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WEC the alternative? 2021 regulations vital for Red Bull’s F1 future
Posted By: Editor   |  27 Dec 2018   |  12:16 pm GMT  |  379 comments

In the latest round of political jousting over the planned regulations overhaul for 2021, Red Bull Racing have claimed that a switch to the World Endurance Championship could be an option if they are unsatisfied with the road-map for F1.

Liberty Media’s first chance to dictate their vision for Formula One is when the current Concorde Agreement expires at the end of 2020. Their ideas include revamped engine regulations that are aimed at attracting new power unit suppliers.

However, with Formula One looking unlikely to attract new suppliers for 2021, the current power unit manufacturers – Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda – are all keen to keep the power unit regulations as close to the current specification as possible.

At a time when Liberty Media are looking to reduce Formula One costs, collectively, the power unit suppliers believe it would in fact be more expensive to change the regulations.

Red Bull, who are yet to make a championship challenge in the V6-hybrid era, will switch to Honda power for 2019, with a deal running until 2020. The deal means that both parties will assess their performance and monitor regulation discussions before confirming their plans for 2021.

Red Bull’s motorsport adviser Helmut Marko said that the team would be unwilling to become a customer team again.

“We have an agreement until 2020,” Marko told Motorsport.com. “As long as there is no engine regulation and no Concorde Agreement, neither Red Bull nor Honda will make a decision.

“However, we will certainly not become dependent again, as we have been in the past, when we were begging others and statements and promises were not kept.”

When asked what Red Bull’s alternatives would be if they become unsatisfied with their Formula One future, he responded:

“Stop is the option. Or do something else, other racing series.

“With the Valkyrie, Le Mans could be an option with hypercar rules. We went through with it, and it’s a sensational success.

“The cars were all sold out immediately. That’s another good pillar for Red Bull Technologies.”

Red Bull would be eyeing up the proposed hypercar concept class in the World Endurance Championship, which would commence in 2020.

A collaboration with Aston Martin has led to the development of the Valkyrie, a hypercar project which has had involvement from Adrian Newey.


Marko also added that a WEC venture could be useful if a limitation on costs was implemented in Formula One.

“If there was a cost cap in Formula 1, we would have to cut people,” he said. “We don’t necessarily want that.

“We could then use them in such projects [as Le Mans]. It still looks like you can run in the WEC at a reasonable cost with the base of our Valkyrie.

“Although Red Bull has never been to the 24 Hours, that’s something we’re thinking about.

“The main financial burden would be on Aston Martin, which is also clear, because at Le Mans the manufacturer wins. But that would fit into our concept.”

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

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Happy New Year all!

Personally, I can’t see the RBR F1 Team moving to another purely motor industry driven series, where there’s no relevance to their company’s brand because it has absolutely nothing to do with the motor industry.

They almost jumped ship from F1 in 2014 when they were horrified to find out Hybrid PU’s would be introduced and give preference to the FIA’s two favourite motor industry backed teams – Ferrari and Merc.

As for RB and their future in F1 – if the Honda relationship falls apart due to poor results, they will never attract another “Factory” manufacturer partner anyway – simply because no high profile car manufacturer’s Board of Directors would enter into a toxic partnership with a pig-headed “little” company from outside of the industry which whole-heartedly believes it is more important than them.

Not to mention the glaringly obvious fact that RB has a horrendous track record with it’s major business partners.

In my humble opinion, if their relationship with Honda goes sour, Red Bull will most likely pull the plug on F1 when their contract ends at the end of 2020, regardless of the proposed 2021 regulations!

We’ll know by mid season how things are travelling at RBR.

If their results are overly negative with no quantifiable positivity going forwards, the inevitable rumours will abound regarding Max’s “performance based” contract with Red Bull being torn up.

Him and his old man will be playing the media “game of thrones” like the blood-thirsty, power hungry Lannisters … KILL THEM ALL – TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!

Especially if RB goes further back than Renault in the WCC.

The massive global embarrassment provided by the eagerly-awaiting ravenous media will be far too much for the team or their golden boy and his daddy to bear.

In that case, I can see Ferrari and Merc cleverly working in tandem to offer him a pittance in a bid to “steal” him away – because nobody else could afford him anyway and he DEFINITELY won’t consider a step backwards to drive a slower car.

As soon as those rumblings begin, Newey will be offered a king’s ransom … AGAIN … to go to Ferrari! He won’t go because he hates the Italian “hysteria & politics” and wants to remain in his motherland – England!

Hopefully Renault digs deep and gets him on board so they can engineer a decent aero and suspension package to help RicciRenno win that elusive WDC. Nudge Nudge 😉 ;-)!!!

Renault-Newey-Ricciardo – that’s exactly the kind of huge change and massive positivity F1 needs in the middle of this idiotic car manufacturer dominated era. A different manufacturer with F1 DNA on the top step with the GOAT F1 designer / engineer and a fiercely competitive, highly skilled, popular, effervescent, happy driver shining through the currently mind-numbing boredom of “same old-same old” results in Quali and races.

Here’s a wild prediction … because I’m bold enough to stick my neck out for the blood thirsty throngs on this website to chop off my head if I’m sadly mistaken …

I wouldn’t be surprised if the “owners” of the RB parent company put the whole business on the market in the next year or two while they are well and truly in front – before the gloss wears off on their fizzy drinks monopoly and it becomes a financial black hole when people suddenly stop drinking their teeth-rotting, heart-palpitating, brain-crazing fizzy cordial.

If so, the parent company and RBR will most likely get snapped-up by a cashed-up conglomerate of middle eastern and/or American businessmen, eager to invest a lazy few billion as a tax dodge and the opportunity to join the “circus” with their billionaire cohorts Mansour Ojjeh and Zac Brown.

The racing team, it’s factories and all of it’s highly sought-after intellectual property would be swallowed up by McLaren, potentially transforming them into a Formula 1 super power once again.

Zac loves Liberty and Liberty loves Zac … they are cut from the same cloth so this type of move is a must if Liberty are to become the “shot-callers” and make the wholesale changes needed to tear the power away from Merc and Ferrari at the negotiating table.

That’s the new beginning Liberty desperately wants and needs … one or two famous old-school F1 names that have the power and the balls to move into the new era of F1 with them.

Once the tide turns, the rest will follow like a hungry school of Tuna!


formula one cannot bring competition or motor innovation if rules setting is everywhere.


saw that last week. top fan!


I made one of those in year 7, in primary school for a play. It wasn’t as good as this one but it was still good. You could sit in it and pretend that that you were Mansell or Schumacher.


We know there is a photo LukeC. Let’s see it! Let’s see your crafting skills!


😂😂😂 he’s year 8 now. big boys don’t want to be seen in one of those..


I wish. What I wouldn’t give to be in year 8 again. Or even just to be 20 again.

By the way, I saw my first f1 GP when I was in year 7 – the 1994 Australian GP.


No photo unfortunately because I wasn’t in the play. The school might have photos of it somewhere, possibly.


As soon as the holidays end I’m going to driver over to the school and sift through the archives to see if they have any photos of that play.


look and see..


I don’t wish to come across as grump-bag but on the subject of Red Bull and their continual threats I have only one thing to say:
“Bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Oh, and the idea that any manufacturer team, such as Mercedes, is indispensable to F1 is laughable.
With the exception of the anomaly that is Ferrari no manufacturer has ever entered F1 for the long-haul. They only take part for as long as their respective marketing departments think its a good idea and often pull the plug without thought to timing, consequences for the sport as a whole, or even reasonable warning…
…in the long run the only teams that actually matter are the ones who are in F1 because it’s their core business. Sadly “modern F1” is so broken that most of the core teams are struggling for their very survival never mind having any hope of being competitive.

Rant nearly over…
After 40+ years of following F1 I’m done with it. Next year I’ll spend the time freed-up watching Indycar.


I completely agree. Aside from Ferrari, manufacturers should not be allowed to own teams. They have driven F1 to where we are now and there is almost no reasonable way out, because any propositions that threaten their positions/power are met with threats of pull-out and PU shortages for the grid. Simplify the PU’s and get an independent supplier to fill the gaps and that takes away the power of MB, Renault, and Ferrari with their quit threats.


After 40+ years of following F1 I’m done with it. Next year I’ll spend the time freed-up watching Indycar.

I’m looking forward to arguing with you about many F1 races next year…


Nobody cares about WEC, that farce in 2018 with that little Spanish fella racing against nobody sums it up.. It is an endurance to watch, it is not a dramatic spectator sport that will ever rival F1, action unfolds over hours, not seconds


Spot on Fluffy

Just that F1 is becoming a joke too


F1 is now endurance racing too, and has been since 2014. The only difference is that the races are shorter.


Happy New year!

Back to the future


Red bull are such arrogant cry babies. Leave or stop whining


F1 can’t really afford to lose any more teams. 18 cars lining up on the grid with two cars capable of winning would not be cool.


So Ross Brawn has two years to save F1? If things don’t work out maybe Mclaren should join Red Bull and quit F1 for WEC. Thanks to nothing but poor decisions since 2013 I’m not sure if I would even care if all the established teams and drivers in F1 abandoned ship. Just make F1 America’s top tier motorsport series and let it mutate into whatever that would entail.


And we again have profs where Max gets his arrogance from.

It’s bad enough when Ferrari pull this stunt of a comment. Newey at La Sarthe is interesting, but I’m still not sure about the WEC rules going forward.


How do we send New Year wishes to James Allen? He’s thrown his wifi hub overboard and is cruising contactless on super yacht “Jameseena”..


I’m pretty sure James has his other business interests that make him money instead of a free site that would take forever to moderate to a decent level and make him no money.

I’m also sure he doesn’t have time to read the inane, biased, drivel, or posters who cannot stay away from a keyboard or stick to the point posts. The forum is dying as I predicted – killed by a small handful of posters sadly.

Most posts go this way now. I dip in and out every week or so instead of daily now.

* Subject is followed at the start for four posts.

* Somehow the forum is turned into Hamilton/Vettel/Mercedes.

* Somebody then mentions Halo/V10s.

* The regular spoilers then get involved in tit for tat arguments like a private debate.

* For the sake of argument, we then get the three regulars who will then post some absolute nonsense that is either niave in the extreme, or so lacking in basic grammar it can’t be understood.

And people question why James is doing other things…


I’m actually surprised that there are not significantly more posts about the engine and PU situation, the lack of competition and the halo.

There is no sugar coating the fact that f1 has many, many major problems, and to quote James Allen himself “many poor decision were made in f1”.


The understatement of century.


here are a few words from alonso confirming that the best driver in the history of the sport is the current reigning champion.

“alonso explained the standards of f1 drivers have improved greatly during his time in the sport given the more in-depth preparation younger drivers gain during their junior category racing”


Who gave Alonso the power to say who is the best driver. Who gave him the credibility in any issue at all?

No one

Spot using him as a reference. Much worse than, much much wore than Wiki.

Wiki and the credibility it has, is like the complete science gathered in The Library of Alexandria, all scientific journals, all the universities, footnotes, references et all, compared to what credibility Alonso might have have in any question regarding other drivers himself included and most things concerning F1.

It can be described in on word: propaganda


ChrisD Notice that those that were slagging Alonso off are quoting him as the true expert. Their pure hypocrisy never fails to rise to the surface.


Indeed Tom, Alonso seems to be the weapon of choice for the most deep trenched hypocrites.

He’s like sinker that floats.


When did Alonso become the referent point for anything?

First of all when did he start to tell the truth? About anything, if it doesn’t benefit from it himself?

Which he would of course since he got beaten by Lewis he want’s to make Lewis look as great as possible

I wouldn’t listen to what Alonso has to say about anything, at least not if I would want to take it seriously. No facts just made up b”l. That’s all.


Nowhere in that quote does Alonso say that the current reigning world champion is the best driver in history.

Have you been experiencing mystical visions featuring Hamilton emanating shafts of pure white light, which alters your state of consciousness to a point where you’re interpreting everything to mean that Hamilton is the best driver in history?


A university research project looking at the drivers in pure terms of statistics does not put Hamilton in the top 10. Unfortunately the maths is a bit complicated for most of the fanboys ( no matter how many stars they have)

So Schumi is third but only if you exclude his Mercedes comeback in which case he is eigth.



So Schumi is third but only if you exclude his Mercedes comeback in which case he is eigth

By that logic, Everton are the best team in England, if you exclude the seasons where we didn’t win anything….


why does that person claim it was conducted by the university as if a group of academics at the university conducted exercise? it clearly was conducted by a bitter antihamilton fan.

keep watching..

f1 is about finding out who the best is. that’s why they stand race winners on the highest step on the podium and play their national anthem. that’s why the pole sitter leads each race. no one in the history of f1 has started from pole more often than hamilton.

i hope you realise that you have not yet proposed a name for who you think is the best of all time…


such is the level of despiration..


Tomx, that study was done five years ago and has Christian Fittipaldi as the eleventh best driver in F1 history. However complex the maths are, there are still assumptions made that skew the data. Ranking drivers in this way is not possible.


Not even in the top 10 despite having his backside in the most dominant cars for the best part of five years. That’s not very impressive.


Luke. It was done in 2014.


which f1 driver in the history of f1 do you believe to be a better driver than the current reigning champion?
be prepared to back your claims up with evidence of consistent more spectacular driving skills.


Aveli Tiny d is a grade a Hatchet dwarf !!
He may reel of drivers. But as far as his brain cell can do “big” sums he has absolutely no idea. The only he van acknowledge is his name being mentioned and then fawning at SpudooOooo


Alonso Lauda Prost Schumaker, Hunt Senna – the list goes on………


i had a sneaky suspicion you couldn’t name one.


One word Aveli – Senna.

Hamilton himself has said Senna was the best. So has Schumacher and Hakkinen.

I think those 3 know what they are talking about.


Schumacher was a cheat.
Always will be a cheat.
As far as LH is on a Par with Senna and Lauda. Jim Clarke is in bracket way higher than any driver I’d say. Prost was a cheat too he tried everything to balls up Senna.


And Schumi and Hakkinen are not far behind I would say.

They all drove real cars, not toys for kids


My beliefs about driving skills of racing drivers, and how spectacular they are, has no bearing on the validity of your claim that Alonso confirmed that Hamilton is the greatest driver in history. Which he did not.


He actually stated LH was in his eyes best driver in F1 history LukeC.
But then again you will always twist stuff to mould your own taste I guess.


Alonso would only ever say something that i beneficial for himself.

Never would he say anything that does not flatter himself, in nothing else in his own mind.

Nor is he a judge of anything, needless to say his words in these kind of issues are meaningless

Again Propaganda


i copied and pasted alonso’s words just to be sure that you don’t accuse me of saying something alonso didn’t say, and guess what? you do exactly that. i do feel sorry for you. if the current field is stronger than past fields then only a fool would say the current best is not better than past bests.


Nothing to do with this post. Why?


Probably because of the aforementioned mystical visions.


Both aveli and the Spaniard have the same visions now.

It’s just a matter of time before we stop seeing the Lewis is God comments feed from him

Soon enough a new Spanish God has appeared before him, and he will worship this new God with a relentless barely understandable feed.


Wow, that really makes sense kenneth… you get more mysterious by the day

Are you hurt or something? Did someone threat dear Ricci bad again, or you, with would be the same by the looks of it.

Cheer up! Ricci is smiling everything is fine


@ Chris D…Is the same poster who called for an inprovement in quality posts a while back? Talk about irrelevant drivel. You and Aveli deserve each other.


It is getting rather tiring reading about Red Bull’s threat to leave F1 if they are not wining.

Please they should spear us, leave right now because you are not going to win next year or the one after.

Just because they had the edge and was winning a few years ago does not make them the top dog in F1 please.. Williams has better pedigree than them and they never make any noise about leaving F1 though they havent won for years.


Maybe because racing (F1) is the core business for Williams, and Red Bull…. well, the name says it all.

I can fully understand the logic behind this threat. Bringing down the budget cap will cause a more equal playing field and less chance to make up for an engine deficit, because of the required investment.


Bonesoep. Why the need to make the distinction between Williams and Red Bull?. Williams race on other peoples money and Red bull race [ mainly ] on their own money. Red Bull Racing is every inch as dedicated as Williams F1. Red Bull Technology is every inch as dedicated as Williams Grand Prix Engineering. Funds derived from their own business drive Red Bull plus some sponsors and in the case of Williams the majority of their funds come from pay drivers and sponsors. There is no heirarchy of ethics when it comes down to racing. Red Bull are just better managed and and are a better racing team in all aspects. That’s why Williams are at the bottom of the pile and Red Bull are at the sharp end. Better resourced and better racers.



Wiliams only participates in F1. If they would give up, its all over for them.

RB has the luxury to be able to compete in many different racing classes and sports in general. They could easily pull the plug on F1 if they feel their brand no longer benefits from competing.

The only payoff RB gets from participating in F1 is the occasional wins and championships, when they come, so if they feel there is no more chance of winning, the’ll pull the plug and the team will be up for grabs.


“Please they should spear us”

No thanks, but if you’re volunteering…


red bull at moto gp could be another alternative.


they will not leave f1 and allow rich energy in to take a bigger slice of their cake..


The KTM teams are effectively a Red Bull Moto GP entry already. They also sponsor one Marc Marquez, so they are involved with their own entry and the reigning champions Honda.


Williams then?

What can they do?

Some blame Claire, but what can she do? She managed pretty well with Bottas in the team.

Now they have gone throuh a line of paydrivers to get the team going.

But the Bottas results havn’t come since, and the pay drivers, are the woth it?

If they want to live another day on pay drivers then hire at least one decent one. That’s all I can say at the moment.

They are deep down in this mess right now. The question is. Are they worse of than McLaren who should be better off, with a divers business. But Williams is not completely a one horse show either.

Back to McLaren, it all got awry when they started acting like a marketing agency and hired Alonso as a posterboy and Brown gave him everything like fanboy.

Instead they should have concentrated on getting the ship on keel again in F1. Nothing else in that division.

What they did was bull, through and through. Now they will pay for it.



…or maybe it’s the hybrid PU era farce that is the biggest factor in killing off any chance of Williams and McLaren from challenging for a race win.

… that also goes for all the other teams with Newey being the only exception to the rule on the very few tracks that favour aero enough or hte very few instances of incidents or front runner reliability woes.

Richard Mortimer

It can’t be both: PUs and aero.

To my mind, it’s aero. Red Bull and Renault had the same PU last year (2018) and look at the gap!

Williams were 3rd in 2014 & 15 let’s not forget? Same PU as Mercedes.

The problem is the budget to really compete on aero. It’s completely ridiculous. F1 is supposed to be road-car relevant (not that I mind if it’s not – bring back loud, high-revving V12s)! No way is all this aero relevant at all.

McLaren started going west in 2013, when they (foolishly) pushed too far with the chassis, replicating Ferrari’s mistake the year before, but not being able to pull it back!

In 2014 they had the Mercedes PU and were (way) behind Williams.

In hindsight, McL should have stuck with Mercedes customer PUs!


McLaren then. They are not really one of the players here anymore.

Beown is talking about a five year plan like an old fashion commmunist. But he has some experience with his fanboy relationship with Alonso. Who he gave afive year plan to not no one beat him insode the team, lookes many have done before him it must be said

But Sainz on the other hand is a bit more honest, gues he has to, if he doesn’t want to look completely like an idiot or even worse, naive.

He said something along the lines of: We must be realistic, maybe we can acheive the goal of becoming a midfield team.

But when and if McLaren will ever be fighting for wins again, I probably won’t be around in F1 anymore.

Sad but probably true


I think Red Bull as an entity are ready to pull out of Formula One, if things do not go their way.

I watched a pair of Joe Saward’s earlier podcasts with the Missed Apex crew, yesterday, circa Sept 2017, and the developments he spoke of, Christian Horner seeking investors for his own Arden venture; some sort of more permanent tie-up between Red Bull and Aston Martin; coupled with the year-on-year shrinking of the financial penalty that would be incurred by them leaving….I would not be at all surprised if they are thinking, drokk it, we’ll give it too more years, and if it doesn’t work out, bub-bye.

Toro Rosso doesn’t count. That has been up for sale for a while now, so the towel has already been thrown in on that one. I wonder if those rival bidders for Force India would be interested in the sister team, if Honda does not pick it up.


there are a couple of companies like rich energy sniffing around to buy an f1 team to promote their energy drink for the same level of success as red bull so why would red bull want to pull the plug?
rich energy would’ve bought toro rosso if it was ever up for sale.
red bull are simply bluffing as usual.


As for Renault they could leave as well. For now they probably feel confident their future is bright and long in F1.

But as the government is likely to have a say on the future adventures of the team and the nations pride, with the adequate hauteur.

But no one can probably say for how long they will have a presence int the circus, except for the almighty himself.

But as he is known to move in mysterious ways, like politics, it could be today, tomorrow or some other day in the future.

When the French are unhappy, they flood the streets and show how unhappy they are.

Right now they are very unhappy, both left and right.


@Chris D – I think the French government has more of a say in how much public finances go in to sponsor the team, rather than whether the team is allowed to stay in the championship or not.

Whoever takes over after the Carlos Ghosn arrest, whether that person likes motorsport or not, I think will have more bearing on the team’s future, than the French government.


Torchwood Five

There is a correlation between the two. It’s not singular persons wishes that has any bearing in the end. Not in the way you mention.

Mony is what has


Ignore the now regular threats from Red Bull to just quit as hot air because the business encompassing two teams is worth millions. So they would only quit if they could sell these assets for more than the current return. And that return, as for the manufacturer teams, is not only money but brand support and enhancement. And for teams who publish separate profit and loss figures for their teams a reasonably successful team does turn a monetary profit and some, like Mercedes and increasing one.

So, no, they will not walk away they would try to sell the business and with that in mind I would be quite content for that mob to leave the F1 grid with their moaning and groaning which damages the sport.


mercedes and redbull unvailed their concept cars around about the same time, mercedes slightly ahead. mercedes have gone on to build the car and started delivering after selling out. a whole has gone by since hamilton drove that project one car on the day of its launch, redbull are still wondering what the car’d sound like. without knowing what it’d sound like, their using it to threaten to quit f1?

why don’t they grow up. with talk like that mercedes will nick verstappen, the second best f1 driver of all time, from right under their moses while they play with mclaren and williams, propping up the field..


Kimi’s win in Austin was voted the best perfomance of the year by fans.

Lewis’ best or one of the best, according to himself was Monza, where he could beat Kimi with the help of Bottas and the Ferrari strategy failure.

That was one of the best perfomances of the year as well, both by Kimi and Lewis at Monza.

Had there not been a fuelgate we might have seen an even better performance of the year in Spa. And Seb had been given a lesson in how it’s done in the old spa resort.


Spot on Chris, Happy New Year 🙂


Happy New Year Phil😀


Hybrid cars will only be a blip in history when we look back at it a few years from now.

When it comes engine evolution it might be less than a blip both in F1 and road cars.


keep that dream on.


I share it with most manufacturers. They know it as well


maudsley denmark hill.


Visions? Forget to take your meds?

Don’t opt for the things you get on the streets, take your prescribed, nice little coloured ones.

Go to your “happy place”




Are you on something?


Regulations will be vital for F1’s future.


f1 future is secure..


Visions again?


Yes. They seem to have intensified soon after Christmas.


why does rich energy want an f1 team?


I could honestly care less if redbull left Formula One or not. Their association with F1 is neither deep or necessary. If Ferrari or Mercedes left, a huge blow would be felt precisely because of what they bring and represent in terms of history, tradition, fan bases, and sporting excellence. Red Bull is and shall always be a minor bit player in a much wider and larger context. Perhaps they ought not to simply threaten to leave, Go!


“If Ferrari or Mercedes left, a huge blow would be felt”

Yeah, because Ferrari have been in it since 1951, & Mercedes have done 53, 54, half of 55, & 2010 to present.

Red Bull have actually been in F1 longer than Mercedes, but I guess you chose to blatantly ignore that before posting.


So, if RB leaves F1 it won’t matter? Iám sure it would. It’s the team that supported young drivers and gave them a chance in F1. Yes indeed, they are not subtle, nor forgiving, but at least they have done something. When you look at Merc and the shame they should feel regarding Oco, well that says it all. Of course they are not in F1 for the sport per-say, it’s a marketing tool for them. Any different for Merc or Fer?, doubt that. So Iám very happy with RB in F1 and all the excitement they gave us during the past years. OMG what would it have been without them the last 2 or 3 years, probably donkey parade after donkey parade. Deep association, yeah MacL and Will, and what a job they have done lately, pfffffffffff.


Dieter dont like losing


or perhaps Dieter likes being able to race for wins to compete for titles.


Then he should think of expending on the Engine as well!


There may be no F1 if what Bernie did can’t be stopped. The problem is die hard race fans are old and most have more money than kids.

I watched Richard Petty and Senna and Stewart but I like watching the young guys too. I like less death and probably better drivers top to bottom.

The thing is from 10 year olds on up they should be allowed to participate. The internet makes this easier than ever. The racing must be better If it means allowing 3 cars instead of 2. Except for Ferrari the drivers are who you root for not the teams.

There are maybe 4 teams capable in NASCAR are capable of wining. They don’t care which driver wins. Maybe there should be something like that in F1. A points race and a playoff race. Pick a couple of races 4 guys then maybe at least 3 have a chance.

The teams themselves are so powerful they don’t want to change engine rules. What does an F1 car have to do with road cars? Change it. The motor should cost less than half the rest of the car.

Hamilton love him or hate him is the only global superstar F1 has. Max is getting there and Vettel just wants no social media to be private. I would want that too. F1 needs its hero’s and villains.

It’s a show. Whatever the fans want should get it even the ones without money yet. The young grow up and the old eventually die. Any sport should be fan driven because they pay the bills.

These pay TV contracts and many other contracts will take time to undo.

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