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Alonso, Kobayashi, Taylor & Van der Zande win Rolex 24
Posted By: Editor   |  28 Jan 2019   |  10:25 am GMT  |  166 comments

Fernando Alonso’s post-F1 motor racing career has begun in fine style after he and his Wayne Taylor Racing team-mates survived – and won – the rain-affected Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

The two-time Formula One champion raced alongside ex-F1 and endurance racing regular Kamui Kobayashi, as well as former Daytona winners Jordan Taylor and Renger van der Zande, to guide the #10 Cadillac to the first major motorsport honours of the year.

After some earlier retirements for front-running teams such as the #6 Acura (piloted by Juan-Pablo Montoya, Simon Pagenaud and Dane Cameron) and the #5 Cadillac (belonging to last year’s winners Christian Fittipaldi, Filipe Albuquerque and Joao Barbosa), the race became a multi-hour three-way scrap for the lead.

With the weather playing havoc with the race, officials had no choice but to throw dozens of ‘full course yellows’ to clear bodywork and stricken cars, whilst a mid-race red flag period interrupted the event.

A final red flag period in the last couple of hours paused the race once more but, with efforts to clear the standing water proving fruitless, the chequered flag was waved ten minutes early when it became clear the race would not restart before the 24-hour mark.

The decisive race-winning moment came not long before the final stoppage when the #31 Action Express Racing Cadillac – piloted at the time by ex-F1 driver Felipe Nasr – ran wide at turn one, handing the lead to Alonso, who had been completing some impressive wet-weather driving.

“It’s amazing,” Alonso told NBCSN. “Just an amazing experience with this team, from the test and now the race – a perfect execution of the race.

“Very different conditions, and we’ve been competitive in everything – dry, wet, night and day. Really happy for the team and all the guys.

“[This win] will rank very high. To win this kind of endurance racing at iconic places like Daytona means a lot. With zero experience and background in endurance before [last year] it’s quite a big thing. I’ve been in the right place at the right moments, so I’m happy for that.”

Nasr, along with team-mates Pipo Derani and Eric Curran were classified as second, with another former Formula One driver Alexander Rossi being part of the third-placed #7 Acura ARX-05 team along with Helio Castroneves and Ricky Taylor.

The win is another triumph in Alonso’s expanding motorsport career; he took victory at the 24 hours of Le Mans last season, and currently leads the 2018-2019 World Endurance Championship.

The current WEC calendar includes two attempts at Le Mans, meaning Alonso will have another attempt at winning the illustrious event. He will also make his second attempt at the Indy 500 race later on in the year.

Elsewhere at Daytona, there was an LMP2-class victory for the #18 DragonSpeed Oreca-Gibson belonging to Pastor Maldonado, Roberto Gonzalez, Sebastian Saavedra and Ryan Cullen, whilst a hotly-contested GT Le Mans class was won by the #25 BMW M8 GTE of Philipp Eng, Connor De Phillippi, Colton Herta and Augusto Farfus.

The second BMW entry – the #24 car headlined by the ever-popular Alex Zanardi – picked up steering column damage and a mid-race puncture, putting them out of contention.

BMW dedicated their GT Le Mans win to the late Charly Lamm, who guided BMW to a host of motorsport triumphs in the touring car and sports car scenes.

Finally, the GT Daytona category was won by 2018 winners Grasser Racing, with the Lamborghini Huracan being driven by Rolf Ineichen, Mirko Bortolotti, Christian Engelhart and Rik Breukers.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

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I see the Hamilton reputation management company have been at work adding plus’ during the night. Or maybe that’s their day time. (where ever they are from)


Back again doing your hate campaign Hello.⚡⚡ so they’ve let you out for another few months. Assume they’ve tagged you this time.


W should let Lewis know. Maybe he’ll send them a Mercedes cap, or t-shirt, or both.


I would like to see Lewis at some point try a few different types of racing. Lets face it,……… he plays the piano like Les Dawson playing badly. The fact that the “people” around him didn’t or couldn’t say, “Lewis you don’t have the ability to play live on TV”. says loads about the environment he lives in. (An echo chamber as big as the space between his ears).

Well done Fernando.


All Hello can come up with on this article about Alonso is a swipe at Lewis? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, it’s nice that all he has left is to criticise his piano playing though!

The day Hello hit rock bottom (whispered)…..


The day Hello hit rock bottom

That happened a long time ago. My first memory on this earth is from inside my country’s maximum security prison.


Sorry to hear that Hello dot,
But I see now, where you get your maximum social skills and cues from.


as big as the space between his ears


LOL – not as big as the space in Alonso’s cabinet, reserved for the 3rd F1 WDC trophy 🙂


but still big.


Doesn’t he have his own museum? And it’s Hamilton that’s supposed to have a big head?!?

Maybe he’ll convert an empty wing into an indoor karting track. 😁


Personally I don’t think Hamilton is really that big headed, no more so than other sportsmen that have enjoyed similar success.

I do wish he was a bit more James Hunt though, not a huge fan of non drinking vegans lol. But that is just my opinion.


If he was more James Hunt Barry Sheen he’d be on LukeC “let’s pull a story from 10 years ago. reframe it and
Pass it as new news”
Lazy LukeC and his merry band of haters would love LH being a Jack the lad.
Infact…LH won’t win on anything except on the race track. Thats where it hurts the haters 😁 the most.


I know he used to drink, but I thought with this new diet he’s on he’d cut the booze out altogether. Could be wrong though.


Lol, too true. People will naturally feel affection for someone living it up large, and partaking in the many vices of life. Perhaps because we would all like to do that, but don’t (to Hunt’s extent, say) because of its life-limiting potential, etc. That’s my 2 minute analysis of that.

Is he a teetotaler now? I recall all the flak he got after having a few benders after his 2015 title win, so maybe it’s for the best.

Having said that, Hamilton is no wallflower. He’s living life to the fullest, doing his snowboarding, surfing and skydiving, etc. I’m surprised Mercedes let him get permission for some of those activities into his contract.


Hello aka Jim Jimothy Tiny d P G or however many dud persona some multi posters pretend to be…
Maybe if FA could play the Piano like Les Dawson he’d be 5x World Champ.
Do you realise how hard it is to play the Piano the way Les Dawson played the Piano?
Lewis playing piano ? What’s that got to do with Alonso being part of a team to win in Yankland?
Maybe the reason Alonso is running away from F1 & racing in different formats is that well ….he rubs F1 teams up the wrong way , he expects the teams to “give him the moon on a stick every time”.
Plus expects favouritism from the team…or like the classic 1940’s school boy “Just Williams” girlfriend… he will “Scweeam and Scweeam” until she has her way. 😆
Reason Alonso is away doing none F1 stuff is … no team wants him. He had choices , he even had a chance to go to Red Bull…but decided not too. Then Red Bull became WCC and WDC multi champs.
Then started his war with McLaren , then blurted about Spy gate to Ferrari (when most teams spy on each other). With Mercedes footing the Multi Million pound fines. (Later expected Mercedes to pick as a driver, when Mercedes became multi champs) .
Then moved to Ferrari and bad mouthed Ferrari. The guy has the social etiquette of spoilt 2 year old at times. Yep he should start playing the Piano like Les Dawson too. Before he Scweeams and Scweeams.
Hats off for Alonso winning in team environment. But as a separate driver in a two man F1 team his social skills are not exactly Samurai level as Honda , McLaren and Mercedes and Ferrari would judge them to be.
Any how congrats to Alonso as part of a team of drivers.


Full marks for mentioning Elizabeth Violet Bott who said she would thqueem and thqueem until she was thick!


Warley I’m glad you know your way round the classics 🏆👍
I’m sure “Dick Barton” and his side kick “Snowy” will be making an appearance at some stage too👤😉.
As far as “Just William” and his trusty catapult…
They’ll be alot of ‘thqueeming’ going on for some😉


Yeah and everyone was laughing more at Lewis than when Les played the piano.


For those of you who may not have heard of the late great Les Dawson;

Lewis. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vUh4Ec2qc_4

Les. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9nNGlaiVypU


He played on TV and hit at least 2 bum notes. You’re not meant to hit any, unless your Les.


everyone was laughing

Not as loud as they laughed at the end of the 2010 Ab Dab GP with Nando’ shaking his fist at Petrov .

Still makes me chuckle now if I think about it.


I know, why didn’t Alo send it past him in a breaking zone using the run offs. Just to show the Pet he was there. Pet also had a brand new engine for that race, while Alo was on it’s 4th.

But if is F1 backwards.


Aah, Hello. Sticking to what you’re good at in this comment at least. The last time I recall AndrewM threw your prior comment in your face, made ya look silly (should that be sillier?).

So …

Say Lewis is one-dimensional ✔
Say Lewis is dumb ✔
Say Lewis is surrounded by yes men ✔

He’s done rather well for an unsophisticated dolt living in a bubble, eh? 😉


Forrest Gump did rather well for himself too.

“Drive Lewis, drive!”


What comment did AndrewM throw?


You made a comment after Vettel’s commanding win at Spa, that Lewis had stupidly misread the F1 landscape by re-signing with Merc, and that he was going to have to sit and watch as Seb marched to 7 titles.

Then later on after the season you commented that the Merc was always better, and that Lewis’ win was a fait accompli. That’s when AndrewM raised your earlier comment, where you distinctly held a diametrically opposite view.

Remember now?

I’ll remind you again in a month when you “forget”, ok? 😉


You have it right in your second reply. As for your first, you’re saying Leclerc beats Hamilton if car performance is similar to last year? That’s a mighty big claim. People on here will know that I’m a big fan of Leclerc, I think he’s got the royal jelly. Yet winning in your first title challenge, when car performance is tight between competing teams, is very rare. Especially when the other team sports the 5x defending champion. I think Leclerc’s goal of two wins is much more sensible. It’s also extremely unlikely that Seb has as error-strewn a season as 2018 again. The driver dynamics at Ferrari are definitely one of the must-watch stories of this year.


In short,

Merc was always better

in Lewis’ hands but the car itself was second fastest.


I was saying Lewis isn’t liking being in the second fastest car and having to drive slower to guarantee Bottas for this year. He soon picked up his pace and consistency after Bottas was confirmed. Making the Merc in his hands the fastest car. It was only “closeish” with Vettel because Vettel is, at best, the 5th fastest driver, (soon to be, at best, the 6th fastest driver). Lewis in last year’s Ferrari and the season would have been over after a few races.

Anyway, if the cars have the same relative pace this season as last season Leclerc will walk it, (the championship). Vettel will be selling his 4 championships hard to get away from him. If he is not already doing so.


Superb effort by all concerned and a little bit of luck but isn’t that usually the way? As to Alonso are there any other persons who have achieved F1 WD Champion, conqueror of the Monaco GP Lemans and Daytona (and hopefully soon Indy) ? Make no mistake Alonso is immensely talented ,hopefully he has left his past littered with disastrous career decisions in his wake. Godspeed Fernando


F1 Yanks are regreting ALO’s departure, they know he is a phenomenal asset. F1 Englishmen disguise their satisfaction for having a free path for their stars. It’s interesting to see different reactions according the country. English have opted by “some impressive wet-weather driving”



You gotta let it go Sergio.


F1 news?


“Narrow-mindedness will only get you as far as Nowhere, and once you’re there, you are lost forever….”


Got another one Redline
“Little Acorn (Alonso) who fights with big tree (Ferrari) ends up rootless !”


Congratulations to all involved, I remain impressed by Alonso’s endeavours to win in as many categories as possible. Hopefully he can bag the 500 this year.


Alonso is like the boxer who didn’t know when to quit. He’ll get hurt this year, on circuits that don’t allow the mistakes F1 drivers make.

Good driver, poor sportsman.


….and the “James Allan World’s Dumbest Comment Award”, awarded to those who make comments showing poor understanding or appreciation of motorsport and the racing drivers’ talents during a particular season or seasons…goes to…

Really, Alonso, one would think, is well aware of any risk he takes when he steps into the car. I would imagine if he were a poor sportsman he would have left F1 and then moaned about it at every turn or made derogatory comments about former champions to the media…

Nope, instead, he wins Le Mans, he has a damn good go at the Indy 500, wins again at Daytona 24HR, and may well win Le Mans for a 2nd time..

I think he knows what he is capable of, and he was nowhere near doing that with a dog of a Mclaren…why be at the back of the pack in F1 if you can win at Indy (or at least have a shot until the Honda goes pop – again!!!), win at Le Mans, win at Daytona…and very likely bag WEC Endurance Title in 2019…

to use your analogy that’s not a boxer who doesn’t now when to quit – it’s a boxer winning in different weight divisions after not getting another decent shot at the Heavyweight title (F1) which he won twice already and came “oh so close” to on at least 3 other occasions…(07, 10,12.)

Clever boxing and maybe a way to create the legend he SHOULD have had in F1


Dry your eyes mate. You seem triggered?


…meh, sarcasm…and a whole 7 words in response.

not triggered, just taught that when making a statement it should at least be substantiated.

However, the old saying of opinions are like….%&*holes…so i guess we are all entitled to our own.


…meh…sarcasm…brilliant response though, all of 6 words!


A strong contender for dumbest comment of the year, and we’re still in January.


f1 driers are the best and offer the fewest errors


That’s rediculous lol. He doesn’t have any more chance of getting hurt this year than any other driver who goes racing.

Is Jensen Button another boxer who didn’t know when to quit? He’s still doing Super GT and WEC. What about Rubens Barrichello, he just did Daytona…should he hang up the helmet? Or Alex Zinardi, ya, just another punch drunk dummy who doesn’t know when to quit. How about Carlos Saiz Sr…way past his prime, he should just retire already. Same with Sebastian Loeb, what an old fart.

C’mon man


Did you say Alex Zanardi?



Alex Zanardi.

Do you think he’s a driver who should “know when to quit” and just hang up his helmet?


I’m not an Alonso fan but this is silly – plenty of lesser F1 drivers have moved to Indycar and WEC and manages to somehow survive just fine.


Marshall, all true! But as crazy as it looked at one point, check who the Winners are!Even with “ten legs”, I wouldn’t had delivered the magic displayed by @alo_oficial and @augustofarfus

There’s something that need to be treasured in American racing that F1 lost long time ago..

– Alex Zinardi



Alonso is an F1 great, and he was good in the rain at Daytona, but face it the standard in IMSA with few top drivers in leading cars is not great. His Indy 500 challenge is more of a test.


Paul D, regarding “few top drivers”, lol

Filipe Nasr

Eric Curran

Pipo Dirani

Helio Castroneves

Alexandre Rossi

Ricky Taylor

Colin Braun

Roman Dumas

Loic Duval

Dane Cameron

Juan Pablo Montoya

Simon Pagenaud

Christian Fittipaldi

Filipe Albuquerque

Joao Barbosa

Three of those drivers have won D24 three times, going for their fourth.

In DPi, 10 of the 11 cars entered had previous winners on board.

From Racer.com

The 2019 Rolex 24 field includes 40 drivers with one or more top-level IMSA championships, 33 drivers with at least one victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, five IndyCar/Champ Car Champions, four Indianapolis 500 winners, three drivers with Formula 1 Grand Prix race victories, two Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race winners and one Formula 1 World Champion.


Twitch, and Christian Fittipaldi is the eleventh best F1 driver of all time!!


Could’ve been a great race were it not for the rain. The result isn’t much of a surprise, Caddilac had the car and everyone knew it. A driver of Fernando’s caliber wouldn’t sign for anything less.

Far too many reds and yellows. Yeah it rained hard but it had the feeling of amateur hour with the constant spinning/crashes. The all female crew finish 33rd. Except ramming a dpi, they did a commendable job. Who says women need their own series to stand out.

Like in le man, Alonso’s night stint and rain running was phenomenal. Shout out to taylor, his wet stint was equally impressive – bar a hairy moment with a spinning gt. Like all the Greats, be it a kart, wheelbarrow, or 4 post bed – they’ll always excel.

Wish lewis wold have a go, doesn’t have to – with dominating f1 and all. Cheers #teamlh


Oblah remember in his McLaren years LH actually had a go a NASCAR test.
Similar to The Alonso switch he did with an American NASCAR champ. Think LH is all F1 for now. But as the Exitor states with it goung to a winter championship then who knows you may get alot of cross overs. Especially with new Merc Hyper Car and Mclaren Hyper Car plus
The Red Bull homage to its 20th Century World Conflict Austrian
“Double Yew🐑 SS Valykarie ⚡⚡”


Alo was actually a whole 2 secs faster in a NASCAR around Bahrain than jimmy Johnson.

I wasn’t expecting that.


Yes, Cadillac was fast but it was Acura who had the car…according to those who actually were in the know.


Hmm, who are these people in the know? A Cadillac has won that race the last 3 years running, every year since its DPi program launched.

Alonso had some great stints, though they were all negated by full course yellows. In the end it came down to Nasr’s error under pressure to secure victory for Alonso’s team.

The finish under red just sucks. I think endurance racing should have something like a green-white-chequered finish, if rain spoils the finish. Maybe a max time of 30 hrs to get a full 24 hrs of running in, much like the max 4 hrs to get 2 hrs or full distance in, in F1?


KRB, re Green White Checker idea. Don’t get me wrong, I get where you’re coming from. Stopping the clock and then just adding time at the end, in theory, would be super easy to do.

The problem is the logistic. I don’t know how many marshals and safety crews it takes to run something like D24, but vast majority are volunteers who have day jobs to go to on Monday. The longer into Sunday evening that you drag the race, the more stress and strain you put on the volunteer corps who make the show happen. You either need to ask crews to work much longer, or you need to find more people to staff more shifts.

Furthermore, volunteers aside, there’s other logistical aspects. Many people who were at D24 were scheduled to be at this weekend’s Bathurst 12hr, and many of them had travel plans that started on Sunday evening (keep in mind that the first practice sessions at Bathurst, going off Florida Time, would be early early Thursday morning. Meaning you really only have Sunday evening, Mon-Wed to get from Daytona to Melbourne).

You then have question of “how much is enough”. You suggest adding 2 hours, and maybe that’s reasonable. But you know that wouldn’t be enough for someone out there. What if the race had 6 hours of red flag? Or more. Turn it into a 30 hour event? Why not just go for a full 48? Where do you stop?

You stop at 24 (or 12, or 6, or 10, whatever the original agreed upon time is).

Regarding the Cadillac. I think Alonso’s car was one of 7 cars that were fairly evenly matched at the front, each with strengths and weaknesses. The Mazda’s had more outright pace, the Cadillacs were better in the rain.

There might be a reason for that…I remember back in like ‘13 ‘14 ‘15 when Johnny O’Connel was racking up successive championships driving a Cadillac ATS-V R in the Pirelli World Challange (North American edition of Blancpain), there was a lot of talk about how Caddy was putting a lot of effort into developing the TCS system on the car, and that they had managed to really refine and explore the limits of a race bread TCS system. When they switched from GT3 to DPi racing, I’m sure they brought that software knowhow with them, so it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the Cadillac DPis have a much more refined and developed TCS system than the Mazda and Acura counterparts.

As far as where the #10 will finish the season….lol, do you watch IMSA? It’s way to early in the season to predict. Next up is the 12 Hours of Sebring, which is a complete unknown because of how brutal the track is (probably bad news for Mazda lol). There’s also BoP adjustments throughout the season, so early success can have negative long term impacts. On top of 12 Hours of Sebring, and all the sprint format events, there’s still 16 hours of endurance racing at Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta. So hard to predict at this point.

If the #10 can get through Sebring with a solid points finish, I could maybe guess that they would then have a really solid shot finishing the season in the top 5. Other than that, it’s too hard to guess. They’ll probably go well at both Long Beach and Detroit, as the torque of the Caddy’s is well suited to the point and squirt nature of those circuits (but again, doing well here can have negative BoP connotations).

Gotta remember too, the #10 is a one car team going up against Penske and Joest, both who bring a double barrel to each event and have nooo qualms about playing the 2-car team game to get wins and championships.

Other than that, who knows. That’s why we watch the season 🙂


DPi regs were introduced in 2017. For the 2017 season, Caddy was the only truely factory backed effort. Acura didn’t enter until 2018, and Mazda was terrible in 2017. So it’s natural that a Caddy would have won in 2017.

Last year, Mazda and Acura were in the first years of new programs, so went through teething issues.

So yes Caddy won the ‘17 and ‘18 additions of the D24, but they didn’t have much competition. Furthermore, this is a BoP series, so the fact they were successful in the past actually works against them (balancing the torque generated by the Chevy V8 has been the issue with the Cadillacs, their torque on corner exit is nuts).

As far as a green white checker…turrible idea. It’s turrible in NASCAR, and definitely not needed in endurance racing.


Hmm, well it’s not really like a green-white-chequered, but rather keeping separate race and overall times. If there are red flag periods that amount to 2 hours, the race would still run (under green or yellow conditions) for 24 hours but overall time would be 26 hours.

Knowing how the Caddy’s were in the rain, are you saying that Alonso wasn’t in one of the best cars for the race?

Where do you think the #10 will finish this season?


Did you actually see the qualifying results and the comments accompanying it? Did you read the comments from other drivers and teams about what they thought would be the results? Did you read the Taylor Racing teams expectations? Those are the people that i deem to be in the know not someone bashing away at a keyboard in the Canadian backblocks.


Hmm, I’ve never claimed to “never be wrong”, so not sure why you persist with that.

Why I highlighted North America is because the USA also has won less GP’s than Australia.

Oceania has more GP wins than N.America:

Australia + New Zealand = 42 + 12 = 54
Canada + USA + Mexico = 17 + 33 + 2 = 52


So do you think there might be a reason why a region of 490 million has produced less F1 GP wins than a region of 30 million? Perhaps, maybe?

Why does Canada have 61 wins in Indycar/Champ Car, while Australia has 42, even with one of the most successful recent drivers in Will Power?

Let me just make clear that I think Australia & New Zealand are great nations, just as my own Canada is. I’m not sure how I got into this us vs. them exchange. I’m reminded of the George Bernard Shaw quote:

“Never wrestle with a pig. You just get all muddy, and besides, the pig likes it.”



@ KRB….What a cop out. So you’re North American now? When it suits your argument. The fact is that out of what, 37million people, you still can’t field F1 race winners ? I used the term backblocks as it is most apt given the debate. As for your analogy, wrong…fat people are fat people. Just keep it in mind for future reference that Australian drivers have collectively won more F1 races than Canadian drivers and from such a miniscule insignificant G20 nation that, of itself, should tell you something…but hey, now that i’ve fully recognised who i am communicating with i shall henceforth terminate this discussion. It’s pointless arguing with someone who self proclaims to ‘never be wrong’.


Re: Canadian WDC’s … I think you know why N.American representation has been lower in F1 than that of Australia, N.Z. or S.Africa. There are many other vibrant racing series (both open wheel and closed) here than those other countries. It’s almost like asking how many ICC Cricket World Cups Canada has won. The registrations in cricket will be minuscule compared to those for baseball in N.America.

Having said that, Australia hasn’t had a WDC since 1980, before the advent of the modern era of F1. 1997 is a long time ago for Villeneuve Jr’s title win, but 22 years is less than 39! 😉

Re: backblocks, given what you’ve said, why even use that term?!? Australia, like Canada, is a country that heavily relies on natural resource extraction for its national income. No shame in that at all.

As you know, I live in the Greater Toronto Area, the 7th largest metropolitan area in North America. Don’t you live on the Gold Coast?! So knowing that, why use backblocks? That’s like a 400 lbs person calling a 200 lbs person fat. It makes no sense.

Gee, I just remembered who I’m conversing with. I’ll end there.


@ KRB….Just to finalise the response…yes Australia does qualify to be recognised by comparison as having more that the average ‘backblocks’ An island continent where life is tenuously maintained in a thin green coastal strip. The difference is that we understand and accept that and are not on any drip feed from our large and powerful neighbour. As for being a G20 country…not bad really considering what i’ve just explained to you. Now, can you update me on how many F1 GP’s have been won by Canadian drivers, in comparison to this little G20 island and whilst you’re at it, how many Canadians have won a WDC , considering that Canada is a G7 country?. . I’m all ears.


@ KRB what a cop out. If as you infer, that you’re a’ full bottle’ on this race and the outcome then you would’ve read the comments i referred to. I am not about to dance to your tune… ever. Of course Alonso chose the best option available. Why wouldn’t he? That fact alone though means little when one takes into consideration the multitude of variables that occurred during the running of this race.


Hmm, qualifying. For a 24 hr endurance race, it doesn’t matter as much. Especially if both your cars catch fire within the first 8 hours, like the Mazda’s.

WTR had a dip last year, but were at the front again halfway into the season. That’s why Alonso signed up with them. You think he signed up to finish 5th again (his favoured qualifying and finishing spot in F1)? Get real. Plus when the rain hit that was just perfect for the #10 car.

Had to look up backblocks … new word for me. Basically what we would call the “boonies”. I think I might only qualify as being in the backblocks if you consider Canada as a whole the backblocks. But if so then Australia would have to be considered the same I would think … with Canada being a G7 country and Australia a G20.

Point me to these comments kenneth.


You’re under estimating how much water was on the circuit if you think it was amateur driving causing the spins. There was so much water that cars like the Ferrari GTLM were hydroplaning on the floor of the car.

Also, the all female crew finished 13th in class, 33rd overall. That’s just the way endurance racing goes sometimes.


Correction, results have been amended, the all female crew now finished 11th in class, out of 28 entrants. Not a terrible result for a new team.


Doing a race and getting a result. Must be good rehabilitation after years clocking on at the coalface of F1 for scant reward.

Can see him back in an F1 car in a round 2 or 3 shock return in 2020 if we have a brawn type situation but with rookies tripping over everywhere.


maybe the future of racing is a multiple drivers series with multiple motors specs.


that is unlikely to happen


I think Alonso should try to secure himself a top Formula E drive for the 2020 season. If he can win the WEC title this year to add to his F1 titles, an FE title would be a triple crown nobody else has ever achieved.


alonso doesn’t need any other titles to be identified as a great he has done enough


So much more sensible when not focussing on Lewis.


Maybe aveli has started to diversify his own revenue stream by having signed up with more drivers than just Hamilton, to blatantly boost and vigorously protect their online reputation? :o)


@ Charlie W…Aveli is broadening his scope now by adding Alonso and let’s not forget his adulation of Verstappen. If Hamilton finds out then his days are numbered as being Numero Uno of the Hamilton GOAT Club. He’s certainly throwing caution to the wind….but he’s covering a multitude of possibilities therefore enhancing his ability to be seen as a real genuine insightful pundit.


Congrats to WTR, Alonso, Kobayashi, Taylor, and Van Der Zande…the whole team was perfect. Alonso was magnificent in the night, but Kobayashi put in some solid stints, and Taylor was mega quick in the early daylight hours.

Gutted for Mazda Team Joest, those guys cant catch a break

I was cheering for Corvette in GTLM, but they weren’t their usual selves that race, lots of mistakes. After the passing of Charlie Lamb last week, it was fitting that Farfus and BMW would take the win.

Overall a super entertaining race, despite the really poor weather. Bathurst 12 hours next weekend, can’t wait 🙂


Well, Pastor won LMP2… that’s also a feat, isn’t it?


Also one of the rare F1 winners of this decade.


If Fernando wants to be called the greatest ever, then he still needs a WRC crown, & Dakar, a Spa 24 & a Bathurst. The 1000 or the 12 hour, either one…..& of course, an Indy 500.

Then, I will glady bow to his greatness, but personally I’d rather see Sebastion Loeb win all the above.


So by your own reasoning, neither Schumacher, Hamilton, Fangio,Vettel, Prost, Senna, Lauda, Piquet, Stewart (in order of number of F1 world titles) are NOT the greatest drivers ever?

Even if Seb Loeb did win all the above, he still doesn’t have an F1 title or Le Mans win…but he IS one helluva driver!


The ultimate motorsport challenge

-F1 world Championship

-Monaco GP

-WEC world Championship

-Le Mans

Indycar Championship

-Indy 500

-Long Beach GP

-IMSA Championship

-Daytona 24 Hour

-Sebring 12 Hour

-Petite Le Mans (Road Atlanta 10 Hour)

-Aussie Supercars Championship

-Bathurst 1000

-Super GT GT500 Championship

-DTM Championship

-BTCC Championship

-World Touring Car title

-Nurburgring Nordschleife Sprint

-Macau Gia Race

-NASCAR Championship

-Daytona 500

-Brazilian Stock Car Championship

-VLN Nurburgring 24 Hour

-Intercontinental GT Championship (Bathurst 12 Hour, Spa 24 Hour, Suzuka 10 Hour, Leguna Seca 10 Hour)

-GT World Championship at Macau

-WRC Championship

-Rally Monte Carlo

-Rally Finland


-Baja 1000


Macau the the one Ticktum won twice..
You thought he was nothing special?

You’ve also forgot the classic mountain run in USA which Multi World Rally Champ Sebastian Loeb did. Can you guess the name of the mountain run Twitch_6 ?


Macau is a special race, no doubt. But just because a driver wins Macau twice, doesn’t necessarily mean the driver is special. Ticktum won it twice, but he’s not the only one to have done so. Also I was talking about Macau in Touring Cars and GT3 cars, not F3 cars.

Also, I didn’t include Pikes Peak or any other hill climb event, as those are all amateur events. VW last year was a one off we won’t see again for a while…but if another manufacturer wants to have a on at the EV record, I’d be up for watching Alonso give it a go


…you forgot “surviving South African traffic aka dodging taxis and minibuses”..a game much like Survivor, except on wheels – Outbrake, Outmanouvre, Outdrag, Outrun.

*tongue FIRMLY in cheek*


No surprise to see ALO excel.


Well Done “The Team” and “The Drivers” 👏
Congrats to Alonso Koybayashi Taylor Van Der Zande 🏆👏👏


Did Alonso say…

“This is the greatest win in the history of Daytona 24!”


No he did not. He was humble in victory


Keep biting those ankles tiny tiny d


He actually said that the race should have been stopped earlier, when he was running 2nd, and that they had been a bit lucky to get the win. Very unlike Alonso.

There was an article about him doing something “unprecedented in motorsport” yesterday. That would have to mean rallying you’d think, seeing as the Triple Crown and four wheels/two wheels have been done before.


@ Sebee…considering the total mix of treacherous conditions thrown at all the teams it may well be….in his opinion.



Forgive me, I didn’t get a chance to watch, but the summary I read looked to me like the treacherous conditions were not raced in. Hence the looooong red flags.



What series wouldn’t red flag a race when weather gets overwhelming?

Weather reports around Daytona are claiming that between 2 and 5 inches of water fell in less than a 12 hour period (and remember that much of the infield was already saturated from previous days rain, not to mention that the floor of the Daytona bowl is basically the water table for the Atlantic Ocean).

Yes, IMSA red flagged the race for the WORST of the conditions, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t race in very treacherous conditions.


Sebee c’mon man. Don’t let your dislike of Alonso cloud your judgement of the situation. If you didn’t watch the race, and if you haven’t read extensive race reports on what happened, then just don’t comment.

For reference, Alonso started calling for the race to be stopped when he was still running in 2nd behind Nasr.

Alex Zanardi remarked at one point during the race that they were some of the worst conditions he’d seen in his entire career.

Laurens Vanthoor, a factory Porsche driver, Ring-Meister, and motorsport traditionalist (he was one of the most vocal against the changes to the Porsche Curves at Le Mans, claiming they had “ruined the challenge” of the corners). He took to twitter to say, “I love a challenge, I love keeping it old school. But this…this is insane. I never want to do this again”.

Pipo Dirani replied to that comment, stating he fully agreed.

During the second red flag stoppage, one of the factory Ferrari drivers remarked that the reason Farfus was able to drive past him in the BMW was because the M8 has a higher ride height that the 488. This was causing the floor of the 488 to aquaplane in puddles and rivers that the M8 could drive through. The car was literally a boat.

Name a contemporary racing series that would have even attempted to race in those conditions. F1? Nope. WEC, nope (check events in Japan that have been red flagged). Indycar? Nope (check Barber or Mid Ohio from last year, I forget which, but one got red flagged midway through because of torrential rain). Maybe Super GT, but that’s a bit of an unknown. Maybe Aussie Supercars, but again, unknown.

They didn’t race in the absolute worst of the rain, but the rain they did race in wasn’t exactly a “light sprinkle”.


I would suggest that the’i never make mistakes’ KRB read this post then reconsider his previous.


Twitch, thanks for the correction.

I wanted , and tuned into the Cadillac on board in the evening, but indeed, I didn’t see the whole race.

But with 14 hours on racing, obviously they didn’t race on the worse of it either here. They were locked into the race because the clock started, but it appears the IMSA did call time and/or SC when thing got overwhelming.


Sebee, c’mon man, if you didn’t watch, don’t make a judgement call on how bad the weather was. Yes they red flagged the race, but this isn’t F1, the red flag didn’t come out the first moment rain started falling. They raced through as much of the rain as possible, far more than any other series in the world would even attempt.

Numerous drivers, from Zanardi, to Alonso, to Lauren’s Vanthoor and Pipo Dirani, all agreed that those were the worst conditions any of them have ever raced in.


Twitch, fair enough. 🙂

I just feel a bit cheated when a 24 hour race has 14 hours of racing. But, I didn’t watch, it’s not their fault and it was as you said aboved


@ Twitch 6 another good post. Watching those guys belting it out in torrential rain reminded me of the WEC 6hr race at Mt Fuji last year!! Never let it be said that those guys are not right up there with the very very best.


The conditions during the racing were decidedly treacherous….You should really research the actual race and then tune in to the comms. Alonso was, amongst others, calling for the race to be stopped..that’s how bad it really was..


Don’t tell me he was in the lead when he was a calling for the race to be stopped. Isn’t that how he won? Race was stopped when he was in the lead?

I tried to do the highlight video, but it was 45 minutes of talking heads post race. Not what I was looking for.

Only about 1/2 the 24 hours was green flag racing, right? Race repot on Wiki is empty right now.


I think he’s talking about how much the win means to him, not where it ranks all time.


Alonso continued: “It was a great challenge. I put this victory in a higher level than any other victory in Le Mans.”

…just figured this was the greatest victory there ever was and ever will be. I’m surprised Alonso doesn’t agree.


does alonso like fries?


Surely Alonso’s driving says it all. He is champion racer’s racer. His stints during the rain and at night were simply stunning like the almost identical occasions at Le Mans. He is without doubt an all time great…IMO anyway.


Yup Kenneth. Fully agree


he’s a rookie winner


What? This is his second time doing Daytona 24, he’s wasn’t a rookie this year lol.


I will miss him in F1 this season, but will now focus on a driver that brings a lot of the same to the track, yes RIC.


I fully support that line of thought Bryce. Well sdaid.


Drive F1 alone, lose.

Drive Indy alone, lose.

Drive Le Mans with friends, win.

Drive Daytona with friends, win.

I’m not doubting Alonso’s abilities, but I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Perhaps he keeps his sour opinions to himself when he has to share a car.

Now if he’d done that in F1……


Oops…. Anither contender.


I tend to disagree somewhat…

yes we all now Alonso burned bridges in F1 but it all started at Mclaren – Ron Dennis did not handle the situation well there at all which i would think helped to create the man Alonso became in F1…remember he was, for a time the youngest ever F1 World Champion and is still the “man who dethroned Schumacher”

His luck also didn’t help much…he didn’t have any. Yes, he may have taken Ferrari down a dark rabbit hole when he was there, but he came damn near to winning 2 titles in a car that was outmatched by the dominant Red Bulls – he didn’t lose – Ferrari screwed up the strategy in 2010 and in 2012, he could have been Champ but for being “Grosjeaned” in Spa and a puncture in Japan, caused by being driven into, if i recall correctly…the lost points were certainly enough to decide the title…

HIs rants about Honda…well, i’d likely be ranting as well and having my chin on the ground if the tools i were given to race in F1 would scarcely be good enough for GP2…any top sportsman would get frustrated…

Daytona 500 HE didn’t lose…he was challenging for the win and quite impressive on his 1st outing…thank Honda for going “pop” again…

Le Man…it was HIS stint during the night that won that race…team work, yes, but that night stint was epic.

Daytona…again, his stint in the wet, by the sounds of it…

Yes, he appears a drama queen and has made horrific career choices (why the hell go to Mclaren and Honda to begin with!!) but his driving talent is indisputable…

I hope he bags Indy; in fact, I hope he does a full season and bags the title…and a Le Mans win nr 2 can’t be scoffed at…

F1 should be worried that there aren’t enough competitive cars to have a driver of his caliber remain in the sport…I do feel we missed out on a Hamilton vs Alonso 2.0 by Mercedes not wanting him in the team…

whichever way we look at it, it is good to see the bearded Spaniard win again…Roll on WEC Title!!!


Excellent post!


It started before McLaren. At Renault he accused his team of not wanting him to win the driver’s title because he was leaving the team at the end of the season. Pat Symonds just recently talked about the differences between Schumacher and Alonso. He said that while Schumacher was all about the team, and building everyone up, Alonso was more just about himself. Stinging words, yes, but from someone who won two championships with both.


Ah, yes, my apologies.

I did overlook that little rant at Renault after he’d signed with Mclaren for ’07…he has been at it for a while, hasn’t he?

When i say it started with Mclaren, I intended to mean that it was really the 1st time that there was such open war between a team and it’s (supposed) lead driver – at least in Alonso’s mind. Everyone who watched saw that it was really Mclaren Mercedes/Lewis Hamilto vs “the other car”…and it got progressively worse as the season reached it’s climax.

The whole Spygate saga as well as the story around the Hungaroring was not well handled at all though. One may well argue that the whole mess cost Mclaren the title, as they ended up tripping over each other in covering each other (Alonso/Hamilton), and then there was that disaster in China when Lewis beached it in the gravel on entering the pits…Kimi won that title as much as Mclaren lost it for both their drivers, and i imagine that internal conflict was driven in large part by the conflict between the team and a certain Spanish driver.

After Mercedes had to foot the bill for the FIA fine imposed, and was excluded as a Constructor from the standings, AND watched Ferrari take both titles, you can well think they would not want Alonso to partner Hamilton in the works team. It is a pity, as past history may well have robbed us of an epic spectacle…Hamilton vs Alonso – THE REMATCH.

He can drive the wheels of anything, and i admire that, but Alonso broke every team he was in at some stage…and that sadly, tarnishes what was a quite successful, if underwhelming (if one looks in terms of potential not fulfilled) career.

In nutshell, as good as he is, he is a bit of a purple minion that doesn’t play well with others, isn’t he

I haven’t seen that interview with Pat Symonds. Would be interesting to see/hear.


Everyone who watched saw that it was really Mclaren Mercedes/Lewis Hamilto vs “the other car”…and it got progressively worse as the season reached it’s climax.

Yeah, sorry but I just don’t buy that. Only those who bought the Alonso propaganda would believe that. Ron Dennis tried his hardest to play it fair and equal, and down the middle. The only thing is that that wasn’t good enough for Alonso, who believed that Dennis had promised him preferred status upon joining from Renault. If you read the 5-part series on the BBC site, you’ll read about what happened that year.

I am conflicted about Alonso. I know he’s a great racer, and in that top, top tier of drivers. Yet for the life of me I can’t regard anyone as a racer’s racer if they ask their team to hand them a victory against their title rival teammate (USA ’07), or ask team management to run their title rival teammate out of fuel in a race (HUN ’07)!!! That is 100% antithetical to being a racer, nevermind a racer’s racer. It’s indicative of a driver who knows he’s beat, and is only left with trying to pull rank, in order to win. In a word it’s weak.

Having said that, I would’ve loved to see Alonso vs Hamilton in a Ferrari and Mercedes. It would’ve been much closer than Vettel vs Hamilton has been these last two years. The only person to blame for that though is Fernando, who gave up on Ferrari in the first year of hybrids.

Here is the article with Pat Symonds, with the video link in there:


I recommend watching the entire video, but Symonds’ comments on Fernando start at the 15:45 mark.


No, alonso was upsetting people long before McLaren, he has been at it since the beginning, nobody, who was watching, had forgotten… Which was why his running back to Renault, after all that he had said and done, was SO humiliating. He was of course happy to leave a front running team with a winning car, so he could hide in the midfield and preserve his own “legandary status” by not being shown up by Lewis.. Again..

You can only make so many complaints about unfair treatment, over the course of a second season, Lewis would have got even quicker,. And alonsos excuses, even wilder and more absurd.


Think you are onto something Mick.
Maybe he just rubs F1 team workers the wrong way. So working in a team he has to curb his angst and has to function as a team player. Still you have to give him some serious applause for driving some blistering laps overnight to bring the team back. As for Nasr loosing the lead. Just goes to show some drivers crumble under pressure.


And yet he’s a two-time driver’s champion in F1, too. That rather speaks against your in-depth analysis.


Hosh gosh be gosh did one hear a mouse squeak 🐭


@ Mick….Even when he drives with highly professiuonal partners he manages to put in some memorable drives, a fact acknowledged by those partners. As for the sour opinions..well. i disagree. He is as entitled to put his opinions out there as he sees fit. Like anyone and everyone really.


Lose in F1? See years 2005 and 2006.


Are you insinuating that Alonso was “carried” by friends, and that’s why he won? Don’t be ridiculous, no one is buying it.

Alonso drove like the champ that he is, as he did at Indy, which he could have won if it hadn’t been for Honda’s famous reliability.


@Mick Let’s not be cynical. Alonso apolitical attitude has cost him greatly in formula but let’s not pretend he isn’t an amazing driver. Last and this year, I’ve had the pleasure watching le mans and daytona and he, hands down was the class of the field. Yes the #10 caddy was probably the strongest car but what he was able to accomplish is pure talent. Went from 7th or 8th during the night to 1st with an 18s lead, until the full course yellow. Strictly speaking, had it not rained they would’ve demolished the field.


Think you meant to write hyper-political, instead of apolitical.

Kimi is apolitical. Alonso? Not so much.


Congrats to Alonso, Kobayashi et al on their win. In the green wet weather night running, Alonso was sometimes 2-3 seconds faster than anyone else, stretching out big leads that were then snuffed out by full course yellows.

Of course it’s not great to end prematurely, or after a two hour red flag, but the rain wouldn’t let up, and the track doesn’t have the best drainage to begin with.

In events like these, there is definitely a sense that the race picks its winner, as much as the drivers’ performances determining it. The Indy 500 is even more like that. Alonso will need to hope that he hasn’t drawn down his Racing Providence account too early.

Lastly, it was mentioned that Alonso is the 3rd F1 Champion to win this race. That’s true, but the race was “only” six hours long when both Phil Hill and Mario Andretti won theirs.


Based on his luck in the last couple of years, I think Fernando is still owed quite a bit of Providence in the bank, at least enough to win Indy…


I can’t say I’m a huge WEC fan but doesn’t Alonso have a pretty large advantage in terms of his car?


This wasn’t WEC, this was IMSA. Alonso was driving a Cadillac DPi, which qualified 6th, behind the two factory Penske Acuras and Joest Mazdas. Furthermore there is BoP in this category, so no, Alonso did not have a car advantage in this race.


Daytona runs to US IMSA rules with LMP2 and Daytona Protoype cars rather than FIA LMP1, so the field is much closer than WEC’s current Toyota vs Toyota scenario.


On that note, at a few points during the rain Alonso was lapping 3 seconds faster than any other car on track. Whatever his demeanour out of the car, put Nando in the driving seat and he really is a class act.


The Daytona 24 hour race is not a WEC event.
Alonso was driving a Cadillac rather than the Toyota that he will be driving in the WEC.
Obviously his team have one of the fastest cars but a car made by Acura (Honda) was within 14 seconds of his at the end of the race.

I don’t follow the series so don’t know how the two manufacturers usually compare but clearly its more competitive than the LMP1 class in the WEC.


There are 4 manufacturers in IMSA DPi: Cadillac, Mazda, Acura, and Nissan. The chassis are built by Dallara, Oreca, Onroak, or Riley/Multimatic (but I forget who uses what…pretty sure Cadillac uses the Dallara chassis). Last year, FIA LMP2 was in the same category, this year, it’s a separate catagory with separate BoP. The DPi regs came into place at the start of the 2017 season, and since their introduction, Cadillac have had the most success.

However, in that same time, all the other manufacturers have won races, and last year, LMP2 cars won races as well (in fact an LMP2 narrowly missed out on winning the overall championship last year, which was won by an AXR Cadillac).

The main Cadillac effort has traditionally come from Wayne Taylor Racing, a 1 Car team, and Action Express Racing, a two car team. AXR is technically the “factory” team, but is mostly a self sustaining organization. WTR is only semi-factory supported. Taylor is not a nobody though, he has a long history in IMSA, and long time connections with sponsors Konnica Minolta that go back the the AMLS days. This year there are also two Cadillacs entered by JDC Miller (the yellow ones), and a another single entry by Juencos Racing.

The main opposition comes from two giants of the racing world, Penske, and Joest.

Penske is in charge of running the factory backed Acura effort, with engines being built by American based HPD. Penske is a massive organization, running championship winning teams in NASCAR, Indycar, and Aussie Supercars. Penske typically use Indycar drivers in the endurance races, and their regular drivers are no slouches (Castroneves (3x Indy 500 winner), Montoya, Ricky Taylor (Jordan’s “faster” twin brother)). One of the Acuras dropped out of contention with an oil pump failure.

Mazda has been a bit of a lame duck in the series for the last few seasons, but last year decided to get serious about winning, and teamed up with endurance racing powerhouse Joest. Joest is the team responsible for running Audi’s endurance program during Audi’s dominance at Le Mans and of endurance racing. The Mazda driver lineup is full of international platinum rated drivers, including Le Mans winners. The main problem with the car in years past was first power, then reliability. They’ve got the power, as Ollie Jarvis set pole by smashing the all-time lap record at Daytona. Still working on reliability, as the #77 caught fire in rather spectacular fashion, and the #55 also failed to finish due to mechanical failures. The cars are fast though, well driven, and have some serious effort behind them.

Nissan is the least involved of the 4 manufacturers, kind of involved only at an arms length. The team running Nissan engines this year (CORE Autosport) is also new to them, so aren’t super competative. That said, the team that previously ran Nissan power, ESM, took a some victories, including Petite Le Mans.

By signing with WTR, Alonso gave himself as solid of a shot at victory as he could, but it was by no means a shoe in like his Le Mans win was. WTR are a small team who have a knack for winning big races, but they’re a David going up against the relative Golliaths in Penske, Joest, and even AXR.

This wasn’t a miraculous win from no where, but it was by no means a gimme. It was perfect execution by a small but well oiled team, and exceptional driving in treacherous conditions, particularly by Alonso and Jordan Taylor. It was a classic endurance race that had a little bit of everything (maybe a bit too much water?), and the team who performed the best on that day rose to the top.


Thank you Twitch – Excellent post !!


@ Twitch 6…A very good post. Most informative and i enjoyed your summary. A welcome change from the usual idiotic regurgitation of urban myths about Alonso. He is streets ahead of the most contenders.


Thanks for the good overview of the IMSA sports car series. Saved me a few hours trawling around the internet. Appreciated!


Fernando Alonso. What can one say. He is literally winning everything. Any motor racing code. Any race. Literally the greatest driver of the modern era. Perhaps of all time. No one is even close. Roll on the Indy 500!!


“Any motor racing code.“

I can think of one tiny exception to that…


Love the side on Haymaker 🤜
Andrew M 😁
Top Draw


Oh AndrewM you scamp! david is revelling in the moment, let him have that.

Yes he’s made some big claims, and yes there’s been 114 F1 races since Alonso’s last win in F1 (fittingly in Spain, 2013), but at least he didn’t wade into the “Hamilton couldn’t have done this” or “Alonso’s the only driver who could’ve done this” pools. Be thankful for small mercies.

Alonso drove a great race, as did Kobayashi and the rest. Let it not be said that the Hamfosi on here go in for the cheap & idiotic “no he’s not!” responses.


Literally the greatest driver of the modern era. Perhaps of all time. No one is even close.

I mean, he did essentially say that Hamilton couldn’t do it…

Like I’ve said before, Alonso’s racing exploits are fine in and of themselves, but they don’t suddenly elevate him above his F1 peers.


If any driver can switch headline world racing series and win surely it places him over and above those who choose for whatever reason not to?

The only ‘surely’ this qualifies for is that it’s surely the most ridiculous argument I’ve seen on here for awhile.

It’s like claiming a medal sweep at the Commonwealth Games as being better than at the Olympics. It’s actually worse than that.

F1 is the pinnacle. Alonso himself confirmed that recently.

“Racing in other disciplines, other series, you realise that Formula 1 is a step higher and it’s just trying to find perfection in everything, every weekend, every two weeks, all around the world. This was probably the best memories I will get from here.”


Alonso just yesterday also claimed that he is interested in coming back to F1 in 2020, to try to win that 3rd title, which in his words …

“Of course, winning a third title would be the greatest joy.”


Not just a great joy, but the greatest joy. Now why would that be? 🤔


If any driver can switch headline world racing series and win surely it places him over and above those who choose for whatever reason not to?

No, of course it doesn’t, because the quality of the opposition is nowhere near as high as it is in F1. All the other races/series that Alonso is competing in (Daytona, WEC, Indycar) are littered with failed F1 drivers (or those who were never good enough to make the grade in the first place). When Alonso retired from the Indy 500, the race for the win came down to a duel between Max Chilton and Takuma Sato. There’s a good run down of the difference between F1 talent and the Indycar grid here:


You could doubtless do the same for WEC and the Daytona field.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: Claiming Alonso is better than anyone in the current F1 field is like claiming a chess grandmaster is a better chess player because he wins lots of draughts matches in his spare time.


Andrew M
Yep as soon as you take a swipe at their beloved Redemption Ricci, the Aussie play school rug rats come out. Screaming ” Oh no he is fantastic , have you noticed that he is oh so good, wonderful, he misses home alot… even his sphincter lights up a Honey badger sign all the way from Monaco (So the Aussie fans can swoon in its glory) where he also pays Jack to the Aussie Tax Man.
But hey he is an Aussie and we redeem and absolve him of any criticism. Max V tore him a new one last season then he ran off to Renault. Where he will have his hands full from Hulk.
Wait for the replies to this beauty 🤣


@ Andrew M…Surely a man of such F1 distinction as your self should be aware of the ‘total’ talents of those who provide us with our constant source of interest. If any driver can switch headline world racing series and win surely it places him over and above those who choose for whatever reason not to? If they wish they may also do the same but many don’t. Why is that? I would tend to guess that being beaten by others who may not have so many notches on their belt would be a good place to start. Keep lodging your ‘cheap shots’. Soon, if it isn’t already, it’ll become your signature.


Ah, of course, you’re allowed to denigrate Hamilton and Vettel, but when I denigrate Ricciardo by the very same standards it’s a “cheap shot”.

If and when Ricciardo tries other forms of racing (either during or after his F1 career) it will change my opinion of him with regards to F1 as much as it changed my opinion of Hulkenberg or Alonso – absolutely not at all.


@ AndrewM …How predictable you are…just like so many others here. Ricciardo has already expressed a desire to race in other forms when he is finished with F1, whereas, IIRC Hamilton has stated on more than one occasion that he has no intention of doing that! Then again if i’m wrong can you show me where he’s expressed an opinion to race in other categories. As for Ricciardo getting back to the front…Well who knows? Your cheap shot does you no favors. He may and then again he may not but at least he’s giving it his best shot.


I don’t agree with Sebee on much, but it’s plainly obvious that Alonso’s Homer Simpson-esque lifelong dream of doing the triple crown only came to light when it was clear he’d never get a drive at a top team again. Driving an endurance car faster than Mike Conway doesn’t suddenly make you untouchable.

I assume by your own standards you’ll agree that Ricciardo is also a driver who has no bottle? Wonder if he will try his hand at other forms of racing if he never gets back to the front?


@ Andrew M…I tend to think somewhat differently. For Alonso to put himself out there in competition in completely different disciplines is telling us all something. That something is quite simply this, he is a driver for all occasions, not someone who simply drives in a cocooned existence. Could Hamilton/Vettel do the same? Who knows but it’s my guess that we’ll never know because they they don’t have the ‘bottle’ to risk being being shown up. Surtees was an ace driver and rider and that proved a point. What a champ that man was.


Ok I guess he did. We know david adores Alonso. Just a bit of excitement.

I think we both know that there’s zero equivalence between Alonso’s weekend win in the Rolex 24, and Hamilton’s near-perfect 2018 season in F1. One absolutely towers above the other in terms of greatness, substance and weight.


Andrew M “cheap shots”? Do not think so. It’s a fair point by Andrew M.
But some cheap shots seem to be ok regsrding LH in your eyes. In fact you try to polish them before dishing them out. But there is no point trying to disguise them. They still are cheap shots. The GOAT thing being a prime example then generalising that all LH fans say that. When its your term and no one else’s.
But okay from your side of the fence I guess. Anyhow assume that’s the dietary requirements of all Aussies now that Redemption will be back of the pack until he moves on to be Alonso team mate in Indy. (That’s a cheap shot 😉 unpolished)


When you say no one? What exactly do you mean? Vettel? Let’s not kid ourselves, the cars he’s driving have a large probability of winning.


First you think they’ve won a watch, big deal.

Then you find it’s not even that….

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