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McLaren F1 recruitment continues as Seidl joins as Managing Director
Posted By: Editor   |  10 Jan 2019   |  12:11 pm GMT  |  224 comments

In a move which McLaren says is the next step in their “recovery plan and restructure”, former boss of the Porsche World Endurance Championship outfit Andreas Seidl will join the team during 2019.

Continuing their efforts to revise the team’s structure after a disappointing 2018 season, Seidl joins the team as the new managing director of the McLaren F1 team, with the team saying that he will report directly to McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown and be “responsible for all aspects of the team’s F1 racing programme”.

Brown commented that the signing is an important step in McLaren’s recovery, with the team wanting to have a dedicated management structure at the head of the McLaren F1 arm.

“We are delighted that Andreas is joining McLaren to lead our F1 technical and operational programme. This is a significant appointment for us on two fronts,” said Brown.

“First, it is another important step in our F1 performance recovery plan and long-term commitment to F1. Second, concentrated senior leadership on our F1 programme is an integral part of the long-term strategy of McLaren Racing to expand into other forms of global motorsport over time.

“Andreas is a highly capable leader with a track record of success in everything he has been involved with, and I look forward to working with him.”

McLaren’s road to recovery

Following McLaren’s decision to switch from Honda to Renault for the 2019 season served to highlight the gulf between themselves and the top teams; they struggled for competitiveness in the midfield and were often the slowest of the Renault-powered teams.

With Honda no longer the scapegoat for McLaren, a technical reshuffle has been undertaken at the team.

Chassis chief Tim Goss left his position last April, as did Engineering Director Matt Morris, with McLaren bringing in James Key from Toro Rosso, who is due to officially start later this year.

Team Principal Eric Boullier left the team in July, with Gil de Ferran being appointed as sporting director, and Andrea Stella being appointed as performance director. Pat Fry was also re-signed as engineering director.

Seidl will essentially take over much of the responsibilities that Brown had on the F1 side of things. He will oversee the heads of the three main departments, which include Key, Simon Roberts – who will be responsible for car production – and chief mechanic Paul James, who will lead operations at the track.

“This is an enormous privilege and challenge, which I am ready for and committed to. To have an opportunity to contribute to the McLaren legacy is extremely special and inspiring,” said Seidl.

“McLaren has the vision, leadership and experience but, most importantly, the people to return to the front, and that will be my absolute focus and mission. I can’t wait to join the team and begin working with my colleagues at McLaren, our partners at Renault and, of course, Carlos and Lando.”

Seidl’s previous experience includes a nice-year stint with BMW in Formula One. He was employed by BMW Motorsport from 2000 and 2006, before taking a role as head of track operations at BMW Sauber until 2009. He then led BMW’s return to DTM.

More recently, he comes from the World Endurance Championship, where he has overseen the Porsche LMP1 team take 17 wins in 33 races – three of which were at Le Mans – and secure the WEC title from 2015-2017.

By: Luke Murphy

Title Image: Porsche Motorsport

Remaining images: Motorsport Images

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Seeing as it’s quite slow ATM i was re reading this thread and it struck me that there is room for small quiz…Which individual poster has almost 17% of all posts to his name? A clue. He only rarely posts a single response? In this thread he has at one stage hit five [ 5 ] posts in line with machine gun rapidity. Obviously the acquisition of that elusive fifth star is playing a big part in this……quest for verbose greatness. Hahaha


Door 3! Door 3!…. sorry, ChrisD

The poster I skip the most.

Do I win? What do I win? Do I get another star?


Is this you Ken?


😂😂 I thought straight away Aveli, Kenneth. But when I read the end of your post, about the elusive 5th star, another poster came to mind😄. But I’m glad CHRIStmas is over🤔


@ James K…”when you wish upon a star’ hahaha He’s outed himself so it’s game over.


To bad Kenneth, I was looking forward to my prize😭

I could have done with with 4 weeks in Oz, all expenses paid.


Yes Christmas can be though time, I’ll give you that, to much free time.

But which kenneth are we talking about 5 or 0.

Or did you mean that aveli and kenneth are one and the same?



Uhmmm….Aveli and Kenneth, one of the same😂😂😂

They couldn’t be 2 posters further away from each other that you can get.

If they are the same person, then I think he has a very, very severe case of schizophrenia.


Kenneth old chap, what happened to your stars?

It’s a shock to see you de-nuded like this. For pete’s sake grab yourself a fig leaf, there’s youngsters here who have never seen a man in the buff… could be traumatic….

Personally I am in awe of this ChrisD. In less than 12 months he has gained himself 4 stars, and now stands to make 5 in just another few weeks (or days) (or hours) That’s wdc speed. Unlike me, only on four [though that’s mainly because I changed emails halfway through]


@ Phil [ my ] Glass…I don’t know where the stars went…maybe the mods are trying to tell me something? Seeing as they censored me almost right out of the Shumacher thread. Ho hum…lets go racing ASAP.


Changed emails ?
I thought you were masquerading as someone else too. I reckon some of you hood wearing dragons of the burning cross, have at least 2 to accounts on the go.
Just wish the editors get grip and find all the fakers. One way would be to submit an email which is activated via a email sent by JAF1. That registers that name and email.
P Glass can send a sample too or a Pig in Lingerie 😂


Well if it takes a week for the comment to be moderated then best to get them all in at once.


Sometimes it’s wise to do that Jakethesnake

Time is of the essence as they say.

Especially when I need to scroll past a few of kenneth’s aliases


I wonder if JA Online would give us the option of blocking certain posters when they become a pain in the arse??


If only I would bother to answer all your bitter attacks on my posts Ken, it would give me five stars.

Sad to see that you still put so much effort into it.

Glad you enjoy them then, you know them better than I do myself.

Enjoy this


@ Chris D..Now you’ve gone and outed yourself and spoilt the competition. Well i use the term spoilt loosely. It was quite obvious as demonstrated by the responses. There was a time, not so long ago, when there was a base form of etiquette that one just didn’t make a habit of double dipping. Five posts in a row and, more often than not, as least two or three was considered bad form. As for me reading them…guess what, i rarely ever do.I have criticised your posts a few times, so what? I get criticism daily. Sometimes it’s warranted sometimes not, again, so what? Mindless posting on subjects not even vaguely associated with the thread topic is largely pointless…like all that garbage about you and your jaguar!!!! never mind…sooner or later you’ll get yout fifth star and then we can go back to normal.


First of all, Ken try to chill, you appear very angry, almost to a cartoonish level, or scary.

Second point. You outed yourself, no one else did, in so many ways. Like your aliases. Your bitterness, your obsession about my stars etc.

Lurk in the shadows isn’t really etiquette as I understand it. Is it Ken? Troll come to mind? Not so base form really, nor etiquette one can’t really say.

I say it’s something we should abolish, or leave it to your new friend David. The other one except you with this high standard of etiquette.

And what did you call it? Base form.

Third point. Why are you so obsessed with my stars? Never mind a Jaguar, but my stars and how many I have. You appear to have everything from zero to five, so I’m already low on stars compared with you. But if I get a 5th star, you’d be the first to know, so you can relax,

So this is my advice to you Ken. Let it go, this is not at a healthy level. Chill and learn how to scroll. That’s what I do.


For once we agree Kenneth.😉 This guy has keyboard diahorrea and needs to think before typing. Sebee and Avelli seem to have learned that you can spoil a forum by over posting, and it’s time ChrisD did as well. One of the rules is to avoid dominating the forum posts as far as I remember?

So ChrisD why do you post so often and in such bulk quantity. Do you ask yourself if the point is relevant and justified, can you condense what you post into one coherent post instead of five?

Seems like the moderators have left the building, which should be no surprise given how a handful of posters behave. Would you like to spend your days sorting out big kids who are pro Hamilton/Vettel, or harp on about subjects not related to the original post, and people who have such extreme bias that they’re not rational (Phil Glass in particular is obsessed by Hamilton)?


@ Paul D..These things do happen from time to time….ah the greatness of random selection.


You got a new friend now kenneth 5 stars.


Paul D stole your Thunder Kenneth.
You waited to long.
Should’ve slammed the answer straight away.
Knowing full well that it takes 24hrs before anything gets updated. We live and learn 🖒


It painful to grow.

But the meta level was great.

A conversation about conversations at the peak or it all. Can’t remember who it was. Hope it wasn’t another alias though.


@ BKF…24hrs? If you’re lucky.


quest for verbose greatness. Hahaha


Ooh I know – is it Chris D?


!@ C63…. Thanks for putting me on the spot. Can’t disclose the answer ATPIT as that would ruin it for the others!! Haha


A while ago I asked this ChrisD chap why he feels the urge to post so relentlessly and funnily enough he responded in usual machine gun style, none of which made any sense!


@ Nick H.. I guessd the name of the game is never to be caught between him and his keyboard unless you have a desire to achieve an early demise! haha


I’m starting to have a little fan club here I must say.

With this kind of comments, the total IQ level among them must have dropped down to an all time low among them

Never thought that could happen


Ken, Paul and C63 what a great buch

Bitterness is not a great feature, but it actually fits you guys really well.

Lets see how low you can go


ChrisD – you have a spectacular lack of self awareness.

I don’t see anyone rushing to defend you, so maybe food for thought?


What makes you think I’m bitter Chris?


@ Chris D…Nothing bitter to see here. look, read, observe and learn. It’s not too hard…


Ok Ken, I’ll do as you say

If I read your text, you have two ellipsis before you say “Nothing bitter to see here, look, observe and learn”.

Now the ellipsis are at both ends of the text, as if you quote yourself. That would be a creepy thing to do in it self.

But an ellipsis also shows you omitted something, like this. -“It’s a lie but nothing bitter to see here (ending with) it’s not to hard to see I’m actually very bitter.

Then the most disturbing thing about what you write is that ellipses are used to indicate nervousness, uncertainty, melancholy, echo and last of all longing.

I believe that last one is very telling, what are you longing for Ken. Want to out something more?

So if I Iook, read and observe what your write. Then this is what I learn.

Nothing to see here move along (but please help me I have a troubled mind), look I’m bitter (both echoing and citing yourself), please observe me I need help (all the above).

Yes kenneth, you were right indeed, I did learn something from your little text, and it wasn’t too hard, it really wasn’t.

Thank you


Got to be tiny d & his hunt for LH and if anything he has stopped using all his other fake names & is going for gold a troll jester with zero brain function award .


Sorry BKF no cigar this time.


It wasn’t? Darn.

But you have to look at the positives.

You made good friends with the likes if David, this anti mastermind of sorts. Can’t really get much lower than that, or are you really trying to emulate him?

You really shoehorned yourself into the lowest possible club to plot out this amazing thing.

All with the same brilliant vocabulary. Starts with a H and ands with an a, sometimes repeated.

I’m impressed

Do you really need a dictionary for that?


love your work kenneth


@ David…Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Today’s the day Kenneth.
Out with it !!
Got the fan fare ready and the champagne on ice.
Now take the stand 🤓


It’s too late mon ami…he’as done it all by himself.


Did you suddenly loose you stars Ken? Or is this another alias?

You should pick another name though, not kenneth again. Like Ken or something.

You fought so hard for them, so I hope it’s just a confusion, like always with you Ken.

How many five star “kenneth’s” do you aim for?


It happens if you type your email wrong Chris.

But with respect, I too, think the amount of posts you post, gets a bit much. Of course, we’ve got a choice. We can just skip over them. I read most of your posts, but when there’s, as Kenneth states 3,4,5 in a row, it can get a bit tedious. Apart from that, all is good👍


Thank you James k.

That’s the way you usually do it, skip the ones you don’t like.

And you type the right email. I’ve managed to do it so far.

But I’d rather not judge. It could happen to most


Is it Chris D?




@ Luke C I shall announce the name tomorrow sometime. That way we have time for others to enter …..


We have about 10 posters posting regularly here, not counting your aliases of course.

So that leaves us with 9, if it isn’t you, one never knows with you Ken.

You really post a serious and pertinent question here I must say, as you always do.

So he posts a lot yo say…tricky. Someone that hurt your feelings maybe?


Who is this demon? Must be a evil one, that could abuse your delicate teenage feelings in this monstrous way.

This is really bad Ken, now tell us right away!


I may come second to you Ken, most do, if we count all your aliases.

Just remember to write another name when switching aliases, I suggest “Bitter Ken” next time.

You expose your IQ like that. Although I know how fragile you can be, try not to get so wound up.


Talking about McLaren.
Ex driver Stoffel has started his Formula E with a big bang err maybe a limp yay ! Seems he just never catches a break. Just misfiring on all cylinders. Most entertaining electric rickshaw racing so far from Marrakech. Sadly Felix De Costa had a Max V moment in attempting to race his 5eam mate as they were leading 2st and 2nd.
Mahindra took the win.
Still it isn’t F1 by miles Rickshaw E is still Milk Floats without the sound of bottles rattling.


Five year plan. I knew he was a communist.


They all are. Why do you think Max had to do “comminuty” service. 😉


Some more than others it seams


Chris D.

Be quiet, no-one gives a f••k.


If the car is an absolute dog – it does not matter if God himself (herself…!!) was in charge. Just get the car sorted McLaren – Formula 1 needs you for crying out loud . Another year of listening to how “great” Lewis Hamilton is and I may just switch off altogether.
Please !!


Absolutely correct rob. It is indeed sad to see McLaren is so much disarray. I too am tired of the Hamilton Hupe. Gone are the days when I watched and/or recorded FP 1,2,3 and enjoyed every minute. Now I record Quali and the race and fast forward to any interesting bits. Just so sick of Herbert and his crew worshiping the guy who has literally lucked in to a successful career purely because he has always had the fastest car and never had to really drive the pants of a midfield car to succeed. I am now finding Indycar a much more satisfying experience to watch.


who has literally lucked in to a successful career

I can’t really see how Hamilton was lucky to have his contract extended (twice) by Mercedes, the second time making him the highest paid driver in the sport. I would imagine that Mercedes must have given that a fair bit of consideration – maybe even had a look around to see if there was any better deals on the table – what do you reckon?


C63, nah! It was all just a fluke!!


Rob and David.

So why turn a post about McLaren nowadays into yet another rant about Hamilton? He has the best car, yes, and he wins, yes. What else is he supposed to do? Lose? Was he really lucky in leaving a winning McLaren, and joining a team that was away to become dominant? I’d say a bit lucky, but that knowing what Merc we’re doing with future investments might also have been considered, and maybe there were performance clauses to escape if needed? Are you actually denying that Hamilton is actually quite good if not the very top level, did he not win a lot from karting all the way through to F1, and how many significant errors did he make last season?

I’d love a fully competitive WDC, but it’s up to the other teams to do a better job. Ferrari should have pushed them way harder in the last two years, but driver and team messed up very visibly – I truly wish Alonso had been in the Ferrari. P Ferrari and Red Bull are not short of money before resources are mentioned.

I’d be interested in your reasoned responses, but suspect I’d be waiting a long time…


Dear Dreary
“I am finding Indy Car a much more satisfying experience !”
Bye Bye tiny d see yah
Drums please !!
The tiny mouse has left the bulding!!


Hupe what’s that tiny d your extra hype of hate from your little hole in the skirting boards . It must kill to know that LH is 5x Champ. Unclench tiny d and let free the winnets and clagnuts blocking your tiny man hole 😂🤣


You can always come here and read aveli’s comments about how great Lewis Hamilton is.


Calm down LukeC or you may get 100 posts from all of us 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😉🇬🇧


@ Luke C….Is ‘great’ the very best superlative that you can come up with? Shame. Won’t cut it. He’s more than that, he’s ‘awesome, epic, sensational, and dazzling, into the bargain.


Redemption 😄


Yes Kenneth, he is all of these and more…

Even I as a supported of the said driver would appreciate if the haters and the lovers would not turn every post into a Hamfest…


You left out “the most intelligent”.


of all time LukeC


gracious and classy


OOOps …what a mistake. Apologies for the lapse.


what is wrong about williams and mclaren and it is looks like they will not catch up in 2019 and 2020.


McLaren have been lying to themselves for a number of years. When they had the all powerful Merc PU the problem with the car was because Merc would not give them the engine mode code.

Then we had years of the best chassis with a GP 2 Honda engine and finally we get to the truth when there are no more excuses. Their car design is crap. Couple that with a serious decline in their operational standards and you get the modern McLaren F1 Team.

The only interst they bring to a race is guessing how many times they will be lapped by the lead car..


So Verstappen’s public service punishment is to attend a E-Prix? Hang with the stewards for the day?

Either this is a joke, or FIA really thinks 100% electric racing is a punishment.

This doesn’t look like punishment to me. Looks like PR marketing punishment.

I’d like to see a safe driving advocating advert personally, starring Max of course.


I agree Sebee. It looks like a PR exercise. Verstappen is treated with kid gloves


“100% electric is a punishment.”

Didn’t really see it that way, but maybe you’re right😉


I honestly have to watch one of these races. I keep thinking I should, and it never works out for me for 5 years already. Have you watched?

That’s it! I’m committing here to watch one of the next three…Chile, Mexico or Hong Kong.

I guess this is self imposed community service? 🙂


Haven’t seen Marakesh, but have seen a bit of the Diarrhea one.

I actually watched quite a bit last year because it’s free in broadcast quality, and I was curious about to see what it’s like. I tried again this year and I can’t seem to get into it again, so it’s been back to f1 and old CART re-runs for me.


Verstappen’s public service punishment is to attend a E-Prix

I saw that too Sorbet, personally I didn’t think Verstappen behaviour warranted such a draconian punishment. Still it could have been worse – they could have made him attend two.

By the by – why is it called an E-Prix? Grand Prix means the big prize – E Prize? It doesn’t make sense.


I just committed (above) to watch one of the next 3 FE races coming up, because I want to do something for the community voluntarily. Max has inspired a sudden urge to do something for my fellow humans, I hope you appreciate it.

I’m thinking once I watch an entire race with no engine sounds I’ll appreciate the PU sounds more too. I’ll be reminded it could be soooo much worse!

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. Unless perhaps the winner of an E-Prix gets his electricity costs covered for 3 months for each win? Or the trophies are electric too?


I’ll be reminded it could be soooo much worse!

Lol – you won’t need to watch an entire race in order to realise that! Trust me, they sound dreadful…..and the tyres squealing, agggh. I tuned into to the first race of the season and Mrs C63 asked me to turn it off – that’s how bad it is.


Lame attempt….E being the fifth letter of the alphabet =5th level of motorsport…maybe that giving it too much kudos…I told you it was a lame attempt.


Lower than 5
I’d have it just under petrol lawn mower racing.
At least you can mow a lawn after racing a “sit down mower”.
What if they bring in an electric version of lawn mower racing ? I hear LukeC shout !!
Well if there is some power left one could still mow half a lawn. Maybe fake a crop circle.
Actually I’ve changed my mind Formula E comes after Egg and Spoon racing. You can make an omelette after you’ve finished with the egg.
Maybe a light a bulb for a while with the Formula E car for abit.


@ BKF….I know that i’ll get pilloried here for admitting this but i actually own,50/50 with my youngest son, an electric lawn mower!!! It may not have the beanz of petrol mowers past but apart from that it a welcome change to all the hoo har with conventional mowers.


What are you talking about? Electric Prize makes perfect sense, just like the electric car. 😉


Formula Electric Eel?


Feels like this fits in here somewhere.


It’s a puzzle. Anybody remotely well known in Britain has been given a Sir, even Andy Murray and he’s only won Wimbledon once. All except Lewis.

Why is F1 ace Hamilton singled out? Could it be his spelling?

Palace sources have leaked a letter to Gazzetta:

Dear Kween

Fanjo and Shoomaker never got no Sir, so I aint botherd. Im just as happy channeling the negativity into positiv enerjy.

Regards, Looiss

ps, excuse the spellin. We coudnt afford skool in stevenage so I stayed home and learnt to rite on my Playstashen.


I’m going to say it is because he drives for a German team and the Royals don’t want to open that can of worms. They may be accused of favoritism.

….this one is part of my 33.3% funnier in 2019 commitment!


this one is part of my 33.3% funnier in 2019 commitment!

Top tip – if you have tell people you are cracking a joke, then it’s not funny.


Jeez P Glass
Your overt ethnic prejudices are on full show now. You definitely have a similar theme with Jimothy tiny d , you sure you are not masquerading as 3 different posters? I guess the P Glass samples will probably conclude the same illness … a lack of class .


@ Phil Glass Have you considered the fact that the car represents 90% [approx ] of the performance and driver what’s left? Hardly’ Knight of the Realm’ qualifying is it?


Yep Kenneth you can say that about Redemption too. It’s all about the Car zzzzz


@ BKF you’re showing you petticoats. Drivers, other than Mercedes, have to work harder for results with greater input a dire necessity.


@ BKF Do not, repeat do not diss on the Donald. He the sanest person in the US ATM…or would you rather have Crooked Hillary and Pocohontas at the helm? I also gave you an uptick out of sympathy and ’19 goodwill. Don’t rock the boat hahaha


You and Trump have an answer for everything, However absurd the answer, it’s just a bleat,
Like the Renaissance, never really happened in your world’s 😉
But I still enjoy the absurdity of the answer, I’m upticking your post for making me chuckle.
Polkadot Petticoat at the ready Sir 😄


Phil Glass. Yet again an entirely unrelated thread and you being up Hamilton. You’re a very sad person.

Why is this guff not moderated out?


even Andy Murray and he’s only won Wimbledon once

Yew knead two cheque yore fax Fill !


Great, but who is in charge?

They all are.

Expensive cats fighting in a sack as McLaren drifts and drifts to the next glittering false dawn.

All that infighting keeps Zak in his well paid position though.


What exactly does Zak do?


Eats pies ?


Did you know BK, that in Wigan, they do a pie in a bread roll and they put something called pea wet on the top? My brother in law follows Rugby League and has apparently attended matches where this local delicacy was on the menu 🙂


That’s cold Kenneth
Like a Lance through the heart ! 🤣
But so true 👏
Though the “Buttery” did serve oven readies from time to time.
Sadly I preferred the fresher variety, cooked in Duck fat with a hint of Rosemary and lightly dabbed in mustard powder. They were fantastic & worth the wait.
As for Cloth caps and black pudding well that can stay up North 👍


@ BKF…obviously this pedestrian fare is not fit for a Cambridge chappie…Bit too cloth cap, brown ale and oven readies eh? haha


Pea wet is that something P Glass says?
When he wears his adult baby grower 😉

Yes I’ve heard of this green goo. They also call it Peas Pie or Peas Pudding in Newcastle .
I know of these Lancashire culinary offerings to the weird “Rear end grabbing game of League Gods !”
It’s a game that has never appealed to me as Rugby Union Man.
I’m also glad that this Pea offering staunchly remains a Northern delicacy, for those people whos taste buds are on a par , to appreciate a boiled old sock.
I’m sure it tastes of ye’ol Industrial Revolution & Factories depicted in a Matchstick Men and Matchstick Cats and Dogs painting.
Did he try the delicacy C63?


Don’t worry- Zak has a five year plan which will keep them all looking busy for the time being.


McClaren for me, has always been the team founded by Bruce McClaren, whose famous CanAm machines still grace the hills of Road America each summer. Since they now make road cars and are a UK company, they also remind me of that other F1 now defunct team, Lotus. I do like that they make road cars, though expensive ones.

Two points unrelated to the F1 project: 1. I wish they would make an inexpensive electric sprint car, like Lotus did with the gas powered Elan (still their most well known car – that Emma Peel drove) 2. Keep the mantle of innovation going. To go back in time a bit, there was a time when racing was very different. Jim Hall, a privateer, in his ‘garage,’ designed and built really innovative cars, and brought them to the track. As a kid, I couldn’t wait to see his next car. Those days can’t be brought back. But they do provide a picture of innovation, that when reinvented, can shake things on the grid up a bit. I hope they, or someone, can do that. I hope we can all be surprised by some grid shake-ups this year.

But with such a complex effort needed to achieve success these days, the likelihood is small. Where’s the new Steve Jobs of F1?


Appreciate your comment.

To me, innovation stifled…..how, regulations, supported buy manure facturerz. Sporting it is not. FIA weak.

You can never go back to the good ole days……but I’m an advocate for simplifying regs and allowing more design evolution/revolution to happen and live with the outcomes.

In a fantasy I’d welcome the team that came up with novel application of electric motors/ software/ internal combustion.

Of course you’d still need some set of regs.

And safety ones in particular still tight, raise the bar for those while your there……..All Imho.


Although I never followed WEC I guess Seidl CV ticked all the boxes. Im a bit puzzled as to how the jost capito thing didn’t work out but I think that was maybe a different role.

comment sections have gone barmy now and there are very few coherent posts and this probably scares away any useful contributions. Very worrying for the future of civilization if it happens everywhere in life.


The only credible contender would be if they would bring in Porsche or whatever brand they prefer to use form the VW group.

Still it would take years to catch up, no to mention get past on performance, witch would be a very uncertain endeavour if not impossible . If there isn’t a new shake up in the regulations.

Why would any manufacturer get into this mess? The only point where that would be even remotely plausible is a shake up in the regs.


They could build the best chassis and still they would only be a top midfield team at best.

It’s a more healthy approach though to have two drivers that can fight it out on track. If Carlos hasn’t inherited Alonso’s contract clauses that is.


I sincerely hope Andreas Seidi has not walked into a growing expanse of upper management at McLaren, where there are so many branches that the inspiration & information is lost by the time it hits the man on the shop floor.

If so, Norris won’t be able to shine & Sainz’s career will become the equivalent of a shot duck.

However, if Seidl is allowed to use his WEC experience to juggle multiple taskes successfully, there may just be a glimmer of hope for the big orange M.


Any chance that “Pop up Motor Fan advert” can be phased out. It keeps freezing the JAF1 page.
Clicking the x only temporarily stops it. It appears on another article.
You could just have it as a header instead of a pop up ? Even if you have pop ups switched off on page format it still seems to appear.
We all know JAF1 is motorsports but that’s like flaunting it now.
When is the JAF1 header changing to Motor F1 Fan on this site ? Assume it’s coming soon .


I don’t see it – I use Firefox with an ‘ad blocker’. Just checked and yes, it comes up on Chrome browser.


Seems to overide the “block pop ups ” on Chrome browser Warley.
I even tried it on the tumbleweed Bing Browser. Same thing.
On Chrome even with ad blocker it as the audacity to keep popping up !!
Like a post from P G or tiny d it has a similar toe curling response ! 😂


Trouble is Google and Mucrosoft dont seem to want to pay more than lip service to blocking anything but are more interested in giving you accurately ‘targetted’ ads! Sadly Safari on my mac is little better. On Firefox the dark forces have little inluence so one gets good blocking with either uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus and others may work too. I find an ad blocker essentual for watching YouTube which these days is infested with ads. Firefox has a couple of issues but nothing is perfect.


Thanks for the info Warley 👍👍👍


You can’t deny, they’re giving it a good go. The ghost of GP past is luring in the background, driving McLaren on… obviously haven’t had a visit from the ghost of GP future yet😱.

But seriously, I hope they get it together. At least seeing them win a few GP”s again would be nice😊


But Zak is still there.


McL has almost more directors then the PU has cylinders. That will certainly help to get them back to the, mhmmmmm, midfield?


Seems like the perfect place to have mentioned an F1 V10 Searcher.


The grass is always greener over the septic tank.


Always nice with some ancient wisdom. This was an evergreen.


The only person that can save them is a brilliant designer aka Newey


What is happening with Rob Dennis? Anyone know? It’s like he teleported off the planet. No quotes. No Visits. Puff. Gone.


Thanks J. I tried to watch this, but I need to be in a mood for a 2 hour talking head video.

I actually saw the Senna premier, and the director talked about the cuts they had, including the initial 2hr45min cut that was one I downloaded as file. And that had a lot of talking heads in the movie, I’ve never made it through the watch. Bought the BD eventually, and final cut with 1hr of these talking heads cut out was much better and watchable. Including a lot of Ron Dennis being cut out.

But I guess I asked for it, so I’ll put it on in the background one day and see how Ron saw it all. How he wants it to be written.

Still…missing in action for 15 months, right? Is that the latest of him there is?


What is happening with Rob Dennis?

I might have dreamt it, but I believe he is a some sort of Government advisor now. Sits on a committee in Whitehall. Happy to be corrected if I made that up 🙂


Apparently he was snapped up by the British Dept. of Defence or so i heard some time ago. Ron Dennis is much maligned by the great uniformed. To achiever what he did is quite mind blowing really.


He should at least write a book. I would buy. Anyone the same?


For sure


Count me in…right in.


I don’t know if my brain could handle 500 pages of Ron-speak.

I’d rather he do a monthly article like James. 😉


What interview is that Kenneth? Link or physical book?


@ Sebee I have just been reading an in depth interview with Ron Dennis…what a fascinating history this guy has. He is quite extraordinary and his life in F1 seriously illuminating, Reading all the garbage posted on the internet regarding him just shows how cheap and shallow most peoples knowledge of him and his past really is. Enthusiasm, dedication to perfection and a seriously savvy operator always makes for a fascinating insight.


He could write it with James Allen, with lots of juicy insights into the Senna -Prost affairs. And Mika Hakkinen.

It would be great.


Both a rule change and a brilliant designer aka Newey.

(Though not the only person that can save them, Hamilton would have taken the title in that McLaren from ’14-’18.)




now that is funny cheers


Formula one is no more a people battle or idea battle. Team needs to win every single battle : driver battle, teammate battle, parts battle, fuel battle and lap battle.


reshuffling people is maybe not the way anymore because it’s all about down force, motor and reliability.


it doesn’t matter what brings about performance, people improve performances.


A realistic goal for McLaren in 2019 is to challenge Renault for best-of-the-rest. Anything more is a bonus. Anything less is a failure. That’s the final word.


I must say i love my Jaguar, but i can’t say it’s a marvel of engineering. But it looks the way I want it to look and it has a V12. The ones I had with v8’s are fine, but then a supercharged is preferred i guess.

And I like the fact that it is the villain car in James Bond. Real bank robbers actually used them once upon a time when they were really good, superior to any police vehicle.

What else? Mercedes also built better cars in the past. At least they were better looking.

So did most manufacturers



What on earth are you on wittering on about ?


Chris has in record time become my “most skipped poster”, quite an achievement given the competition.



Lol – I used to skip his posts too. Then I got sucked into a debate how great Kimi never was – I need to extricate myself tout suite 🙂


You’re not alone there Andrew.


And c’mon that alias…


Nothing a PU lover like you C63 would really understand I suppose, so don’t bother trying.


Seriously Chris, you post comment after comment (several in a row) frequently reply to yourself – not every thought you have needs to be written down. What on earth has a rambling narrative about V12 Jags got to do with this article?


Who says I’m a PU lover ?


The whole comments site is about to get as comments as possible in the first place.

Do you mind me asking Chris, is English your first language?


The whole comments site is about to get as comments as possible in the first place.

To get an comment liket this from someone with 5 stars, that’s a really stupid.

You must have blurted out a lot of comments, just by looking at your recent past one gets an idea.

You think they all were brilliant,think again.

So your last resor is these low IQ attacks, when you can’t argue for your case or whatever bothers you C63.

Well go ahead suits you well, doesn’t it


@ C63…I gave you ANOTHER uptick. My world is upside down hahaha


Seidl Sidelines Zak at Mac


Ever considered working for the tabloids Phil?


Well Germany must have a lot of engineering talent, or is that a prejudice?

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