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Mick Schumacher closing in on Ferrari F1 academy role
Posted By: Editor   |  16 Jan 2019   |  1:15 pm GMT  |  84 comments

Mick Schumacher, the son of seven-time Formula One world champion Michael, is close to agreeing a role with the Ferrari F1 team to become their latest academy development driver.

Having risen through the ranks of karting and the national Formula 4 championships, Mick Schumacher took the European Formula 3 Championship ahead of Red Bull junior Dan Ticktum in 2018, securing enough points for a Formula One superlicence.

His success has triggered a promotion to the Formula Two championship – continuing his association with the Prema outfit – and attracting the interest of Formula One teams.

Ferrari have previously said that their door is “always open” to Schumacher, whilst Toto Wolff has also previously hinted at interest in recruiting Schumacher in a development role at the Mercedes team.

So far, Schumacher has no affiliation to a Formula One team, with the only link being the use of Mercedes engines with the Prema team.

The idea of the Schumacher name returning to Formula One has intensified in recent years, with promoters of the Belgian Grand Prix in 2017 whetting the fans’ appetite by organising a demonstration where Mick Schumacher drove his father’s championship-winning Benetton from 1994.

Whilst no official confirmation or comment has been made by Ferrari, Schumacher, or his team, sources close to the team suggest that a deal is not far away.

A potential academy role could pave the way for Schumacher participating in official test outings for Ferrari – or one of their affiliate teams – during 2019. Similar test opportunities have previously been handed to the likes of Charles Leclerc, Antonio Giovinazzi and Antonio Fuoco.

Schumacher will have competition from fellow Ferrari academy members Callum Ilott and Marcus Armstrong, although a fast start to his Formula Two career might see him move up in the pecking order for a stint in Formula One machinery.

However, Ferrari’s initial development and simulator work opportunities are more likely to be carried out by former Formula One racer – and current Formula E competitor – Pascal Wehrlein, who signed a deal with Ferrari last week.

Ferrari have a tendency to not rely purely on their academy drivers for car development, having previously employed the likes of Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniil Kvyat as development drivers.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

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Just dropped in to see what’s up in the off season, apparently nothing!

Sure I saw some tumbleweed roll over the screen. Not long to go now before the cars take to the track for testing……


While I understand why it was done, I’ll always lament the testing ban. I miss seeing cars all year-round and the hundreds of spy shots. All we get now are the odd pieces about drivers whom I find terribly boring. I also miss the Hunts and Sheens of the old days


I wish the testing ban was the only thing I missed about f1.

There is a lot, lot more that I miss about f1, and which I won’t mention here lest TimW accuses me of being boring again.


From the slums of Kerpen, through the mean streets of Monaco and the ghetto of Switzerland comes Schumacher v3.0


The F1 machine will make it happen – it is too obvious a story not too. Then it will depend on young Mick. Will it be a family glory story (the Hills, the Rosbergs, the {posthomously} Villeneuves, or the family flop story (the Fittipaldis, the Sennas, the Brabhams).


I suspect that Mick will approach this opportunity with a lot more professionalism and maturity than that entitled brat Versappen


Yes, just like your well considered posts David 😂


Entitled Brat ? Err Max V has proved himself to be far more talented than some drivers ! He is in some respects on a Par with LH & FA. Maybe better than Vettel in many ways in terms of race craft.
The only entitled one is Mick Schumacher no one else would’ve got a giant step towards a Ferrari seat on some hit and miss performances. It was only when Ferrari started to input his junior team he got the performances. So entitlement goes to Schumachers Fittipaldis Piquets more than an average drivers SON called MaxV.
Sadly if you got some idea of ethical standards you’d stop you obsession with LH and move on with Trolling a tiny bridge awaiting the arrival of some kid goats.


Verstappen feels entitled because he knows that he’s good enough to be fighting for championships but PU era F1 makes it impossible, unless you’re driving a Mercedes and your name is Lewis Hamilton.


Spot on LukeC


Luke, it’s getting a bit boring, not everything is about the PUs. Even Sebee is capable of talking on other subjects without turning the conversation around to his pet hate!


Really LukeC give it a rest !!


Yes. In fact, to me he comes across as frustrated, rather than entitled per Se.


I hope Schumacher Jnr is judged on merit, and not by the name. So far with the exception of the last half season he’s been unremarkable. He seems to need too long to work things out in terms of qualifying, and outright speed. Maybe something clicked and he’s discovered the secret, but he needs some seriously good performances this season to justify a promotion to F1 in my humble opinion. The F2 field has been thinned of the most obvious talent in the last two years – the deserving drivers are now in F1, so now is his chance to shine.


this will be the third schumacher f1 driver. will that equal any records?

for all those who are not aware of the influence of the reining champion, have a read..



Aveli how about the 3 Stooges ?



this will be the third schumacher f1 driver. will that equal any records?

for all those who are not aware of the influence of the reining champion, have a read..


Hi Aveli,

Could you please repost your link regarding Hamilton’s influence as that article that you linked to did not mention him at all?

Suppose that it also have no connection at all with Mick Schumacher’s success and his road to F1, which is the purpose of this forum thread? Sorry, just a bit confused by your posting.


Aveli has been experiencing mystical visions featuring Lewis, which elevate his consciousness to such a high level that he can’t help but see Lewis everywhere, and interpret everything as saying that Lewis is the greatest driver of all time. And the most intelligent.


Don’t forget he’s also the greatest fashion designer of all time, already outselling all the big fashion houses according to aveli.


Plus I heard he’s making an album. I just hope it’s better than the one Jaques villeneuve released some years back.


There is not a single fan of f1 who is not aware of the influence of the reining champion. Thanks to you.



instead of family name, formula one should build their own academy and make it available for every elite drivers.

Tornillo Amarillo

So Mick to Sauber in 2020?
This is good news for Sauber, they will keep Ferrari’s support.
Leclerc and Mick as teammates at Ferrari?
Both Leclerc and Mick could potentially be a winning combination, but I think Leclerc is the real deal and he has obviously the upper hand for coming first.
Maybe Mick coming to F1 soon was the trigger to promote Leclerc early to Ferrari in 2019 with just one season in Sauber.
Now there are so many talents driving around, I imagine that part of this phenomena is because cars are easier to drive nowadays, improves in simulators, etc., …so teams can pay less for youngsters…


You spoke out of my ❤️… Thank you. I would like to add 2021 Leclerk and mike pairing taking on Ocon Russell….


Hopefully his dad is conscious enough to understand what his son is achieving and feel the love.


Shouldn’t the title now be changed to “Confirmed: Mick Schumacher Joins Ferrari F1 Academy”???


A son defending his tragically bedridden father’s record of titles is just too good a plot to miss out on. Let’s hope he has the aptitude do deliver.

Ticktum didn’t read the script, started speaking up and dug himself in quite a hole. Funny how you can believe your own spin that junior formulae are about skill until it is someone else who is being pushed for the Championship.


Get the boy some custom Bridgestones, 90 days a years at Fiorano and The FIA’s number on speed dial and he’ll be “brilliant” like his father.


I’m just not particularly excited about Mick Schumacher, and I don’t know why.

Perhaps it’s because he never had to work his way up the Motorsport ladder from the slums of Stevenage. Or maybe it’s because he hasn’t really set the world of Motorsport on fire.

At the same time I would like to see him in f1 to see how he does, although I doubt that he will ever match Schumi senior, or even the other, less popular schumacher.




Whenever I hear the term
“Inevitable” it always reminds me of the character
In the comedy movie TEAM AMERICA more than
Hugo Weaving in The Matrix.
Jeez LukeC keep flogging that Stevenage dead horse and you may get n “JAF1s Got Talent” and be voted out at the auditions. Do agree with you regarding Mick Schumacher. Nepotism at its worst but still not on a par with the Beckhams offspring media yawn fest. More atmosphere in a vacuum tube than a night out with
The Beckhams ! Brckhams probably on a par with a dose of Ebola in a hermetically sealed test tube!


Ah! Team America where the good ol’ boys defeated the dark forces with their superior acting skills! I think Liberty are using the same model employing their ‘superior’ business accumen!


It’s “inevitable!” Warley 🤣


The Stevenage thing is really good meme. Plus it’s shorthand for talking about all the economic and circumstantial challenges that some aspiring racing drivers have to overcome, so it’s really useful.

Regarding Mick, he comes across as a nice and humble kid, but nepotism does always turn me off, so I’m conflicted.


Luke, that’s getting boring as well.


Stevenage Meme is a shorthand about economics and circumstantial challenges 😄😄 guild that all you want LukeC , but hats of for the absurdly Tangent explanation 👏
Yep it’s hard to find any positives regarding the ease with which Mick Schumacher has shoe horned himself into Ferrari. Rather see Fernando back in a Ferrari. Or even Redemption Ricci for another rerun with Vettel. I’m sure Leclerc will give him a run for his money.


Pascal Wehrlein is back again. Kind of nice to see he didn’t disappear. He had a good stint as well in Sauber with Ericsson.

A Ferrari deal for him in the end.

Somehow it makes me think of the feeder series, or what one wants to call them,( and others)and their relevance to F1 in the whole sceme of things.

But maybe that can of worms should remain closed for now.


Yes, he is brilliant. With that first name, he has to be.

But on a more serious note, Mick Schumacher has had a quiet destiny planned for a long time. The family plan was to avoid the spotlight for as long as possible to try to avoid direct comparisons with his father.

But now his skill is starting to show to a wider audience, I feel both Ferrari & Wolff may just be trying to be the first to lock him away, so the opposition don’t get the benefit of Mick having the skill of Michael.

Having seen the grin on his face after lapping Spa in the Benneton, I am looking forward to seeing him compete in F1 full time, & I have no doubt that after his first win, he will have a grin that rivals that of Ricciardo.

Good luck Mick.


That first name makes me think if Crocodile Dundee.

“That’s not a pass, THIS is a pass!”


Or Mick Doohan. I think Schumi senior was a fan, so he named his son after him.


Absolutely correct!
They lived next to each other during Michael’s first years in Monaco and they became and stayed very close friends there after.


Yes there is a chance we’ll have a lot of Jr’s in the field. In a decade or so it might be limited to Jr’s only.

How many do we have right now 3 I believe, if one doesn’t count Carlos, but then we’d have to start counting most of them.

I believe Ferrari would want to have Mick racing, Sauber is a good choice, as fast as they established he’s mature enough

So why is it usually Toto who makes comments about him in the international media.

Maybe the Italians see it as such a natural thing for Mick to come into the team post Seb. That could be soon though, and Charlie must have proved himself meanwhile. A Ferrari with two young drivers? Another new concept for them lately.

And one get’s the feeling they want to shoehorn Giovinazzi somewhere. He might get to learn from Kimi though and come out something else so to speak.

To say it’ll be a crucial year for Seb, would be an understatement of some considerable proportions.


A Mick in a Jordan,

would be good!


I think we all knew this was coming, and there are potential positives….I just hope everyone involved takes there time, and really makes sure this kid is ready before fully thrusting him in the spotlight…would be terrible to make a Marco Andretti of him (although I think Mick lacks Marco’s ego lol).

Excited to see how he goes in F2 next year.

Speaking of Ticktum…lol…a kid that this site and others mentioned as in contention for an F1 seat. I watched the first 3 rounds of the new FIA F3 Asian Winter Series over the weekend, and both Ticktum and Armstrong got smoked by some kids I’ve never heard of before (Rinus Veekay and Yi Yifrea). Ticktum said before the series started that “he was just there to collect the super license points” (winning the series is worth 10 SL points), and that he was “above the level” of the competition. At the end of the weekend, he complained that “everything was against him”.

Furthermore, because this winter series only consists of 3 events at 2 circuits, it shouldn’t award the full 10 SL points, as the series doesn’t meet FIA standards (minimum 5 events, 3 circuits, 12 drivers). At this point, it’s not clear whether or not the FIA will inforce these rules, with many punters speculating that if Ticktum were to run away with the series championship, he would be awarded full points, as that’s the only reason him and Redbull are there (and the FIA appreciates big names partaking in their fledgling series in a region they are really trying to develope).

Here’s a link to a reddit about Ticktum, learn a few more things about “Tantrum Dan”. Apparently his Instagram is fire lol



Meanwhile, speaking of Schumi, it appears Schumi’s devastating accident may have had indirect effects on a number of people such as Vettel who says he is unable to ask for him advice.

And coincidentally, Schumi had the accident at the end of 2013, the same year Vettel won his fourth title.



Does Seb really need Michael to tell him to keep his car pointing in the right direction?


as if schumacher has any influence on vettel’s performance..


@ aveli

Actually, what Vettel meant is that with Schumi advice, he would have known how to get the best support from the team which in turn would have enabled him to display his best performances on track.


Indeed, it will be a surreal occasion to have Mick Schumi joining the Ferrari driver academy because it will give the Tifosi warm memories of Schumi senior’s time with the team.

And judging from the welcome overtones from the top teams, it would appear that having a relative that used to participate in the sport is the one guaranteed way to get a seat because F1 is primarily politics and secondarily economics.

Having said that, having a famous relative is the worst thing that could ever happen to an individual because not only are you ever in their shadow but also it appears talent genes are the few human genes that never get shared amongst family members hence why we had Michael + Ralf or Aryton and Bruno or Gilles and Jacques.

So despite the story of Mick making his way up the F1 ladder being a feel-good story, there is a good chance that he might not succeed let alone become a household name because whenever someone mentions the Schumi name, it will always be associated with Schumi senior.


it’d be more of a story if schumacher jnr started with renault before graduating to ferrari…


@ aveli

Oh no, I don’t think Mick wants to create a carbon copy his father’s career so it’s only natural for him to seek a competitive drive whereas Schumi senior was unknown at the beginning of his career therefore he had to start at the bottom.


Jacques won a WDC his father did not


@ scott

Actually it’s a long held belief within the sport that Gilles was destined to become champion as his skills were champion material.


You surely can’t be referring to Villeneuve? He has won in more than one category as well as the 500. An ace of a driver!


Wait what? Surely Jacques fluked his title in a dominant car? If a 61.9% pole capture is enough for Mercedes to earn the ‘dominant’ tag, then why doesn’t the 64.7% figure for the 97 Williams?


Hamilton has only won in F! in the seniour categories. Jacques has won in others……like I said. Yawn!


Err you are wrong on that.
Junior levels Ham has won.
I don’t know how old you are but you clearly are trolling LH in every conceivable way.
Now please use your Maters big book of words and give us a definition of “conceivable” 🤣😂


just pointing out that you seem to have different standards for different different drivers dave! Does this mean if Lewis won in Indycar you would change your view of him? I doubt it somehow….

Buffalo Hatfield

Jacques is an F1 WDC, Indy 500 winner and CART champion. I would argue (quite rightly) he has talent.


yes…Jacques compares very favourably and I think, equally to his father. Anyone who watched his sensation Indy 500 win is going to feel that way. His CART championship was well-deserved in the face of excellent competition. He embarrassed Damon Hill in race 1 at Williams and showed Mr.Shumacher a thing or two in his championship season. Drivers from Quebec go through the same early-career training Nordic rally drivers do – ice racing! it gives you sensitive (and frozen) fingers. Jacques’ blunt way of speaking his mind has turned some souls against him, but you cannot deny the man is a huge talent.


Nobody likes a dissenter and a contrarian, except me and a few other other people.

Imagine how great f1 would be if villeneuve, or somebody like him, were at the helm. It would be the opposite of what it is now, in other words amazing, heart-stopping drama and excitement powered 10 by screaming cylinders and without thongs.


. . . and you would be very right to argue that (Jacques Villeneuve has talent) !


@ Buffalo Hatfield

I would say yes and no because there is another argument that says the majority of F1 pilots are indeed talented and given a dominant car, can become champions as well.

However, there is another level of talented people as these are referred to as the super gifted, i.e. these are an elite group that can make a difference despite not having the fastest car.


The fine Art of Nepotism in full flight.
Good luck to him.
Vettel must be thinking oh no ! Not again !
But there are also alot of other racers coming into F1. You never know he may just fizzle rather than be a contender.
Young Italian racer in a Ferrari would get the Tifosi salivating and cheering. May even be a better fit. After misfiring Vettel.


the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

As far as I am aware none of Mick’s relatives are currently employed at Ferrari. Therefore can’t be called nepotism let alone “The fine Art of Nepotism in full flight”


Yea this one will be hard fought for Seb indeed. He needs to change his nationality, get an Italian passport and learn to make a decent pasta now.

But one never knows, Ferrari seams to change their recipes every now and then.


Chris D
🤚The only person who make “Ah good’ah Pasta”…” is always Dah Mama !!” 🙏
Apologise to Redline for my Inspector Montalbano regression”.


Mick and Ferrari sounds like the perfect match for many obvious reasons.

Maybe he’ll drive with Kimi one year at Sauber/Alfa Romeo?

Wolff is talking like he could be a future Merc driver. But that would be when Lewis retires, or when they have any clues about that.

But it’s hard to see how Ferrari would not try everything to make this happen.


Chris, if Papa Elkann wants it, it will happen


Yea, the politics goes on there as always, and it’ll be hard for Ferrari to get around this guy in a hurry Phil.

Yet another (or is it the last now) crucial year for Seb? One more year not delivering, will be hard to take for anyone south of the Alps. There will be redmist from Torino to the Maranello area to clear away.

Maybe I’ll start looking at Ferrari towards the latter part of the season, and see what they have going on.

I’m might well look like the past seasons again, or much worse.

But the redmist could be too fun to miss though:)

Maybe worth watching in itself?


It’s very likely Mick will end up in F1 in some capacity, now he has super licence points. His F3 title was very strange, it’s like a switch was flipped mid-season and he just became unstoppable. Up until that point he didn’t look anything special. Prema are a top team and money will obviously be no object at this level, so he’ll have a few tries at the F2 title before stepping up to F1.


Yes even his team mates questioned where those super-powers suddenly came from to Mick mid season, as until then he was good but not anything special or outstanding. Lets hope he can prove us all wrong and tat it was no fluke or shady dealings. But simply because Mick suddenly realized how to put a full race-weekend perfectly together. If he can do that consistently through 2019 then his road to a F1 seat will be clear.


We have to know if he has what it takes don’t we? It might not be fair on other young drivers with less famous names, but the question must be answered.


Let Ferrari take him Tim.

I think it’s going to be disappointing for them and anybody else who thinks, just because he’s a Shumacher, he’s gonna be the next god. I feel sorry for him really.

I’ve followed him a bit, through his early career, karts to F3. Haven’t seen anything yet that has got me saying “wow”.

And his F3 season was very strange. Some of his competitors were very confused as to where his sudden upturn in performance came from.

But he seems like a good kid, and I hope the best for him.

And I hope he proves me wrong!


James, yes that was an unusual upturn in form last year, and his team mate seemed to follow him as well!! Either way I want to know if he has the goods.


Exactly it’s abit jobs for the boys.
I hope the real talent isn’t lost behind the Fittipaldis Piquets Schumachers all making the phone calls to F1 teams.


@ BKF…If this young guys name was mick smith you’d never find him in a thousand years.


Maybe you are right.
Probably more ho0e of finding Mick Smith than anything being updated on JAF1.
Seen more life in run over Hedgehog than on this site! Appallingly slow. I assume Brexit will be quicker than any JAF1 update Kenneth. Keywords for this site is
Dripping Dire Draining Desperate .
They are slowly killing it, it’s a wounded animal limping up a muddy bank.


Tiny d what on earth are you on about regarding professionalism ? In your previous texts. No doubt you have zero idea of professionalism with regard to your trolling. Keep hiding behind your multiple persona and do one !


what on earth are you rambling on about ??!!


The fact they let all these comments through criticising the site shows how little they care…


@BKF… Yes, this site is limping like a wounded bull. There is no attempt to give it any life considering the absence of any continuity. Mediocre at best!! This site once had life but i fear that the support has been turned off and it is slowly declining. What a pity that is…..James must be aware of this and still he does nothing?

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