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Valtteri Bottas might be the king of understatement.

“This season definitely wasn’t easy,” he says, as we discuss what has been a triumphant year in general for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport but a challenging one for the partner of now five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

In spite of this, Bottas was determined not to let his head drop and to continue to do his best for the team, playing a vital role in helping Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport clinch yet another constructors’ championship.

“Valtteri, even with his bad luck, never did allow the spirit and the mindset to drop within the organisation,” explained team principal and CEO of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Toto Wolff.

“He was always capable to maintain us in high spirits. You see drivers when they lose the ability to win the championship, the whole thing goes down the drain and it becomes negative, and they become dysfunctional. Valtteri, until the very end, kept us in a positive place. He didn’t feel negative within the group, but kept the energy levels high. This is why he contributed to both these world championship titles.”

It‘s clear that Bottas has already taken the next mental step and is ready to focus on next year. “I’m looking forward to next season,” he agrees. “We’re starting from zero again. There are always opportunities for me to learn more, to develop myself as a driver, and be ready for 2019.”

Many of these opportunities can be found at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport HQ in Brackley, UK, where Bottas spends time honing his focus for next year whenever his punishing schedule allows. The off-season offers a chance to visit the factory, where, as Bottas points out, there are many “hidden heroes”, each offering a driver with the potential to be a future world champion and valuable information in the preparation stages before
next season begins.

“This sport is developing all the time,” Bottas explains. “We’re always finding gains in how we use different parts, how they are designed and made – I find seeing how we are progressing on that really interesting.”

Bottas must come back from such a punishing season raring to fight again in 2019 – and in his mind, that means taking time to improve his mental and physical endurance and tuning his intense focus: “The main thing is keeping the focus, from the first race to the last.”

Methods for obtaining the right mindset take many forms – from time in the Brackley simulator honing his racecraft to taking time for himself, blocking out the external white noise and calmly strengthening his inner determination. But there’s one thing that motivates Bottas more than anything on his visits to Brackley, and that’s taking some quiet time to personally read and answer his fan mail. “Supportive fan letters are very motivating for me, that’s one of the things that can make my day – and it’s nice to know that I can make theirs in return.”

Here’s hoping one of the most determined drivers on the grid will be able to return to the top step of the podium in 2019.

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TimW1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star

ChrisD, he cheated his way to pole in Monaco 2014, left his nose in when the corner was lost at Spa 2014, blatantly ran his team mate off the road in Austria 2016 and even more blatantly broke the rule requiring him to leave a cars width in Spain 2016. Like I said, he was a cheat.

Time to really make a call on this rubbish. I am surprised the site allows suspect posts to stay but as they do let’s try and get to the bottom of this.

Tim W. By cheating do you mean

1) just did something you did not like but the stewards saw nothing wrong , such as cutting the first corner chicane at the start of a race

2) committed a minor infringment such as crossing the pit lane entry lines but not entering the pits and hence getting a reprimand

3) commited various offences that warrented a time, drive through or grid penalty drop.

4) cheated to the point of getting excluded from a race

Please give evidence ( not just your biased opinion or commentary) of how Rosberg cheated in the cases you cite?


Regarding TimW’s never ending tirades of lies and manipulation on this forum:

Time to really make a call on this rubbish. I am surprised the site allows suspect posts to stay but as they do let’s try and get to the bottom of this.

See no further than the top banner of this very forum thread, to see that this forum is undertaken by Mercedes and Bose. The personal sponsors of Lewis Hamilton. So no wonder a paid professional socialmedia brand manager like fanboy TimW’s posts are allowed to come through in the number of hundreds per article if he may want so. No matter their content of lies and manipulation.

And no wonder that a person like James Allen is no where to be seen here anymore. This forum has become poisoned by those few but very aggressive and non-moderated fanboys. Most surprising is that James Allen despite his own disappearance allow still his name to be used for such shady activity. Money versus integrity…? It certainly raises the question if is any better.


The great fallback of the “professional social media” brand protectors, or other such garbage.

I wish!!!

TimW is not paid for his posts. Neither am I or any other Hamilton supporter on this site. It’s just more lazy and tired speculation from the anti’s.

Just up your game. That’s all. It’s no one’s fault but yours if you lack basic powers of persuasion and debate.

It certainly makes it easier when the numbers and the arguments are on your side, but again that is no fault of mine. It’s a basic life skill to recognize a losing argument quickly, and to then ditch it and steer any further debate onto more “competitive” ground.


Charliew. Some quite strong accusations in your post, so I feel justified in asking you to back them up. It seems that personal attacks on other posters are just fine by you, but discussion should be banned?

You aren’t the first to accuse me of being some sort of paid brand manager, it is ridiculous to suggest that and I assure you that you are 100% incorrect. The mods of the site have my email address, which contains my full name. I can be found quite easily with this information, and it can be seen immediately that I am not involved in any kind of public relations company. If the mods feel the need to contact me directly to verify my identity, I would be more than happy to talk to them.

Your second allegation is much easier to deal with, simply list all of the lies that you think I have told, and I will prove that everything I have said is true. I am expecting quite a long list Charlie, seeing as I deliver a ‘never ending tirade of lies and manipulation’.


Tomx, so you think unsubstantiated claims shouldn’t be allowed? Fine by me, but bad news for you!

Nico’s various transgressions are all things that I would deam ‘cheating’, to me that means he committed a deliberate act that resulted in an unfair advantage being gained by him. The stewards investigated all of these incidents, and apart from Austria 2016 didn’t sanction Rosberg, but that didn’t mean he did nothing wrong, it just means that they either couldn’t prove it, or in the absence of the usual complaint from the team, chose not to pursue the matter further. If you look at the footage from Spain 2016 for example, Nico clearly breaks the rule that states a cars width must be left when defending on the straight, and the stewards mentioned this in their ruling, but decided to let him off because he didn’t break it for very long!

I see you are making your usual wearisome comparisons with Lewis’ supposed rule infringements. I wouldn’t have said any of the incidents you obliquely reference are of the same order of the ones on Rosberg’s list are they? Those are more of the order if setting pole position by going fastest through a double waved yellow sector (Austria 16) or blocking your team mate in qualifying (Malaysia 15) or failing to lose a position by cutting a corner (Canada 14), just run of the mill run ins with the stewards that all drivers pick up throughout their career, although as ever, you’re only interested in Lewis….


The stewards investigated all of these incidents, and apart from Austria 2016 didn’t sanction Rosberg, but that didn’t mean he did nothing wrong, it just means that they either couldn’t prove it,

I think you have no idea of what guilty means. I asked you for evidence and you can provide none just your warped opinion. Rosberg does something without sanction ( even after Hamilton has gone to the stewards to complain) and you accuse him of cheating Hamilton does something with a stewards sanction and it is just run of the mill.

By your rules of evidence Hamilton cheated when Bottas was told to move over and give up the win. Absolutely not . I did not like it but it was within the rules.

This is not about Hamilton it is about you slagging off a world champion with absolutely no evidence I give you Hamilton examples to show how pathetic you are being. Hence Hamilton cheated in 2009 and was excluded FACT . Hamilton is the only proven cheat


The stewards found Rosberg at fault for the collision in Austria 2016. Not leaving “racing room” is about as clear as you’ll get the FIA to be, to say that one driver deliberately drove into another.

They said he should not have continued with a damaged car. If Rosberg did as suggested, then he loses 12 pts and the championship. So to dissuade future similar transgressions they gave him a 10 second time penalty, that had zero effect. Way to go FIA!–stays-fourth–after-hamilton-clash.html

When did Hamilton go to the stewards to complain?

Lastly, I think you need to look into the 2009 Australian GP more. Like Hamilton’s exclusion from qualifying at the 2012 Spanish GP, I think you’ll find that it was the team’s fault, rather than the driver’s.


Yeah TomX, it’s right there in your link … black AND white flag. Not a black flag. Seriously, you’ve persistently made so many errors in your posts that it betrays a general lackadaisical approach to getting your facts straight. Or maybe it’s just that you have a red mist moment, and make mistakes because of that. Either way you’re wrong.

And yes, I watched the race. 😉

I saw Lewis breaking the tow from Petrov, and I thought at the time he might get a penalty, which he did. The FIA issued a clarification on what was allowed soon after. What happened there wasn’t worse than Magnussen getting a penalty for weaving at Austria ’17 as Wehrlein went to pass.


#KRB did you actually watch the race or ( like TimW) do you prefer to make stuff up and accuse others of not knowing what is happening


Black flagged in Malaysia 2010? What?! Can I ask you when you started watching F1 TomX? It would seem to me that you’d remember that there was no such thing, if you watched it when it happened.

As for the so-called LieGate, here’s an article about it from RaceFans:

That’s part 2 of 2, so everyone should read both. But basically, Lewis was in there with a senior team member telling him to go along with his story. Lewis was the one who told McLaren that they didn’t need to let Trulli back past. As the second part emphasizes, if Race Control had just pulled their finger out, it could have all been avoided. Another example of the FIA shooting themselves in the foot.

As for the yellow flag rule, it’s quite counterintuitive that you can set a pole time going through yellow flags, don’t you think? The rules were changed soon after.

It boils down to do you believe that all cheaters are caught and punished, or is it reasonable to suggest that some are not caught, or not punished? Rosberg was punished for running his car into Hamilton’s … this wasn’t crossing pitlane lines throwaway stuff, but something that is at the very heart of sportsmanship within the sport (i.e. can you be trusted to race cleanly with competitors?). Rosberg wasn’t above getting dirty if he thought he would benefit.


#KRB according to TimW when Hamilton gets a penalty it is just a racing incident and not cheating. So why is Nico getting a 10 second penalty cheating? Only in your eyes does this exist. When a driver really cheats on track he gets black flagged as in Hamilton 2010 Malaysia.

FYI Hamilton went to Charlie to complain about Nico in quali at Austria 2016. He later claimed he was clarifying the yellow flag rules but as we know he ( his dad) has a track record of complaing to the stewards and getting his team mate a penalty

2009 Australia was Hamilton. On track the confusion was down to the team but all the excuses about he just followed someone else in lying to the stewards is hog wash. He was the DWC and fully capable of expressing himself.


Tom. I don’t think there is a driver on the grid who hasn’t picked up some kind of penalty, or who hasn’t gotten away with something that he should have been penalised for, that’s just how it is, sometimes the stewards get it wrong. You asked me for examples of Nico cheating, I have given you some that I personally think count as cheating, but as I said in my comment with the exception of Austria 2016, the stewards chose not to intervene, this clearly means that Rosberg was found not guilty of the offences he was investigated for, but does that mean he didn’t do it? To me they are two different things, clearly you see it that if the stewards take no further action, then the driver did nothing wrong, that’s up to you. Put it this way, did Michael Schumacher ever deliberately block the circuit to gain pole? Yes. Has Lewis ever done this? No. Did Nico? Maybe.


Tomx, yes in my opinion Nico cheated, I think he did all of those things on purpose, but can’t know for sure in the same way that you (or the stewards) can’t know for sure that he didn’t. One thing I do know for sure is that Lewis has never been shown the black flag in F1 as you claimed, and I recently learned that if someone makes one error during a discussion then all of their points immediately become invalid, so I win.


TimW examples that you think count. Absolutely no evidence of cheating. No black flags and no exclussions. So just your opinion. Amazingly when someone gives their opinion on Hamilton you are all over it like a rash calling them all sorts of names and accusing them of bias. Yet on this one you think your opinion outranks the facts.

Hamilton and his fans have a habit of accusing others of cheating ( interesting tactics, something interesting in their car etc) Hamilton has the sense to retract the claim but his fans just carry on.


Bottas mainly disappointed in 2018 because he allowed himself to fall back too easily. Related to this was it was just too easy to pass the guy on track. Just as an illustration: when asked to choose his best passing move of 2018 Verstappen was given the suggestion a spectacular pass on Bottas was a good candidate. Max’ reaction was he hadn’t given it much thought, but “of course a pass on Bottas is never ever going to be the best move!” Says it all, Bottas just leaves too much room and doesn’t put up a fight.


Did Max really say that? He does a lot of talking, eh? One would think he’s a 5x champion the way he spouts off, instead of only the 5x race winner that he is.

Win first, then talk. Good advice to follow.


He’s absolutely right of course.


He didn’t say it on a press conference or anything like that. He said it in ‘half public’, in an ‘among us’ chitchat. So there is some difference. Who knows what Ocon, Gasly en Leclerc say on French TV?


Bottas is not really a favourite of mine. But he has always been impressive in a low key way. He’s more or less been the natural leader in Williams, beating Massa comfortably. Can stand the pressure most can’t.

He’s problem is that he doesn’t give the vibe of being a risktaker or having the Max approach, that acctually has become some kind of trend right now.

But he achieves his goals when he does it kind of effortlessly. I genuinely believe he is a rally good racer, but from a new mold (Pross maybe before). He is a more modern type. He seems to go about his task as a driver like a sportsman, in the real sense. F1 guys are not really sportsmen in the general sense, that’s my opinion, they have other qualities.

Bottas goes about it in a methodical way, details, improving, training etc. More than relying on some feeling.

But, and this is a big but. This is also a big trend i believe, or will be. there is not much input you can put into this generation of cars, only a slight this and that. So this type of drivers we’ll see more of. Bottas is one of the early ones, we have others but they are not as successful as his.

And he hasn’t really had his chance to prove himself in Merc. Not to his fullest capailities. Let’s hope he will before it’s to late.


I’m too busy hoping Renault and RedBull bridge the gap and we have Dan and Max joining the title fight to even bother with Bottas.


redbull have started talking of quitting f1 to race their valkrie in wec…losers!


Why losers? Maybe they would prefer to participate in a series that allows them to showcase their road-relevant Valkyrie tech, instead of participating in a series that forces them to showcase overpriced, roadcar-irrelavant Prius tech.


they do not intend to leave f1 for wec. if they had those intentions they would have got webber to lay down their foundations.


Do not be surprise if formula one do not bring another race into usa, broadcast winter team test and bring music show into formula one event to attract younger guy.


The broadcast can be significantly improved by bringing in the “meeeeoooowwww guy”.


It was a trial Luke, they are finetuning it, to sound like a V10. I’m not sure which year’s version though.


Ferrari f2004.


Sorry but i hade to write the rest of the song to get it out of my head

Engines are quiet, but what do I care
Autopilot and electricity is here
Cause F1 is drowning and I live by the river
Not in the outskirts somewhere
But close to the park, not far from the river

F1 is calling, I was there too
And you know what they say? Well some of it was true!
Now they are calling, to a faraway land
After all this, won’t you give me a smile?

Happy Holidays, now I’ll give it a rest


ChrisD, you can’t rhyme ‘river’ with ‘river’! Maybe try and work ‘liver’ in somewhere….


Well only a mastermind like yours Tim, could come up with “liver”.

What would not the history of music looked like if a creative soul like yours….sorry I really could not end that sentence.

I only made an interpretation with some artistic freedom, with emphasis on freedom.

And river is more fun, in this context, don’t yo think Tim?

But just for you I made one more verse, with a slant, or “fake” rhyme.

Now I live by the river, far from that place that wasn’t so fancy
Where I eat my liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti


ChrisD, Fancy with Chianti!


Chrisd, I’m much more partial to Chianti than liver, but neither rhymes with fancy….


You don’t like Chianti?

It’s a red wine that is very tasty, especially with liver.

Most preferably by the river.

Try it Tim


Rhyming ‘river’ with ‘river’ is funnier though.


Oh come on Luke, Liver can be funny too! Don’t be so dismissive of internal organs….


Sorry forgot one verse.

Liberty calling out Silverstone’s fear
Quit holding out, draw another breath
Silvestone calling this is just theft, nothing is left
We’re running out of fuel, though we lifted and coasted
Dirty air in the wake of it all, there is no one to call
No one is calling, one team is what’s left


A little Christmas carol while we’re waiting for something to happen.

London calling to the outskirts of town
We’re no shanty towns here war is declared
Carey calling with a farfetched idea
We come to your door, both boys and girls
London calling, now don’t look to us
Phony power units have bitten the dust
The teams are calling, see we ain’t got no swing
Except for the echo of that tiring thing

The lies are becoming, the cars they are running
Meltdown expected, the crowd is growing thin
Engines stop running, but i have no fear
Cause F1 is drowning, and I, live in no slum

Sadiq Khan calling, to plot out a zone
Forget it brother, you can go it alone
London calling to the zombies out there
Quit holding out, and draw another breath
London calling we don’t want to shout
Liberty talking, and I saw you nodding out
Tyre war is declared but no one is there


Merry Christmas everybody.

To those not into it, like my Egyption Doctor, may I say Happy Fishing Day (my doctor loves the peace & quiet by the river).

I have 3 wishes.

1. I wish that everybody safely & happily prepares to engage or spectate in a wonderfully close fought 2019 F1 Championship.

2. I don’t get edited again for thinking out aloud about Max.

3. Aveli writes nice comments about anything that’s not Lewis.

…… & 1 hope.

I hope Claire has used the button for Paddy’s shock collar.


3. mick gets one more gold star addition..



OMG! Well done. See, you can do it.

……& thanks. I’d appreciate another star, but I don’t have the time or the I.T. skills to become a prolific writer of wit or drama, like Chris D who managed to go from zero to 4 stars in less than 12 months.

So thanks everybody for all your inputs, & roll on 2019.


roll on 2019 indeed mick..
well done for keeping count of posts.


Guess we’re not even getting a top 5 drivers this year…


So let’s commence the Christmas truce.

Merry Christmas to all of you fans on JAonF1. May there be presents for all of you in terms of good F1 racing to come

Merry Christmas to the mysterious Editor, Luke and James Allen where ever you might be. May the grid girls be with you and blessed with a joyful subsistence far away from the petty comments of this section bellow.

Ho ho ho


Merry Christmas to all the JAonF1 fans.

Let’s stay positive and hope that F1 gets better, awesome sounding engines make a comeback, fake fuel savings agenda is retired, and a level playing field effort is made with some kind of resource/spending cap. Maybe even Dumb Racing System and Halo will go away, but let’s not overload Santa’s list with too many wishes and hopes.

Let’s also hope that JAonF1 continues, at least for another season. What do you say Santa?


Sebee, “let’s stay positive” a surprising sentiment coming from you, of the many thousands of comments you have left on this site, how many would you say were positive in tone? I would say somewhere around zero….


Should it not be renamed Luke Murphy on F1? Sadly, the days of James providing his insights every couple of days have long gone. I really miss the old days of this site before he sold it and took on his bigger role with Motorsport Network.

And this ‘promoted’ piece is simply a paid-for advertising feature. Very disappointing.

I feel it’s dishonest of Motorsport Network to keep calling this site JAonF1.


JAonF1 is here to stay, that is from Santa.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hollidays to everybody!


Ho! Ho! Ho!
Many Happy Returns!
Ho! Ho! Ho!


I like. Hope Santa is listening.


Valtteri proved to be a pleasant surprise in 2017, but sadly disappointed in 2018. The real turning point was the team order in Russia which prevented him winning – his head seemed to drop afer that. It would seem he together with drivers such as David Coulthard, Massa, and Ruben were never the same after been denied wins because of team orders. I believe Valtteri I should have made alternatice plans for 2019 to rebuild his career which may truly stall if 2019 proves to be much the same as 2018. But let’s see …


mercedes won both championship yet bottas’ 2018 season is described as a failure. i wonder why that is. does that mean hamilton’s performance was so great that it covered bottas shortcomings?

i don’t think he underperformed nor was he unlucky afterall there isn’t a driver capable of beating hamilton in the same car without cheating or being helped by the team.


Very good point, in that last sentence, aveli.


Didn’t Rosberg beat HAM in the same car?


They obviously had the same car. If not Toto decided to give Nico better engine mapping and so on.

But that implies that Lewis have had it the years prior to that.


cheated hamilton out of a championship you mean?

he beat the great great schumacher in 3 consecutive seasons though..


Can you clearify in what way Nico did cheat?

I would be very thankful for any details.


@aveli – On the contrary, whilst Rosberg clearly cheated at Monaco in 2014, during his championship-winning year, as far as I could tell anyway, Nico did not do any cheating that year.

Lewis lost due to five plus engine issues or failures, however, I do not connect Nico himself to any wrongdoing in that particular year.

History never dwells that much on the circumstances of how a WDC was earned, so better to just accept that Nico is a one-time world champion (though HE did not beat Lewis).


TomX, the difference is that Massa & Hamilton were on separate teams in 2008. Each team package picked their priorities (speed vs reliability, etc.), and there is zero doubt that both teams were giving 100% to make their lead driver the WDC.

Would also point out that Massa was running in 10th in Melbourne, outside of the points at the time he retired. He started 4th, but two mistakes put him back in the pack. There’s also the case of Spa, which if not the worst stewarding decision of the last 20 years, is certainly in the top three.

What I said was that Nico didn’t beat Lewis on driver performance in 2016. He obviously beat him on points; that’s why he’s a WDC. No one would claim that Massa beat Hamilton on driver performance in 2008. Just need to look at Lewis’ masterclass at Silverstone, as Massa spun 5 separate times, to know the gulf in class that year.

In no metric was the McLaren better than the Ferrari, yet Hamilton still won. The last WDC in a non-WCC car.


So if Lewis lost in 2016 due to engine failures and Nico did not beat him. Then on the same logic Hamilton did not beat Massa in 2008 as Massa only lost due to engine and fuel rig problems..You can not have it both ways.


Do you not recall him forgetting to turn in Austria, plowing into the side of Lewis’ car? That it hurt him and not Lewis doesn’t excuse the deed.

Then there was his (too) late scything over in Spain, and pushing his teammate onto the grass when he realized he was in an incorrect engine mode, giving Lewis a big run on him. If two different teams were involved Rosberg would’ve been punished every single time.

He also sat on the apex at the start in Bahrain, which contributed to Bottas smacking into Lewis there.

Rosberg was never above getting dirty if he thought it could benefit him. Hamilton on the other hand just wants to race, and win on natural speed alone. Of course he has an advantage over other drivers in that respect, but that’s the point. He just IS better, and so has no need for the dark arts in order to win.


i can assure you torchwood five… that nor matter what you say, there has never been a driver in the history of f1 who has consistently delivered spectacular performances as hamilton has. not even schumacher….hamilton’s f1 arrival showed f1 fans that the show could be a hell of a lot more exciting. so much so that the fia started working hard on improving overtaking. kers drs etc..

we watched schumacher overtake in the pits for so many years and no one complained about overtaking. it wasn’t until hamilton burst into the scene with ontrack acrobatics..hamilton changed f1 for good.. he should really be a 10 time champion, not 5…


If you would use that logic. You could say that not any WDC did beat anyone. Lewis included

However I symphatize with you. I even agree with you, in some general terms, although you don’t give any details to your reasoning. I agree to what you may imply, but the deductions may not be completely to you likening.

But you are on to something, however confusing it is in this case

But you put yourself in a difficult place if not even impossible.

On top of that you are self-contradictory.


I think that you’d better have a chat with Verstappen who thinks that lots of different drivers could win the WDC in the same car…meaning that given the same car as Hamilton that he wouldn’t necessarily be the unbeatable driver that you think that he is.


verstappen knows very well that part of being a great f1 driver is your ability to secure a competitive seat…he is only acknowledging his shortcomings..


@aveli, “part of being a great f1 driver is your ability to secure a competitive seat”… Unfortunately you are absolutely right. It’s not all ability of course, luck is a contributing factor too.


How is it luck? You need to have put in the performances prior, to draw the big teams to you. Obviously there are instances like 2009 where Button went from out of F1 to being sat in the best car (at least for the first 6-7 races of that season) in the space of a few weeks!

Over a career though, the best drivers will get their chances in top machinery to scoop a few titles.


nothing to do with luck.. have you ever heard of teams or driver choosing drivers without considering their past performances?
hamilton left mclaren for mercedes because he felt mclaren often refused to listen to his ideas and mercedes were willing to listen and showed him their intended projects. it wasn’t about luck at all. i tried to explain this at the time and all other posters took the mick.



Big talk from Max – let’s not forget that he was sat in a pole capable car last season on 2 separate occasions (that is beyond dispute). On neither of those occasions was he able to secure pole position, that honour belonged to his team mate. It’s quite a stretch for a driver who cannot take pole when it’s within his grasp to then start talking himself up as WDC material. Maybe he should learn to walk before he starts running.


don’t be silly c63…we all saw that verstappen is the second best f1 driver of all time. ricciardo is no where near as good. he easily beat vettel and if he could beat verstappen he would’ve. ricciardo is a very good driver but verstappen is just that little bit better…


I must agree with you on this one C63, and Kenneth. In part if nothing else.

Sometimes if a car is extremely dominant, well at least many drivers could win the title in it. Albeit one should never underestimate some difficulties that could arise.

Most important I believe is to have a car that suits you, and is developed for you, preferably during a longer period of time. and your preferences, with set up and so on.

But then again you never know when you need to change driver line-ups


I think Max’s words were torqued somewhat, but of course he believes he could win. Most every racing driver thinks they’re the best.

Max wouldn’t have won this past season. His destructive start to the season would’ve been terminal to any title hopes. After 6 races this year, Max was only 3 pts up on Alonso! The Red Bull was the 3rd best car this year, while the McLaren was the 3rd worst!

All I can say is I hope Max keeps believing that, and saying stuff like that. He can have his beliefs to keep him warm, while Hamilton will scoop the titles.

5th season for Max, big year. Only two drivers (Prost & Hakkinen) have won multiple titles after winning their first 6 or more seasons in. Even there, Prost had been in title battles in the years preceding his first title (being known as the Nearly Man before his 1985 triumph). Only Mika won multiple titles many seasons into his career having never been in a title battle before.


alonso left f1 because of the reseagance of verstappen. he would’ve dyed had he believed he was second best to hamilton. verstappen showed alonso the door. if he stayed, his value would’ve plummeted to nothing…as ricciardo leclerc and gasly all display their craft….i like alonso and his furry but he’s not as good as verstappen..


KRB I believe Max has to really up his game or he might go down in history as most hyped collapse ever.

Your right in some of your reasoning regarding title winners late into their career.

One thing thoughwhen it comes to your two examples

Mika came in with a boom, being faster than the God of F1, Senna, almost immediately.

Then he spent a long time in a McLaren that was not anywhere near a championship contender. And on top of that he had that horrible accident, and only survived because a Swedish doctor happened to be at the vicinity and performed a tracheotomy on the spot.

That was truly amazing that he came back and faught two of the most exitng and hard fought WDC battles against Schumi and won.

So maybe the best example you could have chosen in fact.


Chris D, I think Max is too talented to flop like his dad. However, he does have more than a few of his dad’s undesirable and self-defeating qualities. If he keeps those, it will limit his success. We’ll see how he develops and matures.


Of course both Alain and Mika were way older than Max in their 5th seasons, and down the drain your comparison goes.


@KRB: all true, very true. Unfortunately for Max also true: he may be in a ‘top team for 2.5 seasons’ now, but he definitely did not get to drive a championship winning car as yet. All the drivers you mention did get that opportunity. I knew this was going to happen as soon as Max signed a new contract with Red Bull. And it ain’t over yet: until further notice he’s still on the wrong side of the grid, i.e. not the Merc-Ferrari side. All other arguments moot.


Not really. The fact remains that multi-champions usually are able to “change the game” to their benefit, relatively quickly upon entering F1. Max has been in a top team for a little over 2.5 seasons now.

Fernando won in his third season with Renault. Seb won in his second with Red Bull. Lewis won in his second with McLaren. Schumacher won in his third season with Benetton. Prost in his second season with McLaren. Senna in his first season with McLaren.


@KRB, No, kenneth did not torque Max’s words. He indeed said that in his opinion SEVERAL drivers could win the title if given a Mercedes. Somewhat unclear however whether we should imagine this as a car swap with Lewis or as a seat next to his. The former I think.


KRB I can’t see that any driver really changed the game. A team did it.

And a team is a team of people. They and only they can change the game.

Exept for Ross Brawn maybe, who saw a loophole in the regs and used it to the limits. And changed the game.

I have really never seen a driver change the game. Jump into a backmarker and win the WDC (and preferably the WCC) or anything close to it.


A drive in Mercedes means you have almost a granted WDC if you beat your teammate. Ferrari was a lot closer this year, but still.

And Seb was not just up for it. His nerves collapsed.

If Max would have begun his first year in Merc like he did in RB this year, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

In fact he would fare even worse than Bottas, who was a contender until his tyre blowout.

That’s the easy answer. The hard one is a it longer


@ lemwil…I saw it most likely seen from both positions. Verstappen alongside Hamilto9n instead of Bottas and also with Hamilton in a Red Bull and Vesrtappen in a Mercedes.Either way he sees himself as a Hamilton beater no matter what.Mertvedes opportunity to sign Ricciardo was a blatant cover for Hamilton as they didn’t want to risk upsetting the team ‘equilibrium. Yes Ricciardo is well known as a vicious back stabbing political animal who would stop at nothing to win. hahaha As if!


Never said anything about kenneth torquing his words. I was referring to the articles that reported on it.

At the end of the day, it’s just hot air from Max. He has no idea. As Brawn has said today, he still has some growing up to do.


only if championships were won in verstappen’s thoughts. he can think all he wants but championships will continue to be won on the race calendar…


Or the track…


I have to alert you about some alarming news!

There is a species that is on the verge of extinction. And yes it is a species, only they can be extinct.

In popular term it’s called fuel. But it goes under many names, just like the devil.

And it has to be saved or protected.


how can you tell fuel is on the verge of extinction while the amount of fuel on earth is unknown?


Because we are saving it. It’s alarming, don’t you think?


saving it for efficiency my friend. nothing to do with it going extinct.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all posters. Friend or foe😊


Last sentence got misplaced I guess. There is no such thing as foe.


Willem Dafoe exist, I think…


I thought as much Alan😄

English is not really my first language anymore, so some words go amiss.

How is it spelt?


It’s an expression! On top of that it’s perfectly well placed in your context and spelling is correct.

But who cares, this isn’t a spelling contest.

The ones that wants to go low like that are doing it just because they are frustrated forwhatever reason or have simply lost an argument.

Not pointing at you AlanF1 i saw your reply, and i see your intension was something else


How is it spelt?


Just as you spelt it JK 🙂


Thanks C

I do get a little confused sometimes 😄👍


No mate, I don’t do those things. I have seen guys on this site trying to ‘address’ somebody’s English language skills and that was very rude.
No, the point I wanted to make was related to the work “foe”. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think posters on this site can become foes. It is just the usual banter or satire or the likes. Ok, frenemies 🙂
Merry Christmas!


And it was written with tongue him cheek Alan😊





@James K….English was never my first language, being an Australian! Your use of the word ‘foe’ is spelled correctly and is also correct in terminology./context.


I wasn’t really trying kenneth.

Understand your “point” that is.

I wouldn’t say or do anything that might hurt your delicate feelings, I wouldn’t really want that to happen.

Happy New Year kenneth.



And a happy new year to you and yours too.

And thanks for 2018…looking forward to 2019 👍

As for your grandson, the world is his oyster, and travel makes the mind richer, as you know yourself.

Either that, or sit with an angry old git like yourself😂😂

I know what I’d prefer😄


@ Chris D… …Your ability to comprehend what the core issues of any point under discussion is roughly zero. You must either try to do better or at the very least refrain from entering a debate that you either don’t understand or cannot add value.

Excellent comment Kenneth, which suits equally well for many one-eyed fanboys on this forum! ;o)


@ Chris D…Now that is what i deem to be an ‘intelligent’ post. Your ability to comprehend what the core issues of any point under discussion is roughly zero. You must either try to do better or at the very least refrain from entering a debate that you either don’t understand or cannot add value.


@ James K….and i wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year James. We’ve had some great chats during ’18. I do agree with you that the Aussie ‘vernacular’ can be amusing as it is usually rather wry or at the least sardonic. My teenage grandson has now returned to Thailand and i miss him terribly, not only for companionship, but also for his computer skills and the ability to keep me abreast of most new idioms doing the rounds!! Aussies also use terms that, taken on face value, can appear rude and ill chosen but which in reality are meant to be used affectionately. Strange, I know. As for your feline household…that must be fun fun fun. We also have surrounding us a bevy of individuals like Bengali and numerous Rag Dolls…all of which love coming to play and investigate life amongst the palms around the pool!!! Can get a bit testy at times hahaha.

Gary sends you his best ‘tuxedo’ New Year wishes as well.


Kenneth on the other hand is using this very deplorable (to paraphrase Clinton) and low way to get even when he’s frustrated about God knows what or have lost an argument.

The last time around was not so long ago, could have been yeaterday, who knows.

It’s his sharpest tool in the shed, so to speak.


Thanks Kenneth😄

Agree, you Australians do have a strange way of communicating with each other, but very impressive to the untrained ear I must add😄.

Was rather impressed with your post on the last thread, about yourself and your feline friend Gary. I have to admit that my family have 3 cats. Charlie, Sophia and Clara. Great additions to our family.


Bottas is a good driver but this year what separated him was that he was rough on his tires. A lot of this was inflicted by the team even after they won.

Why didn’t Mercedes really roll the dice and double stack at the VSC in the last race? That could get anyone down.

I don’t think anyone could have beat Hamilton this year in the same car. Probably not even Alonso. I’ve watched Hamilton for a while and I have never seen him drive better. If he had done that his whole career then he would have won 7 times already. He still has a lot of records unlikely to be broken.

Bottas shouldn’t feel too bad. Without him no WCC for Mercedes and I don’t even want to talk about Russia. He wasn’t as good after that.


Aloso, you want to bring that up again, it’s not a good argument.

In fact you even belittle Aloso with that talk.


alonso knows he definitely cannot beat hamilton in the same car because a rookie hamilton estroyed him back in 2007.


Now you’re talking sense Aveli!

Keep this up!


“Why there’s no down time in F1 2019”

Simple answer.

A young German chap by the name of Michael changed the game massively about 20 years ago, & now it is what’s required to keep up.

Whilst I’m mentioning Schumi, he turns 50 in 12 days.

I sincerely hope he can enjoy his birthday.

Get well M.S.


Great, and very true post mick👍.


some drivers only don’t only take part f1 races between fashion shows and studio sessions but win f1 championships between fashion shows and studio recording sessions. where is that game changer? are we still making up stories? or does that game changer exclude one driver, the true greatest?


Lewis knows how to relax and recover. Nobody on earth can train at high intensity for extended periods of time. The fashion shows and studio sessions are active recovery.


many seasoned fashion designers struggle to design a fashion collection and arrange four fashion shows a year so i don’t understand your use of the word relax to describe his efforts. fabric colour design selections?


It is “relaxing” in the sense that it relaxes his racing brain. It allows any racing related stress to dissipate by focusing on other activities that he enjoys. That is what the critics of Lewis’ non-racing interests don’t understand.


yep, he got rid of his trainer and manager years ago, only to go from trench to strength managing and training himself. what a genius?

surely the most intelligent driver to have stepped foot in the sport…


You make up enough stories for everyone on here.


wipe your nose!


Bottas is just another journeyman F1, quick at times but so inconsistent in races that unless he is in the lead (rarely) he just disappears down the order most of the time. World champions in any sport are generally a bit special and being F1 champion takes more than just having a quick car (it certainly helps) but if it was just the car then why was Bottas so far adrift of Hamilton in the points. In a two horse Mercedes “dominant” championship he finished 5th – says it all.


If Bottas plays his cards right, he could finish second in the championship in 2019. Doubt Merc will let him win a race though.


What cards might that be?


Best no 2 driver since Barachello


Surely that was Nico Rosberg as he actually won the title.


Don’t you think Irvine should get the honours?

Barichello was very good at driving just as good/bad as required.


There never has been anyone in F1 named “Barachello”.


Makes me think of a Barracuda.


during downtime time we should have a karting contest or simulator competition between drivers.


race of champions?


They better start planning for the race of one champion.

One team is participating


Fan – during downtime it’s better you stay away from any keyboards…

Tornillo Amarillo

Even Bottas is NOT considered a top-10 driver in 2018 in the recently secret drivers poll…

1. Who will be replacing Bottas sooner or later? Russel or Ocon?
2. No doubt Merc pay for Russell’s seat, how much? He got the seat first in a team drivers pay their seat.
3. Merc put Russel in Williams, will Merc put Ocon in Racing Point in 2020?
4. What is Merc thinking NOW about it?
5. Are they really dreaming about getting Max in 2021?


@Tornillo Amarillo

“2. No doubt Merc pay for Russell’s seat, how much? He got the seat first in a team drivers pay their seat.”

According to Joe Saward, as well as Williams having drivers paying for their seats; the team have a history of getting budget by having drivers buy their ways out of seats, so that they can go elsewhere.

Now, I remember Jenson Button having to buy out his Williams’ contract; and the Bottas deal when Nico Rosberg retired, is recent enough to be known about.
So, for Lance Stroll to move to Force Whatever, his 3-year contract had to be bought out, and the budget that that paid for, gave Williams the freedom to get a driver in on pure talent, and that is how and why they took on Russell. No-one has directly PAID for Russell to have that seat. Merc may have influenced the decision as well, but no money actually changed hands.

“1. Who will be replacing Bottas sooner or later? Russel or Ocon?”

Ocon, since he will be already at Mercedes in a support role. That said, a tiny part of me wonders about Vandoorne also being at Mercedes in a simulator role. I don’t foresee a situation arising where Mercedes would need to disrupt Williams again, by taking Russell from them.

“5. Are they really dreaming about getting Max in 2021?”

Mercedes are probably monitoring Max’ progress, for a time when Lewis retires. If I was them, I would be a step or two down from dreaming about it, after him petulantly throwing away positions in Monza (3rd?) and Brazil (the win) this year. But keep an eye on him, sure.


verstappen is a lot better than most people give him credit for. no one in the history of f1 has achieved anywhere close to what he has achieved at his age. he has made better on track decisions than anyone his age. from what i have seen of him, he is the finest f1 driver ever, second to hamilton….hamilton never drove an f1 car at the same age as verstappen but hamilton humiliated the entire f1 field with his driving skills before he stepped foot into f1.

Tornillo Amarillo

Yes, thank you.

I also think Leclerc’s contract to Ferrari in the summer had a huge impact in Max (Jos) mind. He upped his game.


I’d struggle to put him in a top 20.


Ocon will be in the Mercedes car by August 2019, at the latest – replacing VB.


is that a supernatural skill?


Ocon will be in a Mercedes at the Riviera planning his career options post F1


August? That will not happen.

Who would have the heart to do more damage than what was already done (calling him wingman).


That driver poll is a new thing. All contributed except for Hamilton, Bottas, and Sirotkin. Bottas likely would have made the top 10 if they had voted. Not that it matters any … I would put more stock in the Team Principals poll tbh. It would be interesting as hell to see each driver’s top 10 list. I’m sure they all managed – even the Stroll’s and Vandoorne’s- to shoehorn themselves into their top 10.


When everyone is voting themselves as number one, the result will be a tie.

Finally everyone can be a winner.

Who came up with this brilliant idea?


why are the results not a tie then?


The F1 drivers are not known to be that clever.

Except Alonso, who would think he’s he’ just solved all the mysteries of mankind in just one thought.

And maybe your precious God should be able to figure that out, since he is omnipotent.


LM is well aware that the general public wants eventfull and exiting races. People are more interested in a race that is fun to watch than which driver actually wins. The surveys LM and others have done points to this. But probably most of all competitive. With many teams able to fight for wins.

Now why is the focus still so much on the drivers. There are probably many reasons for that.

One is that you can say that many factors only depend on the drivers, although the input you can make as a driver to enhance the performance of the car, or simply go quicker, is probably less than in any era in F1 history.

Another factor is that LM is also well aware of the issues they face, but have probably noticed (if not knowing all along) it will be almost impossible to change the crucial factors that would make F1 genuine racing, with real competition. At least up to a decent level. This would not come about without a fight.

They can of course pick a few things from that list of what people want. If one knows a little from F1 history, one doesn’t need a tin foil hat to get that little suspicion that a safety car comes out in a certain time or with a certain frequency. Be it true or not. But there seems to always be something to save the complete fiasco from happening. Maybe it’s sheer luck who knows

So here we are. Patching up things that needs surgery. Hiring consultants and PR guys to peddle out their stories en masse. Tyres, DRS, PU’s, fuelsaving, politics the list goes on, one can’t even bother try to write it out in full.

And not to forget. It’s all about the drivers. They make all the difference…


Metallica has a song, Sad but True. It is.


It’s Christmas soon so that means presents.

This is mine (one of them) to LM et all, naughty or not.

Take away a few laps from every race next year and keep the same low amount of fuel. Then the cars won’t need to lift and coast, but race again.

You’re welcome! Ho ho ho


why would any team want to carry excess fuel?


Chris, I heard somewhere that they’re increasing fuel to 110k per race….


That’s a small step for man, one giant leap for F1.

But nonetheless a step, in the right direction Phil

Even if it’s baby steps let’s not be finicky and rather embrace the Christmas spirit for now

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