Hamilton wins Brazil amid Verstappen-Ocon spat to seal F1 constructors title
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Lewis Hamilton fended off a resurgent Max Verstappen to take the Brazilian Grand Prix win and lead Mercedes to their fifth consecutive world constructors’ championship.

The Briton profited from a mid-race collision for race leader Verstappen to retake the lead and secure his tenth win of the season.

With the Red Bull having better tyre wear during the race, a series of assertive overtakes had given Verstappen the lead of the race, but the Dutchman collided with old Formula Three sparring partner Esteban Ocon, who was attempting to unlap himself.

Despite losing the lead, he fought back, but ultimately failed to mount a final challenge to Hamilton, finishing just over one second behind.

The result gives Mercedes a remarkable fifth consecutive constructors’ title, maintaining their 100% success rate in the turbo-hybrid era.

“We did everything well, we were going through the field, we had a great car, and then we get taken out by someone who’s being lapped,” said Verstappen after the race.

“I have no words.”

“Yeah, I think it was better than expected. The team give me the right strategy, we were going quite well on the supersofts, we did quite a long stint.

“I don’t know what to say…I’m still happy with second, but we should have won today.”

Kimi Raikkonen finished just ahead of the second Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo – who fought through the field swiftly from an eleventh place start – to take the final spot on the podium, whilst Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel completed the top six after making extra pit stops.

At lights out, the Ferraris, equipped with harder tyres, struggled to get off the line and were immediately under threat from the supersoft-equipped rivals.

Vettel lost a place to Bottas, who went around the outside of turn one, whilst Raikkonen had to fight hard to fend off the early attacks from Verstappen. Sixth-placed Marcus Ericsson’s qualifying efforts were undone when he fell to ninth on the opening lap.

With Ferrari initially not on the same pace as Mercedes and Red Bull, Vettel and Raikkonen fell victim to some assertive overtakes from Verstappen; the Dutchman passed Raikkonen under braking for turn one on lap three, whilst completing the same move on Vettel just one lap later.

Unable to keep with Verstappen, Vettel ran wide at turn four moments later, which allowed Raikkonen into fourth place. In the opening few laps, Ricciardo had already fought his way from eleventh to sixth.

Unfinished with his opening stint overtakes, Verstappen caught Bottas, got within the DRS range and slipstreamed his way past the Mercedes for second place, a remarkable effort given the power unit differences.

Bottas then became a cork in the bottle for any Ferrari resurgence. The Mercedes driver denied Raikkonen third place solidly before making his pit stop at the end of lap eighteen, coming in for medium tyres.

Race leader Hamilton was brought in one lap later for the same compound, with Verstappen now released into clear air and setting fastest laps. Mercedes were able to warm up their medium tyres quickly and start preventing any ‘overcut’.

With the Ferrari drivers being the next to pit, they elected to bring Vettel in first, followed by Raikkonen four laps later. This was enough for Vettel to move ahead of his colleague, but the pair were once again close to the back of Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes.

With Raikkonen on the fresher tyres, the call came from Ferrari to swap their drivers around and allow the Finn a chance at passing his compatriot.

With Red Bull managing to eke out enough performance and endurance in the supersoft tyres, they were put onto the soft tyres when they made their pit stops, with Verstappen emerging just three seconds behind Hamilton and on tyres one step softer.

Back-markers helped Verstappen catch up to the back of Hamilton, but the Dutchman made his tyre advantage count at the first major opportunity: He was on the back of the Mercedes on the exit of the final corner and, with DRS active, he breezed past Hamilton and took the lead into turn one.

Ricciardo made his pit stop at the same time – handing the lead to Verstappen – and immediately set about catching up to the Bottas-Raikkonen-Vettel battle, which was now being headed by Raikkonen, who had finally found a way past Bottas.

With Verstappen attempting to create a gap to Hamilton, he found himself under pressure from Force India’s Esteban Ocon, who was enjoying a speed differential – and fresh supersoft tyres – over the Red Bull on the main straight.

Ocon went around the outside of turn one and then attempted to unlap himself on the inside of turn two. However, the pair came together and both spun off, handing the race lead back to Hamilton.

Verstappen recovered, but he sustained floor damage and continued in second place, some five seconds down on the Mercedes. Ocon would later receive a ten-second stop-go penalty.

With twenty laps to go, Verstappen had shaved a second off Hamilton’s lead whilst Raikkonen, Bottas and Ricciardo were all within ten seconds of the lead.

Vettel was the first to blink and pitted for a set of supersoft tyres in a bid to try something else.

Further ahead, Ricciardo finally made his way past a solidly-defending Bottas for fourth place with twelve laps to go, which prompted Mercedes to try a second pit stop for Bottas, giving him some soft tyres and bringing him back out ahead of Vettel.

Back at the front, Verstappen whittled Hamilton’s lead down to two seconds with five laps to go, and Verstappen was given the full capabilities of the car for the final assault.

Both had to negotiate their way through back-markers, but Verstappen was unable to get within the one second window for DRS, and Hamilton held on to take the Brazilian Grand Prix win, just 1.4 seconds clear of the Red Bull man.

Under even greater pressure from a Red Bull in the closing moments, Raikkonen resisted Ricciardo to take the final spot on the podium.

Bottas and Vettel were a distant fifth and sixth, whilst Leclerc took seventh place to boost Sauber’s chances of holding P8 in the constructors’ championship.

The Haas duo of Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean finished in eighth and ninth, whilst Force India’s Sergio Perez completed the top ten.

1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull/Renault 1.469s
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 4.764s
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 5.193s
5 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 22.943s
6 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 26.997s
7 Charles Leclerc Sauber/Ferrari 44.199s
8 Romain Grosjean Haas/Ferrari 51.230s
9 Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 52.857s
10 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 1 Lap
11 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso/Honda 1 Lap
12 Carlos Sainz Renault 1 Lap
13 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso/Honda 1 Lap
14 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren/Renault 1 Lap
15 Esteban Ocon Force India/Mercedes 1 Lap
16 Sergey Sirotkin Williams/Mercedes 2 Laps
17 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Renault 2 Laps
18 Lance Stroll Williams/Mercedes 2 Laps
19 Nico Hulkenberg Renault DNF
20 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari DNF

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

Who was your driver of the day at the Brazilian Grand Prix? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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HAM on VER on cool down room:

“But you have more to lose.”

VER on post race interview on HAM advice:

“It’s easy to say when you’re in 2nd place.”

Guess who finished in 1st, Max?

You’re still my DOTD, Max but take the advice of someone who has fought for and won 5 world titles.

Great drives from Ric, Leclerc and Vandoorne. Bottas and Vettel were forgettable.

Controlled race from Hamilton who again maximized the potential of his slightly hobbled and tyre-disadvantaged Merc. He was lucky to get the lead back but managed the race beautifully after and even had his best middle sector on the penultimate lap on dying tyres. The section where Newey’s chassis is a beast.

Great pole and win for an all time great.


@FanF1 – A more salient point, re. Lewis’ advice to Max, would be that he has been punted out of good positions by Maldonado and others, and has been where Max is now.

I have been watching the Mercedes AMG videos about their double championship, and Lewis talks about how badly he wanted to win in Mexico, and after a good start, he was several seconds or metres ahead of Max at the first corner, but decided that he probably wasn’t as desperate for it as Max might be, so let him go so as not to risk being “T-boned” by him – result, Max gets his win, Lewis earns the bigger prize.

“I knew the win was lost of the race, but I was being sensible with my decisions; for example, I was ahead into Turn One, but I didn’t want to be T-Boned by, um, Max, who was desperate to win. I don’t need that win as much as he might feel he needs it.”



the quote ““It’s easy to say when you’re in 2nd place.”

Guess who finished in 1st, Max?”.
He referred to the incident.. Lewis was 2e then!



What you said……plus 1


What a great race. After the last couple Brazillian GPS where drivers were on the radio complaining about it being impossible to overtake at Interlagos, we got some fantastic racing today.

….imagine how much fun the races would be without blue flags, and if drivers could fight to stay on the lead lap? 🤔😜

I was one of the people who was quite critical of Max at the start of the year, but I don’t think this incedent with Ocon was his fault. Ocon was not as bang-on with his car placement as others who made outside-inside moves at T1/T2, and ended up placing his car in a door that was always going to slam shut. To confirm this, look where the damage on Max’s car is, it’s just in front of the rear wheel. Ocon’s front tire hitting max’s car just in front of the rear wheel indicates Ocon was not far enough alongside going into T2 to command the space. Regardless if he was a lap down or not, I would put the fault with Ocon for that contact. The fact he was a lap down and didn’t pull out of the maneuver makes it even worse.

I’m sure both drivers will learn from this and move on.

I did find it HILARIOUS that both Kravitz and Brundle had to immediately address the conspiracy accusations before they even started flying. There’s a group of people who will blame “toxic comments sections” for these conspiracies even needing to be addressed, but it really starts with F1 itself. With all the lying, cheating (confirmed things like spygate) over the years, it shouldn’t be supprising that some fans now look at everything in F1 with a suspicious eye. You reap what you sew.


You reap what you sew.

Well I guess you have often suggested that F1 needs mending 🙂

Ref Max – I’d agree that to wasn’t has fault and he had a right to expect etc. But, if it’s your right of way [at a junction] and there’s a 40 tonne articulated truck bearing down who is obviously not going to give way – what do you do? Do you pull out anyway or do you let it go and overtake it further down the road?


It’s quite simple. Max didn’t leave Esteban enough room, and it cost Max the win. Esteban was unfairly penalized for a racing incident. Max’s post race behaviour was disgusting. Shame on Max.


Well said. It’s as simple as that. Max raced well until this happened. Shame. Max FanBoy’s please relax. Grab a paper bag if you are hyper-ventilating please.


I usually press control F and hit the word ALLEN … To read your answers … But James you don’t comment anymore…


Well it was certainly an interesting race weekend.

Vettel was lucky not to get a more serious penalty for his actions at the weigh bridge. The whole point about random weight checks is they are random, it could just as easily have been any other driver that was called to the weigh bridge the computer likely decided that the next car in after RAI will be checked it doesn’t know who it’ll be.

As for the Ocon, Verstappen incident, just because Ocon got a penalty doesn’t mean Verstappen was wholly in the right just that the Stewards could place the blame largely on Ocon i.e. 75% Ocons fault 25% Verstappen’s fault. We can debate how much each driver was to blame till the cows come home. But what happened in the weigh bridge room isn’t really acceptable, yes we have seen incidents similar to that in the past but more often or not they have happened moments after the incident and not half an hour later.


No-one forced Ocon to push into the disappearing gap like an absolute raving idiot. He knew full well who it was, what place he was in, and that he had no dire need to get past. But he still pushed his cowardly, jealous little self in there.

Then he has the nerve to complain about Max’s behaviour? Max (who I also very strongly despise, he has taken out lots of others including his teammate, but who is right in this one case) described Esteban perfectly on the radio.

Someone needs to teach Ocon what a back marker is allowed to do to a race leader. But it figures that there is actually no need for that since he won’t be doing any idiotic stunts in F1 again since he’s out of F1…


I’m more open to the idea that Ocon did not fully understand whom he was fighting against, than Max not knowing he was coming up the inside.

If you look at the light years of distance that Lewis put between himself and Max, when trying to pass him in Austin; you can see why when he saw the two ahead of him, Ocon trying a pass on Max as he would on a normal F1 driver, and Max’ infamous but accepted ‘yield or crash’ attitude, no wonder he KNEW that as long as he managed to keep his car on the track, he was in with a good chance of taking the lead again.

Probably thought, “Well, I hope there isn’t too much debris left on the track.”


2005, after 5 years of Todt/Brawn/Schumacher dominance tyre rules are completely overhauled, pushing them as expected down the grid as Bridegstone could not match Michelin in performance with pit stops banned.

2014, after 4 years of Newey/Vettel dominance new hybrid engine rules are brought in, completely obliterating Red Bull advantage who barely can win 3 races.

2019, after 5 years of Wolf/Hamilton domination, FIA introduces… new front wing changes. And Mercedes are one of the first to work on it given their large resources and budget.

You can not disagree with Hamilton being a great driver and with Mercedes doing good job in last few years. However, FIA doing nothing to hamper and handicap their massive advantage is doing a lot of harm to viewers. I see no point in following another 2 years of Ham and Toto chasing records. Change of watch is what this sport needs and rules that actually make that possible. Just as they did previously to hamper Ferrari and Red Bull.


And not only are they refusing to do anything to eliminate, or at least minimise, the massive PU performance disparity, but the new 2019 aero rules seem to have been written to favour merc, and maybe Ferrari as well.

Expect RBR to be even further off the pace next year.

I too see no point watching this contrived maintenance of the status quo continue indefinitely.


LukeC, remember there are Force India’s and Williams cars out there with that Mercedes PU and these teams are nowhere near RBR or Ferrari, so it’s not all down to the PU like you make it out to be. Mercedes are doing a great job in all aspects and as far as I’m concerned, seems unfair for you to not recognize that.

I agree with maybe freezing some developments for those who are miles ahead of others, but Mercedes are not that far ahead with PU. We need to admit when someone does a good job, and Mercedes have done exactly that. They deserve the credit.


Luke, remind what it is that’s stopping Renault and Honda matching Ferrari and Mercedes?


I don’t know, Tim, and it’s not my job to know. It’s up to the FIA to come up with a set of regulations that ensures parity and close competition. They seemed to have no dofficulties whittling RBRs aero advantage down, and next year RBR will be disadvantaged even more once again.


Did you not watch the broadcast? In it Di Resta stated that paddock rumour is that while everyone is taking a hit in terms of downforce with the new regulations, that Red Bull are said to be at the same level as they are this year.

Combine that with a stronger Honda engine, and they might have the top car.


Luke. Surely it’s up to Renault and Honda to simply do a better job rather than relying on hand outs from the FIA? Neither company lacks resources.


nothing will change unless hamilton changes teams..


I don’t care about passion and heat of the moment stuff today. I don’t like violence and therefore no longer like Max. My two children weren’t impressed with his post-race bully-boy antics. What a loser.


I do consider Max to be a total loser, but in this one incident he is right. And with Ocon deliberately pushing himself into contact in a situation where he had several laps to contemplate his position vis a vis the race leader… and then claiming afterwards that he did nothing wrong??!! That is so far out of order that I, who never accepts violence except for in self defence, still would’ve hoped that someone would’ve beat some sense into that cowardly, narcissistic **********!

It is a fact that despite of course having to be especially careful around a race leader, and him having no reason to make brash moves, pushed himself into a situation that was way out of line! He in fact caused the collision, he in fact took the win away from the race leader. There is no defence.

Sure, Max should’ve been more careful around lapped idiots for his own sake, but that kind of desperate lunging that Ocon displayed should never be acceptable in F1 from a lapped driver vs. the leader or even front runner. It hasn’t even been acceptable before! So for once I understand Max’s point of view in that he had no reason to expect to have to dodge lapped idiots!

Goodbye from F1 forever Esteban!


I don’t know who you are calling “that cowardly, narcissistic **********!”Given previous antics it could be either.




Pull yourself together. Max making a scene was ridiculous but all this “let’s think of the children” is beyond ridiculous. It wasn’t bullying! It was a heated young guy confronting another. It happens in life you know. It was massive handbags at dawn but if you are so sheltered you can’t see that…I guess I shouldn’t blame you.
Back to the racing… max was stupid as hell! Why do that? He had everything to lose and nothing to gain except stroking his ego. Hey ho I guess.


Would agree with you except that the Verstappen family has a history of violence


Max should have his eyes checked for Glaucoma.


I think the VER OCO incident is as pure and as simple as this : VER did not expect OCO to try and overtake him.

Forget devine right and conspiracy theories. It’s just inexperience on both parts.


That’s about the tall and short of it. Ocon is entitled to get back on the lead lap, was actually faster than Max at that point in the race thanks to softer and fresher tyres (the fanboys seem to be overlooking this – it wasn’t a futile gesture as Ocon would’ve pulled away from him for several laps had he got past) and made his move at the track’s prime overtaking spot.

The bottom line is, Max should’ve been awake to the possibility and didn’t appear to be. That could be the pitwall’s fault for not making him aware Ocon was closing, or Max’s for not keeping an eye on his mirrors. Either way, Max shut the door after Ocon was committed to the move and that’s why they came together.

We hear a lot of angst about blue flags in F1, but people forget that it should work both ways – drivers on the lead lap should let backmarkers past unopposed if they happen to be faster at that point in the race. There was absolutely no need for Max to defend from Ocon and it cost him the race. Ocon’s penalty is unwarranted IMO.


Trying to lap the leader of the race with an idiotic, desperate move like that, when you’re lapped and in P14… That’s just idiocy.

At the beginning of that move? = Fine. You can try to unlap yourself.

But when he noticed that the move didn’t work and that Max will stay ahead it’s 100% certain that it’s the lapped moron who gives way to the race leader, not the other way ’round.

Then when he continued on and tried to force himself some room while not even ahead of Max…that’s just on a whole new level of stupid. I’m non-violent but agree that Esteban deserves a whooping for that, especially since that arrogant prick is still trying to say that he did nothing wrong!


Despite all these comments, I am still struggling to see what Ocon did wrong. He was alongside and ought to be have given space.

I really like the way Max drives, but his reputation of being the guy that every driver has to be careful around needs to be challenged.

His conduct afterwards seemed to emphasise this reputation for being a bully.


I see all the comments below, and I think to myself? Isn’t it clear? A Mercedes contract driver, taking out the leader of the race, no matter what conditions?? Even LH wasn’t surprised.. hell no.. he knew his outside friend, and longtime rival of max..

Now, if anybody wants info, Ocon and Verstappen rival since age 8.. in kart, and then F3 where Max came in later in the season.. got 8 straight victories over Ocon.. now Ocon is pissed off, has no team for next year, so… let’s take him out as well.. vengeance..


“… and then F3 where Max came in later in the season …”

Umm, Max participated in each round of 2014 Euro F3.


It was also 6 straight victories, not 8.

Ocon won it by a ways. Max finished 3rd.

Max hates to lose ANY face in his on-track skirmishes. He didn’t need to go full elbows out with a lapped car, but did. It cost him a win.


A bit selective.. Max had 9 DNF that year. Ocon 3
Max won 10 races.. Ocon 8.
But correct.. Ocon won that year.


Ocon won 9 races. 21 podiums. 3 DNF’s.

Max won 10 races. 16 podiums. 8 DNF’s, 1 DNS.

How many of Max’s DNFs were his fault? I know the two in Pau were both his fault. He spun out in one, then collided with Ocon in the other. Imola Race 1, again his fault. Went off twice carrying too much speed.


Not shure how these stars work? Hamilton site?

Please inform me so I can leave further comment..


Have you ever watched a F1 race or are you just guessing randomly?

Watch a recap if you don’t care enough


It wasn’t brilliant from the two of them. Maybe they should do a year or two in GP2 to learn the ropes…


@Polleke You’re right! How could we’ve missed it. Toto obviously used his secret ‘red phone’ to telepathically inform force india to have a slow pitstop, dropping ocon behind verstappen. In fact, it all started with the botched gearbox mercedes provided force india – resulting in a 5 place penalty. Once behind he was given the signal to attack by none other than James!! That dastardly, James!! And as they say, the rest is history. Lewis wins the championship by 1 point and ferrari is vanquished. The end. 🙂


No, it isn’t clear. Don’t confuse facts with opinions.


So, which is it Polleke – contractual obligation or vengeance? There’s a saying that one argument is stronger than multiple.


Let the conspiracy theories begin. No doubt Ocon was behind the grassy knoll in Dallas.


The stewards are running scared of Jos and his boy Max, the Kray Twins of F1.

Jos walked past the window when they were inside deliberating on Max/Ocon. Three of them wet their pants and another passed out.

A motion to rule in favour of Max in all future disputes was carried unanimously.


LOL PG, just to envision a picture where the Stewards and Max sits down with a serious look at their faces , and at the corner or their eye they see two mad looking eyes peeping in from the outside:))


Looks like that only a handful of people in the comment section have really seen what really happened in the Ocon-Max accident. Of course they have seen how Max cut in front of Ocon as if he (Max) was all alone in that turn,leaving Ocon no room to avoid the crash yet having plenty of room on the left side. It was so obvious after watching video from different angles and watching pictures as well. The crashmaster did it again yet accusing and later attacking completely innocent Ocon. 100% Max’s fault!!!


Damn…how does it feel being a simpleton??


@ Joost…why ask the question? I’m sure that you know how it feels.


Boom, like it.

Dropping the hammer Kenneth, well done.


@kimmy, you’re probably new around here, but trust me when i say this; they’ve seen it. The fanbase is very opinionated and will almost always back their man. I’m no exception. Still max has many lessons to learn. Hopefully his temperament doesn’t prevent it. His aggressive, take no prisoner style of racing – while exciting has it downside. Certain drivers will not tolerate it and more incidents like yesterday will occur.


i like the whole package in verstappen. no one in the history of f1 has been in that position at such a young age. he will learn a few lessons along the way but i like his attitude towards racing. including his shove on ocon. afterall he will not get half as much roasting as hamilton.


Oblah…you say to kimmy he must be new around here… but you are new to many, believe me. You’re not the welcoming committee. That said…keep up the good work. Enjoy your comments 99% of the time 😉


Dean, I’ve been lurking since 2013. Only started commenting last year.



Considering you’ve only been posting since last year, you’ve had 4 stars an awful long time🤔😊


@Kimmy: ha ha ha what Mushrooms have you been smoking posting something like this.


Smoking Mushrooms??? Don’t think it works that way.


@Dean: I know but this nonsense is what you get if you do 😀

(Btw, you can smoke mushrooms but the hallucinating effect is less then when you eat them. I know, i’m Dutch 😉)


@Kenneth: ha ha ha, could’t resist could you?


You’re Dutch? No one would ever have guessed that.


Ahhh ok. learned something today. You CAN smoke mushrooms! Go figure. My mushroom days are well behind me but I’ll bear it mind next time im in the Dam 😉


Much as I am a big Max fan, I’d take him to one side and show him a couple of videos.

The first would be Hulkenberg taking out Hamilton at Turn One in 2012. Hamilton lost not only the race, but any chance of even a single point – but he didn’t do school playground pushing matches with Hulkenberg afterwards.

The second? Hamilton and Verstappen, last chicane at Suzuka, 2016. Hamilton was trying to win a championship, Verstappen wasn’t. Facing the risk of a crash with Max, Hamilton chickened out and ran off the track when Verstappen made a very late braking zone move.

Max was happy to play a role in someone else’s championship bid that race because he was concerned with his own position. Same goes for Ocon.


no driver in the history of the sport has ever found themselves in verstappen’s position at such a young age. i rate him highly and all his off track action with ocon. he works very had to be in such a position only to be presented with an unexpected challenge..


That last remark is just utter rubbish. So championship contenders should get a free pass to overtake everyone else? Suzuka was entirely Hamiltons error in judgement. He had the much faster car and should have waited for the straight. And Max was fighting for his race position.

Ocon had absolutely nothing to do with Max and would have been overtaken the next turn anyway. Of course Max could have left more room, but Ocon shouldn’t have tried in the first place.


He wouldn’t have been overtaken next turn. Ocon had softer, fresher tyres and would’ve pulled away for several laps.


@trullitrane not only do i love your username, it’s accompanied with an excellent comment. I’ve said numerous times; max is the true heir to lewis’ throne. In him lies all the necessary ingredients to become formidable, with one exception – temperament. I fear in high pressure situations he’ll resort to the entitled brat his father grew him up to be.


Held Ocon in high esteem until today but you CANNOT disrespect the leader of the race in such a blatant way. Despite the rulebook allowing battling to unlap yourself there is something like a built-in historical respect for race leaders. Ocon showed none of that. Verstappen totally did not expect Ocon to keep trying – it’s not like he felt entitled because he’s the grand mr Verstappen. It was only a temporary effect (DRS) which catapulted him alongside Verstappen, but you have to give way then after all. This way you just rob a fellow driver of a race win and a serious shot at 3rd place in the final WDC standings. The least you and your team can do is make it totally evident in advance you are about to try to pass. As it is, bad job by RBR not warning Max this was playing.

The ingenious comments by both Hamilton and many (of his) fans suggesting the race leader should take less risk are so many armchair opinions after the fact. This came out of the blue.


If lapped cars are expected to jump out of the way of the leaders, surely the leaders should be prepared to let lapped cars pass if they happen to be faster at a certain point in the race?

A lot of Max fans don’t seem to realise that Ocon was on fresh super softs while Max was nursing worn softs at that point in the race. Is it reasonable to expect Ocon to waste a fresh set of tyres bottled up behind Max for half a dozen laps? I don’t think so and what did Max expect to gain by defending against a pass that wasn’t even for position?

I think much of the blame has to lie with the Red Bull pit wall. They should’ve realised Ocon was gaining and instructed Max to let him by.


@ lemwil. Wrong. Your assumption that ‘race leaders’ are exempt from being raced proves that point massively. Verstappen’s sense of entitlement, encouraged by both RBR and the stewards does nothing for F1 racing. To penalise Ocon for what was Verstappen’s blatant attempt to close the door and not attract a penalty himself rather proves the point.


@kenneth. Ah, wrong? And the fact that international media (The Telegraph, Marca, El Mundo Deportivo) and the stewards all condemn Ocon does not amount to anything as far as you’re concerned?


@kenneth I couldn’t agree with you more


why not pay attention to the sport?


No Lemwil… Lewis’ is NOT an armchair opinion. Have a bit respect for a 5 x WDC 😉


@Dean, the respect is there but since Lewis gave his opinion hanging back on a couch it definitely was an armchair opinion.


@Lemwil, is it armchair experts or factual, intelligent racing? May I suggest you rewatch the Singaporean race. Lewis could have easily gotten tagged by the lapped battling Grosjean and sirotkin, instead he stopped, risked getting overtaken by max, then proceeded when it was less risky. In monza at the restart, lewis got the run on kimi, then kimi came back at him – could’ve slammed the door shut but eased and gave kimi the place. Lewis isn’t talking out his backside, it’s solid advice young max should heed.


does that not confirm that hamilton’s brazil win wasn’t a lucky victory but a well deserved one?

verstappen’s inability to safely negotiate ocon resulted in an error and loss of position.


Can you explain how a team can make it totally evident in advance they are going to pass?

Don’t suggest walking down the pit lane and having a chat, by then the moment is gone.

Built-in historical respect for race leaders is poppycock, and Max well knows it from his approach to racing.

I though what Ocon did in turn 1 telegraphed it pretty well.


So many posters on here seem to think it’s the same for un-lapping yourself as it is fighting for the race win.

However much faster Ocon may have been it was thoroughly temporary and the chances are extremely high he would have had to give way to a blue flag on the very next straight, meaning he’d have had to back off anyway. So really, absolutely nothing to gain.

It looked like someone trying to make a point. Not good at all.


Yeh…I get all that but Ocon had nothing to lose. VER had everything to lose including his perceived ego. He chose his ego over the race win. Look I really like VER but he’s got to calm himself down. Lewis was a LITTLE like that in his early career but he learned quite quickly that he was only damaging his own races with the all or nothing attitude. I hope VER starts learning quicker than he has so far in his career.


Exe, in the rules, it is the same!


Ocon was going quicker so he was entitled to have a go at Max. Nowhere does it say in the rules that if the race leader is travelling at a slower pace than you you should let him be and don’t try to overtake. Max knew he was there so should have given just a bit more space and all would have been good.


Max knew he was there, he commented on Ocon pushing before the incident happened. His engineer GP told him that Ocon was on new supers. What he should have added is to let him go if need be, and not to fight him.



Awesome, awesome race by Max. He should have won it but along came a spider named Ocon. It it wasn’t for his floor damage, I think he would have had a serious chance of still winning it, as shown by his reducing the gap on Hamilton from 6.0 to 1.5 sec. It looked like the RB had a bit more pace than the Merc.

Great overtaking by Max, passing Kimi (once directly, once on the rebound), Vettel, Bottas and Hamilton. Controlled the race pacewise and once more showed great tyre management, impressive first stint on the supers.

Hamilton was lucky to pick up the pieces and win this race which was Verstappen’s. Not particularly nice from Lewis to then subtly drop the suggestion that as a leader you can choose to take less risk. You can take less risk only if you expect something. You’re careful overtaking backmarkers, getting attacked by one who hasn’t shown himself up to that point and then all of a sudden attacks you vehemently and keeps stinging is very very rare. So albeit sound advice in general a bit acid here. Games for the future, he does fear Verstappen.


@lemwil: I couldn’t agree more. Good post!


Max is as fast as they come. Consistently he’s shown streaks of poor judgement. You need more than fast to be champ. And frankly, he’s been in the game for 3 or four years already. He’s no rookie.


Oh, get a FF life.. has he ever hurt your Hamilton ??dont think so.. he will however in the future.. as far as I know he has only hurt people from Ferrari, not his fault, but LH gained from it.. a lot..


Big words polleke. VER has tried to intimidate lewis…only earlier this season in fact. Lewis, when the players in the championship werent yet determined, showed him no quater and VER ended up worse off. If they are in a championship battle together you can be sure lewis will use his head and evaluate the situation on its merits. Something VER needs to start doing before he can be considered a future WDC.


@lemwil, lewis WAS indeed lucky, but not in the way you’re thinking. His engine was the verge of imploding. The way he managed that issue and his aging blistering tires was a thing of beauty. Something Sebastian failed to do with his sensor afflicted sf71h. Wasn’t he ordered aside for kimi and overtaken too?

Max obviously drove superbly, until that point. The overtaking of the entire front row was unreal, but it’s all the small things that make a world champion.


hamilton wasn’t lucky, he drove his butt out for that victory. verstappen made a mistake and paid for it. simple.


@aveli. I agree. If a driver goes by backmarkers with his eyes shut because usually they don’t challenge race leaders, that driver is tempting fate. Even worse in this case was MV’s rash defense on the spot. If he just couldn’t stand to have Ocon ahead of him, he could have waited for a better opportunity to repass down the track. He sometimes seems to lack a big picture of the race, is impulsive, and as we now know, can be hot headed too.


I would suggest that having Ocon on your inside going into turn 2 should have made Verstappen expect something.

Verstappen and Red Bull totally deserved the win, no dispute from me. But if you take a “you shall not pass” attitude, sometimes collisions are inevitable.

A racing incident, very unfortunate for Verstappen but that’s how F1 works.


Hamilton was right.


I really hope either Norris or Le Clerec school Max. His level of arrogance and entitlement is really disgusting. And for Horner and Marko to almost encourage his post race behaviour is worse. His post race interview where he refused to apologise after what you’d think is sufficient time to cool down was really off putting, I’d have punched him in the face. I hope he doesn’t win anything in his career. Entitled little p***k.


Agree entirely.

Horner said, on live TV, he “can’t condone that sort of behavior” but then, a few words later in the same sentence, said he “understood” why Max did it. Either you condone it or you don’t. It’s a binary choice: yes, or no. Horner, by saying he “understood” has effectively condoned it.

As for Marko, he’s even worse. He has less class than a tramp’s hole-ridden, sweaty boot! For someone as senior as he is to come out and openly call Ocon stupid and to suggest a conspiracy is beyond belief. I do wonder how he got to be Mr. Mateschitz’s (I know I’ve spelt it incorrectly!) ‘Special Advisor’ one can only guess at. A leech in a high position. He should be bolted to the floor of the Red Bull car – for he is a complete plank.


Joe, let me get this straight, what Max did after the race was disgusting. Yet you’d have “punched him in the face”, even given the time you’ve had to have a good think before posting your comment?


What an absolutely fantastic race. Enjoyed the hell out of it from start to finish.

Of course I’m happy for Lewis and Mercedes but my god I feel bad for Max, that was his race. Yes, maybe in the letter of the law he should have allowed Ocon through but what the hell was Ocon thinking. If you want to unlap yourself, fair enough but do it sensibly. To throw one around the outside like that as if you’re racing for the win was ridiculous. How long was he expecting to stay ahead? A couple of corners maximum. The “more to lose” comment was of course absolutely correct but my god. And Ocon’s subsequent comments about it all being ok have made me lose a lot of respect for him.

Kimi’s pass around the outside at the during the opening of the race was amazing. Pass of the day for me.

Dan drove well and would have been DOTD but spent too much time struggling behind the Ferrari. Decent drive from him though, he must have been thrilled just to make it over the finish line, let alone with a decent finish after a good race.

Seb… erm… Seb? Where did he go? Being moved aside for Kimi must have hurt but it was the right call. It was interesting to see Leclerc not just jumping out of his way too. And indeed that Leclerc had more pace than him at one stage…

Marcus, shame. Pulled out a great qualifying and the race just went from bad to worse. Hope he has a good season in America next year.

Bottas, just not on it again. My mum could win in that car…

Lewis, another superb performance bringing home the win with a struggling power unit. Drove absolutely faultlessly all race and put in some very fast times when he needed to. Champion’s drive.

Toss up between Lewis and Max for DOTD but I think it has to go to Max. Superb pace, even after his car was damaged by Ocon. A few absolutely mega passes. Relentlessly fast. Drove a brilliant GP and entertained throughout, even after the flag!

Such a GREAT GP, one of the best in a long time.


@The Exigency Serious question; will today’s performance from sebastian be classified as a off day. You know, consistency with lewis off-kilter days or will the fanbase ignore it like they always do. Upholding the narrative vettel and fernando are always on it, while lewis goes missing every now and then. When was the last time bottas overtook lewis due to an error or was ordered aside lacking pace. :O


Ha…. mate, I think you know the answer to that already. It’s only Lewis who has off days. It all adds to him being the luckiest driver ever in F1 right?


What can we do mate, just have a chuckle, count up to five, and move on!



Upholding the narrative vettel and fernando are always on it

Literally no one says that.


I think you’ll find the “fanbase” have been squarely and IMO unfairly, against VET and his strange driving this year. Even last year it was pretty much agreed lewis had him covered in every respect. Don’t take the words of a few Aussies and Dutch on this site as the word of the “fanbase”.
It’s not a matter of question anymore. Lewis is the benchmark.


Do keep up dear boy – its classified as an off-day for his car. Sensor problem, or something like that. Of course, LH is able to win even when his PU is about to expire, but then again Lewis is super-human, and could probably win with two flat tyres…


I’m very aware of the extenuating circumstances around vettel’s ‘less than spectacular’ drive. Just wondering if fans were going to hold that against him, or call it as it is. Many were quick to dismiss lewis’ canada woes saying he went missing.


Yet another fine podium for Kimi, this time passing “Roadblock Bottas” and holding off “Overtaker” Ricciardo.

Arrivo must be suffering some sleepless nights about letting go a driver who is doing a better job in this second half of the season than his much vaunted colleague Seb.

If we take into account 3 DNFs none of which were Kimi’s fault and all likely podiums, we find that his points tally would be a near match for Seb’s!!

Even if Elkann is the one pushing for Kimi’s replacement, it is clear that those pandering to him will themselves soon be shown the door. [Expect Arrivo to go next year]

And next year Seb will panic even more in the far less comfortable environment of Ferrari 2019 .


Don’t worry Phil, Kimi is being replaced by a better and hungrier driver next year. I think Arrivo will be ok.


He’s hungry alright, let’s see what he get’s to eat:)


Can’t see it being Ocon’s fault. Red mist moment for both MV and stewards. Ocon no doubt thought that this was an opportunity to demonstrate his ability to try and get a seat. MV just took the no way is he getting past view. LH comment about more to lose is something that MV needs to reflect on over the winter.
And it is in the family. Jos V rammed JP Montoya off the track, who was leading, in 2001.


There’s a lot of commonsense in the saying ‘like father like son’ We are all, in many ways, a product of our environment . In Verstappen’s case…a violent and aggressive one. It shows.


@kenneth you keep on playing that tune in every single one of your posts. So unfair to blame someone for mistakes made by his family. And that comment made by someone how lives in a former penal colony.
But by now you cannot use your usual ‘DR is better’and ‘RBR is unfair to DR routines anymore, so you fall back on the last evergreen on your little reportoire.


@Kenneth Pot kettle black. You throw a lot of conspiracy theories onto this forum, yet apparently have the monopoly on rational debate.
For the record: I have a lot off family in Australia and worked with a lot of Aussies. And I am a fan of DR. Just not a fan of your insinuations and accusations. All of them the exact opposite of ratio.


Of course MV is over confident. Also not saying MV has nothing to learn. Quite sure he listens to LH. And he does learn. Compare his second half of the season with the first half.
As for LH’s media style, obviously there is an audience for it. Just not my cup of tea.


@ Rimk 1965….You have a better excuse for his behaviour? Your comment re ‘penal colony’ only serves to reinforce your total ignorance of Australian history? Best address that little doozy to the Brits. As for your comments re Ricciardo…they are simply quite foolish but i won’t go into detail as it’s quite obvious that you don’t appreciate rational debate.


I really don’t understand these keyboard warriors here. It really amazed me how much hate there is here towards Max, is he challenging Lewis to much? He cannot do anything good for people here it seems, always something to say. You guys can argue all you want but the fact is there was nothing to gain for Ocon passing Max because he was lying 16th and nowhere near the points. So tell me what on earth was he or Force India for this matter where trying to achieve with this pass even if it is legit? If he was somehow soooo much faster then Max at any stage as he is saying why didn’t he blassed by on the straigth as the top speed difference is huge and the Force India is one of the fastest on the straight but instead he chose to do a dive into a corner where not even a backmarker would make room for the leaders to pass? Ocon was just stupid and comparing this pass with what he did with Alonso and others is just a stupid thing to say because Max was the fastest car at the given moment and Alonso or Stroll where 2 sec a lap slower. You can hate Max all you want but this was not his fault at all and i can totally understand why he got so angry. Then to top it off Lewis comes to the OCON rescue saying why Max where taking that risk, easy to say when you are not the one bounched off. He could have said well sorry for you mate, really gutted to get a win gifted instead of acting like a parent who is teaching his child to not lie.

And for the information Lewis, he didn’t take any risk instead OCON was taking it. It’s all sooo fartherlike spoken antics which i don’t think Lewis needs to do because at the end of the race when Max was catching him he was crying over the radio for blue flags. If that Honda engine in 2019 can come a lot closer to that Mercedes and Ferrari engine then we will see if that sooo relaxed Lewis will still hold it all together and keeps thanking all the so hard working staff in backyard after every race.

I will give him two races to start moaning that there is a lot of wrong on his car. Keep criticising Max all you want these last race because when this guy finally gets the engine he needs and that does not even need to be the fastest it is gonna be a very boring season. Talk about karma then.


Like your logic Chris, Ocon takes Max out and yet somehow Hamilton is in the frame yet again. Gives Max some good advice but hey he’s in the wrong yet again. Why does everything which happens in F1 have to be all about Hamilton?


because hamilton is f1. he took over f1 from 2007. he guides his team of engineers better than anyone has ever done in the history of f1, to come up with the best equiment to do damage with. mclaren failed to listen and lost him to mercedes. we have heard him talk about winning races for his mechanics aged 10. we have also heard him call on all staff to work their hardest to improve the car since 2007. no other driver does that. we can only assume he takes it to another level behind the scenes. no wonder he is f1.


You are absolutely right man! 99% of this board are quiet when Max shines, which unfortunately for them.is almost every race now, and they dive on every opportunity to shive some blame Max’ way even if there absolutely is no reason for that! Everyone with a set of normal functioning eyes knows that Ocon made the dumbest move of the whole year and he is rightfully lacking a seat for next year and hopefully forever.

But remember, this board is largely British and Lewis’ house and we all know that Lewis is shitting his pants even hearing Max’ name. First few rounds: “What tires is Max on?”, “What are Max’ lap time?”, “What is my pit window to Mad”. Hilarious that Max got him this shook already…let alone if he would have an equal car. Hamilton,.with his dumb remarks on saturday and Sunday, is already playing mind games…unfortunately for him…Max doesnt give a damn 😆


Less of the swearing Joost
Kids also read this website.
If you want to use profanities.
I suggest a subtle swing to slang.
But you have to remember historically…
At least we on this Island never bent over for a heavy enema, when the tanks were rolling across the flat lands early past century.
We don’t scare easy like you lot !
Remember that before you try pulling your cranium out your bay area !


@BK Flamer – you’re right. Some comments around here sound like a 10 year old wrote. I’ll keep that in mind, although but i don’t swear. 😉


@chris: nothing more to add really. You said it all. I fully agree.


@Chris LOL, nice rant. A truly enjoyable read. Instead of acting like a punk, young max would do well in heeding lewis’ advice. He’s shown time and time again, speed isn’t always enough to win a championship, long term thinking and risk aversion is also necessary.

Max’s aggressive style and past conflicts rub his rivals the wrong way. When he brake checked kimi in spa, spun vettel in china, crashed with Daniel in baku, none of the above physically assaulted him.

When the hulk ruined lewis’ for sure win in brazil 2012, he didn’t knock him out. Of course these drivers are human and under tremendous pressure but physically assault goes beyond the line. Ocon was well within his right to break his face.

Ultimately respect between competitors is necessary, even if there isn’t much love lost. This behavior will come to haunt him in the years to come, if he doesn’t change the approach.


I don’t hate Max at all, he is a great asset to F1 and surely a multiple world champ of the future.

I would say, however, that there was something he could have done that would have let him cruise to the finish and win the race. I think he will learn from it. How you can say he didn’t take a risk is beyond me, he did, and it didn’t come out looking good for him. If he had lifted off for a quarter of a second – different ending.

He lost a race win, which is a bit galling, but he will win many in his career, and maybe one or two because of what he learned in Brazil yesterday.


Unfortunately no sympathy for Max, he just received a taste of his own medicine. Irrespective of Max being in the lead and Ocon unlapping himself the clue is in the name of the sport Motor “Racing”. As such you should expect people to be racing out there and whatever that brings it brings. Ocon was faster than Max due to new tyres and in that window of opportunity to maximise the new grip before it faded. There is no rule against unlapping yourself only other some commentators saying you don’t really expect a back marker to be challenging you as leader. Tough, its racing out there so you should expect whatever is legal within the rules. Max should have let him go, no need to race him as he was racing Hamilton. It takes 2 to tango but this was avoidable if he had used his brain, but then again it’s Max.


Why did Ocon get a penalty then?


Lewis unlapped himself with great effect against sebastian in hockenhiem 2012.


After Max’s early season troubles there was a lot of talk about how Max adjusted his driving and was making fewer mistakes. Although he’s cut out the self-inflicted crashes (Bahrain, Monaco) his wheel to wheel racing has been dicey as ever – in Spain, Austria, Monza, Suzuka and now Brazil he clashed with other cars, sometimes it worked out for him (he wouldn’t have won Austria without muscling past Kimi for example) other times it hasn’t. He lives in the edge and sometimes comes up heads, sometimes tails. Brazil was the worst though, because it was all risk and zero reward.


All true. And yet when you’re lapped and you’re trying to pass the leader of the race (having had several laps to think about the situation) and that move didn’t work, what your’e absolutely not allowed to do is try to force the failed pass and hit the leader! He knew at the mid-point of corner one, turning into 2 that he didn’t make the move. Yet he tried to force his way in, and that’s absolutely not what you’re allowed to do as a lapped car on a leader. And look what happened: he caused a collision. As much as I hate Max, there was no reason for him to believe that the backmarker was THAT stupid.


It’s been clear from the beginning that LM et all are desperate for a new superstar, so Max was and will be allowed to do a lot more than other most drivers on the grid.

But the age card can not be used in his favour anymore


@chris D: Meaning?


Really needs an explanation? Then it’s wasted anyway


BS.. the age card doesn’t work with Ocon??


Never said that. Max, the whole comment is about Max


Agreed Chris. Fifteen is old enough to know some manners….


At the latest indeed


This was 100% Max race to win. Gained the lead with some great moves. Only to be robbed via a moronic move by Ocon. ‘Max leaving no room’, he was lapping Ocon who was in 15th position. On Ocon having the faster car, yes, that’s why he was more than 70 seconds behind. Well deserved penalty. Should have been blackflagged.
Ocon’s defense that he did the same on Alonso is lame. What is even more annoying is that he continue to deny this stupid mistake even hours after the race. His comment that he was faster than Max in F3 shows that this all comes from a very deep frustration.
Gained some sympathy for the stewards though: of course they had to penalize Max for the paddock incident, but the penalty and the explanation is about as lenient as it should be. Ocon’s response that Max tried to hit him, pityful, look at the footage: no such thing happened nor did the FIA have to intervene. Was hoping he could stay in F1 next year (he has the potential), but I have lost all my sympathy for him now.

Lucky win by Lewis. Not admitting that himself, behaving like the elder statesman in the paddock and this whole kissing the car routine…..wow, makes you cringe. Especially after his ridiculous response after the Sirotkin incident. Lewis, the best driver, always very graceful when he wins, childish when he does not. Same for Toto. His driver giving Mercedes a race win (not deliberate though) and not even commenting…

Good drives by Ricciardo and Raikkonen. Was hoping for a podium for DR, but Kimi did not play along.


@Rimk…Wrong again. You’re making assumptions. There was no guarantee that Verstappen would’ve won the race. What you can say is that it was at best, highly likely, given that x/y/z did not occur. You seem to conveniently forget that this incident occurred on lap 44 out of a 71 lap race. At the time of the incident Ocon was faster than Verstappen…so what should he do? This is supposed to be a race and guess what, racing drivers race.


Spot on.. surely on Lewis kissing his car.. to avoid having Max as his partner on the team..


Mercedes have obviously decided to retain Bottas because they don’t want to risk replacing him with someone less mediocre than him.

And Lewis having sleepless nights because his teammate was was quicker than he in practice or quali is simply unacceptable and must never be allowed to happen.


you sound salty, lay off the tifosi tears. And lewis is 3rd oldest driver on the grid, soon to be second. FYI, when max was fking up, lewis was the only driver that didn’t criticize him. You’d do well to remember that.


@oblah There is a lot of respect from Max for Lewis. And Lewis is the best driver in F1 right now. No dispute about that. However what happened this race is very rare (last time a backmarker took out a race leader was in 2001. So for Lewis to say that Max should have anticipated such an idiotic move was a bit of cheap advice: in hindsight everyone is always right.
Lewis has a bit of a tendency in his interviews to behave like the Messias of motorsports. No need for that, his skills are obvious, but for my taste he could do with a bit less of showboating and a bit less of the ‘from rags to riches’ routine.


I don’t disagree with your assertion but sound advice is just that. In the world of formula one should take heed of a 5x champ. To you, and others it maybe come off a ‘showboating’ but when Ross Brawn came around carmen’s house wanted lewis’ help to build ferrari golden age 2.0 at mercedes, he did well to listen, no?

Max is young and extremely talented but there’s much to learn. His nonchalant, arrogant and sometimes dismissed attitude will not aid in his quest for multiple championships unless his takes the advice of others. Especially those that have seen and done it. Humility is a trait he’d do well to develop.

Part of being great, really great is being able to inspire others. While the repeated ‘rags to richies’ story might be nothing more than an annoyance to you, for some, it’s just the thing needed to get through the night. Remember lewis is very ‘different’ from those he competes with. He doesn’t come from the same background, nor does he view the world through ‘their’ spectrum.


lewisa had engine problems for a large chunk of the race

plus he did well to make his tyres last

and ocon wasn’t totally to blame for the crash.


A measured drive by Hamilton who did what was needed. Contrast with Verstappen who picked a fight with a faster car (albeit way back in the field) who just wanted to unlap himself. One has to question Max judgement in picking the fight. He gained nothing by it and just exposed himself unnecessarily to danger. The contact from what I’ve seen (not full footage) in any event suggests that the author of the contact was no one but Max. He seems to expect the courtesy of the car width when he is in an in an overtaking situation but offers no similar courtesy when he is the overtakee. ( I do not suggest that the car width is merely a courtesy) The authorities are I believe creating a rod for their own back by persistently accommodating Max .Punishing Ocon merely reinforced Max view that Ocon had no right to demand the car width and inferentially that anyone other than the chosen few ( most of whom observe the car width) are entitled to overtake the annointed ones. Max behaviour is often questionable on track but overlooked or glossed over. The difficulty for the future is his example to other younger drivers. The lesson he teaches is be fast and ruthless (beyond anything that others do other than on an occasional basis), the authorities will not discipline you in a meaningful way because of your stature as the” coming one” Ocon had every right to unlap himself. The assault by Max (even if of a minor nature) underlines his lack of judgement. One can only hope that Max gets it all together soon. His antics might otherwise bring him undone in the long run. Regards from the antipodes


Are you really serious??


Try now,really hard to get it right. You can’t have it both ways. Or just try get forward your opinion or is it an onion?


@ Polleke…Not only is he serious, he’s also very accurate in his summarisation of the race.

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