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The race to F1: W Series finalists named, Jorda absent from contest
Posted By: Editor   |  31 Jan 2019   |  3:39 pm GMT  |  75 comments

In the quest to find the best female candidate for a shot at the Formula One junior ladder, the finalists for the inaugural W Series have been named, following a qualifying event in Austria.

Through a series of tests in front of a judging panel including Alexander Wurz, David Coulthard, Dave Ryan and former Indycar driver Lyn St James, a list of 54 drivers was reduced to 28.

Those 28 drivers will now be cut to a final 18 (plus two reserves) who will contest the opening round of the championship at the Hockenheimring in May.

The list of qualifiers (see list below) includes five British drivers; Jamie Chadwick (British GT GT4 class champion), former GP3 driver Alice Powell, LMP3 competitor (and Ginetta Junior champion) Sarah Moore, Porsche Carrera Cup GB driver Esmee Hawkey and Mini Challenge competitor Jessica Hawkins.

The competitors were met with tricky conditions at the snow-hit Wachauring, with the hopefuls using Ford Fiesta ST and Porsche Cayman S road cars in a Race of Champions-style format, on top of their tests in fitness, mental agility and media skills.

A similar programme was put in place in the Young Driver Excellence Academy, which also included Alex Wurz as a judge and ran from 2011-2015.

“All W Series’ qualifier-drivers here at the Wachauring [Melk, Austria] are superstars, every single one of them,” said Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir.

“But the sad fact is that not all of them will continue to the next stage of our driver selection programme. That’s competition. That’s sport. That’s racing.

“So to all of them who’ve made it through to the next stage, I say: congratulations and good luck in Almeria [Spain] in March, the final stage of our driver selection programme.

“And to those of them who haven’t made it through to the next stage, I say: obviously, today is a sad day.

“But one thing I’ve seen over the past three days, and that I’ve been massively impressed by, is that each and every one of our qualifier-drivers is tough, brave and strong. And of course we’ll therefore encourage them to work hard on their driving for the next few months and then consider re-applying for the 2020 W Series season when the time comes.”

Judge Dave Ryan confirmed that the next phase of the assessments – which will include driving the W Series’ Tatuus F318 Formula 3 car – will take place in Spain.

“For those who’ll now go through to the next stage of our driver selection programme, which will take place at Almeria [Spain] in March, the next few weeks will be crucial. In particular, they should focus on improving their strength and fitness levels, because single-seaters are tough to drive. But we wouldn’t have selected them if we didn’t firmly believe they had the ability to race them – and race them well.”

Qualified Drivers (and backgrounds):

Sarah Bovy, Belgium, Lamborghini Super Trofeo
Jamie Chadwick, UK, British F3, British GT (GT4 champion)
Sabre Cook, USA, Road to Indy, US F4
Natalie Decker, USA, ARCA
Marta Garcia, Spain, Spanish F4
Megan Gilkes, Canada, F1200 Canada
Grace Gui, China, Asian Formula Renault
Esmee Hawkey, UK, Porsche Carrera Cup GB
Jessica Hawkins, UK, Mini Challenge
Shea Holbrook, USA, Lamborghini Super Trofeo
Francesca Linossi, Italy, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche Carrera Cup Italy
Vivien Keszthelyi, Hungary, Audi SS R8 Cup
Emma Kimilainen, Finland, STCC
Natalia Kowalska, Poland, Formula Two
Stephane Kox, The Netherlands, GT4 European
Miki Koyama, Japan, Japanese F4
Milou Mets, The Netherlands, LMV8 Oval Series
Sarah Moore, UK, LMP3, Ginetta Junior (champion)
Tasmin Pepper, South Africa, VW Engen Polo Cup
Vicky Piria, Italy, GP3, European F3 Open
Alice Powell, UK, GP3, Formula Renault UK (champion)
Gosia Rdest, Poland, Audi TT Cup, GT4
Naomi Schiff, Belgium, Formula Renault 2.0, GT4 European
Shirley Van Der Lof, The Netherlands, German F3
Beitske Visser, The Netherlands, Formula Renault 3.5, GT4 European
Alexandra Whitley, Australia, V8 Utes
Fabienne Wohlwend, Liechtenstein, Ferrari Europe
Caitlin Wood, Australian, Blancpain GT

Jorda cites “sponsorship issues” as reason for withdrawal

One of the headline inclusions in the initial 54-driver list of candidates for the inaugural championship was former Renault F1 development driver (2015-2016) Carmen Jorda.

More recently, she took on a role within the FIA as a member of the Women in Motorsport Commission in 2017, but has not participated in a recognised motor sport event since the Renault Sport Trophy in 2016.

She participated in the in-season test in Ad Diriyah following the opening Formula E race of the season but, apart from that, she frequently documents her test days in various single-seater cars and karting events.

She has championed women competing in a separate motor sport series for some time, so her initial inclusion on the provisional list came as no surprise.

However, Jorda was absent from the W Series trial day, and took to social media to say that sponsorship requirements had prevented her from competing.

“I’ll like to announce that I won’t be part of the Women Series for its first season in 2019. It has been a pleasure for me to help promote a championship for women as @wseriesracing during the past months but unfortunately we couldn’t find an agreement that could fulfil my sponsors’ needs,” wrote Jorda.

“I’ll like to wish the very best to Women Series and all its competitors! Motorsport is my passion and my way of life. News about what I will be doing for my 2019 season will come soon!”

Given that one of the primary reasons for the creation of the W Series was to ease the pressure on the ever-present need to sponsorship in motor sport, her reason is a bizarre one.

The W Series will be a support race for several rounds of the DTM Series, so it’s not inconceivable that a calendar clash has been found with her as-yet-publicised plans for 2019.

However, as somebody who has been (for better or for worse) a leading figure in the campaign for women in motorsport, her sponsors may believe that her elevated status may be hampered if she is unable to become a leading contender in the series.

By: Luke Murphy

Title Image: W Series

Remaining images: Motorsport Images

If the series is accessible to watch, will you be watching the inaugural season of the W Series? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Jorda is to beatiful to race the series?

Let me rephrase, her brand is an obstacle in this case.


With the people of Europe currently in a demographic decline, the last thing we need is female race car drivers.


The people of Europe are currently in decline because instead of complementing men and cooperating with them, the women of Europe have been brainwashed into competing with men.


This championship will be more popular than Formula E, may even give F1 a run for it’s money.


Formula e is popular?


instead of starting from scratch, they should use formula one teams facilities.


From an article on Motorsport.com, it’s being reported that the girls were judged on criteria that was a 70/30 split. 70% of the criteria was on track prowess, 30% of the criteria was how well the girls did in things like media training excercises.

That’s how far F1 has fallen. On track performance only counts for 70%, when it should could for 95-100%. How well someone can answer rediculously stupid and repetitive questions from so called “journalists” should not count as 30% of a whether or not a driver is suited to drive single seat racecars.

Riddle me this. If media obligations are so important to a potential F1 driver, why are 3 of the most successful and loved drivers on the grid last year, 3 of the most addament that motorsports journalism is a complete farce – namely Hamilton, Raikonen, and Alonso.

Imagine a parallel universe where Lewis, Kimi, and Nando were part of a game show style selection process to find new F1 talent, and were sent home because they didnt do well in the “media interaction” portion of the evaluation.


This is why I say that a female has more chance by forging her own identity rather tban comply with a committee comprised of tbe ‘great and tbe good’. Outside the box is the way to go.


70% of the criteria was on track prowess, 30% of the criteria was how well the girls did in things like media training excercises.

If that’s true it’s embarrassing.


This isn’t F1 and is only peripherally related.


I’ve been very surprised with the level of resistance there has been to this series. Of course the backlash from blinkered old school males is to be expected. But the rest of it I’m really surprised by.

The way I see it, it’s more racing to watch. Good thing right? Unless of course you’re only a “fan” of F1 and not a fan of racing. In addition, if the ladies who succeed in the series are then able to go on to do better things that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise, where’s the harm in that?

Finally, if they’re all as utterly fearless as my wife is in a fast car, it could be very entertaining.

Bring it on I say.

My viewing will entirely depend on in what way they define accessible. If it will be available on YouTube like so many others are these days, I’ll watch every race. If I’m expected to pay to be advertised at, I won’t be watching any of it. Kind of like how I am with F1 now…


So people are blinkered are they? So you don’t see how offering scholarships or any opportunities in life based on gender is discriminatory and therefore unethical?

And yet it’s other people who are blinkered. I think not, I think people are cottoning on to what’s going on in the world and it is you who still has a lot of catching up to do.


*Some* people are blinkered, yes. Some very. I’m sure you know that.

I mean, this isn’t some HR office job where you can fire a better qualified male and replace him with a less qualified female by making the selection criteria rally “broad” and in the name of equality

Yeah, you sound REALLY forward thinking…

My wife would have a field day with your statement, especially the notion that successful men would need to be removed to be replaced with a female that would automatically be “less qualified”. And indeed the implication that women do “HR office” type jobs…

Pot? Kettle?

Why so salty Luke? What’s the problem with women having a mechanism to demonstrate their ability? What if currently there are no female drivers with the talent to reach the highest levels but this series gives female drivers of the future to prove they are worthy? A chance they might not have got otherwise. What if it gives the impetus to other ladies who might not have paid motorsport any attention, who go on to be good enough for F1?

Not sure what you’re getting so excited about to be honest.


“What’s the problem with women having a mechanism to demonstrate their ability?”

There is nothing wrong with any mechanism that allows people to demonstrate their ability, as long as that mechanism is non discriminatory and as long as it doesn’t breach the fundamentals of ethical conduct.


Your wife is welcome to respond to my comment. In fact, it might be a good idea given that you’re completely unprepared to discuss this issue. Although I suppose you’re not really interested in a discussion; the purpose of your post being to get a pat on the head from your wife, and if you’re lucky maybe something more.

Good luck.



You don’t need to know anything about football, you just have to be big enough to answer…

I was merely asking what your thoughts were about women having their own leagues individually from the mens game?

I presume, given your tantrums here that that’s “unethical” too?

And personal attacks? Where?


What about woman’s football? I don’t even know anything about men’s football.


Because gender-based discrimination is unethical.



Where exactly are women “in the wrong” here??? Fully nailing your colours to the mast here aren’t you?

You ingnored my question about your thoughts on women’s football…


“…you’re sounding more and more scared of women all the time.”

You got it the wrong way round, my friend. It is actually you who is afraid of women; afraid to tell them “no” when they are clearly in the wrong.



Thanks for your contribution to the discussion👍


The Exigency,

I see you had to resort to the good old fashioned personal attack — that last bastion for those unable to respond to fact and logic with facts and logic.

A bit of advice: next time you challenge something somebody has said, please come prepared and know what you’re talking about.



Yeah, your recent posts haven’t changed my thoughts at all. In fact, you’re sounding more and more scared of women all the time.

But yeah, of course, it’s me being unable to grasp your moral implications. Of course.

Tell me, what’s your view on womens football?

*gets popcorn



as if he even has a wife..


The Exigency,

Tell me more about these walls that women are coming up against.

Im really curious because all attempts to show that women are coming up against walls has been demonstrated to be pure fiction.

In fact, every study done to demonstrate an “unconscious bias” against women in hiring for jobs has actually demonstrated the exact opposite. It turns out that there is actually a bias against man when hiring for jobs, and this is true without exceptions in all industries and regardless of whether the people on the panel were men, women, or a mix of both.

So next time you’re struggling to find a job you might consider getting a gender reassignment surgery and becoming a woman. I guarantee you’ll be employed in no time at all.


The Exigency,

I’m glad that you’re happy that you’ve got more stuff to watch, but the problem is that you’re just not grasping the moral implications.

I would be happy to assist you in your efforts to grasp them, but I’m afraid I would only end up repeating myself.


“Smoke You A Kipper” 👍
Superb The Exigency 🏆
I can hear the
21 Gun Salute 👍
and the
Red Arrows Fly By 😎
An Arnold Rimmer Salute to you Sir🤩
Boys from Red Dwarf💪



WOW Luke. You might need to jump through hoops to get your five minutes of fame in your bedroom but it would be very silly indeed to presume that it’s the same for every household… because I can asure you it isn’t. No pats on the head needed here sunshine. And it’s NEVER looked at as getting lucky either. How very modern of you. Hahahahaha. Letting us in on a bit more info than we needed there? My god. I’m sorry if you need to be, let’s say “persuasive”, for such things. Erm… yeah, “good luck” to YOU…


So, shall we summarise?

“Complete and utter waste of time and yet another example of gynocentrism gone mad”

“HR office job where you can fire a better qualified male and replace him with a less qualified female”

“enforcing a 50/50 quota”

“the purpose of your post being to get a pat on the head from your wife, and if you’re lucky maybe something more.”

and the little gem of “you’re completely unprepared to discuss this issue”.

Given the above, I can’t see at all what makes you so sure of yourself. So much of that sounds like an old school male from the 50’s yet I’m supposed to believe you’re some sort of bastion of modern, accepting thought? Whatever you’re trying to communicate is not coming across too well at all.

As for “How about we make F1 a male only category, with women explicitly not allowed?”… IF F1 was the gender independant pinacle, and there was one feeder series for men and one for women, then maybe, that would be fair and equal, but isn’t that just back to the condescending 50/50 quota?

But that doesn’t seem to be what you are proposing. Just that you’ve got your knickers in a big twist because women have their own series? Seriously?

Again, I’m not sure what you’re getting so excited about, or what indeed has made you think you need to make such a vain attempt to be offensive.

It’s more racing to watch. I’m happy about that. I’m sure in the future, things will be much more gender neutral but as it stands, men have a much more straightforward path into the top end of motorsport than women. You can dispute that all you like but it’s true. One of my good friends runs the team for a very successful and very talented female driver. The walls she has come up against and the extra struggles she’s had to cope with just on account of her being female show there is still a long long way to go. If the W series helps that, is that a bad thing? Is it really something to get so upity about?

Rattle on mate. I can tell you’re so awesome I’m not fit to be in your shadow so I’ll bow out to your obvious superiority. Go ahead, give me hell. I can take it.


Lighten up sweetcheeks.

Oh and PS. Four stars on one post and none on another… two ID’s perhaps? Just a typo right? I’m sure…


Presumably anyone who does well enough would hope to be offered a drive in a series that would provide super licence points. Then they would have to accumulate 40 points which is not noing to be easy. Then they have to find an F1 team to take them on merit or find £20m to buy a seat at Williams. I cant see this process getting a driver into F1 in the next five years. It is more likely that a talented woman would bypass this process and get into F2/3 by the traditional route. Maybe the German kid who crashed at the Maccau GP has what it takes.


Why would doing well in the W-series warrant being offered a seat in a junior formula that awards Super License points? Do you know how many drivers do well in karting, F4, TRS, F3, Indylights, and more…and never get “offered” a drive in anything.

I mean, Felix Rosenquest won the 2015 Euro F3 title….and the only place he could find a drive the following year was in Blancpain GT (and a couple Indy Lights appearances).

So if winning the F3 title doesn’t guarantee anything, why the hell would “doing well” in the W-series warrant or guarantee anything?


Just one pic of Carmen, Editor?

Couple more would have been nice, and also ….. informative.


She looks nice but to be honest, there are girls just as pretty, but fast and having brains, among those chosen.

Have a look at Stéphane Kox, for instance.


Put your pants back on Phillip.


Complete and utter waste of time and resources and yet another example of gynocentrism gone mad.

We are talking about Motorsport here, and f1 in particular, both of which are blind to gender and only what the stopwatch says matters. I mean, this isn’t some HR office job where you can fire a better qualified male and replace him with a less qualified female by making the selection criteria rally “broad” and in the name of equality. Or is it?


“Or is it?”

No, not really. I fail to see how a male could be fired to free up a place for a female in a women only racing series.


It can happen in all other series, including f1 by enforcing a 50/50 quota. Each team must employ one female and one male driver.

It’s called affirmative action and is already happening in many places of employment so why not racing as well.

The female only racing series will remain female only.


“The female only racing series will remain female only.”

Indeed. So… that begs the question… is your saltiness towards the W series mostly because men aren’t allowed?

Do you not think it would be a FAR better situation for a female driver to make it on merit rather than via (what I personally would consider) a very condescending 50% quota?


“…is your saltiness towards the W series mostly because men aren’t allowed?”

How about we make F1 a male only category, with women explicitly not allowed?

Would that make you salty because women are not allowed?


My saltiness towards the W series is it’s blatant and shameless use of discriminatory practices designed to ensure equal outcomes.

And yes, I do believe in meritocracy, not in gender-based preferential treatment that negatively affect 50% of the population.


Define accessible to watch? If you mean free to air then yes. If it’s going to end up on a subscription platform no.


After all the Renault media magic about Jorda , it’s now all fizzled out.
Shame (sarcastically) but….I’m sure she’ll find another F1 team to stand and wave at the camera too, near the pit lane doing selfies and Instagram media stuff . Whole looking …. err Blonde ! 😉
Oh well the Spanish version of “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” beckons for Jorda .



“Smoke You A Kipper” 👍
Superb The Exigency 🏆
I can hear the
21 Gun Salute 👍
and the
Red Arrows Fly By 😎
An Arnold Rimmer Salute to you Sir🤩
Boys from Red Dwarf💪

Hahahahahahaha, BRILLIANT.

“Now kindly cluck off, before I extract your giblets, and shove a large seasoned onion between the lips you never kiss with.”


And yes mate, get the kippers smokin’. I’ll be back for breakfast!



😂it’s where the calculators go …Silicon Heaven🤣


Agreed – a pretty face and nothing more.
Probably bailed out as she would have been blown away and totally humiliated by most of the other real racing drivers on that elimination grid!

A pretty face with lipstick and a twitter account. No wonder her statements enraged fellow female but true motorsport racers. Like @Leena_Gade simply posting: WTF?!

And others expressing further their disbelief in Jorda’s statements.

@CarmenJorda you and I are both members of the FIA Women’s Commission, designed to encourage women and girls into Motorsport, a highly competitive environment for all concerned. Your comments today belittled the quality of the field in @FIAFormulaE and it’s competitive prowess.

Added to that, you told young girls not to aspire to beat the best competition but to find easier avenues. Indycar, rallying, Sportscars, touring cars, even Formula E have G forces and physical strength is needed for all. The reason for women to compete in FE is because the competition is high and beating the best is how you become great.

Your opinions do not represent Commission members and what we are working to do. We want women to come into a sport that has given so many of us so much joy and to grow the sport that we are passionate about.

You are entitled to your opinions and I respect that. But do not use the name of the Commission to justify them when it contradicts the message and work we are doing. Women want to beat and be the best on equal terms. Not by the easiest route!


Thanks for the article Luke, appreciate it.

What a yoke. Like I said before, parking lot skids on snow in a Ford Fiesta….that’s where we’re looking for F1 talent these days. Might as well start looking for the next Lewis Hamilton at be local Auto-X meeting in the Walmart parking lot.

Some of the drivers had literally never seen snow before, let alone driven on it. Not exactly a fair test? Why couldn’t they have gone somewhere warm? Or to an indoor karting facility? How the hell did someone decide to evaluate open wheel talent in Austra in January….

Here’s an account of the event by Charlotte Poynting, an Aussie who didn’t make the cut.


Note how she says she finished 5th out of 50 in the ROC knockout tournament, but was still sent home.

So when Catherine Bond says “they’re tough, brave, and strong”, wtf does that even mean? Brave, tough, strong…who cares!?!!’ One word matters, and one word only. Are they fast? Doesn’t matter how tough, brave, or strong these young women are, it won’t stop 16 year old Liam Lawson from driving circles around each and every one of them.

In other news, The Lioness Sophia Floersch has recovered from her spinal cord injuries sustained at Macau, and will be back with Van Amersfoort to contest a full F3 campaign. You want to talk about brave, tough, and strong…your Ford Fiesta parking lot skids ain’t got jack [mod] on Sophia.

This whole “women in motorsport” thing…I dunno. The more I look into it, the more t starts to seem like a mostly European issue being forced on the rest of us. If you look at racing in North America, females have been around in nearly every category for decades now. Indycar has had Danica, Simina, Katherine Legge, and many more than cake before them. Danica Patrick didn’t set any 1st for female drivers on nascar, because those 1sts were set by women in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Courtney Force just retired from a full career driving NHRA Funny Cars….you want to talk about “brave”….the entire top lifts off a Funny Car because it’s the only way the driver can fit their balls in the car with them. NHRA has also had female champions at the highest level in Top Fuel.

Over 10 years ago, I remember reading how in Japan, D1GP and D1SL, the top drifting championships in the country, were running a seperate introduction level aeries for female drivers (it was still sexist in a uniquely Japanese way, but the point is they made an effort long before anyone at the FIA got on this band wagon). I don’t think anyone in the F1 community realizes how popular street drifting and steer racing was in Japan in the 90s and 00s, but it was one of the most popular activities for young people, and the girls were all over it. There were all female teams and crews, as well as mixed teams and crews. Participation in that scene has since died off, and it’s more of a cult following rather than full blown pop culture, and therefor now has fewer female participants.


her elevated status may be hampered if she is unable to become a leading contender in the series.

Forgive that I’m bringing Hamilton into this (I know it will get outrage), but with ROC happening recently, it’s one of those things that has always bothered me a bit about Lewis. He never participates in the ROC. As if his team feels that he’s too good to have some fun and not humble enough to risk being beaten at this event in some other cars. It wasn’t too good for JPM, D.C., Schumi, Vettel, Kristensen, Loeb, etc.

This whole thing of not competing elsewhere because you have more to lose than gain really doesn’t go over with fans well, does it? When it comes to Motorsport, it is a really distasteful approach from our view, is it not? And with the ROC being more about having fun and filling in a long winter off season, it seems like opting out so continuously is really not nice. But then again Lewis did opt out of the London F1 event as well right? Maybe he’s just too busy. Not like Fans have some right to his time.


The only way to bring Hamilton into this thread would be to suggest he could have surgery and become Louise!


😂What an image🤣


RoC is s pointless end of term dribble.
As is your pointless butting about why drivers are not at RoC. Stick to painting your flip flops Sebee.
As for miniscule d he’ll jump a mile …err i mean a milimetre on his scale to leech onto alt comment, like a parasite.


I beg to differ. It’s a fun event, for fans. A bit of a party for drivers to have fun at and be seen, while letting the fans watch them do what they are known for.

To be honest with you, I feel like FIA should organize this event themselves each year.


It’s just that he can’t win in anything other than the best car. Never has and never will. Why would he embarrass himself buy racing in other categories and losing?


Jeez same groove same record.
Chinese water torture seems like a vacation!
Unclench “tiny d ankle biter” and breath in some air ! Constant rubbish just makes you look deperate for an enema.



Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Fun watch. Vettel deserves #1 for the radio, this list is clearly not in order of awesomeness. More like order of recency.

Alonso…”something is wrong with the car.” Oh, is that so? Wonder if you have any clues as to what.

D.C. is the lamest…pitlane entry?

Schumi – most glorious, that sideways slide after the curb hit right into the wall of champions is an absolute BEAUTY! Should totally be #1 in my view.

Honorable mention – M. Walker. P1 in my book always!

P.S. Oh aveli, what about China 2007? I know Lewis wasn’t in the lead when he made that pit entry, but he was the leader pretty much up to that point, right? Was that retirement from a Grand Prix, or a certain Championship? Championships count more than wins, right? Oh stop…Vettel was never gonna win 2018 WDC. Mercedes were just about engage next level engine modes now that they saved PU for 2/3 of the season.


amusing sebee but the word ‘crash’ went missing in china 2007.

don’t forget hamilton eradicated that wall of champions by explaining how to negotiate it. he said “take as much curb as you can on the first and completely avoid the second.” i don’t understand why all those drivers before him couldn’t work out that the had a lot more steering control of the car when it’s not bouncing around.

by the way i attended my first art lesson last night and it was fantastic! as your murray would say. i nearly didn’t go after finding out it was a life drawing session but i promise, i wasn’t distracted for a second…

when does february finish? i thought is was meant to be the shortest month on the calendar…

and you’re right about schumacher, he even styled it out with commentary afterwords.


I’m more impressed by Lewis’ 2nd place in the championship in his debut seasson than I am by any of the championships he won during the PU era.


here’s an example of hamilton in anger pre f1 sebee.. unseen, in the history of motorsport..



he was awarded 2nd but he obliterated the entire f1 history of champions, making them look silly. that why i have said time and again that we will not see another as good in our life time..

nothing compares.


Here is a fun fact: Sebee has never seen Lewis Hamilton race in a Formula 1 race life. Sebee has seen Lewis in an actual Formula 1 car in 2018 Montreal Friday FP1 and FP2 where Sebee went to see what halo PU cars look and sound like so he knows what he’s talking about from experience. But Sebee has never seen Lewis Hamilton race live in person in a Formula 1 race. Not once! All these wins and all these WDCs and I’ve witnessed none, so this year of Lewis fandom is long overdue for me.

Sebee has seen Lewis Hamilton race and win…in GP2, the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix. The race was a bit chaotic and I moved to the start line stand to watch it, which was the perfect spot. Of course Lewis took it from pole. But that’s the sole and only time I’ve seen Lewis in anger on track, luckily driving to a win.


What about that time when Lewis crashed in Melbourne by getting arrested for doing burnouts on the road.

Ron Dennis must have be apopleptic when he saw images of his star driver in the back of a police car beamed around the country on the 6′ clock news.

That was so funny for so many reasons, but mainly because we all know what Ron is like and imaginging his brain self-destructing is just too funny.


all the antis didn’t realise that it was only adding to hamilton’s profile. those images are stuck in all f1 fans especially the anti fans..helping him outsell established fashion houses….


LukeC on a news loop smelling his own tail pipe . How old is that news ! How amazing is this tired old news ! 😂🤣
Nobody gives a gaff about it !!
Drag up a bicycle from a canal next !!
Dawn of the Yawn🤣


I don’t know about that, but one thing is certain: Ron Dennis didn’t think it was adding to his profile, or to the profile of mclaren.

Now, Ron was exceedingly successful in life, but he paid the price. First he had to suffer at the hands of senna and Prost, then at the hands on Alonso and Hamilton, and then just Hamilton.


he has nothing to lose taking part as he has nothing to assure there he doesn’t take part in that football in the prinipality either i don’t want to say why but it’s easy to work that out he will not take part in any of those shows


Lewis is smart not to do ROC or any other competitions. It’s a simple risk/reward exercise. Look what happened to Wehrlein, and Kubica.


Add Kimi please to your list of all time champs, being in ROC, racing in a monkey suit, on snow scooters, lawnmowers, whatever as long as its fueled by petrol !



Your last line is the key one I think. We don’t have a right to his time.

Another key issue is that it’s funny that you, as the antithesis of a Lewis fan, seem desperate for him to contend the ROC where as myself, clearly a Lewis fan, couldn’t give two poops if he enters or not. Perfectly happy with what he does on the track in F1.

Maybe he looks at it the same way as I do, a bit of a pointless media excercise? Maybe he has much better things to do with his life? That’s certainly how I felt the one time I watched it.

Why are you so desperate for him to enter?


To prove he can win in anything but the best F1 car


here is prove of him superiority to seasoned f1 stars. he destroyed massa. since when have you seen this level of intelegence in f1?



I get the impression he’s more into motorcycles away from F1


he’s fully aware of his anti fans a refuses to give any of them the chance…….


he does what he wants to do, away from f1.


Aveli and TimW in particular will no doubt have something to say about your comment.

You should know by now that comments of this kind are not appreciated here.


LukeC you can drag all the trailer trash onto one site it still doesn’t make a jot of difference. I guess there’ll be plenty more As it’s the only thing that seems to a rise from you 😉


A bit misogynistic, don’t you think Sebee? Talking about ROC absentees.

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