much smoke IMO.


True what is the point of .
I mean it’s just a virtual sheet and a hollow mock up. Williams had better get it right this time or someone should tell Claire to step down and start selling holiday time shares instead😉

søren christensen

Although dull design, I give credit to Williams for not having addictive sponsors. Only the Polish one (Orlen) comes close with fluid for cars.

But the main sponsor seems to be another unknown brand – like the colleagues at Haas, it is a Company, who will use F1 to become known. Hopefully, they will be ready to supply the markets, when demand explodes..I wonder if the people behind ROKit are the same as the “Rich” backers…?

Anyone remember Shannon racing (Finfirst) from 1996? They turned up from nowhere as sponsors in F3, F 3000 and F1 with Forti – but quickly disappeared again in the haze of a huge stack of unpaid bills


Man, so excited to see Kubica return!!!! Still seems surreal he’s going to be back on the grid.


Rockit is a new cell phone company frounded by John Paul Degoria, Paul Mitchell hair products Patron Tequila. Rockit phone sat low priced and have an agreement with India’s national phone company. Consumption of cheap cell phones in India is in the neighborhood. Of 7 million units a month. Could be a huge company in a short time. Degoria funded his daughters drag racing effort in the US an also did some sponsorships in IMSA here as well.


Geez those Toro Rosso designers were lazy – that car looks nearly identical to last years colours and design.

The Williams looks great however, much better than last year IMO.


Don’t like the Williams layout at all. It looks smudgy. The way the white and light blue blurr into each other, ugly. Then both of them embedded in the super dark black, once again ugly. It’s 3 times a non-statement, or 3 times conflicting statements. Like a reflection of their being at a loss what to do.

The Toro Rosso livery is still a ‘beat’, as someone remarked when it was first introduced. It should have won the fans’ vote at the time but wasn’t given the chance because the site’s poll was held too early.


I meant ‘beaut’.


I am liking the livery on the Williams and really hoping they are midfield competitive this year. Toro looks about the same…don’t like it or dislike it…its just there…

Tornillo Amarillo

Toro Rosso color is great, why to change it, let it be. The question is if they really have more design elements from Red Bull this year (an even closer B team) and, in that case, if they are going to be more competitive.

Williams color design IMO is poor, I cannot imagine how that color scheme could be applied to whatever object… maybe pillows… don’t know. Instead of a blue Williams, it’s just Claire’s car, I mean “bleu claire”.
Williams could improve 0.5 seconds this season and still be the last team in the pecking order. Will see, but their competitors Toro Rosso and Alfa are Benefiting from their B-team status, and McLaren should have a better Renault PU this year and great consistent drivers.


The new front wings should be called cow catchers the size they are now.

At least they’re a bit more elegant looking. Hope they can cut down the number of layers in 2021 too, and get rid of barge boards and engine cover fins completely.


Just my opinion, but I think the Williams is a horrible looking car!!


It’s a shame that Williams has gone from the iconic Martini to whatever this mess is. Hopefully, now that Stroll has been “promoted,” this once great team can rise back up and regain some of that missing status and get a real sponsor again.


The new Williams livery looks far too similar to Mercedes at first glance. Perhaps it’s just the dark room and lighting making it look that way, and white/blue should look suitably different to silver/green, but the overall style is quite similar. The old livery was a bit understated and hard to tell apart from other ‘mostly white’ cars at some angles, so I’m not against a change, but feel like they could have been more imaginative than this. I’ll hold judgement until I see it on track.

Also a bit confused about this ‘ROKiT’ sponsor. Apparently they make phones, but despite being someone that follows technology and phones fairly closely, I’ve never heard of them, and it seems like they’ve not actually released any phones yet. I have to wonder what’s going on in the world of F1 advertising, that companies like this and Rich Energy (seemingly another company with no products) can buy title sponsorships, yet other teams seem to be struggling to find title sponsors, while big names are leaving the sport. Is there such little value in F1 sponsorship these days that these are the only companies willing to pay? I’m pretty sure the only team with a sponsor whose products I can actually buy these days is Red Bull.

Nothing to write home about on STR livery. The blue and red is better than the old ‘Dull Red Bull’ livery of a few years ago and it’s distinctive enough from other cars, so I can’t complain.


ROK Brands are a much bigger company, they’re about to launch their first ROKit mobile phones so they are raising awareness of this new brand of phone, which is already working since we’re now talking about them having never heard of them before. 🙂


I am confused about how a start up can afford F1 sponsorship, as far as I am aware Rokit has not sold a single handset yet(but appears to have invested in numerous different types). At least Rich energy has sold 90m cans, although I think more panda pop was sold last year. It’s a sad state of affairs when new sponsors are tabocco companies not promoting there products or companies without products to promote.


I’m pretty sure the only team with a sponsor whose products I can actually buy these days is Red Bull.

Eh? Off the top of my head : Mercedes, Petronas, IWC, UBS,Epson, Bose, Tata, Puma,Bell, Ferrari, Philip Morris, Shell,Ray Ban, Kaspersky, Ups, Hublot, Brembo McLaren, BAT, Richard Mille, Renault, Castrol, Mapfre, Alfa Romeo, Haas, Rich Energy….

Is that enough to be getting on with?


Agree does look slightly similar to Mercedes. But it may also be due to the lighting on stage.
Think Mercedes is going for a new livery. On their website the colour patch indicates a totally new concept of colours.



I did wonder about those 2 new sponsors – Rokit and Rich Energy. Could be they got a reduced price for profit share or something?


I remember the good old days when F1 cars were sponsored by companies making products that you could actually buy. The world has changed it seems.


I really hope Williams have a good car for George and Robert. Don’t know the exact details of what was wrong with last year’s car, I’m guessing it was facing the wrong way in the wind tunnel. I’m sure they’ve learnt a lot and they say they’ve restructured the team, I hope it works out for them



They had to get away from their previous design philosophy of having a low-drag car that worked really well at high-speed circuits (such as Silverstone, Austria and Baku). That was a genius move by Pat Symonds (their previous chief designer). They got 3rd in 2014 and 15. But, that philosophy started to cost them, so in 2016 and 17 they were 5th (behind Force India).

Paddy Lowe decided to change the design philosophy. That was the right decision, but, he was used to Mercedes resources and lead times. Looks like he went a bit far with the design. A bit too extreme. Like Ferrari did in 2012 and McLaren in 2013.

Think they will have learnt and be more or less back where they should be…


Williams looking fresh and true to the technology image they like to be identified with.

I think they are interested in synergies which were not really there for them with the rich energy deal.

Doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with Haas doing the deal but I think Williams are very conservative about the image they want to project.

Hopefully they can put out a car at least as good as last years Mercedes.


Williams aren’t conservative about their image. If someone gave them £20M they’d put dildos and unicorns on the side of their cars.


Only if they were aerodynamic dildos Paul, but the Unicorns would count as movable aero devices and have been long banned


they’d put dildos and unicorns on the side of their cars.

Iirc they were once sponsored by the Bin Laden family…..


Looks ok but will it Rok it ?
Maybe in the hands if Russell.
But in Kubica hand/s it’s an impending crash waiting to happen But good luck to him any way.
Toro Rosso car looks much better.
Both Williams and Toro going for longer wheel bases to help with air flow. Think that’s going to a necessity for 2019.
Claire had a dig about the collaborations between the b team and a teams like Alfa Ferrari and Haas and Ferrari. Hoping that in 2021 this will all be restricted.


LOL BK, The immediate lead in the 2019 F1 World Commment Championship is in your hand/s


I’m willing to bet that Kubica will crash less than Grosjean, and Grosjean’s predecessor: Maldonado.


It’s amazing to see Williams still have the ability to attract new sponsors despite having a difficult season in 2018 which can only mean that the Williams brand still carries a lot of weight because being a championship winning team means you forever acquire a strong following from the fans and sponsors.

And yes, it’s true that it’s always a nice surprise for the fans to see a different lively from the teams but ultimately, I am of the view that teams should have the same lively irrespective of new sponsors because a lively is part of a team’s brand especially so if that lively is fabulous.

Over at Torro Rosso, it’s good to see that the team has kept it’s dark royal blue lively which has to be one of the best colour schemes ever created in the sport because shouting colours always stand out in the crowd.

All in all, a good lively is important in sport because F1’s oldest concept is that a good looking car tends to be a fast one.


Over at Torro Rosso, it’s good to see that the team has kept it’s dark royal blue lively which has to be one of the best colour schemes ever created in the sport

Yes, the shiny silver and blue just works great. Like a giant Red Bull can, but more high-end. To me it even looks better than the RBR car, where it should be the other way around.


@ Eagerbob

I agree, the Torro Rossos look better than the sister team


@ goferet…That’s not a sister team…it’s a ‘big brother’ team!


It’s not easy to to really see the Williams, but it looks like they didn’t think this through. Some consultants or even worse themself made this happen But I may be too harsh since one can not se thoroughly enough.

Toro? The should have done something. But it’s better to stay put if they have no ideas


There is going to be quite a few front wings scattered across the track this year. They seem so large ! Best of luck to everyone.


2009 cars also had wider front wings though the cars were alot skinner and smaller. The Brawn in its white and lime livery shows a very wide front wing.
But you are correct with the new cars, one can expect alot of carbon fibre chips flying on track, from some over exuberant drivers with less talent than the top racers.


Like the cars in general, enormous.

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