Renault F1 take the covers off the R.S.19
Posted By: Editor   |  12 Feb 2019   |  3:55 pm GMT  |  42 comments

Renault F1 are the latest team to display their car ahead of the 2019 campaign, the RS19.

The French marque are the fourth team to host a launch and provide a taster of F1 2019, and they will continue with their black and yellow livery.

A colour scheme which has proven popular, the team went with a mostly yellow theme for their return in 2016, before switching to the black and yellow colours for 2017.

Often finishing as the frequently-phrased ‘best of the rest’ in 2018, Renault’s best results were fifth-place finishes at the Azerbaijan and German Grands Prix. They did not have the headline results or points haul that Force India/Racing Point or Haas had, but their season-long consistency took them to fourth place in the constructors’ championship.

Renault will be one of a few teams hoping to breakaway from the midfield group and mount occasional challenges to the established top three of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

They made the bold signing of Daniel Ricciardo last summer to partner Nico Hulkenberg, who stays on for a third season.

By: Luke Murphy

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Damn … I’d hoped for much more colour, even if it is yellow! There’s far too much “boring” black from the side view – which is what we see 90% of the time on TV and live at the circuits.
Liberty should do a marketing / sponsorship deal with PPG’s Automotive Division to supply the teams!!!
The modern automotive paint industry has plenty of fantastic, vibrant colours available for road cars these days … but in the “pinnacle” of motor sport, there are far too many cars with black or white as the dominant colour.
Come on guys … FFS … splash a bit of colour around!
It’s bad enough that the PC police have ensured there’s no glamour allowed off-track anymore … and most of us agree that the on-track action is terribly bland and boring. Let’s not keep on making the cars look bloody boring as well!!!!!!!!

On another note:
The 2019 cars will be a massive challenge to set-up properly because, other than the PU, they are completely new. There are plenty of 2nd year rookies and newbie drivers this year with little or no experience in setting up new cars … they and their teams will suffer the most from the new raft of changes.

On paper, the pairing of Ricci Renno & The Hulk has unparalleled credentials when it comes to setting up a new car. There’s not another driver pairing that can compare to their collective level of experience in that area.
The R.S19 will have a similar PU to last year’s car, an evolution of the C-Spec which both drivers have already had experience with, so they can both jump into the car in Barcelona and concentrate on the new aero & chassis set-up.
A healthy base set-up and two happy drivers from the start of the season is the next “leg-up” Renault needs to gain precious ground on the front runners and make another step towards regular podiums.
Who knows? They might even fluke a win if reliability becomes a problem now and then for Merc and Ferrari as they both chase gains in PU performance and cooling, in a desperate bid to out develop each other.
Arriving in Melbourne with a healthy base set-up that both drivers can be confident with is going to be a monumental achievement this year.
Just like the big change to Hybrid PU’s in 2014, any team that gets it right will enjoy a massive head-start – because they will be able to concentrate on fine-tuning their cars over the first few race weekends and confidently have their all important first set of upgrades ready for the European leg of the season.
Those who don’t will find themselves in a similar position to Williams in 2018.

Red Bull has a COMPLETELY new car from front to back!
It’s going to be a nightmare for their two young guns who have no experience at all in setting up a Formula 1 car from scratch. They drive the wheels off them once they are set up ready to “push”.
Truth is, neither of them has EVER set up and developed ANY new race car from scratch! Their feedback to engineers won’t be confident or precise. Most of the answers will come from questions they are asked – and most of those questions will be answered with a simple Yes or No. Not a detailed professional assessment, followed up by a discussion regarding the pertinent changes which need to be made. One wrong “guess” about how to solve a fundamental problem and they could put themselves back a very long way in the development race.
Lucky for them, they have Newey to help the kids.
I firmly believe Red Bull should have chosen an experienced driver through this transition period of ultimate change to both car and PU.
The likes of Raikkonen, Massa, Button or Alonso would have been a wiser choice, at least until Gasly has another couple of years experience.
Just because the young guns are quick, doesn’t mean they know how to set up a car. The RedBully has only ever been handed a car which has a healthy base set up. That was always done by Ricci Renno. Sure, Max would make a tweak here and there to tyre pressures or “driveability” settings on the drive train via dials on the steering wheel – but those things are only there to help in small ways after the car is properly balanced and ready to “push”.
An unbalanced car is deadly in the wrong hands because once the driver is frustrated, he’ll try anything to make it go faster. That is exactly the way young guns like Max and Pierre will handle the situation if they don’t have the right answers and they begin to look & feel like they are out of their depth.
It’s the old, “When all else fails, just thrash it and see what happens” scenario … Monaco is a perfect example in the RedBully’s case!
They both know how to scream over the radio and blame others when things are going pear-shaped … so I guess that’s the other option!


Jordan knew how to use the yellow color well and everywhere!


Yep, that’s yellow. I like it, it’s distinctive, and becoming an iconic style for Renault. Bit much black though – I noticed most of the cars seem to stick with black for the lower part of the car even when the rest is colourful.

Interested to see how Renault get on this year. People are pretty hard on them after their fall from the top after the Alonso years, but they’ve been consistently improving and hitting their targets in the past few years. Danny Ric and The Hulk are a great pair of drivers, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on – both against eachother and their competitors. If the Honda engine still isn’t up to scratch, there’s a fair chance that Renault could be fighting with Red Bull regularly this year. That said, we’ve seen flashes of promise from Renault before, but they’ve spent a decade struggling to break back out of the midfield. We’ll see how they go this year.


Very interested to see how Renault go, lots of articles on various sites with insider stores from the Enstone base about how much things have been upgraded and what difference it makes.

Also very interested to see Ricciardo vs Hulk, as I’ve said before I expect Ricciardo to win but I think it will be closer than conventional wisdom suggests.


They’re closing the gap on infrastructure, capabilities, resources etc… but its unlikely that those will all bear fruit immediately. I’d expect them to be at the pointy end of the b-league, and out develop them to pull clear through the season.

The big question is whether they will close the gap to the three frontrunners in a straight fight. I personally doubt it, since Merc, Ferrari and RB are still a step ahead in terms of resources. Unless one of them have f***ed-up with the rule change. Possibly also some surprise results on track – if the others drop the ball, Renault will be there to pick up the pieces.


Yeah, it’s hard to know who will get the aero right first up, but i disagree with you on the “big question”. To an extent the renault donk is a known quantity…i think the real big question is on Honda…they have shown improved power output in the TR, but the driveability was still no good.

There are a lot of “pundits” predicting RB Honda closing the gap to Ferrari and MB, but i haven’t seen anything to suggest that, other than the RB hype machine…


Good point LKFE… Fingers crossed that Honda can deliver, and we end up with a three car fight.


Good consistency from Renault. I like it.

Danny Ric’s new ride. Two thumbs up. . . . Watch out, Max.


No surprise with the livery. I hope the new regs help Renault. I’m considering booking the hour-long flight to see Dan drive this car next month in Melbourne. Will also be interesting to see how Dan and Hulk compare to one another.


Stunning livery. Good luck Daniel Ricciardo!


I’d prefer less black, all yellow would look better IMO.


I must admit, I’m struggling to see any difference—other than the colour scheme—between the cars that have been revealed so far. The excessive amount of black paint is part of the problem.


Shouldn’t the headline say, ‘Renault take the covers off a modified RS 18’ ?


Yes Ken…it’s simply the RS18 with the new spec front and rear wing. The real RS19 is still on the assembly line apparently, with Saturdays shakedown unlikely and Monday a question mark. It doesn’t instill confidence!!



Where’s your optimism mate. Gotta have faith!


George Micheal had Faith.
Look what happened to him 💀


Renault didn’t announce any targets with the release of its ’19 car however Executive Director, Marcin Budovski has remarked, somewhat flippintly, that every thing except the power steering has changed. New engine design, new chassis, new aero and the organisation seems rather upbeat with how things progressed over the winter.

Some months ago Mark Hughes wrote a rather pessimistic piece about Renault’s future prospects based on them being considerably outspent by the Big 3. However, in his most recent article on the matter he paints a far more promising picture, highlighting the fact that staff has increased to 750, double what it was three years ago, and an increased investment in specialised equipment which they didn’t have.

Hughes previously questioned Ricciardo’s move to Renault but now says that “Upon seeing all [this investment in personnel and equipment] it becomes a little easier to understand Ricciardo’s belief in the project.”

With two mature and experienced guys in Nico and Dan Renault have the drivers to challenge those of the teams in front of them. It just remains to be seen whether they have the car to take up the challenge.


Is Hughes the one who provides perspectives during the BBC commentary? Whoever it is, he’s always so downbeat, like Eyore the sad donkey.


The first thing I noticed was the rake, it’s getting up near RedBull levels.


Won’t that be a thing for all cars now? The rear wing is so much bigger and generates so much aero out back, they can raise the back and have it lower under the increased load of rear wing. Wonder what will happen when DRS is open though.


@ Gary Likewise as well as the front wing, different but then again is it real?


zzzz… someone wake me up when we see an ACTUAL 2019 car…

Tornillo Amarillo

The floor is high at the back, like on heels…
Hulk is taller than Ric, so my old friend Hulk could finally impress now with the new weight rules, being faster in comparison, good for qualifying.
Same Stroll vs Perez.


I expect Hulkenberg to be the surprise of the season. He will still make his customary 2-3 serious errors a season, but I hope on pace he’s right there.

Good luck Hulkenberg.


Is that whats been holding Lance back all this time?


It looks very similar to last year’s. I think it’s pretty good. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more yellow, less black, on the side. Also, maybe a yellow hue that was a touch warmer, less strident? I suppose I’m nitpicking, though.


Renault have apparently made good strides on their engine over the winter. Hopefully this is true, on both performance and reliability aspects.

Last time a non-Big 3 team jumped up into the fray on their way up was Mercedes in 2013. I’m discounting Williams’ double P3 finishes in the WCC 2014-15 as PU dependent, before slipping away again after some natural convergence.


R.S.19 mmm!
Has a slight Audi twang to it !
Well it looks like a Salamander basting in the Sun.
Will it out perform the Alfa Ferrari or Haas or the McLaren or the Williams ? Who can say.
Will Hulks make it competitive against Redemption Ricci or bend over for the Monaco based Aussie? Will Max V pass all of them with a huge grin on his face ? Who knows ?
The Big Boys Mercedes and Ferrari and Red Bull will be up front no doubt.


It’s not the 2019 car though. Only the front and rear wings are the ‘19. The car isn’t finished yet.


Ricciardo is putting a brave face on things and saying all the right things but i’m not sure he truly believes in Renault . He’s only gone there cos Merc/Ferrari said no. Daniel is still very upset about losing out to Leclerc in particular. I think he thought he had a had Ferrari seat in the bag. How long will DR accept being midfield? Me thinks he was desperate to get out of the pro-Max environment at RBR and once Ferrari and Mercedes didn’t call Enstone was the only realistic way to achieve that.


No doubt Ric would have preferred Merc/Ferrari – who wouldn’t, but his move to Renault is a calculated gamble and not a bad option. Whatever spin they put on it Red Bull will be in the mid-field in 2019 because of Honda and Renault may bear them in 2019. While much has been made of Honda’s progress last season it is still way-off the sharp end.The jury is still out on whether Honda will ever really come good – while Renault may yet come good. Ric’s first aim will be to take Renault forward – AND beat Hulk – then Merc/Ferrari may yet take another look at him …


Danni Ric has lost some of his shine, albeit for reasons beyond his control, He’s got to comprehensively beat the Hulk to make it back onto the A-list…

A bit like Vettel actually, although the later has more on the line than DR.


“A bit like Vettel actually”. Um… 4 x WDC? OK I’m sure you are correct….


So what? Even as a Vettel fan I recognize that he has been inconsistent, and only those wearing blinkers will deny that there are question marks around his performance last year…


It’s a shame Renault currently haven’t got a sponsor with the bright colours who can help liven up the team’s lively because currently, the car is prominently black and yet in F1 nine times out of ten, the black cars tend not to be winners.

As for Renault’s new signing Ricciardo, it will be interesting to see how the team fares in 2019 which may give the fans an indication on whether the dentist is jinxed e.g. He joined Red Bull after regulation changes and the team stopped winning championships.


@goferet – “He joined Red Bull after regulation changes and the team stopped winning championships.”

The chassis and aero has always been one of the best, it’s at least a second per lap better than anything out there … the PU on the other hand has been a miserable P.O.S from the day it was bolted into the car!
Hard to blame a driver as good as Ricci for results born out of the donkey in the back only having three legs … oh yeah … and an explosive, messy bout of diarrhoea strewn all over the tarmac every second week!


@ Goferet…Black cats, ladders and frequent visits to the ‘juju man’.


Have you been frequenting a Tikki Bar again Kenneth and wat hing the fire eaters dancing the Conga?👹😉


@ Kenneth

Oh yes, black is a forbidding colour hence why we have blackouts, black holes, black masks, blackmail


Color’s, wings, badge boards, pffffffffffff. One has to like photo shop. Looks nice though 🙂 And that’s it basically. You cannot make any prediction about performance let alone the target of the changes in regulation being easier overtaking. We might, (yes might), get some clues during testing in Barcelona, (remember McL last year), but the real test will be Australia. Until then we say ohhh, ahhh and nice or awful when we see the new livery. But the real omg’s will be there after the first qualifying and the race itself.


I would rather have more yellow and less black, but it looks ok.


Liking Renault this year and hope they can challenge the top 3 teams. For their sake and McLaren’s I hope the performance and reliability of the Renault PU also closes up at least some of the gap to Ferrari and Mercedes.

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