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New Mercedes W10 F1 car set for shakedown on February 13th
Posted By: Editor   |  30 Jan 2019   |  11:58 am GMT  |  178 comments

With the car launch dates edging ever closer, reigning Formula One constructors’ champions Mercedes have confirmed the unveiling date of their 2019 challenger.

Mercedes willing be bidding to win the championship ‘double’ (drivers and constructors titles) for a record-breaking sixth consecutive season.

Their 2019 car – the Mercedes W10 – will be unveiled on Wednesday 13th February, around the half-way point of the car launches which have already been confirmed.

In a private event not open to the media or public, they will also use this opportunity to shakedown the car at the Silverstone circuit.

Their car launch day is the same as Racing Point’s team launch, an event which will take place in Toronto, Canada. Racing Point are expected to display their new car on the first day of pre-season testing.

Confirmed Pre-Season Event Dates:

February 11: Toro Rosso launch

February 12: Renault launch

February 13: Mercedes launch

February 13: Racing Point launch – note: this will be a livery launch, car launch date TBC

February 14: McLaren launch

February 15: Ferrari launch

February 18: Sauber launch

February 18-21: First pre-season test

February 26-March 1: Second pre-season test

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

Which livery are you most looking forward to seeing? Leave your thoughts in the section below.

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I have a feeling Alfa Will be a surprise. Just hope it will be a pleasant one


I can only predict a very tough season for RB and Honda.


The car that will undoubtedly crush the opposition. Both championships in the bag once again for MB and LH.

Much as I really don’t want it to happen, and I’d love to see some competition, I’m tempted to put a fiver on LH to win every single race this season


Editor Luke, James Allen, how can you let a full week pass and still not a single mentioning of the total meltdown and disarray that has become ‘public knowledge’ between Liberty Media and most of the race track owners and also many involved teams/F1 stakeholders!!???

Even Ecclestone has now gone public with his serious claims and accusations against Liberty Media and signaled he is ready to buy it all back from them!

Liberty Media is after less than 2 years at the helm running tired of F1 and now looking into to sell it off or bring in co-owners.
Maybe not fully public, but let me brake it here:
16 of the 21 different race track owners on the calendar has sent a very nasty complaint to Liberty Media. These race promotors are first of all complaining that Liberty Media has not succeeded or done much at all to turn the downward trend around, since they came in loudly and took it over for $4.6B. Also note that they in reality paid less than half of that, as they also inherited the existing debt which was equal to min the half of total.

So back to that complaint from most of the track owners, as its interesting it came right after Liberty Media had posted some ‘poking messages’ on the financial platform JohnWallStreet.
The tracks are paying in average around $30M to host a GP weekend. And they complain loud and clear about how Liberty Media has chased audience away by going aggressive on pay wall contracts and that they have not succeeded at all to attract the younger and next generation to F1 on social media platforms as they had promised to do for the sport.
But what clearly made the dissatisfaction boil over was the latest where Liberty Media is out to sign up for 5 new tracks to be put on the race calendar, and the first being Miami been offered a very different kind of deal to host the race.
Miami is not asked to pay anything for hosting at all!
Liberty Media simply just ask for a percentage of the potential profit there is maybe coming out of it when all paid for and added up.
The very interesting part is here which race tracks that are fully behind this complaint and especially the ones missing their signature on it!
Bahrain, AbuDhabi, Sochi and Shanghai are all missing, so implicit clear that they have similar shady deals and kickbacks in their contract terms with Liberty Media. 15 of the active 21 race tracks are declaring that Liberty Media is failing to successfully drive the F1 business.

Shots fired! ;o)


CharlieW, maybe the site’s management thought the track owners getting a bit grumpy with the commercial rights holder is hardly news? Do you remember a time when they weren’t?

“Total meltdown and dissaray” is a big exaggeration, the missing tracks having “shady deals” is a huge assumption that you have no evidence for and the idea of a profit share agreement in place of up front payments isn’t ‘shady’ at all, it’s a very common arrangement in all business fields.

The idea of (the 88 year old) Bernie Ecclestone riding to the rescue of the track owners is the funniest bit though! Mr E spent decades at war with those guys, expertly playing them off against each other to suppress any dissent while happily signing all those pay per view deals that they are complaining about now…..


TimW, so you are also on the payroll of Liberty Media…

Their business dealings are shady, when they are not transparent and not the same conditions for all on equal terms. Profit sharing is perfectly fine, but not for those they have hooked up for big upfront flat fees and given no alternatives. No integrity in what they do!



Charlie, you know, not everyone who disagrees with you is being paid to do so!!

Your ‘meltdown and disarray’ remains a massive exaggeration, Liberty medias business dealings satisfy all relevant legislation in terms of transparency, and now you’re blaming them for deals that Bernie signed!! Are you sure you don’t work for Mr E? I notice you are very fond of posting articles written by his pet…..


Good post CW…
Lets face it…LM’s only real “growth strategy” was North America. As for the other 18 races on the calendar…well it seems like the strategy was to severely test the fan loyalty and stickiness?


@ Charlie W….Hear hear. I very much doubt that you’ll get any significant response from the owners of this site. For a very very long time it has been a ‘policy’ [ unwritten ] not to get involved in any contentious’ issues between the team and the owners..in this case Liberty. There are few, if any, sites that are prepared to ask the hard and difficult questions as if they do they’ll get their taps turned off. Just tune in to the anodyne pressers to see that in full action. We can live in hope though.haha



I subscribe to a GP+ – written by Joe Saward and David Tremayne. They (Joe in particular) do not seem frightened to ask the difficult questions.


Agreed C63, Joe is a great journo asking the right questions!

To fix the malaise of F1 we need to ask those tough questions also to find the right answers to our motorsport and its future!


@ C63 ….and from what i have heard over the years is that Saward has been operating on the fringes. That is, up until lately, where i believe that he has been sucked up by the huge Motorsport Hoover? Besides, he is only one amongst many. Pitpass can at times be quite insightful but in general how often are the media sites on the same page as the ardent followers who never get the chance to even help to set the agenda ?. All that aside, Saward is a great F1 sleuth….


Yep he has been sucked up too Kenneth.
I didn’t expect him to be netted. But his site now is full of pop up adverts and gubbings. Tend to avoid it now. Nearly subscribed, but the software service provider for his mag had some issues and he had to go elsewhere.
They all seem to be promoting themselves in a collective. Including Autosport Mag ,
F1 Racing Mag, Motorsports Mag, all have a Sky advertising deal and collaboration.
Is it me but it’s all associated with SKY having full rights to F1. So somehow it’s like a vacuum sucking up the independents under a banner of motorsports. Which ever site you click on it throws up the Motorsport banner. Now is this a collective in the brotherhood of F1.
Or more like Liberty Sky …doing a sinister “Borg Collective” capping of all F1 media?
I’m all for independent F1 sites but they now are clip and pasting the same articles word for word.


The 2019 season has still got some weeks before it starts and Hamilton has already invading some contributors’ mind like a space occupying lesion. Aren’t you tired of spout the same old comments over and over again. To suggest that a driver’s success is all due to the car is one of the silliest comments ever. If that was the case, then you could argue that if you put say someone like Sergey Sirotkin in Riccardo’s car he would have be able to undertake the same overtaking manoeuvre’s and finish in the same position as Riccardo’s in the previous races. Renault would not have been so excited about having Riccardo joining them instead of another driver from the lower teams


If any of those obsessed with LH would apply the same rigours or criticisms to all the other drivers, they’d find that Lewis still comes out at the head of the pack. Every single time.

The great irony is that Hamilton is the driver they care about the most. Quite hilarious!


@ KJ…I posed a question for you but alas there’s been no response….


Swoon away Kenneth Swoon
Have you sent your Valentine’s card to Ricci yet ? 😉


There’s already quite enough “contributors” whose minds have been “invaded” by Lewis on this site…
So much so that there seems to be a new form of logic created?


@ KJ so if you put Hamilton in Ricciardo’s car where would he have, in your opinion, finished the ’18 season?


Sauber the only ones to launch on test day.

Smart. Two birds one stone.


Now to be known as Alfa Romeo Racing. A team to watch in the future?



I believe I am right in saying this (happy to be corrected) – a Ferrari customer team has never beaten the factory team. The only way Alfa Romeo racing will be allowed to be 2nd is if Ferrari are 1st.


@ C63…Yes, you’re probably correct. Just like Mercedes.


But, of course, these examples are all totally different.


Exactly, 2010, 11 and 12 er….um…… ‘prove’ that Mercedes has never allowed a customer to beat them 🙂


C63: “Mercedes were beaten by McLaren in 2010 (convincingly I might add).”

Why stop there? McLaren beat the Mercedes works team from 2010-12.

There’s also the case of Brawn beating the works-backed McLaren in 2009.

But, of course, these examples are all totally different. 😂


People get confused

What do you find confusing? Mercedes factory team was beaten by one of their customers – fact or not fact? The same claim cannot be made by Ferrari – fact or not fact?

It’s funny, Mr L mentioned up above that a new kind of logic has invaded this site – I think he was casting aspersions about others. Lol.


In 2010 Mercedes were not the full fledged juggernaut they are now, they operated on a shoe string budget in comparison. Plus the 2010 Merc was essentially Button’s Brawn from 2009. Realising this was never going to work they opened their rather large taps, taking aim at the new regulations in 2014.


@ C63…I knew that you’d mention that but really, man, that was 8/9 years ago and times were totally different. People get confused when trying to make comparisons. I see it differently. I see this ‘PU’ era as distinctly different from any previous period.


C, you’d admit that the circumstances in Merc’s case were entirely different, wouldn’t you?


Just like Mercedes

That’s not true kenneth -Mercedes were beaten by McLaren in 2010 (convincingly I might add). When has a Ferrari customer team ever done that?




2019 Season…here we come.

I’m going with the long shot: Bottas WDC!

Toto will say it is all about how the Finn can drive with lower down force levels of new aero. Right?


The elephant (one of them) in the room is that Ham could quit anytime.

And I agree that Merc must show it’s the machine that is superior. Merc is first and above the rest.

But they can not do it in a too blatant way though


Lower down Force means keeping the tires alive will be vital, something Bottas struggled with all last year.

No problem then, all he has to do is drastically improve his tire management, find another 2-3 tenths in his qualifying, improve his wheel to wheel racing skill, not make any mistakes and it’s in the bag.


@ Sebee….Do you seriously think for one brief moment in time that Wolff will actively sacrifice his mega investment in Hamilton for a driver whose sole function is that of a ‘wingman’ to protect Hamilton from any real competition?


Are you suggesting Toto and Mercedes would would not accept Botas beating Lewis in a fair fight? Yikes, Its like you think Toto would sabotage his efforts?


@bonbonjai…you’ve been missing in action for quite some time. Read my post again. i thought it was quite clear what i was suggesting. Maybe i’m wrong, who knows. let’s see how it all works out.



Answer below.

But please remember Mercedes is here investing in Mercedes, not in Hamilton. The board of Mercedes isn’t giving Toto the money here to big up Lewis, all emotions aside. So start with that point, and the rest is easier to understand. Lewis got two than Robert. Lewis got to then Bottas? Mercedes gets to have 2020 with 2 WDCs, and the #1 on the car that way (which Lewis refuses to run). And then perhaps they don’t even stay in F1 after 2020 and go out on a high, winning 2020, having two WDCs and the #1 on the their car? Reaching the longest streak of 7 WCCs – the first time that’s been done. Also another option to the stuff I list below is that Mercedes don’t stay in F1 past 2020.


Really Sebee stick to waffling on about how Brillant Vettel was in his Red Bull days. Some posters forget how firmly you had you proboscis firmly planted in the rear end of V.
New season hasn’t started yet & your lack of PU flogging has reverted back to LH. I’m sure you’ll go back to bleating about everything unless your fav driver in you fab team are doing oh so well . Glory Boy.


BK, please give me a quote from a comment I wrote where I even talk about Vettel, and then I’ll give you bonus marks for one where I talk about anyone’s brilliance in this PU engine mode era, and then of course even more bonus marks where brilliance and Vettel make an appearance in the same comment. Otherwise, I’d appreciate it if you would retract your statement here BK, thank you.

In case you didn’t get the memo for 2019 season, as I’m 44, I’m going to be a Lewis fan. For one I’m oblogated :-), and for another I want to know what it feels like. I don’t want to assume, I want ti experience. As much as I am a fan if F1 and not any specific driver for some time now, I’m going back in time to simpler times…where I pick a horse to back. So….make some room on the bandwagon for me!


@ Sebee…you might care to rewrite that. It’s just a garbled mishmash. You might also like to consider just why Mercedes would allow Bottas to win a WDC? What possible benefit to Mercedes is there to delay a possible Shumacher equalling record to be set by allowing an individual, Bottas, to take a championship? So what if he did? In the end it has no validity when it comes to successful marketing of Mercedes. That is unless you run the promo that says ‘

anyone can win if you’re driving a Mercedes’ The GOAT would throw the mother of all tantrums and most likely depart therefore ruining any chances of racking up a seventh/eighth WDC.


What is he gonna do? Go elsewhere, where he has a faint chance of a championship to begin with?

@Sebee, a faint chance with Ferrari?!? Lewis would’ve won the last two years in those Ferrari’s! 100% guaranteed!

Ferrari wants and needs a driver who can get the most out of their cars. For Lewis, if he wins with a 3rd team (only Fangio has won with more than two teams), his stature will only grow further. Plus just imagine the huge payday for Lewis, seeing as they gave Vettel a €50m signing bonus?

Ferrari is the only team he could go to from Mercedes. Everywhere else is a step down.

I think it’s set up perfectly for him to do that, as Vettel’s contract is up after 2020 too. Only kink might be if Ferrari oust Vettel for an Alonso comeback next season.


@ Sebee…I don’t have a 5 year plan but i bet that Mercedes do and i’d be very surprised if it doesn’t feature Hamilton prominently.


Kenneth, is that your 5 year plan?

Is that now Mercedes, the champion maker will keep Lewis post 2020, by giving him all he wants? Is that how they stay post 2020?

Look, what I describe makes sense for the reasons I highlight. No need to repeat. By 2020 Mercedes have 7 WDCs and 7 WCCs, so this is about stretching it out for Lewis.

What is he gonna do? Go elsewhere, where he has a faint chance of a championship to begin with? Come on…Lewis needs to be kept hungry and wanting to resign next deal at reasonable price for Mercedes. He needs to want that 7th and 8th and know that only Mercedes can give it to him.

Aa for “anyone can win if you’re driving a Mercedes” many of us already know this. They won’t say it, the action with Bottas will be the quiet validation of that. It’s one of the reasons to give it to Bottas, as noted. It says what you say without having to say it. THAT’S THE POINT!



Just so we are clear, and for the avoidance of all doubt – you are predicting Bottas for the 2019 WDC. Anything else and you will admit you are hopeless at predictions, no hedging your bets, shuffling your feet or moving the goal posts. Is that right?


I thought we were done C63, and you wouldn’t fuss?

I make predictions to have fun. They’ve been quite right actually. I told you Mercedes would steam roll. I told you they’d play ball and put on a “competition”. I told you Mercedes wanted a German champion. I told you they’d light it up second half of last 2 seasons and claim what was always theirs in this PU era.

So I’d apprecitate a little recognition that the main predictions I’ve layed down have been spot on.

Yes, i am predicting 2019 will go back to a more dominant Mercedes than 2017 and 2018. More of a Mercedes team mate battle. And yes, I am going with Bottas for the long shot. Is that OK with you? May I have your permission and approval to predict pretty please? To discuss the possibility and reasoning for it? Can you allow me to oh mighty overlord of predictions? Waiting anxiously for your OK…


I thought we were done C63, and you wouldn’t fuss?


It was you that said we were done and then just over an hour later replied to one of my comments. All I said was that I wasn’t bothered either way (which I am not).

As for your predictions – carry on, it makes no difference to me and provides me with some mild amusement . I will, however, continue to point out that you are almost always wrong and then you scrabble and squirm and try to say it was what you said all along. Bit like you’ve done up above 🙂



You appear confused – both about the accuracy of your predictions (which in general are woeful) and whether we are to continue conversing.

Why have you finished your ramblings with a question if you don’t want me to reply?

The best thing to do is just ignore my comments if you don’t like them – it won’t matter a jot to me. In return, I will reply to yours as I see fit – mostly dependant on how ridiculous they are. How’s that sound?


Yes, I relied to you confirming your no-fuss statement and asking that we break it off. It’s not you C63, it’s me. I need to work some things out and I think I need some time without you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again C63, the main point is amusement. It’s what we’re doing on here…amusing each other.

You can continue to be in denial, but the data fits what I said before the data came in. In the very least you can give me the one where I told you Mercedes wanted and got a German champion, UNDEFEATED no less – for some nationalistic pride. Or are you having a hard time still with the one where the current standing champion was defeated by his team-mate in equal machinery and remains undefeated? I mean, Prost did it to Senna, and then switched teams, right? Senna took it back, but wasn’t in the same hardware. Meaning even though Senna had it done to him by Prost, Prost didn’t remain undefeated. This 2016 situation is absolutely one of a kind in F1, correct?


I don’t think it’s that funny. Toto has already publicly backed Bott for the WDC, and if Toto wants it to happen it will happen.

All that’s needed is for Bott to not drive like a complete Wally all year and if need be Toto can give him a few extra special engine modes, or torque and power characteristics not available to Lewis and it will happen.

The only problem is what to do about Lewis. Surely he isn’t going to willingly step aside and let Bottas take the glory this year.

And that’s the dilemma for Toto; he knows that Liberty and Tv viewership will not take kindly to another year of Lewis winning virtually everything, but at the same time he can’t from an ethical point of view do too much to assist Bott. But if Bott really gets his act together toto might just in secret tilt the playing field slightly in his favour.


Utter piffle LukeC as usual you are taking it too the max. Actually the prime objective is the big swag of cash💰 at the end of the season. That’s the World Constructors Championship🏆.
Lewis and Bottas will have a fair run too the point, where one has the ultimate chance of winning the Championship.
You have to hedge towards 5x World Champ.
Regarding Toto upping Bottas . Toto has done the same thing last year. So your apparent green shoots of Spring are abit early as is the same “big upping of Bottas”.
You’ll get repetitive strain injury if you keep this up LukeC. No doubt the same pattern will ensue throughout the season from you. Whether it’s his dress mode his area of birth to his performance . Like a Syphilitic Gerbil 🐹 still trying to pass on his tit bits of mockery.😂


Why are you guys so touchy about anything being said about Lewis that does not include phrases such as “the best driver of all time” and “the most intelligent”.

I have criticised and made fun of the likes of Vettel and Bottas, Villeneuve even, much much more severely and nobody ever said a thing. More than that, there was much agreement and laughter.

Some of you guys really need to try to be more objective about things if you want others to take you seriously. I know it’s going to be very difficult, especially where Lewis is concerned, but at least try. Please.


LukeC, care to link to these other sites where people have different views on Hamilton? Would these include any big players in F1? There should be, and likely are, zero heavy hitters in the sport who subscribe to your viewpoint of Lewis’ achievements.




Actually far from only in my mind. You should leave the cosy confines of JA on F1, aka Hamilton central, and read what people are saying elsewhere.

Even if it’s not true and Lewis really does have skills that approach the superhuman, the perception that his success is largely due to the engineering skills of the team coupled with being paired by a wingman is still very much there.

And that does him more harm than good.


Luke, “PU era does that for him”…..only in your mind…..



Lewis doesn’t need fans to belittle his achievements — PU era f1 does that for him.


Luke, because the whole theory of Mercedes managing championships, deciding which driver gets to win, and holding back performance for perceptions sake is ALL about belittling Lewis’ achievements. Your mate even came out and said as much in his comment above! It’s got nothing to do with not describing him as ‘the best driver of all time’ as you so exaggeratedly put it, and just about giving the guy the recognition he deserves without inventing reasons why actually none of it counts…..


LukeC is there a day you cannot think about LH or are you on heat 😂🤣


I wish. I haven’t been on heat about anything f1 related since the start of the PU era.


@ Luke C the problem i see with this scenario is that where does it leave Hamilton? ATM, Hamilton is Mercedes and vice versa. If Wolff lets Bottas win then that proves, more or less, that Hamilton’s wins are decisively down to the car and not the driver. The GOAT is not the GOAT that you all thought. I do think that Wolff will engineer a few wins for Bottas because if he doesn’t how could he possibly keep him on for ’20? Maybe he’ll let Bottas wither on the vine because he intends to bring Ocon in in ’20 anyway.It will be fascinating to watch the politics at play because this will not be totally driven on track…IMHO.


I see the same problems as you do with this scenario, but I still think it can still happen, it will just have to be done in a very subtle way. And for it to happen in a subtle way Bott will really have to get his act together this year.

To be fair to Bott he’s already made a good start with his intensive fitness regime and rallying over the winter, while Lewis has been at home playing the piano badly.


Kenneth nobody but you use the term GOAT which has been penciled by Edwards for Rossi in Moto GP. It has never been associated with F1 it’s a Bikers term which you have excorporated by you and are trying desperately to incorporate into F1.
Plus if it was the car why on Earth hasn’t Bottas worked out how to use it. Really are starting early with your bow shots.
I suppose this will be the thing seeing as Renault will be duking it out with McLaren and Torro Rosso.


I waited but I couldn’t help myself
You said “most ardent” Kenneth,
But you can only mention one😂
I don’t think Aveli has ever said GOAT.
Nobody has but yourself. Another hidden gem of Culpa. Tut tut your congregation will not be satisfied unless you hand out some more Redemption Ricci Nose shaped communal wafers spread with vegimite for penance.
Have to say I love it when the Dutch and Belgium Max V fans get involved with the Redemption Ricci fans. Hand bags flying😁


A list of ‘ardent Lewis fans’ who you think have described Lewis as the GOAT please.


It’s more of the anti’s usual wild exaggerations whenever Lewis is mentioned.


Kenneth. A list of ‘ardent Lewis fans’ who you think have described Lewis as the GOAT please.


@ BKF…Haha…yes the GOAT is alive and well courtesy of Aveli. Does it really matter where the genesis lies? A GOAT is a GOAT is it not? If one looks carefully at the most ardent of the Hamilton fans here on this board they, collectively, endorse the GOAT principle. As for why has Bottas not shown to be Hamilton’s equal? I’ll let you into two secrets, previously witheld for obvious reasons. 1 he’s not as good/fast as Hamilton and 2, he’s not allowed to beat the GOAT.


Kenneth, you’re right at the key points , but I feel you just walked by them a bit looking away.

Mercedes isn’t in Formula 1 to have Hamilton take credit for their incredible technical and political cleverness in this PU era that is completely irrelevant to their road going products. They are here to advertise Mercedes, not Lewis. That is why a Bottas WDC in 2019 makes sense. But it’s not on the only reason. Here is the rundown as I highlighted in the past.

1. Bottas winning does prove that it is Mercedes that is the king maker, and Mercedes is doing the winning. That credit should NOT be given to Lewis like some blindly do.

2. Toto gains incredible leverage with Lewis here. If Lewis wins 2019 and 2020 (as Mercedes is likely to do) Lewis has 7 by the time his current contract ends. He maybe satisfied with a tie with Schumi and walks away. Or has incredible demands for salary and to stay at Mercedes. BUT if Bottas wins 2019 and Lewis takes 2020, Lewis is 1 short, and this leaves him hungry to come back to match and beat the 7 WDC record. Makes a 2 to 3 year deal easier for Toto to make vs. having to negotiate with Lewis when he’s already at 7 WDCs and matched Schumi.

3. Toto used to manage Bottas. Clearly he rates him and has a soft spot for him. If he’s keeping him on for 2020, it will be easier as a WDC. If he’s sending him off, he’d rather send him off as a WDC.

4. …but I think the plan is Bottas wins WDC, stays for 2020, Mercedes gets to run the #1 on the car for 2020, and then Lewis can have 2020. Mercedes gets the #1 on the car as well, finally. And a season where the two WDCs are actually in the car.

5. After losing Alonso, F1 has 1 fewer WDC on the grid, and with the WDCs concentrating we only have 3 WDC on the grid now, and once Kimi’s 2 years are up, just 2? Some new WDCs need to be minted and pronto. And Mercedes only has one driver who’s not a WDC yet, and who would be a new first time WDC.

6. Finally, and this is not to be overlooked, I think Toto may feel he just did the 2 years of battle with Ferrari, and he may open it up a bit, where they gap to the 2nd team a bit more and make 2019 a team battle. It’s easier for Toto to manage, as he controls all the pieces, engine mode allowances, etc. I think Toto deserves a season where it’s just about Mercedes and no one else, don’t you think? 🙂

How do you like those reasons Kenneth? I think there are certainly a bunch of very good reasons why Bottas as WDC in 2019 would make sense for Mercedes, for Toto and for Formula 1.



As I said to LKFE, I’m not saying it’s a shoe-in. Of course Bottas for WDC is a bit of a long shot. A bit? Yeah. A bit. You want me to define a bit? More than none, less than some. A bit.

…but it’s not out of the question. And it would be a shocker for sure.

In all of this the one thing that is an issue is UK going to PayTV. Is the better play for Formula 1 here to have Lewis dominate? To have Lewis win some? To have Lewis struggle? What play makes sense to retain as many of those fans as possible? Give them what they want to retain the viewers and get them to pay for F1 or something else? I don’t know that there is a clear play to retain the fans and get them to pay.

I actually wonder what the statistics are right now. Wiki lists that when BBC had the rights it was about 500K viewers on Sky and 2M viewers on BBC. Since then how many moved over? And how many can be expected to move over instead of taking the time delayed free highlights? And would Formula 1 care about them to adjust argue to adjust the show to entice them?

I think what will happen is simply that the YouTube highlights will go over 5 minutes in length always, as to count into ratings/viewers numbers. I think the highlights obviously will be hour long and will count toward the viewer ratings. Both efforts will be to try to off-set the impact of UK numbers dropping due to PayTV move. And as above points out, these numbers of 500K plus 2M for a total of 2.5M British viewers are way off those 5, 6, 7M or so GP ratings numbers of years gone by already, so perhaps the 2019 UK going to PayTV isn’t going to be as heavily felts as I think at this point. Let’s say…1M viewers at risk at this point at most.

…funny, UK F1 numbers were incredible in the V10 F1 era. 🙂

I just found some ratings data for 2018. Seem the 2M or so seems to hold for 2017 and 2018, although they did go as high as over 3M for some GPs for Channel 4. However, SKY now claims 700K viewers, and that holds in range for races shared with Channel 4, obviously it makes sense that if you’re paying for it you’ll choose that feed. So what’s the conclusion here? Channel 4 viewers hover in the same range, and perhaps grow a bit for some GPs, but SKY F1 subscribers have increased by 50% since BBC days. That’s a lot of paying customers…I mean fans. 🙂



May I remind you Bottas did win a few in his first year at Mercedes, and he would have won a few last year if not for bad luck and team orders. A little bit of engine mode disadvantage for Lewis to take a few tents out and this is all addressable.

Look LKFE, I’m not saying this isn’t a bit of a long shot. But it’s not like it’s an impossibility and a play for Toto that is completely out of the question.

Of course Toto doesn’t control everything and his final plan for start of the season play will be formulated after he sees the testing data for all teams, but it’s certainly a plausible scenario that Bottas takes a WDC.

Kimi is 39, and Bottas is 10 years younger, so him as a WDC could also soften the blow as Kimi bows out of F1 and help carry some of those fans for a decade. Formula 1 would appreciate a target where those Kimi fans can direct their fandom towards once Kimi leaves. You know…like a baby duckling marking itself on a mother duck, many fans need to mark themselves onto a driver. Who can they (or will they) turn to when Kimi leaves? Here is a guy who flies the same flag at least. 🙂


Point 2, very valid…
But the rest of the theory fails IMO, because i just don’t think Bottas has it in him…even if Toto was turning the screws!
I’ve said before that “anyone can win in the merc”….but to win a championship, i think you would need to be at least a top 6/8 driver.
I wouldn’t put Bottas in the top half of the grid (certainly at the moment).


@ Sebee….some of those points that you have made certainly deserve consideration but in an overall sense i cannot see the benefit of allowing a Bottas win. See my previous response to you.


I really have never heard grown men spouting such complete nonsense. An absoloute laughably inaccurate conspiracy theory.



I like Lewis. He and I have much in common: we’re both into motorcycles and dogs, and motor racing in general.

You are right about the PUs though; I don’t like them, I don’t like the lack of competition, the underwhelming sound and I don’t like the wingman situation at mclaren.


Luke, if you hear something that you want to be true, then you tend to believe it. You don’t like Lewis or the PUs, so whenever you hear something that casts either in a negative light, you believe it instantly. No questions, no evidence required, no critical thinking at all, it just gets locked away in your ‘fact bank’ no matter how unlikely.


TimW, of course I can’t prove it. But when you really think about it, how many things have really been proved to you in your life? Instead, If you hear something that you agree with you will tend to believe it, even if there is no proof. Conversely if you learn something that does not agree with your sensibilities and existing belief system you will discard it, even if there is some evidence. That’s just how it is.


@ BKF…Smileys are your get of jail free hahaha. Let the circus maximus begin…..


Luke, is that it? Is that really all you have? A general point about F1 being a business doesn’t really come close to proving that Merc decide ahead of time who gets to win the championship does it? The truth is you and your mates have no reason whatsoever to believe that any of that is true, simply reverting to the conspiracy theorist’s favourite defence of ‘it’s technically possible, so therefore might be true’ isn’t enough to convince any right thinking person that your claims are valid.

My view of this issue is that Valterri was hired by Mercedes as he was the best driver available at the time, that he begins each season with an equal opportunity to compete for the championship as his team mate, and that Mercedes did not have any kind of performance advantage over Ferrari last year, and will have no confidence in having one next year either.

Plenty of evidence pointing towards my version being correct Luke, and precisely none in favour of yours.


You call it a “conspiracy theory”, and I call it “taking care of business”.

F1 is more of a business now than ever before and there are many elements that have to be carefully balanced: the marketing ROI of manufacturers vs watchability/TV ratings being one of the most important ones.


Nicely stated TimW .
The gloves are off early.
Let’s put the Jack on ice 🇬🇧
Let’s hoist the jolly Roger ☠
And take some swings at the naturally oily slick haired Sebee 😂 and his Aussie peg leg deck hand Kenneth 😁.
Again all done in jest…” ArrrRRRR at be a fine Cannon Captain TimW Let’s blast’em out the water ! ⚔😂🤣 okay I’ve had too much coffee for a Friday.


That’s your 33.3% funny statement done for the year Sebee. Back to your PU flogging 😂 with the varisity of an old man, hunting for the correct change for his tub of extra hold brylcream for the 3 strands going across his bald scalp👴


@BKF…enough with all this ageism.You are out of order hahaha ‘veracity’.


kenneth correcting others on spelling or grammar … now there’s a laugh.


@ KRB You give it and you take it. Something you would do well to learn.


Apologise for spelling Kenneth
Dam auto correct sometimes it “illuminates itself” to correct, the correct spelling, into … what “it” deems, to think I need to input !! Dam thing !!
Yeh sorry about the ageist comment Kenneth 😄, & for making light of the old codgers in hush puppies 😉 one should always respect an ol’man who has the correct change for everything and one who always chooses a restaurant, not by the good food it serves, but whether the place is too cold & has a slight draught coming from somewhere😁 (my late Dads annoying trait).


@ BKF…thanks. I guess we all have experienced some culinary delights somewhere in France. I had the pleasure of unfettered French Provencal dining for at least one and a half decades and during that time experienced the highs and the lows!! A multi Michelien starred restaurant just slightly south of Cannes called ‘L’Oasis’ [ now closed ] provided most of the highs associated with ‘Haute Cuisine’ at, i might add, stratospheric prices but nothing compared to a feast of char grilled frogs legs and a super bowl of ‘soupe de poisson at one of the many Cannes locations in the old part of the harbour.. Those memories are still quite vivid and i expect yours are the same.


So true Kenneth. The old man always paid the bill therefore his choice of venue always won out 👍.
Your food place near Monaco reminded me of a similar, simple food place, I visited, in the Dordogne area of France.
A Splendid town built on a hill/mountain area, the town of “Domme” in the Perigord region . Beautiful place , excellent food , you can see a panoramic vista of the valley and the river. A place I will definitely visit again.


@ BKF….Please don’t , in this case, take my comments seriously as they were said in jest. We all make errors over time and that puts things into a human perspective. That and our over reliance on the machine age!!! I guess if you dad was paying the bill he got to choose the location hahaha.


Ahh the spelling police is back.

Just a reminder, Dame Edna had trouble spelling “their” recently…


That just confirms my suspicion….There’s no show without Punch, according to Judy.


PU flogging is a worthy cause. I wish more people did it.


Flog you PU! Go flog yourself PU!


BK, have you seen the Halo Flip Flops?


I’ve been thinking about these thongs since yesterday and I just can’t ascertain the thinking behind this product. But they do give me this uncomfortable feeling that f1 has officially become a joke.

No wonder Liberty is thinking of selling up and moving, or at least scaling down its involvement.


They give you uncomfortable feeling? They give me the “order a pair now” feeling! You getting a pair?


I’m surprised aveli hasn’t expressed any interest.


Sebee 😂👏


Sebee let me guess
Do you also own a
Ferrari monogram Bath Robe ?😉
and cufflinks?😀
and a tie ? plus a red blazer ?🤩
Ferrari Aftershave ? and sunglasses ?😎
Beach Towel ? 2019 Calendar ?
Coffee Mug ? Pen and Pencil Set?
Post its? and Jotter Pad ?🤗
Mobile Phone Cover ?😏
Padded Coat?😆
Sweat Shirt?😉
T Shirt?😉
Under Crackers ? 😄
Scale model of all Ferrari Cars ?😁
Oven mitts ?😃
Ski gloves ?😁
Bikini set ?😉 Valentine’s Day special offer


Actually, I’ve recently decided to not wash my hair so often and definitely have not been using styling products for decades now. The natural oils I make myself so well do wonders for the shine, volume, thickness and easy-to-style management. I highly recommend it. I’ve reduced my dependance on chemicals and soaps by two-thirds easily! All you have to do is wash every three days, and NEVER ever repeat. Just quickly lather and rinse and keep those natural free oils you made yourself, which the cosmetics industry tells you to strip away and replace with petrochemicals.

There, not only am I 33.3% funnier now, I’m now teaching the kids not to go bald due to putting acidic soaps on their scalp. Few more years and I’ll come around to open toe flip-flops as THE shoe of choice.

Oh crap…loving the flip-flop make me Pro-Halo? I hope not!


@ Sebee….Two questions which i would like to put to you, 1. how old are you, and 2, what do you do for a living ?


@ Sebee…It doesn’t really matter, as i explained but it helps to broaden ones perspective when reading so many voluminous outpourings. So am i getting close ? You are/were a salesman? Selling what exactly? C’mon, don’t be so reticent…it’s definitely not part of your usual patter.


Why does it matter kenneth?

Everyone on this planet sells. Either their time or their knowledge or skill. I’ve been lucky to do many things and learn many things. I do what I can.

What I do do Kenneth, is waste too much time on Formula 1 and chatting about it. 🙂


@ BKF….A serious uptick there. Don’t lose the passion haha


See afraid to answer unlike me when Inspector Kenneth asked me the question of my school days , I answered without hiding behind a baseball cap, spray painted in Ferrari colours by Natural Oil Slick Sebee, Who I assume “hops like a hare with a shiny wave” (the old ones are the best Tommy Cooper) .
My guess
Probably selling olive oil to the Italians made from his scalp oils or a hit man for Per Wee Herman 🤣


@ Sebee….well that age more or less fits my estimate but i see that you, not so neatly, sidestepped naming your profession. Of course it’s none of my business but it would, more or less, show some insight into your take on certain matters.



Hamilton fans are going to go nuts at this answer, because his number is my age. Wow, right? It only happens once in a lifetime and here I am 44 Magnum baby!

What do I do for a living? Well, due to above, I am going to be a die-hard Lewis Hamilton fan for the season. Do I need to get a cap? What’s the mandatory basic kit I must own? 🙂


Good advice. It works for me. My hair always looks worse immediately after washing and the next day, and day after it somehow it looks better.


Happy days. Hopefully this will be the steed that gives the king his 6th.
Question: Is it pronounced w ten or w one O?


Literally no one refers to Hamilton as ‘the king’. How old are you?


Hardly the king…more like the pretender!


Did you rub your Ming The Merciless Ring when you typed that one Kenneth 🤣😂


Sour grapes of Wrath.
Kenneth already filling up with sour lemons. Especially after Max V ripped a new one to Redemption Ricci.
We can all do this on a loop. Unless you want actually engage brain cell or has the withers original consumption got too much Kenneth 🤣


@ BKF…tread lightly mon ami…your Ricciardo taunts are not falling on fallow land. Renault are a big mystery… What i do know is that Ricciardo won”t have Marko/Horner playing games at his expense any longer. New dawn and lots of possibilities for the future….


Ps Kenneth I’m just joining in the pre season slating.
Shall return to s more mature outlook at start of the season.
Just heard that Adelaide is getting a new super race track with 32 turns . Have you heard anything about it?


Carbs on the brain Kenneth 😉
KRBS on JAF1 😉
Maybe a divisional solution is at hand.
Top up the Carbs in the morning Kenneth👍


Why did i direct that post to KRB and not to the intended recipient BKF? Another of lifes little mysteries. Apologies.


@ KRB…Yes…it’s fun isn’t it? Just what will be the dominating feature of the season has many and varied possibilities. I do fear that Mercedes will once again dominate in the most boring of fashions…bit like the last 5 seasons really. As for Adelaide…if what you are referring to is some group of service station/fuel distribution owners, [ Shahin family ] getting together to create a new circuit i don’t see it as going anywhere really. It’s called the Bend Motorsport Park’. Maybe a race will be held there sometime in the future but then again…who knows.


Come on kenneth, new year – same ole you. Let’s be friends.


@ Oblah….i wasn’t aware that we were enemies…combatants maybe.


I am looking forward to seeing the Rich Energy liveried Haas, & wondering what the Team Strez pinkmobiles will be called.
I’m guessing the rear wing will say “Tommy Hilfiger”


Will the 2019 Merc have a thong, or will Toto finally build up the courage to get the chainsaw out?


Wow: I was trying to come up with the three teams who’s launch dates were not listed; Red Bull and Haas came immediately but it took another 5 minutes for Williams to spring to mind. How sad.


And despite Mercedes is not the first team to launch, this news article is all about them. So much for the neutrality of this website.
But guess they feel pressed to please their website sponsors…


Is that front wing one of the new “simplified” designs, or has that idea been scrapped for 2019 ? Or is that the idea for 2020 ?


Thats the 2018 car


It’s for this year and that pic is from last year; the new Merc hasn’t been unveiled yet.



Could you folks do another story on the W-Series? They just went through the first round of picks, naorrowing the field down to 28 drivers.

The thing is though, some of the drivers are saying that the selection process was vague, and the criteria unclear.

Furthermore, the challenges themselves….hear ladies, who are supposedly candidates for F3, F2, and F1, were selected by doing Auto-Cross style parking lot challenges in front wheel drive Ford Fiestas on snow and ice….

Since when the [mod] was skid turns in a FWD car on snow, any kind of indication having the criteria to drive an F1 car. Some of the candidates from australia had literally never seen snow before.

On the final day, the ladies complete an ROC style braket elimination tournament. One of the ladies who finished tied for 5th overall (out of 54 entrants), and has no idea why drivers who finished below her were selected for the next phase of the program.

More info on this program is desperately needed, motorsport fans deserve to know what’s going on here.

Silver lining in all this so far is that Jorda didn’t make the cut lmao


Am I the only one who doesn’t care about car launches…


On an aside, I’ve been reading the comments from Button and Rosberg emanating out of the recent filming day for Sky F1. Rosberg is hoping for a 3-way battle between teams, which in his words would “just be awesome, yeah?”

What factors make it a true 3-way fight though? Have we ever really had one in F1? 2010 was the closest I can think of, in terms of points. There were 4 lead changes in the WCC that year, 3 different leaders, and tight standings at various points. 1st to 3rd was only separated by 6 pts after Round 6 in Spain. Then only 1 pt separated RBR and McLaren after Spa (Round 13).

My view of 2010 though, is that while RBR were wasteful with their car, both McLaren’s and Alonso were not, and that made the standings closer than they should have been.

So there’s closeness on points, and closeness on performance. They don’t often go hand in hand.

A 3-way fight where different teams are ahead each race because of track characteristics would be great, but we’re talking about a very rare occurrence. All we can do is hope.




My view of 2010 though, is that while RBR were wasteful with their car

Breaking down in the lead several times from dodgy alternators doesn’t help either I suppose.

PS. Nervous performance from Liverpool last night! Should be an exciting title run in, surely they can’t bottle it again!


Oh, and Liverpool can certainly bottle it!! Imagine if City had won? Would be only 2 pts now. As long as City keeps flubbing their lines, then they take the Reds off the hook. Nice comeback win for Spurs … only 2 pts back of City now!

As for Burnley, 2-0 up in the 86th minute, for a first win at Old Trafford since 1962, and they blow it!! Geezus, that was bad.


KRB “Extra Fergie Time” plays an important part in any Man Utd game.
It’s asif the clock slows down, as Fergie sits in his armchair at home, doing an X Men Magneto time slow mo. Then bang Man Utd are level . Everyone wakes up and look like they’ve been abducted by aliens and probed 😁. Scrambling to understand what happened in the 89th minute and why 20 mins have lapsed. Why are they walking funny like Poirot the detective? 😂

I’m not a fan of Football (but will watch the odd big game) as Rugby Union is my game.
‘🏉,,,,🏃‍♂️6 Nations start today.
Ireland being Favourite. But I hope England gives the Peat Boys ,Sweaty Socks, Sheep Worriers , French Soap Dodgers and Italian Bunga Boys a run for their money. (All said in sporting jest editor no malice intended🤣)


Totally agree regarding the pitch against the Foxes. That was blatant (other than the obvious grin on the groundsmans face) Klopp tactics.
Oh well as I said, The Exigency
I’m a Rugger lad so England’s victory against The Irish (pre tournament favourites) on their turf in Dublin will keep me full of smiles all week👍😁🏉”,,,🏃‍♂️


BKF, just to be clear mate, there was no Fergie time in that one. The Burnley keeper wasted almost a minute and a half of the five extra (I counted), the ref helped Burnley defend the last United attack and then decided to blow the whistle even before the original five minutes were up. The very opposite of the concept of Fergie time I’d say!

But the shadiest thing that happened the other night was Liverpoo clearing the half of the pitch they were attacking while leaving the half Leicester were attacking covered with snow. Against both the rules and the spirit of the game!

Then Klopp had the nerve to blame the snow for their performance!!!


As for Spurs, glad we’re up there but I feel we are going to be looking behind rather than ahead with Kane injured until March!


Kane was seen training yesterday NickH so he maybe up for a quick recovery.


It’s 50/50, I’d probably just go with City due to their immense strength in depth but Liverpool do have the easier run in. It’s likely Man U will have a big say in it as both teams have to play them! Burnley were unlucky the other night but they’ve recovered well from a bad start to the season. Strangely they’ve just signed 38yr old Peter Crouch!


Haha Crouch actually contributed to the Burnley equaliser yesterday!

BK, still think Spurs will drop points before he’s back.. we’re scraping results against the likes of Watford and Newcastle.


Geezus, Crouch really?!? The only good things about him are his wife 🔥 and his 🤖 dance!


Gosh no more Robot dancing please from goal hanging Stick Insect Crouch !


NickH, the alternators were 2012 man!


Well regardless of what broke Vettel had bad reliability in 2010 and would’ve walked the title otherwise.

Spark plug problem in Bahrain whilst leading.

Loose wheel nut in Australia whilst leading.

Engine failure in Korea whilst leading.


The wasteful bits for me are:

Turkey (Vettel steering into Webber)
Canada (they should’ve gobbled Hamilton up)
Silverstone (Vettel contact with Hamilton, then barging aside Sutil)
Hungary (silly penalty for Vettel)
Belgium (remember Crash Kid?)
Korea (Webber spinning out in the rain)

Newey considers the RB6 his best ever car. It’s nuts that it wasn’t a walkover for one of its drivers.


March 18th: Williams launch


Come on The Mercs🇬🇧🇩🇪
Come on The Drivers🇬🇧🇫🇮
Looking forward to listening for free F1 season on BBC Radio 5 Extra.
Sky can do one 👎
Circuit owners are already worried about lack of free to air impinging on advertising and the hike in circuit fees by F1. Liberty will be leeching every penny from these circuits.
Welcome to the impending implosion of F1 viewing figures and low scale viewing on the Sky Dullard F1 channel.


No one cares if you watch or don’t watch


Can’t believe that you’re going to voluntarily cease watching F1. It matters zip what you listen to, it won’t be the same and you’ll be subject to the biased comments from the commentators. Not seeing it with hour own eyes can never be the same. That, plus your credibility here will suffer immensely, and that is something i would not like to witness. You should think it through again mon ami.


If I need, I’ll dip into F1, if it’s a blue ribbon races Kenneth may have a look on F1 website. When F1 has it’s own channel in UK I’ll pay race by race, but I will not give Sky a penny, because of its connection with one of Murdoch’s british newspapers, about 14 years ago, its illicit phone tapping of a missing child and her distraught parents. Hence why I couldn’t watch SkyF1
Sky are parasites.
Silverstone I’ll be there for the weekend. Spa I’m going to try and go to race also. Germany maybe a possibility. but watching a convoy of cars with limiting passing will be pointless especially listening to Kravitz and rest of the Sky dodgy pundits. Only Anthony Davidson and Hill are okay. But Turncoat Chandock is annoying as is the rest of them.
I preferred the Channel 4 guys but didn’t care much for Chandock.
I do hope Australian GP learns there lesson and makes the race interesting and not a procession expecting a VSC or Safety Car to be the only entertaining part of the race.
Wish I could get hold of the Turkey signal via internet as they’ve still got live races on free to air.


@BK Flamer, I worry about something else. Not subscription rates, not ulterior greedy motives of networks. Read last week LM are planning to ‘pimp up’ TV coverage. Viewers are to better experience the awesome power and speed of the cars. So more cameras and different angles will be employed, giving you more of a ‘trackside experience’. Sounds nice, but I fear this will entail many more shots from the side because those show the actual speed. This may very well go at the expense of overall front/rear shots of multiple cars which give the best insight and overview of what’s happening. Everything goes to embellish the show. Rather like the first movies with ultra short shots and handheld cameras. Or like covering a tennis match with cameras located at the side, above the referee’s chair. Or close-ups during a soccer match every other second. Awesome! Feels like you’re there! Nice occasionally but deeply annoying . I for one hope this will not become the main coverage modus.
In addition, they’re planning to add graphics which tell you more about the race; even possible undercut tactics, since not all commentators are sufficiently expert to be able to inform their viewers. Commendable, but probably only available if you’re willing to pay for a full package.


@ Lemwil…anyone vaguely connected with filmed entertainment will tell you that the ultimate secret to great viewing is contained in the ‘editing; process. When i was once paid for my services i was witness to many many films produced pre ‘answer print’. No full edit, no colour correction, no sound track just a raw product to evaluate. It’s only when the magic of sound, corrected colour and edit continuity is applied do we see something really superb. That is what worries me about LM seeking to play tricks with what we get to view. To then subject us to massive data dumps is also rather worrying as all i am really interested in is actual racing with decent sound and closely monitored action. This is just further proof that LM do not really get it!!!


Great points Lemwil 👍🏆. Maybe at the next F1 have your say article/questionaire. You should put those points forward.


@ BKF….I understand your reluctance to pay for a Sky subscription but no matter what your moral compass tells you, it’s all rather pointless. That is to say, that your decision will not and cannot make any difference to what has happened in the past. Ethical indignation will not assuage your desire to indulge in your passion for F1. I too sometimes question the morality of certain issues but i don’t let it get in the way of doing what i cherish most, be it F1 or anything else that i choose to immerse myself in. You should simply put that all to one side, get a subscription and be done with it. Fight if you must but don’t let it take away your enjoyment. Life is too short for that. End of sermon from the Gold Coast mount haha


Assume you are on about the US GP
back in the day, with Stoner and Rossi tussling around the first turn midpoint in the race. Stoner stating that Rossi is a danger to all riders. I thought it was a fair overtake I’ve seen worse from Marquez.


Jack Miller deserved the Ducati seat but Petrucci isn’t that bad. It’ll be a tester for him. I’ve got no doubt that Miller will be in a top team in 2020 providing he keeps on the bike and doesn’t get injured. He has to finish more races.
Regarding Rossi he changed his driving to play dirty with Marquez. The Snap Back pass. Do not let Marquez settle. Petrucci is too friendly with Rossi so he will be lenient on Rossi. Dovi the thinker may have his hands full with Petrucci. The main factor will be the tyres this season. Zarco moving backwards as he had no hope against Marquez or Rossi as equal drivers.
Now Lorenzo and Marquez will be chalk and cheese at Honda. Expect tantrums and helmet chucking and finger wagging. from the racers and the Honda management . A cocktail of funtional madness .
The Media attention alone will pay dividends for Honda.


@ BKF…Likewise, this Moto GP season promises to be a ‘bumper’ in more ways than one!!! Rossi still confounds us all but i have lost all respect for him and his prior dirty racing. There are a tight bunch of perhaps 6/8 riders [ maybe more ] who are all in contention this year and the fight will be ‘all out’ and no prisoners taken. Personally i like to see Jack Miller in amongst the mix as he is an exciting rider but maybe he still doesn’t have the bike. It is eagerly awaited….


I shall consider it Kenneth. Thank you for your advice.
It’s just the principle. If one gives up that then what’s the point of having a straight Spine.
I’m still watching all live Moto GP races have subscribe to that via Moto GP app. Even though ITV have highlights package. I cannot wait for the explosive Honda battle between Marquez and Lorenzo. This will be a real humdinger. Plus GOAT Rossi and Vinales and Dovi vs Petrucci .


While I don’t agree with your come on Mercs I fully respect it, I however agree that viewing figures will be lower. This puppy has been watching F1 since 1980 and following it since 74, I guess that dates me a little. I for one cannot justify spending A$60 per month just to watch F1 so 2018 was my last year. I will surely miss it.
How long can F1 continue with dropping viewing figures? what will this mean to the teams as sponsors start to look for better value for money and bang for their buck, will this lead to the demise of smaller teams because they find it hard to get sponsorship? We may be left with only 3 viable teams as is now but unlike now they may not be around.
The answer, well you can figure it out, I’m too tired for now.


Excuse me for double dipping.

Wilee in a few years from now the youth would have moved on another motorsport.
Putting sport behind a paywall is a deathnail to most sports.
The lack of live spectators will decrease on race venues.
The whole viewing audience behind the paywall will be low and a niche market.
A generation from now they’ll be scraping the barrel and begging for free to Air viewing. But that’s in the future.
In the present it’s “All Gravy” for Liberty and for the Teams, it’s instant hit of Sky Money revenue, but with long term impending limitations in the viewing market.


I pay I watch I enjoy. Get a life


Bet Mother has to turn tv on for you !!
If you read why I wouldn’t pay Sky it’s not because I can’t afford to pay for it. Its SKY and its connection with Murdoch’s news corporation. tiny d a bout of Ebola is more welcoming than a post from a microscopic bacterium like yourself.


This is very close to ‘triple dipping’.


Again I apologise Kenneth for triple dipping.
Now down put that Bean Counter and update to an Abacus 😉


I reckon you got into F1 roughly when my late Dad got into it.
If you download the “BBC Sounds” or “BBC Radio Player” you can listen to F1 for free including all the Free Practice seasons and preview shows and live race and after race shows.
If you want, UK channel 4 will be showing a free highlights package if you download there app All 4. (I can’t be asked to watch highlights often unless there’s a mega exciting race)
But I for one will not subscribe to any Sky channels. Rather spend the money and go and see live racing at Silverstone GP .
It could be the last British GP in Blighty for a long while.
Suppose Liberty will just add another race in China. Where mass killings and ethnically cleansing of minority people is going on. DOESN’T bother Liberty…as long as Liberty get their swag bag from govt and the Huwewi back handers.


I like your suggestion BK.

Listen to F1 on the radio and imagine what it looks like! Can’t see the halo for one, so that’s solved.. And you can imagine every pass as epic, not a DRS pass as it really will be. Strip away all the high tech veneer from the “high rech” F1. Love it.

I believe you just solved some F1 problems. And it’s free, yes? Oh no, only for Brits? 🙁


Are you sure you cannot download the app?
You don’t need to subscribe.
You just press onto Radio 5 live extra on the dial wheel. I’ve used the app on holiday in South of France and it worked fine on my phone and tablet.


Saving the planet while Virtue signalling .
That’s just a Maverick move LukeC
You are a Maverick ,way out there in the cosmos … F1 can it be “Far out One 🤩”



No. And remember the magic sexy PU fuel number of 100kg has been abandoned. It was 100kg, then 105kg, now it’s 110kg…so who are we kidding here with this fuel limit fluff already? Not me certainly. Funny that anyone is fooled by this whole PU/green stuff.

A few times I just laughed when seeing the Mercedes car with the EQ Power branding, when I know full well it’s a 100% electric effort being advertised here with the hybrid PU they so pushed for.


BK Flamer, perhaps a more philosophical question would be: when f1 is saving the planet and virtue signaling, does it make a sound?


Thsts a really “out there question Man!”
You mean like a tree falling in a forest
Does it make a sound ? Wow that Breeze man really cool !😂

You can hear the cars going in the background. Plus live updates on the BBC app…you get the odd live picture feed.


It’s radio LukeC. People pretty much listen to radio only in their car now adays, so you can supplement with your own engine sounds. All you need to do is get one of those annoying tuner mufflers and that will be a HUGE improvement on the PU sound.

Plus, by listening to F1 while driving, you get the sensation of speed AND you offset all those amazing green fuel savings the PUs are claiming. I think a win all around, don’t you think? 🙂


What about the sound?


@ Wilee…I suggest you talk very strongly with Foxtel re costs. I have, very successfully. You need to emphasise the fact that you are forced to take an ‘entertainment’ package that is purely a con job. Emphasise that you are only interested in the ‘sport’ and should not be subjected to program that is not compatible with your needs. Secondly you get far more for your expenditure than just the race. You get all the FP sessions, quali and the race plus plenty of backfill to all these events. Add to that, you also get all the MOTO GP’s and other assorted motorsport events and your expenditure becomes well worthwhile.


The saviour is here….”Kayo sports” is essentially Fox Sports online. $25 a month with no commitment period (you can dip in and dip out), and no other “lifestyle rubbish” bundled in with it.
I’m mid 2 week trial…picture quality is awesome, ive had no buffering -you get two watch on two different devices at once or pay a premium for 3. Operates just like Netflix.
All races/qualy/practice live or you can dial up the replay and watch on delay…
Prayers answered, and civilisation at last!!


@ LKFE…That’s all news to me. Sounds excellent and exactly what was needed. In my post i alluded to a ‘successful negotiation’ with Foxtel Well it was exactly that and i’m more than happy with my monthly costs. I was able to reduce my costs by 50%.


YouTube highlight view counts will Sky…Rocket!

Let me get this right, 5min video at the beach and I’m done with today’s F1 Grand Prix? For free? Sir, I believe we have a firm deal. Shake on it!


What about the F1 app, the 8min highlight package will also rise. Assume once the F1 on demand app is fully available in UK , Sky will start to loose the one off weekend customers.

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