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Hamilton & Mercedes F1 officially crowned at FIA Prize Giving Ceremony
Posted By: Editor   |  08 Dec 2018   |  10:20 am GMT  |  228 comments

Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team were officially crowned as drivers’ and constructors’ champions at the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony, hosted in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Accompanied by some of the best and brightest in motor sport, the Grand Hall of the historic St Petersburg Philharmonia was the location for the end-of-year gala, an event which recognises all the winning drivers, teams and special contributions to the world of motor racing. For the first time ever, the event was also broadcast live on Facebook.

Following a stellar eleven-win season for Lewis Hamilton, he was officially handed the trophy for his fifth drivers’ crown, equalling the feat of Juan-Manuel Fangio, whilst the Mercedes Formula One team, received their fifth consecutive constructors’ championship trophy, handed to team principal Toto Wolff.

The grand ceremony was also attended by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, who received the awards for finishing second and third in the drivers’ championship, with the latter appearing to really enjoy himself at what could be his final FIA awards gala before his switch to Sauber next year.

For the second year in a row, Charles Leclerc was given the award for Rookie of the Year for his impressive season at Sauber, a performance which has earned him a promotion to Ferrari for 2019.

Collecting his second award of the night, Lewis Hamilton was also given the Personality of the Year award, as voted for by the permanently accredited media.

There was another award for the Mercedes team, too, who collected the annual Presidents’ Award in recognition for Mercedes being only the second team to win five successive titles.

Toto Wolff was on hand to collect the award, whilst Non-Executive Director Niki Lauda was unable to attend due to his continuing recovery from major surgery.

Mercedes-backed George Russell was crowned as the 2018 Formula Two champion, a campaign which earned him his first Formula One drive at Williams for next season.

In other racing series, Sébastien Ogier and Co-Driver Julien Ingrassia took the awards for securing their sixth consecutive FIA World Rally Championship title, winning the title with Ford-backed privateer M-Sport.

Jean-Eric Vergne was crowned as the Formula E champion, with Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler taking the teams’ title, whilst Johan Kristoffersson took top honours in this year’s Rallycross Championship and Mick Schumacher was recognised as the Formula Three champion.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: FIA

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Kimi gave that dull gala something to talk about. Social media was covered of great things. He was the star that night no doubt

Again he rescues the whole event when they try go get some cred whatsoever


Any one care to comment on the fact that Vettel enjoyed 100% reliability this season in races.


That is a fact that media has trying to avoid, as well as others.

Kimi on the other hand had all the gremlins that Ferrari could find, which makes Kimis season all the more impressive

Not to mention the usual mock ups whit strategies etc. The performance changed all the more towards Kimis advantage the more the politics eased off at Ferrari


I wouldn’t try and pull that off though

That is something for the end boss


Is it worth paying €59 / year for full access to AutoSport Plus or Motorsport.com?


No its not worth it to me. Those articles usually come out in full anyhow. And you have enough printed to get the gist of the article.

So no!


Cheers Kimi, keep the champagne flowing!


The award of the Gala award is Kimi.

Now that is entertaining


I hope Todt, the FIA in Paris and the Liberty boys recognize what is going on in Paris. There, the common man has made his voice clear – Environmental Climate Change tax is not going to be accepted anymore. It is B. S.

This is the same “tax” that has been burdening the Formula One cars for several years now _ the hybrid nonsense. Time for us all to revolt. Viv a La France and the common man.

Let’s reestablish some sanity in car design regulations.


Really, nobody feels moved to comment about this?

It’s getting increasingly clearer by the day that this pseudo-Eco nonsense isn’t going to fly. Not in the wider economic context, and certainly not in the context of f1, which has both an economic and an entertainment component.

Time for a revolution.


I agree its eco nonsense because dragsters use nitromethane. Not the best thing for the environment but what else could be used?


looks like all hamilton insults are being promoted while praises are being deleted. i wonder why that is.


You have no idea what’s being deleted, you’re just making stuff up as usual.


I haven’t noticed that anything gets deleted but some take a while to post since James found other things to do.


Those insults are not from me.

My respect for Hamilton has soared ever since he tested that superbike at Jerez, without a halo — WITHOUT A HALO!


Luke, good to know, did you hear he binned it, then got back on? Maybe those F1 drivers aren’t the wimps some seem to think they are.


The “wimp” thing is a very strange phenomenon in f1 because on the one hand we have the likes of Ham testing super bikes, we had Schumacher race bikes, we have Ericsson over in a thong less indycar now, and yet in f1 they race with a thong in front of their faces like wimps.

So what’s really going on? I blame the FIAs campaign of terror backed by aveli and his ilk.


I don’t think it’s the modern world at all. We still have indycar without a thong, and who have done the right thing by testing things and not implementing a knee-jerk solution. We still have Moto GP, and even road racing like the Isle of Man and the north-west 200 etc. people still ride motorcycle on the road, which is riskier than even thong-less f1.

I blame the FIA campaign of terror backed by aveli and his ilk.


Just the modern world Luke, if the halo was remived they would all still race.


Yeah Hamilton is a force in many ways.


yeah, long before he stepped foot in f1..



@aveli: that’s a great video, Ham going wheel to wheel, showing one reason why he’s widely and highly regarded around the paddock.


Toto speech: Thank you, I want to thank everyone in the team for these seven, sorry guys, five amazing consecutive years of winning hehe


Scene…Mercedes F1 Team Staff Christmas party.


“Alright guys. That’s the 5th time I used the 2014 speech at the gala. Don’t make me write a new one for 2019! Ha ha ha….Ho Ho Ho.”


Kimi stole that show!


He looked as pi**ed as a newt or whatever else swims in those Finnish woodland streams.


Why isn’t fans voting for the Personality of the Year award? Instead it is the permanently accredited media(?) who get’s to vote. They’ve been voting all year already, with their pen.

This ensures somebody like Kimi would never win. Which might be the purpose of course.


ChrisD, because Sirotkin would have won…..


Well good for him then.

Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s


Whatever happened to the Formula One Spectators Association ?


because to accurately judge a personality, you need to be in direct contact with the person….


So then a personality is a waste of precious air time. Right?

We should then move over to computers right now, glad you pointed that out.


Fans did.

Sirotkin won.

Sky overruled the fan vote.


Give him the crown


May as well give him 2019 and 2020 while he’s there right guys?


no, are you suggesting that his 2018 performance is worth 3 championship trophies?


of course not. Jeez you are fixated!


No, that is not what he’s suggesting.


How did Charles Leclerc win the rookie of the year for the second year running???
Aren’t you a rookie only once?


F2 then F1


The reality is F1 drivers are so boring talking. Watch out other sports as a comparison.


How can a driver get rookie of the year for the second year? Surely he is no longer a rookie!


Last year F2, this year F1….


F2 last year, and F1 this year.


hahaha…Kimi the real life champion, he is cool because he never tries to be cool. Please Lewis have a look at this video and you’ll see a truly blessed man…lol



Kimi completely hammered, Seb with a German porn stache……
Oh well, Forza Ferrari!


Most hideous creation of the year goes to RBR and their cowboy boot outfit

Patina of the century goes to Arrivo

Most creative award goes to FIA and the grid penalty system. Runner up was the tyres and the colour scheme

Did we have a fan vote? Guess not.


Lewis voted best driver for 2018 by the team principals

218 points for Lewis

139 points for Vettel in 2nd

That’s a big margin!

Great to get recognition from those that know their stuff👍


Looking at the combinations and assuming Lewis is either 1st or 2nd or 3rd..it looks (ie. most likely combination) as though he got top marks from 6 team principles and 2nd from 4. I’m curious what reason those principles voted him 2nd as I really can’t see how you can put any driver this year above Ham (I admit LH is the one I support more than any other, maybe I am a little blinkered, but I like to think I can be objective and while I do not think he was the best every race, over the course of the season, it’s hard to argue against him)


Only 9 Team Principals participated. Arrivabene didn’t. So Lewis got 25’s from eight TP’s, and an 18 from the other.


Oh…those wimps at Sky gave Sirotkin the alternative driver of the year and shoehorned Lewis above him? So much for listening to the fans. o


But Sirotkin wins the driver of the year fan vote!

Which one matters more?


you decide.


It depends on your perspective sebee. I would say team principles. They’re the people on the ground, in the heat of battle all year. They know what’s really going on.

I don’t think that any of the principles hate lewis. But you can’t say that of fans, can you?

Every one of those team principles would bite their hands of to have lewis in their car, and that goes for Arrivebene too.


JamesK, good point about the team bosses actualky knowing Lewis, how many times have we heard people say “he’s nothing like I thought he would be” after meeting him? People’s pre conceived perceptions seem to be wildly inaccurate when it comes to Lewis…,


When it comes to most people I would say


@ James K…A well reasoned response. Unlike you, there have been drivers that i’ve actually detested, although few and far between. Those drivers, in the main, were those that simply had absolutely no regard for their fellow drivers and on track action demonstrated that fact. Shumacher for instance was a very dirty driver, much like Senna was at times. I am, as you know, also not impressed with the ‘touchy feely’ type of driver who seek to paint themselves as ‘sensitive and aware’. I know that it is a temporal signature but i don’t have to like it. Anyway it’s all part and parcel of the F1 scene in general and it’s not about to change. You mention other posters here who support Hamilton but don’t really denigrate other drivers? I can name a few of those but i won’t ATM. Like you also, i am a long termer when it comes to following F1, since inception in fact! The fact is that as you say we now have everyone at an equal level when it comes to posting and that of itself will attract those who have no regard for what constitutes fair comment even if it is critical. There are certain boundaries or there used to be!!

best wishes James K for a great Xmas etc etc etc. Roll on ’19.



Thanks for the reply Kenneth👍

I don’t really like the word “haters” myself. I find it hard to believe that anyone could hate a top athlete, someone who has basically dedicated most of their life to being the best they possibly can. I have my favorite driver, as do you. But I still have respect and admiration for 90% of the drivers on the grid. I just can’t really understand how some posters can write some of the things they do about certain drivers, or should I say “driver”.

Granted, someone like Aveli is a little bit over the top in his posts about Lewis, but I’ve never seen him once slag another driver of.

To be honest, I’ve never seen any of the Lewis fans slag of the other drivers the way some on here slag Lewis of.

But I suppose that’s the way of social media, it obviously opens the door to a new type of fan.

I’ve followed F1 for about 42 years now, and I can honestly say, in all those years, I’ve never disliked a driver. Had my favorites, but never disliked.

I have respect for those that follow other drivers/teams and have different opinions and views, but some of the posts that get written, I find, go completely against who I am, as a fan of motor sport, and especially F1.

Thanks again for the well written post Kenneth. And a merry Christmas to you.


@ James k….What surprises me somewhat is that when some people show a certain dislike/disdain for a particular person tor the way that person acts/reacts they are immediately termed a ‘hater’. There is a world of difference in the word usage and the real context. To label all people who hold Hamilton in anything less than sheer awe usually brings on the threat of being termed a ‘hater’. True, some people may hate him, others less so, but still in the opposite camp….i couldn’t comment on that with any authority but if they do then surely that’s merely an opinion…as valid as the next. People of true conviction don’t always seek the footlights in such a blatantly obvious manner. usually couched in pseudo cliches and hackneyed platitudes. So James, just an opposite viewpoint.to consider.


To true Tim.

It seems that those who dislike him, want to dislike him, and will find the smallest thing just to keep their dislike simmering.

It baffles me that a person can hate someone they’ve never met, and will never know.

I just don’t understand it🤔


Including yours!


My only question is which TP was the numbty that had him 2nd? You couldn’t have asked for a clearer season, in terms of who was the best driver. Also Arrivabene not participating was a bit odd. He did say Hamilton in the build up to Abu Dhabi, so I guess we already know.


Krb, boynd to be Cyrille, he was asked over the Brazil weekend who his driver of the year was, and he said Max!


Well you know how romantic the French are supposed to be😄



Does it really matter?😉


Best dressed award goes to Kimi. Smart to have a black shirt, and tailored fit as well. Sharp and stylish way to pop out in that company.

Seb tries to go vintage, so maybe a hawaiian shirt would have done the trick, instead he brought his Sunday best it seams.

Lewis is consistent

Smartest stache award still goes to Carey


most of them wore the same colour jacket and trousers…only the creative minds wore different.


Creative minds or bad taste, one of the two.


Ahh, but Nick, what is bad taste?

What is creativity?

Some things are so ugly, that they are beautiful imho.


@ James K….Ugliness has many faces and i know of no ugliness that is of itself beautiful as we all hold many and varied opinions. Bad taste though is something that can be rectified by recognition. I seem to recall that Hamilton was refused entry to Wimbledon for dressing in an unacceptable manner. Whether or not you believe in that is one thing but if you want to simply play the ‘look at me’ game then it doesn’t always play positively. He didn’t make the same mistake twice. Would you turn up to regal gathering in a swimsuit/bikini? I personally don’t always accept conformity but in some cases it is bad taste to ignore it. Knowing the different requirements for different situations is in fact showing a knowledge and understanding of the differences between good and bad tastes.


no successful global fashion designer has bad taste.


@ James K…all civilizations have, within their unique societies, a set of conventions that set up guidlines of what is or is not acceptable forms of behavior. Good or bad taste is one of them. The West is far less restrictive and conformist than most Eastern societies.


Now this is very aveliish.

There is no such thing as bad taste or good taste.

It’s a western social concept that’s bashed into our brains at a young age.

But saying that, in reply to your post. What about Vivian Westwood?

Is she still alive actually ?


his sales figures suggests it is certainly not bad taste considering how much they pay for each item.


@aveli: …they sold out at every launch.

Because they only produced a ridiculous low amount of units!
Infantile arguments you keep coming up with.


@charliew….not because of prices but the fact that they sold out at every launch.


Just because a thing is expensive doesnt mean that it is good taste. Grow up immature kid !


You can be so perceptive sometimes


Only ‘sometimes’??? ;o)


@kenneth, honestly cant recall 100% but probably Richard or Quades. Been away from here 3-4 years now and had different sig on other F1 sites. Life is just getting too complex, so now consolidating. :o) Just surprised to see that James himself hardly writes anything now to here???
Quite a let down.


@ Charle W….Four stars? What sig did you post under in your prior contributions on this site? Curious….


Nice to see the drivers without those stupid ball caps on all the time – god I hate those

Andy Truelove’

Why’s Greg Wallace handing out the trophy? Have they won Masterchef as well


I thought it was Dr Arnim Zola (Hail Hydra).


Lewis has. He’s been preparing all the food for the Mercedes personnel, don’t you know. That’s why they’ve been so motivated to develop the car and PU for him. That and the way he’s been guiding his engineers better than any other driver in history.

That’s the recipe for success, if you’re reading this Williams…and Robert and George.

Tornillo Amarillo

Hamilton said:

“I wouldn’t be up here without this incredible team… there’s so many people in the background that are really the unsung heroes…
it couldn’t be done without this great team, so it’s been a real privilege to be with Mercedes Benz…”

He forgot to say something including the phrase “…back to the factory…”, I mean always the same song, it is absolutely boring and meaningless, we got the point, he acknowledges and thanks each person working for the team, but dear, stop this repetitive nonsense, just do it in private! Time to adjust the PR thing, tell me something I don’t know.


I love ’em.

Lewis’ “ship-to-shore’ at the end of Monza, has been on my phone for months now.

“You. Are. The. Man. You knocked that out of the park today, Mate.”


he seem to like repetition….pole positions race victories championships ultra wet weather performance.. i love it!


I hope he didn’t forget to mention “how grateful he is to all the fans for coming out and showing their support”. It’s usually dropped just before the “guys back at the factory” line.



You know, the easiest way to get around this so called irritation, is just to stop listening when Lewis speaks. If it annoys you so much, or bores you so much, there is always, and i repeat, ALWAYS a solution, remedy, whatever you wish to call it, for your ailment.

Unless you like pain, you like to be irritated, just so you have a reason to tell the world of your problems…. maybe🤔…. baffles me😳


thats exactly what i do. I switch off when he speaks. Its so predictable, boring, egotistical, sarcastic and narcissistic….


@ James K…Personally i like the mute button…which i use extensively whenever Hamilton wins. It’s like an endless loop….” I love youse all blah blah b;ah.


You haven’t listened to much over the last 5 years then Kenny. 😀


Do agree about Crofty the Tannoy from Hell. They banned him in hell he made the Prince of Darkness jump out of his GOAT skin. While he was humping Pol Pot and Stalin.


I normally turn the sound down Kenneth when I hear an Asthmatic Roar from an Aussie, then the chest thumping pumping sound of a Yes Yes Yes …then the loop de loop radio message….of Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption ..Redemption..Redemption..Redemption..
..Redemption Redemption Redemption
….Redemption Redemption Redemption ….Redemption Redemption Foot fungus…
Redemption Redemption Redemption Redemption ingrown toe nails Redemption
Redemption Redemption Redemption..
Athletes Foot Shoey Redemption …
Redemption Redemption…Dear Lord this can go on…Redemption Redemption Redemption (24hours later ) Redemption Ricci yey 😂😃….oh no it’s a rerun..
.Redemption Redemption Redemption…🤣
I’m busting your chops Kenneth….
Redemption “somebody the mute button isn’t working …& Nooo please a tall glass not a Shoey in the “Redemption Ricci Aussie Burger joint”…. No pineapple on my burger Please…!


Well done kenneth👍😄

I personally like listening to them all, especially the top 6. Entertaining on different levels.

I know it’s all PR and brand talk, but that’s the way F1 has gone now.

The young boys and girls are even doing it at karting level. Thanking everyone under the sun. Motor racing is just a business now.


@ James K…It’s all become so mundane…The same media asking the same questions ad infinitum. If i hear someone say ‘walk me through your emotions’ i think i’ll vomit. Coulthard is the main offender but then again so many of them are just boring boring boring. Maybe i’ve been watching for too long now…There’s nothing new to say. Sometimes i just hit the mute button and relish the silence and the racing. Croft and co are just mindlessly repetitious.


Did Lewis say “it is an honor and a privilege…”? It’s his “you know”.


Lol! Funny to hear you guys whinging about Lewis thanking the team too much, wasn’t so long ago some of you were claiming that he never does it!! You know it’s almost as if it doesn’t matter what he says, you lot will always stick the boot in……


or the classic “… for sure.” or “For sure …”

Wait till you hear George Russell though, the bulk of his robotic answers have “100 percent” somewhere in EVERY sentence he says 😉


List of driver crutch words? Shall we do one?

Schumi was…obviously. Right?


One of my favorite website bits was Schumi’s secret diary on Planet. They dare not do a Lewis secret diary! Someone should. Anyhow, this Schumi diary was just hilarious reading. Anyone who remembers the V10 era, it’s a must read this holiday if you’ve never seen it.



Thank you for reminding me Sebee,
True gold !!! :o)


As far as I can recall sebee, it was Alonso that started the “for sure” thing, way back in the day.

Tornillo Amarillo

Max “I won’t change”…


Oh my goodness, the guy preserving this diary is a gem!

“Ron Dennis – Team boss of McLaren. World-class robotics expert.”


Tell me this doesn’t make a beverage come out of your nose?

“Kimi Raikkonen aka. Robo-Kimi, Kimi Psycho-nen, Iceman – 23 y.o. Finnish McLaren driver, leading the 2003 charge against Michael. Does not know the brake pedal, yet still manages to get his way around Monaco (hence the Psycho tag). Says little in interviews, doesn’t show emotion in celebration or in disappointment. Michael assumes that Ron Dennis programmed him this way, and accuses Kimi of having 0% humour, as compared with himself, who is 70% funnier in 2002. This all may have started when Kimi won the Malaysian GP, ending the long run of German National Anthems played on the winners’ podium, whereupon the Iceman remarked that “finally some proper music” was being played.”


Ha ha ha…

“Frau Blucher – retired maid of the Schumacher household. Whinges about having to polish all of Michael’s trophies. Consequently she is his lucky charm – when she left, he stopped winning any trophies for her to polish.”


he loves his you knows, pole positions race victories and championships…


Oh my aveli! Is it the Christmas spirit?

I never had anyone say they would take a bullet for me aveli. So this is a special moment right here in the JAonF1 comment gallery.

I don’t know what to say aveli. Thank you, obviously. With the growing gun problem out there, it’s especially generous.

I’ll trade you the bullet protection for admission that V10 F1 formula was as close to perfection as F1 has ever got.


Aveli, would you take a bullet for Lewis? Would you give up a kidney?

Yo, gallery, is Aveli Lewis’ biggest fan? Or is there a bigger one here? Just want us to be in agreement.

Let’s have a JAonF1 biggest Lewis fan award. Winner: Aveli! 🙂


With Aveli’s IQ level he would be giving up two kidneys for Lewis.


No one bigger than Aveli, Sebee.


He might take a bullet.

Giving up a kidney, on the other hand, can be problematic; he wouldn’t be able to be on the sauce every time he posts here.


@sebee, yes he would! And the gun that fired it would no doubt have been personally engineered by Professor Hamilton himself.

My vote is for Aveli and once the biggest Max fan has been decided, I would to see them thrown into a ring with kenneth for a brutal fanboy death match. Aussie spite, Dutch arrogance and insane (British)? passion all going for it!!


i’ll only take a bullet for you sebee..


No sebee, he’s keeping that one for when he drives for Ferrari, and gives them their first WDC in 14 years😊😉


only when Ferrari overtake Mercedes as the best car. Hamilton is only capable of winning in the best car. On average in an average car he is a mid field driver at best.


@ James k….David does throw up an interesting point though. so let’s just canvas this for a moment and try to ignore fan bias. Put Hamilton into the McLaren alongside Alonso and let them race. Could Hamilt6on get anything more out of that car than Alonso? If Alonso was extracting the last ounce available are you saying that Hamilton could do better. remember that there is only ever 100% available. If Hamilton could do better, then that would prove that Alonso was not extracting 100%.. I use that combination purely as an example as some posters believe that Hamilton could always extracetmore from any given car regardless of who is driving. This i find impossible to believe despite the fact that i am speculating.


alonso found out in 2007 that that wasn’t the case.


And og course David, you know best😂

Why can’t you write something that actually adds to an article? Instead of trolling anyone that writes something positive about Lewis.

Or maybe talk with a shrink🤔


Another one your bull C statements tiny d.
2009 F1 car was a complete mess after Newy bolted from McLaren. It started from the back end of the grid for the majority of races while the Newey designed Red Bulls and the double diffuser with Merc engine Brawn started from the front.
Lewis still won a few races even in that heap of 2009 car. So to say mid field is absolute bull crap. But then again in 2009 you were probably just a single tail head sitting in a scrotum sack. So you never knew about those years.
Talent ends in the top cars. The big 3 Vettel Alonso Hamilton and also
Kimi Max and Ricci end up in top cars with top teams. The holy trinity of top 3 drivers for 2019 will be Hamilton Vettel and Max since Alonso has departed.
Your fixation with Lewis is almost bordering on a Trump’ish scale of a red neck mentality. Keep your Klansman hood firmly packed in your crypt tiny d.


No he should keep repeating it. I always thought saying I love you to the ones you love too many times cheapens that but it doesn’t at all.


@ JDR consider this. there was time when the ubiquitous ‘F’ word was an expletive with tremendous impact owing to the very fact that it wasn’t used in polite society. Whether that was right or wrong is not up for consideration ATM, my point being is that with the ‘F’ word entering the realms of common usage, it has lost any dynamic it ever had. Overuse has rendered it passe and a poor substitute for better descriptors. Use of the term ‘I love you’ suffers the same fate. Overuse renders it lacking in substance, to be trotted out as a catch all in this rush to be seen as caring and concerned. Even to people who are for intents and purposes complete strangers!!! Cringeworthy.


That’s a different take from all the accusations he gets for apparently blaming the team at every turn and whining! The man can’t win with you people.


When the Rednecks in their white hooded cloaks carrying Tikki torches are out in full swing. It’s like a swarm of bacteria all trying to infest the whole place. Assume when their beloved driver is winning his 8th GP win they’ll probably be Redeeming the Redemption from all the repetitive Redemptive confabulations from their God like pear drop. You just have to wait for one of them to drop their guard and post an extra nugget…Then you can realise it’s a colour issue that infects their over riding persona. Tiny d SBkkk are already setting light to their Tikki torches and washing their white hoods and capes for the next news article.


…and he won personality of the year 😉

Should’ve gone to Kimi, quite right to enjoy the party…



Perhaps you’d prefer he said “It was all me, I am the greatest ever”. Or maybe that’s just Alonso’s way?

Yes he has to say it, and it’s a good thing to do. People who do a good job don’t deserve to be publicly thanked? You do know he does it at the factory too behind closed doors when no cameras are there?


It’s always a fine balance PaulD. Hard one to reach to be honest, so it’s not fair to criticize Lewis for it. He’s applying the amount of praise he feels is appropriate. And in this case where Lewis knows how important the car is and fans may not see it that way there may be a disconnect.

My view is, he could still praise them more. He never singles out the software/engine mode guys. I feel they should get a shout out each weekend at least once.


Oh come on Sebee. How can you single out a specific person publicly ? Firstly the opposition teams will know that person’s value. Then try and get him/her on their payroll. Plus if you thank someone specific how on earth the rest going to feel back in the garage. You need to thank the team. There is no “i” in team. Jeez what on earth going on. If you want specific people being thanked. At next General Election I expect my PM to thank every electoral voter that voted for him/Her to thank me personally by name. That should take most of their period in office to reel out.


@Sebee, should Bottas also praise the engine mode guy… you know, for helping him to fifth place in the WDC?


No. Bottas should understand that there are powers in play that he has no control over. Engine modes in his case are means that this is achieved.

“I’m not saying that in a negative way. Every driver has his own way of trying to achieve success but Valtteri is an absolutely cool Finn. I don’t think Valtteri even realises if something is being manipulated.” said Toto Wolff


Why single out anyone in particular sebee? A team is a team, everybody is just as important as the next. One cog drives the next. And Lewis is the last cog in that chain, which is the one everyone can see, and hear. A great ambassador for Merc.


It is such a huge contribution to performance it should be highlighted.

On the other hand, it is a giant driver aid belittling driver’s contribution to total package performance, so that’s why drivers don’t talk about those software geeks as much as they should perhaps. Don’t want them to have too much credit for what we think is the driver.

I’d love to hear one if these guys talk to their kid.

“What do you do daddy?”

“See these guys here in TV? I make them go that fast. Without me they couldn’t, and they’d look foolish making driving errors.”


all teams have software engineers.


@ Aveli…Really? Not much escapes you…..


really? I thought Mercedes had got rid of theirs. Dont need them as Hamilton performs that task so well?


yes sebee, each team is allowed to source their equipment as well as human resources……


Not all team’s software teams are the same. All customers teams don’t nearly have the control or manufacturer advantage in this area. They use what they are given basically, or are allowed to use by the manufacturer.


Not Mercedes. At Mercedes Lewis does the software engineering.


why pay so much attention if it is so boring to you?
surely you’d be better off spending that precious attention of your on something so much less boring to you.
look for what you don’t know from elsewhere, why don’t you?


Oh my goodness.

The product could be better. The drivers could be more important like we all want them to be. And you’re saying I should be like one of the hundreds of millions who left the sport and no longer watch instead of highlighting where the product could be better?

Since you’re the world’s biggest Lewis fan, I’m thinking you’re not pleased I highlight the engine modes? The automated cars? The 7 years of lobbying Mercedes did to have the PUs in F1? Hard for you to give credit for all that to Lewis I guess Aveli?


please name a better product.


I don’t think picking up on things being said while WATCHING the ceremony is “paying so much attention”.

What they don’t know? Well given you don’t work in F1 either we’d better not have comments from you or anyone else that doesn’t work in F1.



As a paid professional to boost a drivers online reputation and brand protection then he is in F1.


@kenneth: ;o)


@ Cyber..Correction my friend…He is F1.


out of so much available for you to find comfort in pleasure, a wide variety of personalities to enjoy, you chose one to hate on?


… with the latter appearing to really enjoy himself …

Lol, a nice euphemism for Kimi being plastered.

As for Vettel’s moustache … surely there’s some marketing hookup with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate behind it?? Otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense. Movember’s been over for a week, and it looks god-awful. His haircut from the start of this season was a revelation compared to that sweeper ‘stache.


Yeah KRB that Vettel moustache has to go. A scruffy beard is OK. I have lots of that and a moustache but mine is a lot different.


he wore it to be noticed and it’s worked in abundance.


Bad taste usually garners attention…for all the wrong reasons.



Sebastian Vettel’s moustache and Fernando Alonso’s beard make them both look like employees from the Nadir of the British car industry aka British Leyland of the mid to late 70s – all they need to complete the look is a Donkey Jacket, grimy oil splattered Boiler Suit and hob nailed boots………………

Imagine Alonso and Vettel stood around a burning Brazier with placards saying “We Demand a 150% Pay rise”…………


or Alonso and Vettel in a remake of The Professionals in 70s outfits and facial hair, as Bodie and Doyle…

They could go around busting criminals that make illegal trick wheels for motors. The driving and chase scenes in the Rovers, Capris and beefed up Escorts would be excellent.

(if anyone hasn’t seen it substitute The Professionals for Starsky and Hutch) 😉


…but then the white collar boys will come out on strike demanding that they maintain differentials, and a new round of talks at acas begins all over again


Congratulations to all the winners, worthy champions all.

So Kimi appeared to enjoy himself? Did Seb help carry him back to the hotel?


I read somewhere that Kimi enjoys the occasional glass of vino.. 🙂


apparently he prefers ice cream..


I though he enjoyed the occasional glass, or bottle, of vodka too.


Oh..I understand now. Vettel it trying to have something in common with Chase?


They already have something in common. “Chase” is their middle name. Or in the case of Chase, his first name.

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