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No name change: Racing Point F1 name continues into 2019
Posted By: Editor   |  06 Feb 2019   |  1:25 pm GMT  |  41 comments

Despite their original choice of team name initially being described as a “placeholder”, the Racing Point F1 name will continue into 2019.

Following their replacement of the Force India team part-way through 2018, the Silverstone-based team were known as Racing Point Force India in the second half of the season. Keeping the ‘Force India’ part ensured they complied with the FIA’s rules on team and chassis names.

The name was widely believed to be changing for 2019, with team principal Otmar Szafnauer telling Motorsport.com: “It is just a placeholder to indicate future change which will take place and be announced before the 2019 season.”

This indicates that the team were seriously considering a change of name, and may have even had one planned, but this idea has fallen through, which has encouraged them to continue with the Racing Point F1 name.

Their team/livery launch (as opposed to car launch, which will come later on in the month) will take place on 13th February.

The Haas F1 team, which will have a title sponsor of Rich Energy, will also be revealing a new livery tomorrow (7th February).

Elsewhere, the entry list confirms that the company Sauber Motorsport AG will run the team ‘Alfa Romeo Racing’, which will also have the chassis name of ‘Alfa Romeo Racing’.

Whilst this isn’t an unusual move, if reports are to be believed that the Fiat Group have until the summer of 2019 to take up the offer of buying the team outright, then already using the same team and chassis name would allow for a neater transition of ownership, unlike the scenario where last year’s Formula One grid had ‘Racing Point Force India’ for half-a-season.

The rookie drivers of Lando Norris, Alexander Albon and George Russell, along with returning drivers Antonio Giovinazzi, Daniil Kvyat and Robert Kubica have confirmed their race numbers for 2019.

Norris, Albon and Russell will take numbers 4, 23 and 63 respectively, whilst Antonio Giovinazzi will use number 99, previously used by Adrian Sutil back in 2014.

Kvyat will continue to use 26, and Kubica will take number 88, previously used by Rio Haryanto in 2016.

Click the image below to see the full entry list for the 2019 F1 season:

By: Luke Murphy

All Images: Motorsport Images

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‘Racing Point’, no point racing with a bad name like that. We’ll postpone judgement till the final car livery is known though. If that too is unchanged (pink) we’ll call it a draw: one bad and one good one acceptable make.


Hoping it’s a play on the “Vanishing Point” movie


Apparently ‘Racing Point’ is just an off-the-shelf name that was already registered somewhere so it was easy to use. Not intended to be permanent and even Ottmar doesn’t like it. But I assume they are waiting for or planning a name aligned with sponsors and didn’t want another temporary name in the meantime. “Stroll Racing” sounds like an oxymoron, unfortunately for them.


I guess the proposed team name, “Daddy, I Don’t Want the Blue One, I Want the Pink One!” was a bit too long.


How about “Oh Lord won’t ya buy me a Mercedes Benz” ?


…”my friends drive slow Tier 2 cars. Brawn must make amends!”


Time to pile on! Racing In Progress? The Team Formerly Known as Racing Point Force India Force India? Nepotism F1? Re-In-Car-Nation F1. Limitless options and all better than the one they chose.


I’m sorry but that’s such a stupid name.


Norris, Albon and Russell will take numbers 4, 23 and 63 respectively

It’s worrying to see Norris go with the number 4 because if we take into account the old car numbers, the number 4 car always used to be the car for the number 2 driver which in turn means the number 4 car had never won the championship.

Regards Racing Point’s name, there have been reports that the team had approached Brabham in a bid to revive the name but failed in their quest therefore reverted back to Racing Point.

Having said that, most iconic teams tend to be named after their founders or at least a country as was the case with Force India.


@Goferet :

In 2007, when Kimi won he was No. 6 (Massa was No. 5). In 1998, Mika was No. 8 (after Coulthard who was No. 7)

Are you sure that a No.4 car has never won the championship?


@ Ashish Sharma

Yes indeed, number 4 and number 7 cars have never won the championship.

Elsewhere, Prost is the only driver to have won with the number 2 on his car because Mansell had retired after 1992.


Prost along with Farina, Phil Hill, and Brabham all won with number 2.


Didn’t Mike hawthorn win in car 4 in 1958, and didn’t Jackie Stewart win in car 4 in 1969?



The problem is, different numbers were used for different races. We used to have this in karting. At club level, most people would keep a number, but at national level it was often decided on entry. For example: for the first ever SAM championship round at Tilbury, I was given 23 (Terry Fullerton’s preferred number) and the winner, Nigel Cleverly, was given 13!

So, it depends how you want to decide (before 1973, I think). They could have raced under multiple numbers during the year. Do you want to say none of them count? Or, the race they won the championship with? (That particular race)?


@ MartinW

Aah I didn’t know of Mike and Jackie winning with cars number 4.

Also cheers for the infor about other drivers to have won with the number 2 car


stroll racing or the name sauber is available or jordan


And could we have another thread about Jorda


You have other places on the internet hosting picture galleries with discussions about attention hungry lingerie models.
This is supposed to be a serious motorsport forum, remember? ;o)


Daddy pushes his baby in stroller for racing points.

Nah too long. What’s the point


What if Haryanto wants to come back? He did win driver of the day once…..


It reminds me of when I wanted to open my very first email account. I sat in front of the PC trying to come up with something utlra-cool, hip and edgy. After a couple of hours of typing then back-spacing, I settled for my first name underscore surname @ yahoo.com


What is the point?

Tornillo Amarillo

IMO Canadians are not the most creative culture on earth, eh? even if almost 5% are from Italian heritage…

Questions, anybody :
1. Now, will Racing Point keep the money prize for gained points of the full 2018 season, or just of the 2nd part of the 2018 season, or nothing…?

2. Will the chassis be called “RP…” instead of “VJ…” in 2019?


Re: 2

I’d imagine they’d be called LS… if daddy’s ego is as big as Vijay’s before him.


Wow, all this time and they couldn’t come up with anything better? Iguess Racing Point it is. So long as they can keep being excellent on such a comparatively miniscule budget, I’d don’t really care if they’re called Racing Point, Pink Panthers or Two In The Pink One In The Stink or whatever.

Once the budget cap kicks in (IF it kicks in!) it’s going to be really interesting to see what they can do as really they’ve been punching above their weight for years.

Looking forward to seeing the Rich Energy Haas livery. Some of the mockups I’ve seen look amazing. Some look god awful. Hope they don’t balls it up as the black/gold combo could be an absolute winner.

Finally, Mrs Exigency was born in ’88. When we’re watching VLN or WEC or IMSA or anything where there are a lot of cars, she always supports the 88 car. She’s going to love Robert’s new number!


Three cheers for Mrs Exigency, another Williams supporter.

After all, we of the Team Willy faith need all the support we can get!



Ha haa, thanks mate! She’s a keeper!

But yeah, we would both really love to see Williams pull it together and get back to the sharp end. Budget caps can’t come soon enough!


The teased Haas livery reminds me a lot of the old Lotus black and gold livery, could be good. And fortunately there’s a bigger variety in team colours these days – the most similar cars last year were the Haas and Sauber, so Haas switching to black and gold should be nice and distinct.

Not so sure about the ‘Rich Energy’ thing – weren’t they sniffing around trying to buy Force India last year? I’ve still never seen their drinks for sale anywhere, but they seem to be splashing cash around to advertise themselves a lot, sponsoring West Ham too. All seems a bit fishy to me, but I suppose more money and independent sponsors flowing into a mid field team isn’t a bad thing. I certainly wouldn’t have been confident in them buying a team, but hopefully Haas has less risk in just being sponsored by them.


Quite too much of of sharp white colored areas on that new Haas, for it to remind us of the JPS Lotus heydays, no?



My username probably gives it away but I’m a bit of a Lotus fanatic. So obviously, the black and gold livery has the potential for absolute delight to my eyes. Just hope they make it work. It would be harder to mess it up but… yeah, I’ll hold off on judgement until the car is released!!!

Yeah RE tried to buy Force India but it didn’t happen. There’s a bit of a story there. Peter Windsor did a good interview with Mr. RE on his YouTube channel. It’s worth a watch. Bit of an eye opener!

I can’t work it out either. Looks a bit all mouth and no trousers at the moment!


Sadly they had two good quality drivers pretty much always

With Lance in the car the only interest from that car is what do they do if he doesn’t hack it?



As I wrote elsewhere, it’s make or break time for young Lance. He’s had a few very good races in F1 in my opinion. I don’t think it’s nailed on that he’ll be terrible. But as to if he’s got what it takes, I guess we’re about to find out.


Oh there’s a name change!

Racing Point doesn’t do it for me.

I’m calling it Team Strez.


Or the Bay City Strollers


Racing Point F1 = Awful Name ;(

Was that really the best they could do?

Whats with the Ferrari Mission Winnow name James?


Mission Winnow is a Philip Morris initiative. Basically, it’s Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.


Mission Winnow is just an ‘initiative’ set up by Phillip Morris International (PMI).

Having a look through their website, it’s all about PMI even the Ferrari stuff. So really, to me, it looks like a backdoor way to get some PMI specific advertising on the Cars


It’s some brand of Phillip Morris – the company that owns Malboro and has remained linked with Ferrari since F1 banned tobacco sponsorship. I looked up the website and read some articles about it when Ferrari first started using it on the cars last year, and I honestly still have no idea what it is or what it means. The tagline on their site is “better ways of doing things”, and it doesn’t get much clearer than that from reading more.


Such a shame sticking to Race Point F1 .
I was expecting
“Stroll Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow Wow, But He Bought Me A F1 Team Instead !”
Bit long winded, so I guess Daddy Stroll had his way and stuck with Racing Point F1.
But Stroll jnr gets to play with the whole team. “Yey neato👍”
Plus Stroll jnr, has his Mexican House Keeper in the staff car following him, when he needs a tow.



That’s another thing I’m looking forward to this season. It’s make or break time for Lance really isn’t it? I guess he’s on a hiding to nothing though.

If Perez wipes the floor with him, it’s expected and proof he’s not up to much.

If he beats Perez there will be the inevitable talk about Daddy pulling strings.

Whatever, I’d gladly jump into his shoes! Oh how the other half live…


I guess they want to see how they go before calling themselves something confident and bombastic like Force superfast team lance quality.

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