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Official Michael Schumacher app created for F1 star’s 50th birthday
Posted By: Editor   |  02 Jan 2019   |  5:15 pm GMT  |  55 comments

Michael Schumacher’s family and management team will release an official app created to display all the achievement’s of one of Formula One’s most successful drivers.

Launching on his 50th birthday – 3rd January 2019 – Schumacher. The Official App is described as a “digital museum” of Schumacher’s Formula One career.

The app offers virtual tours of both the Michael Schumacher Private Collection exhibition (based in Cologne and featuring classic cars from Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes) and the historic Kerpen-Manheim Kart circuit, where Schumacher raced as a child.

Fans will be able to see some of his classic race-winning cars in 3D, as well as listen to their engine sounds, and provides in-depth statistics from Schumacher’s career and an interview from 2013.

The Official App links directly to the new Schumoji App, whose proceeds go entirely to the Keep Fighting Foundation: with Schumojis of Michael and Mick Schumacher, which fans can share via their social networks.

A statement released on social media said:

“We are very happy to celebrate Michael’s 50th birthday tomorrow together with you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts that we can do this together. As a gift to him, you and us, Keep Fighting Foundation has created a virtual museum.

“The Official Michael Schumacher App will be released tomorrow, so that we can review all together Michael’s successes. The app is another milestone in our effort to do justice to him and you, his fans, by celebrating his accomplishments. We wish you a lot of fun with it.

“Michael can be proud of what he has achieved, and so are we! That’s why we remember his successes with the Michael Schumacher Private Collection exhibition in Cologne, by publishing memories in social media and by continuing his charitable work through the Keep Fighting Foundation. We want to remember and celebrate his victories, his records and his jubilation.

However, the statement continued to say that there will not be any updates on Schumacher’s health at the current time, and asked for fans to respect this decision.

“You can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and that we are doing everything humanly possible to help him. Please understand if we are following Michael’s wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health, as it has always been, in privacy. At the same time we say thank you very much for your friendship and wish you a healthy and happy year 2019.”

Added to the release of the app, Ferrari will open an exhibition at their museum in Maranello, called Michael 50, which commemorates all his achievements during his time at Ferrari, from 1996 – 2006.

All images: Motorsport Images

By: Luke Murphy

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nice Article 🙂


I downloaded the app. Its completely full of all Michael’s records & statistics. It is very informative, & easy to use for an I.T. moron like me.

The section on cars even has soundtracks to listen to them.

Sebee, you’ll love it.


Yeah, I just downloaded it for Android yesterday. Didn’t have time to play with it.

Was skating with kids on Saturday, and 12 year old girl was skating with a Michael Schumacher jacket – you know those “replica ones. I asked her about about, she said she bought it. As I was talking to her, guy skated up to me and we started talking about Schumi. He was telling me how he tries to raise his kids like Schumacher was, with the never give-up attitude. Guy doesn’t race, and here he is, still coming up, still people able to find the good.

He did declare that he was a Prost/Senna fan, but he felt that Schumi was the last one cut from that ruthless cloth, and playing in an era where he could show it. It’s true, as he became more and more successful, he softened up a bit, didn’t he?


Forza Michael.

Forza Schumachers.

Simply the best.


Keep fighting Michael. Whilst his legacy is very controversial, his work ethic, fitness levels and integration into the Ferrari team were exemplary.

It’s amazing to think there was a time when MS’ record of 91 wins and 7 titles looked unbeatable, when now it’s beyond inevitable that LH will overtake him on both fronts, quite possibly before the year is out in terms of wins, and in 2021 in terms of championships


That would require LH to win 19 of 21 races in 2019. That is simply never going to happen.

Why do people – in the absence of real results – default to the position where Lewis wins everything? We know he’s good, but he’s only won over 50% of the races in two seasons (2014 & 2018), and then only just.

There’s been 7 other seasons where a driver has won a greater percentage of races than Lewis has ever managed:


So from that, I’m not sure where this defeatist attitude towards Lewis comes from.



I actually think Lewis is a more complete driver than Michael.

However, none of the current modern drivers would be what they are without Michael setting the benchmark to new levels in every single way.


I find the whole situation deeply frustrating. Just a couple of lines on his condition would make so much difference to many of us. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be sad, preparing for the worst or hopeful. They could pull the plug tomorrow… or he could make a Richard Hammond esque TV comeback. Who knows?


Happy Birthday…keep fighting Michael, keep fighting Ferrari!


I was never a Schumacher fan to put it mildly, but needless to say what happened to him was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I hope one day he’ll be able to take his place as one of the elder statesmen of the sport.


Same here Andrew M
Never was a fan of him.
But hope he gets well soon.


Bk flamer, I wasn’t a fan of his, but had huge respect for his talents. I did start rooting for him when he came back though, not sure why.


A true legend in so many ways.

And he had probably the best people around him, and Ferrari was really good for once, for a extended period of time at least.

The battle between him and Mika was truly great. There were a few others but not as fierce, and that respect between the two of them was great.

One can only wish he recovers. If this app is what the family thinks is right, then one has to respect that.


If there’s one race that brings MS to mind, it’s the 2006 Japanese GP when leading the race Schumi’s engine exploded – as did his chances of an 8th world championship.

And who did Michael react from what must have been an event where he wished the ground would swallow him up? He got out the car, shrugged his shoulders, walked back to the pits, and then went back to the pits and shook hands with every single mechanic and engineer in his pit – some of them were in tears, but Schumi said “Thanks for all the effort guys.”

You will never find one syllable of Michael ever criticising the people he worked with – he was the first driver to realise that the people who 16 hours a day, 7 days a week it’s best to get them on your side and fight your corner. You don’t motivate and inspire mechanics and engineers by slagging them off with a barbed comment on air or in print. He was the ultimate team player.


Fantastic memory. Even if I have a conspiracy theory about that one Gaz! 🙂

Some may remember the bitter no-inch-given battles Schumacher had too. But he was a man about it. He did the dirty deeds himself. He owned up to it. He took the heat and consequences or spoils. Like a man should.

I will never forget sitting at a patio of a Nice restaurant Saturday afternoon/evening of the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix when a clear wave of table gossip and disbelief swept across the area of restaurants as news of Schumacher’s quali times being stripped came down. Everyone was a Formula 1 fan. Everyone was talking about the huge news. It was amazing!

We immediately joined tables with couples around us and people from all around the world were sitting together having dinner in a blink. Brought together by love of Formula 1. Just the best F1 could ever hope to be. V10 was the soundtrack of all of that. 😉


100% with you on the fact he never made a bad comment about the team but the ultimate team player was a bit challenged when he broke his leg ( 1999?) He ducked and dived a bit before coming back to support Irvine.


I think that’s understandable. I think all of us felt and understood the incredible human conflict he was experiencing at that time.

He drove that effort forward, and he wanted to bring the drivers WDC to Ferrari. Was Mika a bit lucky on 1999? 🙂


A brilliant driver (with a flawed and controversial character ) that should be in the pit lane encouraging and advising his son. Happy birthday and may 2019 see you moving towards that goal.


Happy Birthday Michael.

Get well soon.

I didn’t know about the app, I’ll check it out soon.

If it costs a bit of cash to help Schumi get better, then it’s the least I could do.

Seeing him drive, is a joy permanently etched into my memory.

Thank you Michael.


Michael, your fellow Capricorn.


In Colorado we have the story of Gen. William J. Palmer, founder of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in the 1870’s. He claimed to have risen horses a quarter of a million miles in the Civil War, without injury. In his retirement, on a daily ride astride a “gentle little cow pony,” it stepped on a rock and threw him. He spent his last years paralyzed from the waist down. I have a picture of him in the back of his new 1909 White Steam Car, blanket covering his legs and the fighting look on his face. It is the human spirit to Fight On.


Yes! YES!


I find this whole Schumacher thing a bit strange really. On the one side, and totally understandable, no information is given on his health, because Michael is a very private person. That’s fair enough because it hasn’t got anything to do with us how he’s living, or what his actual injuries are.

So why give out this app with all this fanfare. There’s enough on the net if the real hardcore fans want to see his old cars in action. And as for kerpen kart track, there’s an old video on YouTube from 1982, with Michael and Mika racing against each other.

I’m not bashing the idea or Michael, and realize the name is also a brand.

I dunno, I’m just mumbling along really.

But keep fighting Michael , hopefully we’ll see you sometime.


I hope there is a reasonable chance that he can recover to the point of walking or at least talking again. If not, I really can’t imagine that he would want to live that way. Personally speaking, if I couldn’t walk or talk, that would be a fate worse than death surely.


KRB, that is absolutely NOT for you to decide.


And where did I ever assume it was up to me? We know that Schumacher himself can’t consent, yay or nay. Unless he had a living will or PoA.


I think we all adopt. We can adopt.

From what we know obviously we know his motor function has been effected. But can he still watch his children grow? Understand his environment fully? Spend time next to his wife he loves so much? Is that all better than not being here?

I think we give up the gift of life too easily and take it for granted. Any life you can squeeze out is better than none. Even if your glass is not half full, even if it only has one sip left in it, it is still one amazing incredible miracle of life sip KRB! I’d take it over none anyday. You wouldn’t?


That’s why I put personally ahead of it. Different people have different opinions on it. If I couldn’t talk, or communicate, but I could still think clearly, that would be an insufferable prison.

As for death, obviously I have no idea if there’s anything afterwards or if this it. I like John Lennon’s analogy of hopping from one car to another.

There’s also wanting the lasting impression left with loved ones to be a certain way. My wife’s grandma suffered a stroke about 18 months before she died, and she just wasn’t herself and lost a lot of weight in that time. I would be lying now if I said my wife and I don’t think of that final period, when we think about her. It’s not the overriding memory, but it’s an attendant one for sure.

I can only imagine what 5 years will have done to the internal image they have of their husband/father. Personally, I would want to be remembered in a relatively strong state of both body and mind. I realize many of these things are outside one’s control, but that’s still my preference.

A hard topic all around, but one that we can’t avoid.


I think they’ve adopted too KRB. The love of the Schumacher team, human growth of everyone, is just incredible here. They have all stepped up as human beings in a big way when called upon, even if resources make it easier.

Let’s switch to Lewis for a second, you don’t think Lewis is a better human being and more understanding and loving because of his brother?

We should all be thankful for stories like these. They let us learn and hopefully grow without actually having the consequences – free learning at this level is a huge gift from them. All we have to do is really try to find the real lesson, and it’s not to give up ever. Tell it to someone…oh that’s nice. Show them…that’s powerful. They are definitely showing us.

Think about where all the other things you notw come from KRB. Excuses. Superficial. Easy. Convenient. Those aren’t good positive emotions or forces. Tree doesn’t cry because it isn’t mobile. Mobility is not a definition of life or joy on intelligence. Schumi’s life was incredibe. Now he’s always home with those who love him most. And that’s OK too. His wife understood that immediately. She would fit perfectly in a halo PU car, because as I said, she’s an angel of a woman.

There is a giant lesson about love here too, but I’m not gonna write about it, because I may get emotional and make some downshifting V10 sounds.


Great, so just go with that Kenneth, and be content. What more is needed?

Are people so frikken bored that speculation on this subject is what they waste their day on? Or is the media just feeding off of this and trying to sell paper with some dramatized bull$#!+ about tears and other B.S. they have no way to verify?

Yeah, the fighting thing is silly. But it’s silly all around. It’s applied to cancer, and what does it do to those who don’t “win” against it? What are they? Losers in the fight? Everything is getting marketing-ized and bull$#!+ified and social media focused.


@ Sebee….Until such time as the followers of F1 are fully conversant with Schumachers real condition all anyone can do is speculate. To see and read the overwritten sentimentality exhibited is quite ridiculous. Given what little we know, to suggest that anyone is ‘fighting for anything’ as frequently expressed is ludicrous. There’s nothing to learn here apart from the fact that Schumacher remains incapacitated and, according to some, unlikely ever to regain his former normal life and yes, he was unfortunate but so are many others.


is the app free?


The Schumacher family have been fighting off all publicity, which was fair enough, but now they’re courting it. Is that wise?

Can you really have it both ways….?


Let them, or Michael, so as they wish.


Agree Phil. Best keep the genie in the bottle.


Not quite sure you’ve got it there Phil.

The app is about his public life, & his private life remains… well, private.


You can kind of see it in financial terms. The Schumacher ‘Brand’ was a money making machine but now it is not and they are probably now loosing money rather tban raking it in. They are probably taking financial advice on how to minimise losses and hoping to rebuild tbe brand with Mick jnr in the coming years. If might work out that way or it might not.


Celebrating what the man gave us and his legacy in the peak of Formula 1 is wonderful for any F1 fan. So many have not seen it.

His recovery can be completely separate, and as curious as we may be, we don’t need to know.

You really want to know what’s up with him? You want to see photos? Video? Details? Really? You don’t think he deserves some dignity and peace?

He’s not in great shape. It’s gutting. That’s all there is to say about Michael. His wife is an angel. She’s simply an angel. She wants Michael for herself and her children. Is that not fair? But if all goes well, soon she is going to hand her son over to “us”. Pretty darn generous.


@ Sebee…That’s all a bit over the top don’t you think? I was never a follower of Shumacher and i am very sorry that he has had a very bad accident. That’s the lottery of life. What i find totally unnecessary is this shroud of secrecy around his condition. I don’t think people/fans/followers whatever are seeking videos etc. Just a truthful statement about his current condition and possible future. That at least would be welcomed by the legions and also put to rest any wild speculation.


Kenneth, seriously man, that’s just selfishness and shows what the media has done to us all.

We know enough. We don’t need to know more. This isn’t some annual championship where we get an update each year around the time of the accident. He’s injured. He’s not mobile. We need to all get over this need to know. We don’t need to. We’re looking to the wrong thing here. We’re distracted by our nosy want to know instead of learning the real human story of unconditional family love.

What do you want? You want photos? Video? That would make you happy? Happier than seeing Schumi jumping in the air after winning a V10 car Grand Prix? They’re giving us what we want to see most – Schumi at his F1 best. Did you want a live stream from Lauda’s bed side or surgery theatre? Where does it stop? Where is the line? Do they have the complete right to choose where the line is?


Wow, people are sensitive. Personal attacks Kenneth? Really? Can we do better in 2019?

I find outrage on this particular subject just funny. It’s people. It’s a family. It’s a tough situation. We’re not talking about PUs, halos and DRSes here. We know a lot, not much more needed to be honest. We’re all wishing him well. End of story.

I don’t mean to lecture you Kenneth or anyone on this subject. Not going to try to one up you on stories of family love or anything. Just feel we have no place to be outraged here. It’s none of our business anymore. We know what we know, we wish him well, move on.

With Formula 1 in a sad state, there is so much more to be outraged about than this subject of Schumi 411. Seriously.

And by the way, it’s perfectly clear that these are the wishes of the family, the way they will operate and what Shumi would want, and we have no say in the matter, so there is that to keep in mind when all these messages of outrage are written like we’re owed something.


Relax sebee,

As Kenneth wrote, just a statement or something similar.

I can’t really understand the complete shutdown over his health. But on the other side, I’m not overly bothered.

Hope he just improves.


Hmm, it can be some of those things Sebee, but for the great majority of people, it’s just basic caring and courtesy to ask how someone’s doing, if you know they have had a health scare. It doesn’t mean that anyone’s entitled to the full story, but it’s just that people will keep asking.

Indeed it’s odd and unnatural to treat it as a verboten subject.


@ Sebee…Now you’re sinking deeper and deeper into your world of ‘projection’ You have absolutely no right to lecture/ hector anyone about what other people can do, want or say especially on this issue. It would help the dialogue if you reread what is i actually said about ‘videos etc etc etc’. As for lauda…well we were all appraised of his condition and his progress through his life threatening issues. I, for one, was very happy to hear about all of this and the reality was welcoming. It was handled superbly and kept his many fans suitably appraised. This shroud of secrecy enveloping the ‘Schumacher condition’ is the Schumacher family decision. So what? Is no one ever allowed to express altrnate opinion.? You are losing it Sebee. Go back to your collection of Mills and Boon so that you can get further inspiration. ‘ Learning the real human story of unconditional family love’. !!! I’ve read better promo bylines in B grade Hollywood trashies.


Yo, any fan memories that stand out the most for you about Schumacher?

For me a few random ones are:

– Schumi on the forklift taking the party at Suzuka to a new level after winning his first WDC with Ferrari.

– Schumi doing a 4 stop strategy under green conditions at French Grand Prix in 2004 to take the win late in the race away from Renault on home soil. OUCH.

– Schumi 2006 Monaco Grand Prix – it was an honest mistake! Honest! Even till this day no one can prove 100% it wasn’t.

– 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix and all those “Thanks Michael” rear wings on Saturday.

…oh…so much more! But those stand out immediately for me.

Of course for me, a huge V10 fan era of Formula 1 the soundtrack to Schumacher’s career was UNBELIEVABLE!

I give you the DJ Visage remix. 2.5M YouTube views and counting!



podium leap..


“qualifying laps”


Thanks Sebee.

That was a nice video.

I love the picture of him standing in front of his name, but I’m biased.

I always remember Catalunya in the Benetton, where he finished 2nd (I think) because he was stuck in 5th gear for most of the race…. including a pit stop!


Even though I respect his, and his family’s, right to privacy, I would still prefer to have an update on his condition rather than an app.

As it is I don’t even know whether to wish him a happy birthday because I don’t know whether he is capable of reading or even whether he is even cognisant enough to understand what that means. Although I hope that it’s not as bad as that.


i don’t understand why they chose to block all information about his progress or state of health either but each to their own..


I just hope he pulls through some how , legend .


I remember, as a fan of Jordan 7Up, that Saturday qualifying session and thinking that Sauber Junior Le Mans driver might be something!

Happy Birthday Micheal.


Interested to know what the Keep Fighting foundation does. A quick check of their website seems to show something about spreading the keep fighting attitude but it doesn’t really explain what they do?


My guess would be to keep him in the minds of people. I feel that in the years since the accident, there might be a sense of him being forgotten in the eyes of the wider public. From what little we know, he can’t do anything himself to keep him out there in peoples thoughts, so his family are doing what they can. It’s a nice idea and unfortunately all we have for the moment.


how can michael schumacher ever be forgotten?


Give it a few years behind Skys paywall.
The next generation would’ve moved onto another sport. F1 fans may remember some drivers but everything gets blurred in history.
Remember Arundell who drove the Lotus in late 60s he died a few years back and no one remembers his passing. Until Motorsport Mag did a spread. But with Schumacher even he will be forgotten as will alot of other racers. Things move on and Pay per View is a killer for any sport.
The next generation will be doing something else by the time F1 realises it’s now a forgotten sport.

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