Racing Point F1 launch new livery ahead of first full F1 season
Posted By: Editor   |  13 Feb 2019   |  3:55 pm GMT  |  25 comments

The Racing Point F1 team have taken the covers off their first fully-painted car ahead of their first full season in the sport.

In a presentation at the Canadian National Autoshow in Toronto, a modified 2018 car was unveiled with an updated livery and fresh sponsors. Taking on new title sponsors, the full team name will be Sport Pesa Racing Point Formula One Team.

Their continued association with BWT means that they will keep the pink colour scheme, but the addition of fresh backers has added more decoration to the car.

The influence of betting company Sport Pesa means that their logo features prominently along with a blue background.

Racing Point took over Force India’s entry on the F1 grid part-way through 2018, effectively saving what remained of the team.

Having had their points reset, they were forced to climb through the constructors’ championship to salvage seventh place in the standings.

With the team defying previous expectations and continuing with the Racing Point name, they go into 2019 with the driver line-up of Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll, who moves from Williams.

By: Luke Murphy

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Not the worst by far but still. What’s wrong with the colour designers, colour blind maybe? Well this 8ne is ok and pink goes well, stands out


I admit I’m a bit fond of the pink panther. It’s unique, it’s bright, and it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ll take that over a generic black and white car any day. This year’s livery is a bit more refined, it’s kind of busy but I like the lines. Not sure if the added blue works so well though.

I’m hoping that the upheaval and change in ownership won’t really change much at the team. Whether it’s Jordan, Force India, or Racing Point, the team has proven itself over the years of punching above it’s weight, and hopefully all of those people are still there at the factory pushing just as hard. Perez is a safe pair of hands and brings the best out of a midfield car, I wouldn’t bet against him stealing another podium or two this year. Stroll is controversial, and while it’s hard to deny that he wouldn’t be there without his dad’s money, he’s also put in some quality drives in the lackluster Williams, so I think he’s deserving of a shot a bit further up the grid. So I’m reserving judgement on him until after this season, he could surprise us. I just hope he doesn’t throw his weight around within the team and get preferential treatment over Perez.


Looks great, apart from the top view , this make it look like a teenage F1 car that needs to learn to shave #stuble 😂


Mr. Stroll ought to hire Tommy Hilfiger to do some design work on this car.


we should have a social car launch day that we could go there to see the new cars and talk about everything that touch formula one new next season.


And just where would that be held?……and who covers the cost?


Not really what you would call an in depth article is it. I’ve noticed a change in the site from past pre seasons

Tornillo Amarillo

This blog would be the last to write about the McLaren new car already launched! 🙂


They’ve kept the pink, good. Follows it’ll be the colour during the season too. If it’s not, mr Stroll will look very cheap, adopting a new racing livery but unwilling to spend some dollars on a nice separate pre-season paint job.

Tornillo Amarillo

Let’s race, get points and an odd podium!
With a fast car development, I will wish an odd win for Lance, there is so much confidence within this team. With this car, Lance could perform better than Ric, Kimi and other experienced stars.
Go go go Lance!!!


I’ll have a bit of what you’re smoking.


BWT = But What The . ?/*,d!

Whereas the ‘awful conglomeration of parts Mercedes is tied together by the coloring, this car’s graphics and color scheme aggravates the situation.

Too Much Going On.


I like the addition of the blue – the pink is still a bit iffy though. At least it stands out!


font wing very simple compard to the others wonder if that reflects lack of budget


Very pretty colors and design, I hope the car is fast


2019… the year of… unheard of title sponsors.


The front wings on 2019 cars are comical.
Its like they’ve decided to go to Brazillian Mardi Gras and pick a chunk from one of the fan dancers eloborate costume hand feather fans and stick it onto the the front end of the cars. They look kind of clownish.


A wine taster would say “Hints of Gaviscon with bucket load of Candy Floss & a bout of reflux plus a heap of Canadian Daddy, bought me an F1 Team!”…”Now I want a Plane with big wheel at the front and four big wheels at the back and ……”
Good luck to Racing Point & I hope Perez outshines Stroll. But one assumes its all Stroll cause Daddy says so.


Aah no, looking at the Racing Point car, it’s quite clear that the rainbow scheme colours doesn’t work in fashion and on cars.

I mean cars need uniformity with a single colour or at most two colours to make up the lively.

Having said that, fingers crossed good karma pays back the team with a successful first full season because the team saved lots of jobs.

Overall, it will be interesting to see whether Racing Point can emulate it’s former self i.e. Force India with lots of punches_above_it’s_weight performances.


A step in the right direction. Hopefully, every year they will increasingly cover that pink mess (or at least change the shade of pink), until it will have completely disappeared.


A step forward from last year. Hopefully, every year they will increasingly cover that pink mess (or at least change the shade of pink), until all of it will have completely disappeared.


Not much of a livery change.

Heard Stroll Sr. last year pushed for Williams to take a new front wing off Sirotkin’s car, after Lance had broken his. Will love to see how Perez handles something like that this year.


Will be fun to watch, Perez doesn’t take prisoners. To be honest though I expect Perez to have comfortable margin on Stroll most of the time.


Reads better than it looks.

Looks like the chassis got snapped during one of Ken Block’s gymkhanas.


It’s a bit of a headache to look at ;(

Maybe drivers will wave it by when it’s in their mirrors just to save themselves?

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