The title defender? Mercedes F1 launch the W10
Posted By: Editor   |  13 Feb 2019   |  10:48 am GMT  |  80 comments

Mercedes have launched the car that they will use to attempt to defend their titles, the W10.

Looking to challenge for their record-breaking sixth drivers and constructors championship, Mercedes have unveiled the car that they hope will solidify their place in the record books.

Releasing shots of an updated livery, the car still features the silver base colour, but features bolder accents to the cars scheme.

The teal lines on the car are bigger and brighter, whilst the light silver fades into a dark silver on the extremities of the car, such as the shark fin and the outer edges of the front wing.

“The 2019 season will be a new challenge for all of us,” said Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO of Mercedes F1.

“The regulations have changed quite substantially. We have to start from scratch, we need to prove ourselves again – against our own expectations and against our competitors.”

Technical director James Allison highlighted the key areas for improvement in the evolution from the W09 to the W10:

“The handling of the W09 was a big improvement over the rather idiosyncratic W08,” said Allison.

“We managed to be competitive at tracks which had plagued us in recent years. However, notwithstanding this improvement, we were still not as good as some of our competitors at preserving the performance of the rear tyres.

“We have worked hard on the suspension and aerodynamic characteristics to deliver a car that will be much kinder to its tyres – enough, we hope, to allow us to be competitive at all phases of the race and at each track on the calendar.”

Andy Cowell, Managing Director of Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains added that gains had been made on the power unit side of development, too:

“We’ve made changes to the cooling architecture of the Power Unit, which hopefully provide aerodynamic benefit on the car and also provide efficiency benefit on the Power Unit – so, hopefully a win on both the chassis and on the Power Unit,” said Cowell.

“Right at the heart of the Power Unit is the conversion of fuel into heat release in the combustion chamber and useful work out of the crankshaft. We have made steps on the combustion efficiency and on the ERS system.

“The marriage between the turbocharger assembly with the MGU-H, the inverter, the cells and the MGU-K: that whole system is now capable of operating more efficiently and helping with energy deployment through a race.”

By: Luke Murphy

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Congratulations to Mercedes on the 2019 F1 WC!

Everyone else … you can go home… Car looks great and if the engine is what they say they have improved on the P.U. sice … unless there is some real magic from Ferrari will be a very boring year up on P1/P2


Best looking car so far. The halo looks much better painted silver. Blends in with the car. I wish mclaren would have learnt this and painted there halo orange.


Can we play the how Mardy is Lewis at the start of the season game . I’m saying a bit mardy


The business-like, succinct announcements by Allison and Cowell give me shivers. They’ve prepared well.


First glance,,,Smooth, cool and a ‘confident’ design. Unfortunately. I very much doubt any major surprises from the others but it’s early days and what we will see at testing may be closer to the real thing….. from other teams that is.


The front wing on the Alfa is a bit surprising.

I wonder if that turns out to be the way to go, or whether we’ll see a more conventional design in Melbourne.


Looks better than last year, especially from the side view.


The best looking nose, as always.

That Lewis definitely does know how to design aesthetically pleasing noses. With aesthetic sensibilities like that is it any wonder that he’s already outselling the big fashion houses?


Yummy!! 😀 If it’s half as fast as it looks, it’ll be a good year for #teamlh
Really loving the transition to black with mini silver arrows garnish. Beautiful, bold and classic – like a body builder in a 3 piece. 🙂


It will be a good year for team #teamlh yet again, no doubt, but a thoroughly boring and predictable year for everybody else — especially the fans.


Nice livery, fast-looking. Hope not as fast as it looks, we need competition this year. Also big question how far the smaller teams will be compared to the 3 big ones this year, its crucial for F1.


Looks good, the livery is a bit more refined and striking. Less worried about getting this and the new Williams mixed up! Also, that front wing is *massive*.

Toto is downplaying their chances in the quotes there, but I don’t buy it. The regulation changes this year aren’t nearly as significant as the previous PU changes, so I doubt they’re going to shake up the order that much. Still, I hope that Ferrari, Red Bull, and others will be closer this year, and we’ll have a proper fight to the final race.

It’s never a good sign when records like “most consecutive championship wins” are being broken, records that were set in the previous boring period of Ferrari domination. So I hope they don’t succeed in that this year, but I’d be content if they just had to fight a bit harder for it.


It’s never a good sign when records like “most consecutive championship wins” are being broken, records that were set in the previous boring period of Ferrari domination. So I hope they don’t succeed in that this year, but I’d be content if they just had to fight a bit harder for it.

They fought hard for it last year. At some point we believed Ferrari and Seb were gonna take it. It was a Vettel’s championship to lose and he didn’t disappoint.


Nice nose compared to many of the others.

New rule, teams must use the tyre type they present on their launch cars for the entire season. May give Red Bull a chance to compete with the steamroller Mercs assuming Honda PU’s completely change and last the distance. 😉


…oh just give it to them already!

As in the world of finance, “past performance is not an indicator of future returns”…still, if it looks good it generally is good..i reckon it would need a team implosion before anyone gets close to Merc, and that is hard to swallow as a Ferrari fan.

However, witness the red team’s implosion in 2017 and 2018 and i doubt my bleeding heart will make 2019…

Still, good job by Merc. Now to see the Fezza and the Alfa Romeo and hope to all that is good in F1 that this year is as close as ever during the 1st AND 2nd half of the season..last year became a Merc walkover from Monza onwards…

Tornillo Amarillo

Maybe the record target for Hamilton is to win 13-plus GPs this year, so not too much room for Bottas.


James Allison highlighted the key areas for…

For a second there I thought James All.. was tracked down and contributed something to the website the Wiki “James Allen (journalist)” entry lists as his Official Website…ahh..never mind, it was another James All…something or rather.

I’m telling you guys, one day I will get a reply and he will confirm with a comment reply that he is indeed alive and well, and the reason he’s not here as often as he wishes is because his Presidential security detail keeps him away from high risk areas like JAonF1 comment section. 🙂


Just wow , looks well engineered and colour scheme is nice

With more power tooo, honda best have made in roads!!!!!


With more power tooo, honda best have made in roads!!!!!

It baffles me that they can still extract more power out of this tiny engine. It probably mare more than 1000hp now.


So the Mercedes PU will be even better? Red Bull Honda you’re probably toast without turning a wheel.


Another 100 bhp extra at least, which they will only make full use of until late in the year, if need be, so that “experts” can once again say how closely matched the Ferrari and the Merc were, and so that aveli can once again remind us of how Lewis is the greatest driver of all time, and the most intelligent.



Ha ha, those pesky experts with their boring old facts and data…..


What “facts” do those pesky “experts” have?

Merc and Ferrari Dyno figures? Nope.

Merc and Ferrari windtunnel figures? Nope.

Engine modes run by Merc? Nope.

Guesses and conjecture? Yes ;. Bucketfulls.


Looks ok to me, hopefully it will be the best car this year.


Of course it will be — by a long margin. Just like it was in 2014… And 2015… And 2016… And 2017… And 2018.


If it makes you feel better to believe that Luke, then fill your boots. I have goven up asking you to provide anything that backs up your claims, so you get a free pass.


You want me to provide evidence that Merc was the best car 2014 – 2018?

I don’t think I have to. To provide evidence to the contrary would be infinitely more difficult.


LukeC1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star
Of course it will be — by a long margin. Just like it was in 2014… And 2015… And 2016… And 2017… And 2018.

Lol you sound so excited…


Just like I was in 2014… And 2015… And 2016… And 2017… And 2018.


Come on TimW. The w10 is by far the best livery the team has ever done. It’s not ok, it’s GREEEEAT! 😉


It would look better without the bluey-green bits.


Oblah, it looks better than last years, but I have seen more striking liveries before!



Ha, ha who will be second, third and fourth then?


Adrian. I think the top three will remain unchanged, the order they will finish depends on many factors that we can’t predict. Renault should make inroads towards joining them, but I think it will be a ‘making progress’ year for them, more about putting some daylight between themselves and the midfield pack. I can’t see McLaren making an impact, and the others will be duking it out amongst themselves.

All could be wrong of course, maybe Kimi will win the wdc!


Ho Hum. Launch season not what it used to be.


Unquestionably the car that will obliterate the opposition this year




4 things in life are certain:

1. Death

2. Taxes

3. Lewis Hamilton will be 2019 WDC

4. Merc will be 2019 WCC

Personally I’d rather see a fight for the titles but it’s not going to happen. Rather expect LH to win all 21 races this year


Triangle, if you say so! I hope you’re correct, but can’t help thinking that if we do see the fight for the title you crave, if Lewis comes out on top, you will simply deny it ever happened……


…5 Tifosi will have thier hearts broken – AGAIN.

That Mercedes does look the business. And with consistency in their team as opposed to RB and Ferrari, they will be a tough act to beat.

All i am looking forward to as a Ferrari fan is seeing how Leclerc goes alongside Seb, and hopig beyond hope that ol’ Kimi gets a good run in the Alfa and beats the Ferrari once or twice…


We can either see a fight for the title, or we can save fuel and the planet.

Pick one.


Wow that is how you make a livery look cool. Love the Merc symbol detailing. How narrow is that front!, where will Lewis put his legs! looks a well designed and engineered car. A different design language indeed. A title contender possibly, just depends on how it sorts the downforce and tyres


Yes! That’s the kinda enthusiasm I’m looking for Garry! 😀


Impossible to say. It’s not powered by anything yet. Not AMG Hybrid. Not EQ Power or EQ Power+.

What will Mercedes write on the PU cover? Will it be EQ Power again? I think that will actually exist as a product this year, so another year of advertising 100% electric cars in F1 with the Hybrid PU? What will power this dominant Mercedes season? I need to know!


One thing we can say for certain Sebee, whatever they fo write on the engine cover will be an outrage, according to you…..


This year’s cars look very well adapted to Canadian winters with that massive snow shovel in front


Could be useful as a cattle grate on the long haul across Canada Alexhq


The color gradations reminds me of the 1961 Mako Shark Corvette.

It really does bring together the awful conglomeration of parts that is a modern F1 car.


It looks good from the side-on shots. Always wary of too much change, though. The comments from Cowell seem to suggest that they will be copying the Ferrari ERS deployment model. It would be good to know if they’ve gone dual battery, etc.

4½ weeks to go!


Looks like a render with fish eye/gopro style lens properties. Especially the last pic.


Curious about that too, KRB. Word out of Italy, they’ve hired mahle to do their pistons. I’d be wary of italian sources though.

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