Continued growth: Agag becomes chairman, Formula E seek new CEO
Posted By: Editor   |  16 Dec 2018   |  11:57 am GMT  |  225 comments

Giving further indication of the growth of the all-electric racing series, Formula E’s founder Alejandro Agag has become the sport’s chairman, with the series looking to expand their management structure.

Having watched the series grow from initial conversations back in 2011, Agag’s new role as chairman means he will now “focus on relationships with commercial partners, host cities and the FIA”. He will remain as acting CEO until a new appointment has been made.

Alejandro Agag, Founder & newly-appointed Chairman of Formula E, said: “It’s time to open a new phase in the world’s fastest-growing motorsport. I’m really proud of the job we’ve done, together with the FIA, our management team, shareholders, partners and teams.

“Formula E is in the best moment of its short history. As Chairman, I’ll be better placed to help the new CEO and our strong management team to continue growing the sport that I believe is the future of motor racing.”

Ex-Red Bull junior Da Costa wins season opener

This weekend’s Formula E race was the opening round of the 2018-2019 Formula E season, which was the first for the faster, sleeker, Gen2 cars, which are equipped with bigger batteries and will not be required to swap cars half-way through the race.

In the opening race in Saudi Arabia, it was BMW Andretti driver – and former Red Bull junior driver – Antonio Felix da Costa who took the chequered flag from pole position ahead Techeetah’s Jean-Eric Vergne, himself a former Red Bull driver.

Having taken the lead part-way through the race after a series of bold overtakes from fifth place, Vergne was handed a drive-through penalty for a technical infringement.

However, the reigning champion fought back and a final-lap showdown between the two drivers ended with da Costa fending off the challenge from Vergne.

One of the series’ longest-serving drivers, Mahindra Racing’s Jerome D’Ambrosio, took the final podium place on his debut for the team.

Two recent Formula One drivers – Felipe Massa and Stoffel Vandoorne – endured frustrating Formula E debuts.

Massa – driving for Venturi – looked set for points after a series of feisty overtakes, but was penalised for two FanBoost-related offences, whilst HWA’s Vandoorne started the race in a remarkable P4 before falling back due to technical problems.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

Have your opinions of Formula E changed due to the implementation of the Gen2 cars? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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If I can’t watch V16, V12, V10 or even V8’s with excessive and uncountable amount of screaming horsepower in F1, then I would prefer to watch a one horse power show.

Horse racing I believe it’s called


Horse racing at Spa 🤔.
Now that’s racing👍.
Though I assume after 2 laps, with 70% pace (in first lap),
after that 40% pace in 2nd lap.
You’d have to pit for a comedy ‘pit pony’ lap (A Bernie Lap),
then come in for another ‘Race Horse’ for next 2 laps. This could work.
Then Monaco next race…
“The Ben Hur Chariot Race” in Monaco. You could have Russell Crowe saying his famous lines from Gladiator at the Monaco Royals in a drunken fit.
At Monza Russell Crowe can say…
“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED !!” Have a full set too with Max in the ‘weigh in room’ after the chariot race. Chuck a phone at Grosjean and punch a Horse out , like in Mel Brooks Classic movie “Blazzing Saddles”. “Telegram for Mongo”.
Yes Chris D you are onto something.
If only Sky could keep their filthy paws of Horse Racing F1 hybrid Chariot Racing Cross. Gosh
‘Rally Horse Racing Cross’ the next free from motor evolution backwards. Using Stone wheels made by Pirelli.
The possibilities are endless !
Meanwhile Jackie Stewart Bahraini Camel Racing Team ! Will be trying their luck at Bahrain GP ! Before everyone is arrested for spying or sticking two fingers at Rose Water Bubbly on the podium.😂


You can see my vison BK, very perceptive

Crowe will be able to fit a very hard compound on his chariot, and go the distance full throttle, shouting his line in the circus

Blazzing Saddles:):)

Stewart Camel will be short-lived indeed

Pirelli offers the tyre ranges: Wood hard, Stone hard and Iron hard. No colours, just some sour buttocks. Maybe red, violet, blue and finally black will develop in that area though.


What could be more Eco friendly then a pedal car

Next big thing will be a Formula P for pedal

“Look how this new guy pedals really fast, he’s just twelve but he’ll learn from his mistakes. He will develop into a mature pedaling man.”

I can hear the future pundits scream


That’s called cycling Chris.

And as you may have seen by the recent Specialized collaboration with McLaren, McLaren are an early adapter of that future, since winning in F1 certainly isn’t in their future.


Well it’s nice to hear that they are doing something Sebee.

They can’t go on boasting about nothing for too long.

I was afraid they wanted to become a media outlet, but only for bad news


If they must do something, why don’t they do something about the problems that have brought half of Europe to the brink of civil war, instead of pretending to be doing something about a non-problem such as the emissions of a harmless gas that makes plants grow faster?

Oh wait, I know: there is no money money to be made from solving the real problems that people are rioting about. In fact, a more equitable spread of wealth will be necessary. We can’t have that. Back to taxing people on a harmless natural gas.


Merc will probably want to be big in this formula.

They have all the incentives

Many have

Tornillo Amarillo

If you want to promote FE, why to publishes an article in a F1 blog and get dozens of negative comments that will remain forever?


Nothing is forever. James changed the comment system once or twice and that resulted in the comments in archive being purged. It’s probably 3 clicks for Luke to purge all comments.


Maybe this site actually have good intentions to reflect the current situation in F1 as opposed to most others.

These comments from fans will meet the same fate as what was once called F1 did.

This site is well ahead of everyone in the coming catastrophe.

Let’s just call it purgatory for now, but there are no comments left behind


Let the teams mix whatever cocktail they prefer in F1 to spice it up



With certain limitations like HP/Kilowatt, especially when battery technology has finally caught up in terms of speed, this I will watch.

Petrol vs electric vs hydrogen vs whatever else they can come up will be fun to watch.


Jeez all this negativity towards FE.
I’m happy to see FE growing and progressing. Agag is doing an excellent job in developing the series, getting manufacturers and sponsors onboard and building an audience.
It will be interesting to see who he appoints as CEO and what they bring to the series.


Jeez all this negativity towards FE


The problem is two fold in my opinion:

1. This is an F1 blog/site (the clue is in the name) – what do you expect?

2. FE is completely crap. The circuits are awful, truly awful, and the cars look painfully slow.

I won’t bother watching and I certainly won’t seek out an FE blog to comment on the sport. The answer is therefore simple – write about FE on FE sites where you might reasonably expect to attract fans who will be less critical.


Battery charged Electric cars are a step gap.
Few years from now and Formula 1 will began using Hydrogen fuel cells and will keep being the pinnacle of motor sport.


no one would use hydrogen fuel cells to go racing. none of the companies who have invested in hydrogen fuel cell technology has ever made a profit since 1839.


And none of the companies who have invested in electric car tech have ever made a profit. So what’s your point?


My advice to all you haters is simple. Just don’t watch!!


It shall be done.


Just don’t watch!!


I don’t intend too. However, if there is an article on this website I’m surely allowed to pass comment aren’t I ?


Nice one C63
Sadly Black Shirt (one hand raised) wearing ‘gnome d’ doesn’t understand that.


David, that’s sound advice! I’ve just been having a quick look into Formula E especially as there are a few more ex-F1 drivers taking part. Problem for me is the lack of traditional circuits, think they’ve really missed a trick here.

I might watch Monaco and maybe New York but otherwise it’s not very appealing. Shame.


I might watch Monaco

Be careful there, as it isn’t the Monaco circuit that you know from F1. The poor old FE cars cannot manage the hill so they have to use a shortened flatter section of the Principality for the race – lest the FE cars should run out of puff.


It really does not come across well on TV, but this year I took the opportunity of the cheap tickets and combined it with a weekend in Paris. The city centre thing really works and trackside it is a good day out. No it is not F1 but I already have my 2019 seats booked.


It really does not come across well on TV

Well, in that case they are buggered. The handful of people who can attend trackside are almost an irrelevance – broadcasting is where the eyeballs/money is.


Exactly …A great ( cheap) experience but mass appeal comes from mass exposure.


Some haters will watch out spite. That’s a viewer as well. Maybe that’s why the figures go up


Won”t be any good till we get 50% female participation


So if it has 50% female participation, will you finally get laid?


, I only engage people in small talk, and I vent in the safe anonymity of forums such as this one.

#LukeC. I see what you mean


I suppose you could holda Formula E race around the slums of Stevenage. Oh the gift that just keeps on giving


I get it now. This is in reference to a comment Lewis’ made recently. So this is at least the second time that he managed to offend some people this year.

Given that everybody is getting offended these days all the time, I only engage people in small talk, and I vent in the safe anonymity of forums such as this one.


moto e could have so much more commercial selling than the formula e chassis.


E-motorcycles are fun to drive as well.

Could work much better as a format in racing


300 million electric scooters in use in China alone.

That Stat is from last year too.


what percentage of all vehicles in china is that?


That’s nothing compared to the number of electric vacuum cleaners in China, which is estimated to be close to 900 million.


@ LukeC If all those Chinese switched their vacuums on at the same time would it affect global gravity?


Let’s have a Formula vacum then

Finally the world will get clean. Much better than the formula eclectic that we have now, sorry they insist in calling it F1


Formula eclectic? There is nothing eclectic about it — all the cars look the same.


Oh damn you Luke, good one. Got tears out of me. I was in a receptive mood for a joke that sucked.


Luke we had the Pirelli colour scheme to go by at least, to distinguish the cars apart. Well something was apart.

I usually cheered on the Red stripes, it was a nice colour.

Did well of Friday as well, or was it the purple. Never mind


@ Sebee,,,’,Never giver a sucker an even break’


The joke was good, so suck it up, Sebee.


Dull, slow, soulless and boring racing with ugly cars.


Enough of your F1 chat, this is a Formula E story


And F1 heading toward it?


Faster then they can say E probably or PU and fiasco


Seems like it. Still, there is hope that one day the people in charge will wake up and come to their senses, or something will shake them out of their comatose mental states, like empty grandstands and close to zero TV subscriptions.


’60’s motorcycle mudgards over the front wheels just look so naff.


That’s really good. I vote for this to be the new formula e slogan, instead of “The future of racing”.

Let’s see how that looks: Formula e — Dull, slow, soulless and boring racing with ugly cars.

I think it has a nice ring to it, plus it’s honest.


Can someone explain to me why an Electric powered series like FE is being pioneered and not hydrogen? There seems to be a lot of development by major car manufacturers of hydrogen power. Just curious and thankyou in advance to posters.


I’m sure hydrogen powered race cars have been driven before. Think Stirling Moss drove a (converted) Jag D type Hydrogen powered race car in a long distance race in late 60s. May even have been in LeMan. The emission is water from hydrogen powered car. So totally green. But on an cold icy day isn’t the car adding a skid pan to the road surface. Or is the water just a tiny trickle?


hydrogen fuel cell is worst than electric. you need to use electricity to make the hydrogen and then react it with oxygen to make water. very inefficient. that’s why all the companies who have invested in it since 1839 are yet to make a profit.
there are many vehicles out there running at a loss.


I’d like to see how they’d protect hydrogen fuel tanks for the likelihood of very violent crashes in motorsport. Not a criticism, just wondering technically how it’s done.

Tornillo Amarillo

It’s liquid…. like fuel…


“Liquid like fuel.”

You do know that gas can be a fuel too?… It’s pumped to the majority of UK homes for hearing, and used in a handful of cars.

Being a trained chemist I do have some understanding of chemistry. 🙄

Pressurised and cooled hydrogen is all very well, but when you have a violent racing car accident it’s almost certain the cooling system will be destroyed, therefore the compressed gas will have to be vented (not a great idea with hydrogen near heat sources such as a very hot racing car), or in an unbelievably strong tank to contain the gas as the pressure increases – unbelievably strong = very heavy.

None of the car manufacturers are making a big thing or investing heavily in hydrogen – cost, infrastructure, production of hydrogen all have major issues for now.


Because electric just happens to be Agag’s vanity project. If Agag was a fan of methane-powered cars we would have formula methane, or Formula M.


If your going as far as formula methane and calling it formula M, I think formula fart has a better ring to it.


They could get sponsorship from “Mr Methane” as seen on youtube!


Drive by cows. Now that’s as Eco as it get’s!

Or is it? Maybe if you use free rage cows that you milk the methane out of

Sing some lullabies to them when they go ho sleep and wake them up with some Mozart.

Happy cow and some potent methane equals happy F1

There we go


Chris D
Free range methane 😉. Maybe they should capture some from a lads rugby tour bus.
Man when that door opens its like tear gas from the rear. Could be used to clear a Morris Dancer convention in a matter of seconds. Or any German Umpah convention.


Why didn’t I think of that? I like it.


BTW, That photo where Agag blocks drivers start of season class photo and they have to look into the photo from behind him makes me want to throw that ABB sign at him.

Even Bernie didn’t do that move. Some choice words available here, but let’s not make it hard on the Luke/MOD. So let’s just say…Scaramouche!


He’s doing the Fandango.


Where is Galileo Galilei?

Brunt at the stake



Brunt at the stake….shame…

Because “ he was just a poor boy, from a poor family”


I wish that someone would start Formula H1 were everyone uses a standard Hydrogen fuel cell but teams would have a lot of design freedom yet it would be a cheap sport compared to F1. Also it would need to be a championship for drivers NOT constructors and it should cater for teams who want to build a chassis and teams that want to buy a chassis. It could overtake F1 as long as Liberty did not get hold of it as that would be a conflict of interest. I think H has a better motorsport future than Hybrid. I would also recommend not letting the FIA anywhere near it too – they have outlived their usefulness!


hydrogen fuel cells cannot work efficiently enough.


No surprise to see the Flat Earth Society out in full force in the comments section.


Couldn’t agree more.

Fans of F1, not fans of racing…


The exigency

No, fans of MOTOR sport, but in the traditional sense. With respect😊


So, to be a “fan of racing”, I need to blindly follow all forms of motor sport made available to me?


Like lawn mover racing


if the earth were a sphere electric cars would have a longer range, because they would roll down the curve.


And they would all end up in Australia.

Science is fun


Or New Zealand


Actually, there’d be a great big crash at the equator! You lads aren’t taking into account the Australian and New Zealanders’ view of the world.


I’ fairly convinced that the only purpose of Formula E is as a test bed for future F1 and all other single seater championships, both in terms of technology and consumer appetite. If and when the tipping point is reached Formula E will disappear. I just hope that the combustion engine soldiers on for as long as possible in F1, as I have little appetite for electro-racing at present.


I thought this was an embarrassing start. The track looked like it was in the middle of a building site, the pole sitter couldn’t line up properly on the grid, TV graphics were missing, team radio audio seemed broken for the first half of the race, then to top it off we had a host of penalties because of lack of running due to the one day format and weather.

FE has the fundamentals in place but lacked the ability to put it altogether in an appealing package. It was like going back a few years to A1GP.


Why are they not open wheel by the way?

Well who cares


Not so great right now

Of course it will take over one day

But then again what difference will it make when what used to be a the real F1 gets more and more watered-down and degraded by the day.

Maybe something better will come along if not this then something else.

Next year aero changes will become neutralized, 2021 already is


At some point in the future, I’m sure Formula E will become a serious competitor to Formula 1. That time is definitely not now, and I think it is still a looooong way away. Until then, I’m not particularly interested.


That time is definitely not now

You’re not wrong there – the Formula E cars just look so sloooow and the track was awful and the screeching noise etc etc……. For a laugh, they should do one of those comparison head to heads like they’ve done with F1 cars v Road cars with the F1 car setting off a minute or so after the Road car and still beating it. That’d be fun to watch.


I dipped in to the highlights, I’ll almost certainly pick up some results via osmosis, and to be fair I’m interested in how some drivers will do outside of F1 (Vandoorne, JEV, Massa). But in terms of a full time watching commitment? Nope, not yet.


Gen 2 FE cars are still look very heavy, clumsy and slow. It’s still like watching formula ford powered by dentist drills.




When I was in school they used to give grades. “E” was at the bottom of the scale, ie failing. I am admittedly not a fan of electric, but it seems they could have picked a better name. While “Formula One” seems to indicate a singular or top position, “Formula E” would seem to indicate the opposite.


Formula E stands for Formula Electric. Seems pretty obvious. Got nothing to do with your school grade.


You’re not a fan of electrical appliances?


I really enjoyed the first race in the new generation cars. It was faster, better looking and the racing was more exciting. I didn’t even mind the “attack mode” because it actually played into a driver’s strategy. Some lost places because of it and one, Da Costa, won the race because he activated it at the right time when Vergne, who also had the attack mode, was chasing him for the win. It was an exciting race.

Baby steps, I know, but eventually baby starts running. Before you know it, he is Usain Bolt. This series is only going to get better and more accessible and interactive. I reckon this will be the next generation’s “it” racing series. This is truly the future of racing.

Another one that I enjoyed, surprisingly, was the new F1 sim league. I thought I would never watch it but my grandson was watching the Baku race on his laptop the other day and I decided to watch with him. Of course, I made a comment on how much of a joke it was until he noticed that I became quiet all of a sudden, halfway through the race.

I was actually enjoying what I was watching! The suspension of disbelief that I was experiencing was profound. I suddenly became immersed at the action and genuinely cared at the results. I enjoyed the racing, so to say. The graphics was so realistic that I accepted it as “real” racing.

All in all, the whole experience was quite exciting and interesting. I couldn’t believe it myself and was a bit embarassed to admit to my grandson that I enjoyed watching a race that happened in a simulated setting. What just happened?

I watched a few more and had the same reaction and feeling. I really think it is an exciting new platform where someone could actually watch and enjoy “racing”. My grandson then revealed that this is nothing new in their “world”. He says that most of the people in his school watch others play video games on youtube or live streams on other platforms for hours. Hours! It is not unusual to cheer for someone who is winning wars, fights or races in a virtual setting. A virtual win, it seems, is just as satisfying as a real one. They don’t pretend that it is real either. It is what it is. A win is a win.

I can’t believe what I just wrote but that’s the reality for the new generation.

Lucas Di Grassi’s Roborace concept will be another one that will blur the lines and push the limits of what we will accept as racing. In the end, if it’s popular, it will survive and might even be the only type of racing that will be acceptable to future generations. “Robocar! Attack Mode!”


@FanF1 – I watched the F1 sim league race at Baku, think it appeared as a youtube suggestion and you’re right, it was enthralling! What I found totally amazing was that the drivers had the spatial awareness to go into some of those tight corners two abreast and not collide!


Formula e isn’t the future of racing. Roborace and e-sports is the future of racing.

The question is: do you want to watch the future of racing, or do you want to watch ultra quick, powerful and noisy automotive porn such as what what we had in the nineties and 2000s, but perhaps with a more contemporary veneer?

Myself? I will take the latter instead of the future of racing any day of the week. Anybody the same?



I’m a fan of racing, period. From footraces to horse racing. From two wheels to four wheels. I watch all kinds. I enjoy them all.

Now, I found out that I even enjoy simulated racing. Now there’s more entertainment for me to choose from.

So to answer your question, yes, I will watch the future of racing but will also watch powerful and noisy cars. I have no problem enjoying both.

Interestingly, the closest we have now to your “automotive porn” is Indycars. However, their vieweship is not like it used to be and I won’t be surprised if Formula E or some sim racing league on youtube has more viewers than Indy nowadays. Even F1, with all its technology, automation and hybrid PUs, destroy Indy, which has noisy engines and no halo, in viewership. That should tell you that fans like yourselves, who just long for the good old days of the 90s and 2000s of F1 are a dying breed. Perhaps it’s hightime to accept that V10s or V12s, heck even V8s, will never come back to F1 and time to start watching the future of racing. Sooner or later, there won’t be anymore racing series for you to watch. There are even rumours that Nascar will be full electric in a few years. Nascar?!?!

I do enjoy the F1 Masters series but they don’t televise those races and they never race those cars full tilt. Too risky too damage those museum pieces.


I, in contrast, am very particular about what I watch. If it turns out that in a decade or two there is no more proper Motorsport for me to watch, I will not content myself with something like formula e. I will simply find something else to do with my time.


@ Luke C Regards the Foxtel feed and the associated costs. Can i pass on to you a tip. Talk to them and use the hard sell…you will sign on if they reduce the B class rubbish ‘entertainment’ and its cost out of the premium. You might just get a surprise and i’d love to hear how you got on.



Playboy changed their product by not having nudes in the magazine and what happened? Back to nudes recently. So the hope that this children’s Formula 1 G-rated thing will go back to something resembling NC-17 is not dead yet. These “leaders” just need a kick in the pants. They’ll get it soon when ratings take another big dump in 2019.



wow, where did that come from? And what made you think that your opinion didn’t matter? Obviously it mattered enough for me to respond to it.

Also why did you assume that I’m consuming what Todt is pushing down people’s esophagus? I have stated several times that I have not attended any f1 races since Melbourne 2014 and I will not buy the tv subscription until f1 gets back to what it needs to be. In fact, I would estimate that I watch 20 times more reruns of old f1races from 90s and 2000s than the current f1.



Oooh! Particular!

Buddy, you didn’t need to reply to my comment or ask me what I wanted to watch. You could have just made a statement about how “particular” you are. My opinion didn’t matter to your self righteous proclamation of how particular you are. Your comment could have stood on its own.

It’s funny though, how you’re still watching F1 even after Todt pushed this green PU down your throat in 2014. And now that we found out that Brawn is about to push it even further down your esophagus in 2021, I’m sure you’ll be gulping it down against your wishes.

Shouldn’t you be doing something better with your time rather than watching a watered down version of F1? F1 has moved so far away from the 90s and 2000s format that you long for yet here you are, still watching a PG-13 softcore porn version. You should spare yourself the pain because you’re just looking like a hypocrite.

Ooooh, so particular.


I suggest giving the opposite sex more attention. It’s a participation sport and can be quite rewarding.


I would too but current F1 is neither this or that…By the way FE cars make super annoying noise and F1 power units sound like lawn mowers…so you choose which is better


I choose for f1 to go back to showcasing roadcar relevant automotive porn such as the new Aston Martin 6.5 litre v12, instead of this overpriced roadcar irrelevant Prius tech.


ChrisD, that is total nonsense.


A child can drive these cars we have in F1.

Wait have not seen that recently already?

Now the driver input is negligibel if any at all



It’s nice to see someone else in here who is obviously a fan of racing and not just a fan of F1.

I agree I thought it was a really good race. The new cars look amazing. There was lots of close racing. Passes for the lead. I even enjoyed attack mode, I like that it’s madatory and feel that makes it less of a gimmick if they all have to do it twice.

Had to laugh at Lopez totally missing the activation point!

I actually thought the circuit was one of the better ones they’ve used too. Some really good parts to it.

Massa did well in his first outing and made a couple of really great passes. Stoffel… not sure what happened there. He had the pace in qualifying but maybe that was just his skill making a difference on a damp track.

Really looking forward to race two.

Good post mate.


@The Exigiency


In the end, it’s all about being entertained and as I’ve said, I really enjoyed this new generation of cars and the wheel to wheel action was not bad either.

I will admit that the sound still annoys me abit but I got used to it by lap 3 or 4. Hey, if I could put up with the ugly halo on F1 cars, I could put up with the sound of F e cars. I still don’t understand why they have halos on the Formula e cars seeing as they are not close to being dangerously fast. The halo does look better on these cars compared on F1 cars.

Felt bad for Massa but felt even worse for Vergne. He ran a great race, good enough for the victory but was denied by technicality. Oh well, thems the rules. Everyone has to deal with it.

On to the next race. Keeps me entertained until Oz comes around.


Yeah…putting up with stuff…that’s what motorsport has become.

Thanks for pointing it out fan.


The day will come when the electric or ai cars will be just as fast as F1


I’m not so sure that it will. Apparently the increase in power for the latest FE series was as a result of sneaking an extra 100kg of batteries into the cars….that was a bit naughty of them!



Re: F1 going back to where it once was as soon as viewers dip.

I doubt that will ever happen. Not with Todt, Brawn, Liberty who can’t stand up to manufacturers.

Liberty is looking for new markets, not trying to keep the old ones. They’re into the buzzwords like social media, interactivity, virtual racing and esports. They want fans to come for the concert and the after party. The race is just another distraction for the main attraction – Bruno or Britney. This is their plan. They don’t care about petrolheads anymore. It’s all about the twitter thang. Miami, London, Vietnam, here we come.

The day will come when the electric or ai cars will be just as fast as F1 but will have more current buzzwords. And on that day, F1 has to finally make a decision, “Should we assimilate or extremely deviate?”

What do you think they will do?



You could always create your own series. I’m sure you’ve got a billion dollars lying around.

“Now put up or shut up!’ Excuse the pun.

You guys are taking this motorsports thing too seriously. Especially since you have no control over it. It’s sports entertainment. You could always change the channel and if you haven’t yet, that’s your own fault.

I’m sure, you’ll be watching in 2019 and beyond. You just can’t help yourself.


Indeed, we have to put up with a lot these days, as everything is turning to crap. That’s why half of Europe is on the verge of a civil war.

The fact that Australia, USA and Canada are not similarly on the verge of a civil war is a near miracle, as things are not much better in those countries.


Some time ago James, at the time still owner and regular contributor of JAonF1 :-), did a piece about risks to Formula 1’s future. And one of the key risks identified was automation of the car, because if people are riding in autonomous cars, they obviously would be less interested in watching drivers drive – an activity they no longer do. I could insert a comment in here about how PU engine modes already belittle the skill of driving…oops..I guess I just did. James also did a few pieces about gaming and virtual reality.

Anyhow, a few of us on here noted in those pieces that game streaming could entirely be a possibility as a risk and substitution to actual Grand Prix being staged. Since Formula 1 has such “preservation” agenda, and saving fuel and tires and PU, sim Formula 1 would achieve that fully too! Obviously Formula 1 isn’t going to allow this to go large scale at this time, but they have their toe in it. One can imagine a scenario where races are virtual and get same or maybe even more viewers than actual Formula 1 races. I can’t imagine how this would be hard to achieve. 300,000 people on average watch Formula 1 Grand Prix each weekend in U.S. I bet there are infomercials that get higher ratings. Roll it out large scale as a sim virtual race series, where the drivers qualified through earlier prelim rounds get to race, and you have the makings of a very inclusive thing.

…And that’s really one of the dirty little problems no one talks about with Formula 1. It is not a participation sport. You can’t go out on the playground and do it. It is already all quite virtual for most. Actually for nearly all. Few of the total F1 viewers actually go to races and with sucky PU sound and halos I’ve noted there is less reason than ever to go to a Grand Prix. No one ever gets to “do Formula 1”. It’s all quite virtual and visual, through a TV screen for 95% of the viewers. Pump out a video game sim scenario that looks good, and I don’t doubt it for a second that 75% of the Formula 1 audience is captured just through brand name alone. Probably double that through new viewer acquisition. Still consumed the same as it ever was – through screen, but in that scenario there is a huge improvement over what Formula 1 is today, and that’s participation in the eSports arena. No one can participate in current Formula 1. Many could participate in sim Formula 1. Even Grand Papas like you could roll out in a Ferrari at the Italian Grand Prix!



Hahaha. My wife and I will be over my daughter’s for the holidays and my grandson promised to set up his game console and will let me drive Newey’s X2014 on the Nordschleife. I won’t deny it, I am giddy as a schoolboy getting his first bb gun! I can’t wait!

I might just come out of retirement and become a sim racing car driver on the internet.


You will get bitten by the bug I guarantee it. I went from a sim rig chassis with a T500RS on a console and 5 years later I’ve got a powerful Direct Drive Wheel with genuine replica race wheels, VR headset and a G seat with a wind simulator. All this gear along with iRacing driving the Lotus 79 racing against real people is an unbelievably rewarding experience.

Things have progressed fast from being just a video game.


Twin Supercharged Lotus Cortina with a Red Overdrive gear switch, like a switch on an old Spitfire is the way forward FanF1.
The smell of Motor Oil seeping out the engine block and heating to vapours coming through the vents, as you take a lug on a ‘Senior Sailor unfiltered cigarette’ and take a Gentlemen’s swig of MAKERS MARK 🥃from a pocket flask (that has a bullet ricochet indentation from a backfiring empty cartridge release, from a Vickers Machine gun, that your great great grandfather used to attack The Bosch single handed😁).
That’s the only technically advance car you need FanF1 .
Oh and a Corduroy jacket over a pair of ex army ones . Plus a huge spanner to chuck at Dr.Marko for pleasure…cause you can. 😂🤣 Now let the band play 🎵Dirty Gertie🎶 as you pass the chequered flag🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.




I wish F1 would revert to this in the future. I’ve always maintained that F1 should be the anthithesis of Fe. They need to be the extreme opposite of the electric series and stop targeting the audience that F e is trying to attract if they want to survive, 25 to 50 years from now.

One day, when F e cars are just as fast or maybe not as fast but more popular, F1 needs to make a decision if they should join F e, fold or become the extreme opposite (full petrol, no driver aides and no gimmicks).

Your post above might just be the answer.


GT sport or GT 5/6?



Couldn’t tell you. I’m not very versed when it comes to videogames. All I know is that I am using a steering wheel attached to his console while the Nordschleife is projected on a 110″ inch screen. As I said, “giddy”.


Sebee why not kick of a v10/12 racing series which is faster than current F1 cars…surely there will be manufacturers interested in joining it


And if they’re not, cosworth can bulid a nice v12 for f1 like they did for Newey’s Aston Martin Valkyrie. It won’t be the end of the world. On contrary it might be the best thing to have ever happened to the sport.


because there’s Buckley’s chance the FIA will let you race on any of their tracks


There is always imola, Adelaide, buenos airies, Dijon, mosport park, nordschleife, Soortsland Sugo, Watkins glen, Moscow raceway, and the infamous slums of Stevenage.

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