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Hamilton and Vettel’s Brazil F1 GP front row – but both court controversy
Posted By: Editor   |  10 Nov 2018   |  6:59 pm GMT  |  197 comments

Lewis Hamilton looks to have boosted Mercedes’ hopes of wrapping up the constructors’ championship with a race to spare by taking pole position ahead of Sebastian Vettel for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Their positions were briefly in doubt, but they escaped punishment for their involvement in two separate incidents during the qualifying hour.

Hamilton was almost involved in a collision with Williams’ Sergey Sirotkin, whilst Vettel was found guilty of breaching protocol at the FIA weighbridge.

Neither incidents were deemed worthy of a grid penalty, so the Briton will start his tenth race of the season from pole position, which also marks Mercedes’ 100th.

In the worst case scenario, the two incidents would’ve promoted Valtteri Bottas to pole position, but the Mercedes driver lines up in third ahead of Kimi Raikkonen.

Regardless of position, Ferrari have a tactical advantage by starting on the harder tyres, if the race remains dry.

The Red Bulls line up with Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in fifth and sixth, whilst Marcus Ericsson led Charles Leclerc in an all-Sauber fourth row.

Qualifying Session One

With the chances of rain during the session being declared at 60%, teams and drivers were keen to complete laps early and avoid being caught out by a sudden downpour.

The rain made an appearance in Q1, but it wasn’t enough to hamper drivers’ qualifying efforts or cause any errors.

Renault’s Carlos Sainz was thousandths of a second away from progressing, but he forced to settle for 16th place, ahead of Brendon Hartley, Fernando Alonso, Lance Stroll and Stoffel Vandoorne.

Qualifying Session Two

The rain did have an effect in Q2, but slick tyres were still required in the first half of the session. The usual suspects at the front progressed, but Ferrari took the risk of posting their only flying laps on the soft tyre, a much better option to start the race on if it remains dry. Red Bull and Mercedes will start the race on the supersofts.

The top two in the championship found themselves at risk of grid penalties as a result of their actions in Q2. Hamilton was unable to get out of Sergey Sirotkin’s way when the Williams driver was approaching the final corner at full speed and the pair nearly collided. However, there was a slightly more unusual incident for Vettel.

The Ferrari man was called onto the weighbridge but, according to the FIA, he didn’t switch off his engine – which is required for an accurate reading – and he broke the scales when he drove off them. Vettel was summoned to the stewards after qualifying.

With improvements looking unlikely at the end of Q2, many midfielders remained in the pits. However, Charles Leclerc rejected a call from his team to return to the pits and went on to improve his time and move up from eleventh to eighth.

This dumped Haas’ Kevin Magnussen out of qualifying, along with Sergio Perez, Esteban Ocon, Nico Hulkenberg and Sergey Sirotkin.

Qualifying Session Three

Despite the threat of penalties hanging over them, Hamilton and Vettel locked out the front row, with the Mercedes man taking pole position by less than one tenth of a second.

Bottas’ and Raikkonen’s efforts fell short whilst, as expected, Red Bull didn’t have the grunt to compete with the single lap pace of Ferrari and Mercedes. Ricciardo and Verstappen were separated by just two thousandths of a second.

1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m07.281s
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1m07.374s
3 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1m07.441s
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m07.456s
5 Max Verstappen Red Bull/Renault 1m07.778s
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 1m07.780s
7 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1m08.296s
8 Charles Leclerc Sauber/Ferrari 1m08.492s
9 Romain Grosjean Haas/Ferrari 1m08.517s
10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso/Honda 1m09.029s
11 Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 1m08.659s
12 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 1m08.741s
13 Esteban Ocon Force India/Mercedes 1m08.770s
14 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1m08.834s
15 Sergey Sirotkin Williams/Mercedes 1m10.381s
16 Carlos Sainz Renault 1m09.269s
17 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso/Honda 1m09.280s
18 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Renault 1m09.402s
19 Lance Stroll Williams/Mercedes 1m09.441s
20 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren/Renault 1m09.601s

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

What are your predictions for this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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What is it with Vettel trying to emulate Max and ending up with fines and penalties? There’s a pattern: Max does something naughty, gets away with it and Vettel gets penalised for the same.

– weaving under braking: led to the ‘Max rule’. Max was never penalised, Vettel was the first to get a penalty.

– knocking over signs and the like: also introduced by Max. No repercussions for him. Vettel tried his luck with a pylon, got distracted and ended up being fined…

What’s next?


vettel should have been thrown out of qualifying and made to start from the back. i couldn’t believe what i saw. they guy knocked over the cone, drove onto the weigh bridge waving his hands around. i though it was common knowledge to remain still on a weighing balance for an accurate reading, he frantically waved his hands instead. to cap it all he drove off the bridge putting about 500 horsepower through the weighing balance , which could only brake it. they only one they had.
i am glad hamilton is able to remain relatively calm under pressure.


What pressure?


Vettel’s irritation is completely understandable, impossible and unnecessary moment for conducting a random check. But once again his impatience got the better of him. Now the attention is on his breaking the scales. So much better if he had constrained himself and afterwards Ferrari had filed a protest. Together with some spicy comments by Vettel they’d have a stronger case and the focus would have been on the stewards’ action.


Perhaps the FIA should send a letter to Ferrari asking when it would be convenient to carry out a weight check of their car. Seriously, in order for these checks to work and prevent teams running the car light, the checks must be random. The FIA do not, nor should they, concern themselves with anything related to the competition. The teams know that if they enter the pits they are subject to this random selection process. Seb was very Lucky not to be disqualified from quali, he almost drove into a race official when he should have had his engine switched off. Some people have suggested the official coordinating the weighing was beckoning Seb forward, this is wrong, if you watch the video he was clearly signaling for Seb to cut the engine.

This is not the first time Seb has been thru’ the weighing process, he knows the procedure, he just choose to completely ignore it.

I am Sabastian, I am no 1 Ferrari driver, I will choose the rules I comply with, get out of my way minions or my Red Fans will smite you…


has any driver ever lapped that inter lagos track faster than hamilton?
not a word from the journalists. i wonder why.
i wonder why they have all of a sudden stopped saying it’s impossible to determine who the greatest is.


“i wonder why they have all of a sudden stopped saying it’s impossible to determine who the greatest is.”
Give it up – its not Hamilton!


Well, we are living in the Trump era! After all these years people are still tripping on Hamilton and his race!


SEB once again makes a pre-race mistake [at the weighing].

This means he will spin in the race. Sure as eggs are eggs !


No penalty for Hamilty.

Shame on you FIA, unable to uphold the rule of law

It’s the media agenda that rules here!


Let’s blame everything on one guy.
P Glass you are seriously on a Trump golden water sports vacation. Keep spraying the gold, but make sure you cling film your mattress🤣


A worthwhile read.


While a completely different vehicle to our PU car here, and a dual electric motor at that, it is interesting because it explains the type of software automated tuning done to electric motors on cars that helps with acceleration, traction, recovery, braking…everything that is also automated in F1.

Read this and at the end I bet you will understand more about F1 engine modes. How there are many due to tire choices availabe. How they automate the F1 car. How they work. Even the trickery with engaging regeneration when driver lifts off the acceleration pedal to speed up application of braking, a “braking accelerator” if you will to save lap time, entirely likely that is it applied in engine modes. It is totally logical, as doing this would not only speed up braking, but would settle the automated brake bias setting for that corner in the map as recovery is set to different resistance level at different corners. Do you doubt that on PU cars the engine modes are track specific?

Notice how the end result is that it is not the driver gaining the time, but the software.


Isn’t Ricciardo starting on 11th because of his new turbocharger and thus a 5 grid penalty?


Some people just can’t contain their hatred of the guy:


As always, just provide the rope and these guys complete the job.


So your solution is to give it more light KRB?

I don’t click twitter or FB links.



That’s one sick puppy.

Social media is not really my thing, but I’m amazed that something like that can get through.

But on the other side, at least the man has the balls to say how he really thinks, unlike many who hide behind a multitude of excuses for why Lewis bothers them, instead of the real reason.

Very, very sad.

But still I rise👍


To KRB, yes, sickening. I worry too about those who manage to hide their dislike for LH, when the dislike is based on his skin color rather than behavior or values. On the track he combines discipline and passion whereas, IMO, SV drives more emotionally. BTW do you know your last sentence has two meanings, can be taken two ways?


What’s wrong with Lewis’ skin colour? He’s got a nice tan all year round — even if he were to spend most of the year in UK.


Hmm, yes. I guess you’re talking about lynchings? It’s horrible to think of how heinous humans are capable of being to other human beings, especially when in a mob setting.


Hello James,
I have a question, as along as I remember, according to rules, F1 cars can’t start their engines and an external starter (hence the starter hole in the diffuser) is needed.
But in stewards’ verdict is mentioned that Vettel turned his engine off and “then re-fired the car and drove off the scales”.
Can you shed some light in this and make me aware if they can start their engines by themselves or not. (I know in the hybrid era, mgu-k can start the engine and they don’t need separate starter to do it, but is it legal to do so?)

Thanks James.


Hybrid cars can be started using the MGU-K.


drivers can use their electric motors to start the engine.



Re Self starting.

I don’t believe it was ever a regulatory issue – so far as I am aware it was just a weight saving measure (not carrying a starter motor). Are you perhaps getting confused over a driver receiving outside assistance after they have stalled the car or beached themselves in a gravel trap?


I don’t think there’s ever been a regulation against it. Could be wrong though. I think it’s more that back in the V8 era, teams wouldn’t package a starter in the car, just because of the added weight.

With the hybrids, they could utilize the battery power to start the engine if need be.


Vettel fined 25,000 Euros by FIA. Wonder whether he will pay this from his personal account or Ferrari will foot this bill.


I think it is totally asinine for F1 to be weighing cars during qualifying since it can destroy someones qualifying under certain conditions like what nearly happened to Vettel. There’s no reason the couldn’t weigh the cars after qualifying.


It’s random. Can happen anytime during the weekend, including qualifying, but not the race.


Because the drivers would set a fast lap time while underweight, then the car would be loaded with fuel to make the weight limit for the end of session, or they’d use one many other clever ways to run underweight that teams have used over many years.


The reason why they do it during is to stop a car from running light during the session, then adding weight back before weighing.


Because they could remove ballast during qualifying, set a fast time and then add it back in time for the end of qualifying.


Hamilton deserves a penalty for blocking. Not surprised to see him not get one though.


It wasn’t blocking. Hamilton looked like just plain didn’t know Sirotkin was there.


agree and agree


It’s not blocking on an out lap. Lord knows what Sirotkin was up to, barging down the inside before starting a flier. Not surprised the haters will rant and rave about Hamilton getting a penalty while conveniently forgetting what herr vettel was up to at the weigh scales.


Its just amazing how you fanboys deflect Hamiltons wrongdoing and find fault with others. He should have go a race ban and points on his licence


LOL, I’ve made my day… race ban, you say?


david, for what? What rule do you think he broke?


only if all 14 of you paid attention……


747, me neither seeing as both drivers were on out laps….


Sirotkin was on an out lap so did not compromise his qually lap!¬!¬!!!!


It was an out lap. Sirotkin over zealous knowing Lewis was on an out lap too.
Jeez be thankful that Vettel didn’t get a penalty either. So it’s all squared.
Sirotkin is a bit spikey at most of the times. He isn’t exactly a great follower of the blue flag rule either.


They can’t afford to give him a penalty in case he leaves F1. That would be a disaster as it would probably halve track attendances and tv ratings/subscriptions.

After all, Lewis has a massive fanbase and those people are not going to hang around for the amazing PU sound and lack of competition.


Luke, noone would have got a penalty for blocking another driver on an out lap!


If the situation had been reversed and it was Sirotkin who did that to Lewis he would probably have recieved a penalty for reckless driving and forcing a driver off the track.

At the very least he would get a flaming from the British press and from the hardcore Lewis’ on social media — especially here.


Luke. But Lewis wouldn’t have been trying to jump the queue like that. It is expected that drivers on an out lap will be moving slowly at certain points, and it is also expected that following drivers will allow them to build a gap to the car in front without trying to force their way into it. There’s a reason Sergei said Lewis did nothing wrong….


On the evidence of this season, it does appear that Hamilton & Vettel both have “something special & extra” in comparison to their team mates. They are very consistent in shading them slightly in qualifying and significantly in races. Bottas needed to get pole to really have a good chance at a win.

I am disappointed for Ricciardo who also appears to be fractionally (but consistently) slower in qualifying then Verstappen. I hope that his car holds together so that he can pick up the pieces if/when a Mercedes and Ferrari have an on-track altercation!


You’re going to upset a load of Kimi fans, who believe the only “something extra” Vettel has is a helping hand from his employer…


He does himself no favours. Sure he is speedy, no denying that. But that’s not all to it

Nothing strange there, and he getäs a helping hand from his employer also nothing strange with that. It would be if it was the the way around.

But you got to deliver then, but his employer might not got unending patience.

But of course Seb’s a really good driver, that’s not the issue redline


Charles Leclerc in Q2… lap of the season?


Lap of the season was Lewis at Singapore for me. But this was very close indeed. Absolutely mega lap from Charles. I do so hope he’s given a fair shot at Seb next season.


You completely forgot to mention Ericsson for some reason. Maybe Nasr and Wehrlein would have done even better


@Phil M, overhyped, Ericcson was ahead of him in both sessions. It only appeared so cause he spun on his first flyer.


One of the laps surely. Indicating it’s raining [too hard], being called in, refusing and saying let me try and then bettering his time in wetter conditions and on totally spent tyres! Great to watch.

Likewise kudos to Gasly and whaddayuknow Ericsson, who saw that one coming. Renaults disappointing, especially Sainz with some rather lame traffic excuses. The rest, business as usual. Vandoorne calm and collected when interviewed, indicated he couldn’t care less whether he could outqualify Alonso even once(!!). Totally deflated, no competitive drive left whatsoever.


PhilM, that was great wasn’t it? The team told him to come in as there was no point trying to go faster, and he ignores them and bags eighth! Great stuff from Charlie, really looking forward to next year….


Hyperbole, somewhat?


No hyperbole. You’ll see next season…


Didn’t see it, so no.


Thanks for the synopsis but we could have worked most of that out from just reading the results print out. Two significant issues that didn’t crack a mention were:

1: Ferrari sending both cars out on reds for the warm up lap but bring them in for to change to yellows … trying to hoodwink Merc no doubt!

2: Why the hell did the FIA call Seb for a weigh-in at that exact moment when the impending rain was about to fall?. Did they intentionally do it to thwart Sebs qualifying? If it wasn’t a deliberate action, which monkey decided to make the call and what sanctions will apply to him/her? What’s the feeling from the Ferrari team? Whats the word from the other teams? Are you even in Brazil or do you just watch what we do on TV?


Sigh* It’s ‘random’…the fia doesn’t choose to harass sebastian.


Sometimes they harass drivers in a random order. But they give slack to a few I suspect


Chris, the key word is “random”

Meaning, it’s random…


Why the hell did the FIA call Seb for a weigh-in at that exact moment when the impending rain was about to fall?

According to the F1 page on Scrutineering and weighing,

Cars taking part in Q1 and Q2 are called in at random to be weighed

My guess is that they decide something like, “Pull in the second car that pulls into the pits,” which is usually not an issue because the drivers often sit in the garages for a while between runs. That would also explain why they weren’t ready to weight Vettel’s car, since they weren’t expecting anyone to pull in at the end of their out lap, but only after their hot laps.


Seb had the option to do a fast lap on the super soft, Ferrari chose to pit for softs, there is always the possibility of a weight check when returning to the pits, Ferrari would know this, they took the chance. The officials were doing their job, Seb was being a prat…


All of us were awaiting a grid penalty fot Hamilton for steering into the path of Sirotkin. No penalty was given, why Sirotkin’s ‘move’ (what move?) was even deemed ‘disrespectful’ by Hamilton. Am I missing something or are the stewards treating him with kid gloves? Luke, your thoughs?


Again, not surprising the ‘horde’coming out of the woodworks for blood. Expected as much to be honest. But, since eyes and ears are insufficient, i’ll try to explain.

Both lewis and Sergey were on outlaps. Normally space is given to the car in front while preparing one’s tires for the hot lap. For whatever reason, Sergey tires weren’t prepared properly in the garage and wanted a faster outlap than lewis. Before the last corner he unexpected sped up, catching lewis out, who didn’t expect anyone to be on a hotlap. In fact, he thought it was leclerc. Instinctively lewis swerves off the racing line, unfortunately sergey had the same thinking.

The difference, before it’s brought up. Sainz was on a hot lap in Austria and Sebastian wasn’t informed by ferrari. This incident was similar to Kmag and Alonso is monza, of which neither was penalized. No inconsistency, beyond salty fans wanted lewis penalized to soften the blow of losing yet another championship due to errors.


@Oblah, please note I’m not part of any horde. Reading my comments for a couple of years should have made that quite clear to you. So spare me your cheap group affiliation sausage, we can do without it.

There was a reason I asked the editor for a reaction because I was sure I’d get plenty of Hamfosi reactions and I was only interested in arguments not feelings. OK, clear by now that the argument goes they were on outlaps and then you don’t leave your slot, not at high speed anyway. Makes sense to a point, but for once I’ll side with kenneth: still ample opportunity to see this coming and a hazardous swerve by Ham. End of line.


pay attention and you’d find out that both drivers were on their out laps. hamilton slowed down to create a gap to between himself and the car in front, bottas. sirotkin should have done the same. instead, he tried to occupy the space hamilton had created.


you defend him even when he admits he made a mistake. Whats wrong with you?


@aveli, news flash: Hamilton disagrees with you. Today on Instagram: “I was wrong, it wasn’t a disrespectful move by Sergey”.


thats hilarious! aveli will have to have a word with him to reverse that statement


They probably don’t care! The WDC is over!


Lemwill, they were both on out laps, Lewis was hanging back to get a gap to the car in front, who had just been doing the same. There is a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between the drivers to wait your turn, Sergei didn’t want to do this and was trying to jump the queue.


dangerous driving by hamilton. deserved a race ban


They were both on an out lap about to start a flying lap, Sirotkin passing Hamilton just as he was about to start a qualifying lap is what Lewis is referring too, normally at that point a following car would fall back and create a gap. It makes no sense for the Williams to try to get ahead of the faster Merc at that point of the circuit as the Merc would catch it up on the Lap. Lewis, or any other driver, would not have expected him to try a pass there.



They were both on outlaps. That’s where the confusion lies.


Sirotkin was on an out lap so his qually lap was not compromised!!!


Sirotkin was on an out lap, so why was he storming up behind another car at that point? If he needed to go fast at that point, to condition his tires, then he needed to back off earlier, to get the necessary gap.

Lewis should not have veered … better to stay in the spot you are in that situation. Sirotkin has since come out and said Hamilton did nothing wrong. I would like to know what his thinking was, and why he was driving like that then.


They wouldn’t do anything to upset Lewis. He’s the most profitable thing f1 has at the moment.


@ lemwil…Likewise….Disrespectful? What’s that all about? The team would’ve informed Hamilton where Sirotkin was. Lame excuses by Hamilton. Just because they were both on an outlap AFAIK there is no speed restriction for running an outlap. He was,IMO, caught napping but got away with it.


Kenneth, remember in Austria when a certain driver quite deliberately ruined his team mates hot lap preperations? No penalty given that day, just as no penalty has ever been given in such circumstances, and I can’t remember if you thought there should have been. Maybe you would care to remind us?


Ah, but that was quite different Tim. First of all it didn’t involve Hamilton and second….er, um……well it was just different, because it was.


I just watched the post quali interviews, & I now have much more respect for Sirotkin. He had the perfect opportunity to complain about the way he was blocked by Hamilton, & he chose not to say anything stupid that he would come to regret at a later time.

Well done Sergey.


Don’t underestimate either what a lap that was originally from Sergey to get Williams into Q2. It actually contributed to the incident with Hamilton.

The team were so shocked he made it through they had to give him an older, not fully heated set for Q2. It meant that, as he was circulating behind Lewis on the out-laps, the tyres were way too cold! So, he was trying to get past Lewis as a way to bring them up to temperature, which then caused the near-miss! I like the idea of the team giving him a “dressing down”: “what on earth were you thinking?! Getting through to Q2 by putting in a great lap when we have no tyres?!”

Also: kudos to the Sauber drivers Leclerc (for his heroics at the end of Q2 in the wet) and Ericsson (for his impressive performance and PB throughout the session).


sirotkin was guilty of trying to steal the space hamilton had created in front of him at the start of his lap. sirotkin was aksed by his team to give back the position so he did and hamilton could start his pole lap as planned.


I read that both HAM and SIR were both on out laps and the 2 drivers in front of HAM were also on out laps. HAM was maintaining a distance to the 2 in front.

SIR said he was trying to get heat into his tyres which was why he closed on HAM so quickly.

HAM didn’t know anyone was on a hot lap behind him but he then saw a car closing in very fast and went left to move off the racing line. At the same time SIR moved left. And that was that.

So.. SIR wasn’t actually blocked as he wasn’t on a hot lap.

Both on warm-up laps but SIR was going way, way faster than anyone would on a warm-up. HAM sees him in a split second thinking there’s a qualifying car behind him and moves off the line.

I saw that on TV and read the reports. The stewards didn’t think there was any blame anywhere.

I do agree with you though – SIR handled it with pure class.


It was basically sergey”s mistake, if one can call it that.


anyone’s mistake but hamiltons right? Maybe it was Sebs?


No David, as I wrote, sirotkins fault. Use your “EQ” my good man👍


Tiny d probably doesn’t comprehend what EQ means James k. To him it’s probably a fondant filling in a Quality Streets selection tin.

Tornillo Amarillo

Charles Leclerc rejected a call from his team to return to the pits and went on to improve his time and move up from eleventh to eighth.”

Yeah, it was his decision, amazing because he was right.
Haas and Sauber so good cars… under Ferrari guidance… Even Ericsson shines!


sirotkin stole from hamilton and gave it back. thieves often display guilt when caught.


Valtteri & Kimi should be on the front row, because Lewis has to be penalized.

Blocking has been a 3 to 5 place grid penalty all year, & if Hamilton is not sent backwards, then we will finally have proof that the whole Championship is rigged.

Vettel has had another red mist brain explosion. That should result in his quali time being stripped, meaning he should start 15th, & not even been in the Q3 session.

If Ferrari complain about Kimi being blocked as well, Lewis could be 8th.

So the grid should have Red Bull 2nd row & Sauber 3rd row, with KMag in P10.

Come on Stewards, grow a set & do the right thing.

….. I bet they don’t.


@Mick, maybe you should read the sporting regulation before being overly opinionated.


why not pay attention instead of making up lies?


thieves, liars there you go again. no EQ whatsoever


You’re right. They didn’t!


Penalties only given if blicked driver is on a quick lap, Sergei was on an out lap.


Problem with that is that Lewis got off the racing line as soon as he saw the other cars coming. The absolutely correct thing to do. Unfortunately neither of the approaching drivers were expecting him to get out of the way so quickly and they both got off the racing line as well. If he (Lewis) had held the racing line while going slowly then he would have been blocking.



I suggest you find out the reasons for what happened before you start breathing hell fire.


People who don’t like Hamilton can’t or won’t look at the facts.

Grid penalties are applied when a quallifying lap is compromised.

Sirotkin was on an outlpap same as Hamilton, so no problem!


The FIA weighbridge staff should be sacked…

How to potentially ruin an on track battle between the top 2 cars. Well done F1.

Called in when the rain is coming, not between runs 1 and 2, ok, but…

Not prepared to take in the car to be weighed.

Nowhere near ready to move the cone before Seb nudges it.

Can’t be bothered to get the cone out of the way.

Really can’t be bothered to step out of the way, blocking Seb as the rain falls.

My granny could have moved that cone quicker and shes been dead for years.

Taking ages to weigh the car with no clear signals or lights to stop or go from each of the FIA flunkies.

Waving Seb forwards with no FIA guys close to push him off the scales.

FIA guy at front is repeatedly gesturing and waving Seb onwards so he has to use his own battery power to get started.

They whinge that their scales are broken after waving him on.


Lewis shouldn’t have a penalty ruin his race either though he was a complete amateur going so slow then the lunge at Sirok putting the WIlliams on the grass.

Even worse with Kimi, where all slow cars are near the edge of the track and Lewis leaves nearly a full cars width and steers towards Kimi as he veers the only way he could around him. Looks like he has had that works Merc so long he’s forgotten how to use his mirrors and needs babysat by his engineers the whole time…

Their scales break after Seb rolls over them slower than the chap that lives near me goes over the street speed bumps in his Porsche 911…

Good pole though, aided by the Q3 party not seen all weekend.

Well done Marcus E!

Are Merc using their championship winning ‘tricky’ wheels for this race or are they banned again?


vettel was having his didn’t only knock over the cone but drove onto the bridge, frantically waved his hands, preventing the bridge from weighing his car and drove off with his 500+ horsepower, destroying the weighbridge. he should have been disqualified from qualifying. same as when he deliberately crash into hamilton twice at baku last year for no reason what so ever. they gave him a slap on the wrist.


I guess you don’t know anything about the procedures for weighing the cars, you and Seb both..

The officials were waiting on Seb complying with the rules, he did not follow proper procedure, he was responsible for delaying the process. He is lucky not to be starting at the back of the grid…


yeh what would Seb know. Seb – 4 x WDC, jakethesnake – ?


This particular incident was a reflexion of F1 as a whole these days. They’re expected to set the dance floor on fire, and instead they’re just clumsily moving around on the floor in a semi-comatose state.


Luke, the random weighing of cars throughout qualifying has been in place for decades!


I know. So what’s your point?


Luke. So why is a driver getting weighed in qualifying a ‘reflection of F1 as a whole these days’? It’s how it’s been for a very long time, and done for a very good reason.


😂get some air in those lungs🤣Breaths C4WD40😂Breathe🤣


They are not using the tricky wheels.


Fast lap…slow lap…the walls are still hard…accidents still hurt or worse…pathetic that it was not even investigated and as for it being ‘disrespectful’ someone clearly is not quite humble as he always claims to be #blessed


you should all pay attention to the sport.


Was it not investigated?????

Sirotkin was called up to the stewards.

But hey, because it’s Lewis …….


You make me smile 😀 scraping the barrel for Lewis digs now aren’t we.
Just enjoy what you are witnessing, history in the making xx


Keep those excellent Socially Benial komments coming SBkkk


Get in there Lewis – once again demonstrating his brilliance with a fantastic pole lap and delivering the goods when it mattered.

Not sure why Vettel thinks he’s so special – the cars are called in to be weighed at random. If it’s not convenient, it’s just his hard luck and he has to suck it up. His sense of entitlement is breathtaking, driving into the cone and then driving at the official followed by all that waiving and clapping his hands to hurry them up. He’s an embarrassment to himself and Ferrari and was very lucky to get off so lightly with just a fine. Perhaps he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.


@C63, hilarious how people are more appalled with lewis’ none issue than Sebastian aggressively charging the fia delegates, ruining their weigh scales in a fit of petulance. No worries, #teamlh is only here for the winning. And salty tears of course 😉

Rancid badger chunks

Get in what? I see people repeating this tired well worn phrase, jeez if only his engineer could vary his vocabulary. But maybe you could tell me what exactly you think he should be getting in? It’s a mystery.

Didn’t see Hamilton demonstrating any brilliance at all when Sirotkin and Raikonnen were trying to pass at speed. Probably daydreaming about where he’s going to put his latest WDC trophy on the mantlepiece I guess.

As For Vettel, well I understand why he was annoyed, seems like a dumb inconvenient time to call a car in for a weigh-in, let alone one that is potentially vying for pole, but Vettel’s little red mist valve popped again, he seems to crack so easily under pressure.


Get in what?

There…get in there, that’s where.


Funny you mentioned the Vettel incident but not what Lewis did to Kimi and Marcus!
Lewis is so special he gets away with anything, the FIA turn a blind eye when it comes to Lewis



I forgot to ask you – what did Lewis do to Marcus?



It’s very clear what Vettel did wrong. Perhaps you can explain what Fia have turned a blind eye too – then we can get all worked up like you.


Hamilton can do as he pleases it’s a disgrace. He deserves a penalty


david/Sbk. No driver has ever received a penalty for blocking anothers out lap. Are you both suggesting that the FIA should have introduced a new offence and penalty just to punish Lewis? I realise that this is what you guys would do, but don’t forget that the FIA don’t single one driver out like you two…


And you don’t think VET deserves more than a $25K fine?

He drives into a cone to have it removed and then pushes an official out of the way by edging his car forward. What if the official had not moved? It’s all there in the transcripts to read.

If the opinion is HAM can do what he wants then it applies even more to VET for this incident.

VET seems to use his car as a weapon against other cars (Baku ’17) and, now, officials.


david, for what? Interrupting Sirotkin’s out lap?


dangerous and disrespectful driving


Ok David, what ever you say😏


Which regulation did Hamilton breach david? So far as I am aware there is no regulation forbidding one driver to be quicker than all the rest – although I dear say Vettel would like to have that oversight addressed for next season.


You keep rattling your play pen tiny smurf

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