Red Bull F1 display striking “one-off” livery on RB15
Posted By: Editor   |  13 Feb 2019   |  12:33 pm GMT  |  42 comments

Red Bull Racing have once again added a touch more creativity to the F1 preseason car launches by releasing images of a bold livery on their latest car.

Releasing detailed images of their latest challenger, the RB15, Red Bull unveiled a new livery for 2019, using a dark blue and red colour scheme.

Unfortunately, the livery is described by the team as a “one-off”, although they have not yet confirmed what time frame this falls under, whether it will be a launch livery, a test livery, or a design that’s used ‘only’ for 2019.

The RB15 broke covers for the first time at their filming day at the Silverstone circuit. Max Verstappen will have the honours of driving the car first, with Pierre Gasly driving for the first time at the preseason tests.

With Red Bull about to commence their first season with a Honda partnership, the Milton Keynes team will be hoping to become more consistent challengers to Mercedes and Ferrari.

Their 2018 successes were limited to eventful races and circuits where the power unit demands were not very high, such as the Monaco and Mexican Grands Prix.

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Looks fantastic!

But they must be fast, not beautiful


very nice and aggressive car. Like Renault they kept the rake. Very interesting the front. That intake in front of the cockpit looks like is not the out of the S Duct is something else – some blowing effect?


Red version of last year’s blue pre-season livery. Liked the blue better, especially on track. Rake appears to have been reduced somewhat presumably to cope with the new aero regs. Will only work with increased engine power which has now become an absolute must. But of course that was the main point to begin with.


I hope its really slow


Inspired by the Group 5 Lancia Beta Montecarlo?


Ain’t gonna lie, that’s an aggressive looking livery. Unfortunately it’s far too busy. Second fav livery so far. Still can’t hold a candle to the simple elegance of the w10. Gosh what a beaut!


IMO this is the best livery by a distance. Looks menacing from some angles.

Merc is fine but not exactly exciting.


renault took away the yellow and honda is yet to bring white to redbull


Makes me think of:




Great similarity Harvey bushell


Can’t imagine them staying with this. Although I like the look of it, you can’t see the sponsor logos clearly enough so “one off” might just mean that it goes no further than testing. Maybe even this press release.

The bigger question is, is it a title contender?


it looks like between red bull and mercedes and the rest will be far away.

Tornillo Amarillo

Wonderful livery.
Honda wanted to catch up 2018 PUs, but Merc and Renault have made new engines and Ferrari should have worked on it too, so to keep P3 as a team this year would still be a good achievement for RB and Honda.


Lets hope Honda have but as much effort into reliability, drive-ability and power efficiency as the guy’s with the paint have put in here


Now that I do like! It looks like Spiderman’s car!


Or one of those poisonous frogs.


What an ugly car.


Car or livery, or both?


Wouldn’t say that. Out of ordinary.

Looks Max alike, dragon.

All other cars are so predictable.

Only if Honda could deliver.


M8, this looks awesome. Good thing for you though is that it won’t be this livery for 2019 :). Anyways, the fastest animal on this planet, (Peregrine Falcon) isn’t the best looking either, but hey he/she is fast :))


the correct pronoun is “it”


Bit of bias there Kenneth 😉
Remember it’s a Honda powered car it might not even make it round the track.


Could be right there BKF…it’s eye catching so that no one hits it when it’s parked up. I reckon they should be putting a tether on Max’s steering wheel this year…??


RB must be paying honda for the engine.What else would explain the massive Aston martin blurbs all over the car. Hope the Japanese have some sort of deal to supply Aston with hybrid engines going forward to explain this.


Honda is the engine supplier, AM is the title sponsor.


And AM must be paying a pretty penning to RB for that sponsor placement. You would have to think a casual observer would think that car is at the very least, powered by a AM power unit. Not exactly what Honda would want I am guessing.


Honda waiting until it can make race distance before they put their name on it…


Aston wouldn’t put a Honda in an Aston !!
That’s sacrilege mem !!
That’s just not Cricket🏏
Get the Catholic soap and the tar brush !!
Even Bond 007 would snub the car if it had a Honda in it !!


Catholic = Carbolic
Dam auto correct 🤣😁


One off Livery.
They should stick with this instead of boring livery they keep going with.
I preferred the Zebra design my self. At least it could go stealth in between the black and white chevrons 😉


Best looker so far…


Indeed Red Bull have produced a lively which is a sore eye in a bid to keep wandering eyes away from it’s secrets.

Interestingly, Marko said they had to convince Newey not to launch the car in the pitlane as usual in a bid to shakedown the car so as to avoid wasting mileage when testing begins.

Overall, I think the best way to tell whether Red Bull have created a competitive car is by gauging how much the mechanics hide the car with brollies each time it returns to the garage.


@ Goferet re the brollies. They will do that whether or not the car is competitive anyway. If the front wings are in any way representative of the real ‘race’ thing then Renault are swimming against the tide with their design plus their accentuated rake. The Red Bull is just plain ugly but still may be the class of the field when taking racing into consideration. Aesthetically i particularly dislike the conjunction where the nose bulkhead attaches to the ‘flat top.It looks unbalanced and ungainly in a design sense and thumb noses have always been unsightly..IMO.


@ Kenneth

Yes, the Red Bull maybe currently ugly but as the old saying goes, should an ugly car become a regular winner, they automatically become beautiful.


Hope Dietrich can use his resources to catch the kids who vandalized the car.

Wil they only run soft tires (red) in testing?


verstappen grinning at the from the corner of the room


Pretty awesome. Striking and bold indeed.

Unfortunately it will be just for testing, and it wil change before the races start.

Honda logo is pretty small though, and less prominent then the sister car.


The “one-off” livery guys should be promoted to the entire company livery guys.


@C4WD, oiy there buddy! Sorry I’ve been so quiet. You’ve surely missed me! No matter, I’m back – refreshed and ready to go for 2019.

Ps. Who are you supporting this year. Can’t seem to recall…


Alonso 😉


Looks like a few pots of “Quick Ink” sploshed on a white car C4WD

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