Crowning moment? Hamilton poised for fifth F1 title in Austin
Posted By: Editor   |  17 Oct 2018   |  10:19 pm GMT  |  390 comments

As has been established since Lewis Hamilton guided his Mercedes to a ninth win of the season at Suzuka, the Briton can take the drivers’ title at the Circuit of the Americas if he outscores rival Sebastian Vettel by at least eight points.

So a 1-2 finish, as Mercedes has experienced in the last round, will get the job done.

If Hamilton and Mercedes really want to cruise across the line, they only require 33 points over the final four races to to take the title, regardless of what Vettel does.

The odds are in Hamilton’s favour for a successful weekend in Texas; he has the most wins for any driver at the United States Grand Prix (six; one at Indianapolis and five at the COTA) and he’s claimed all-but-one victory at COTA since it joined the calendar in 2012. Added to that, Mercedes are yet to be defeated in Austin in the hybrid era.

If his memories weren’t sweet enough in Austin, it’s also where Hamilton took his third drivers’ title.

Ferrari’s unwillingness to tell Kimi Raikkonen to move over for his Ferrari team-mate in the closing stages of the Japanese Grand Prix suggest that they think chasing the title is now in vain, and will be working towards trying to get back on the top step of the podium, a feat they haven’t managed since the Belgian Grand Prix.

They will be also be hoping their lead driver can recover some confidence before the season is out. Vettel’s the only other man to win in Austin – back in 2013 with Red Bull – and the Ferrari man also shares the pole position record at COTA (2; with Hamilton and Nico Rosberg).

The two championship contenders of 2018 were in a race-long battle for the win at the inaugural race in 2012. With Vettel – then with Red Bull – leading Hamilton – then with McLaren – for the majority of the race, the latter homed in on the race lead and made the backmarker-assisted overtake down the back straight to take the first Formula One win in Austin.

The pair raced against each other in the opening stages of last year’s event, with Vettel beating Hamilton off the line before being powerless to resist the raw pace of the Mercedes W08. The Ferrari man will be hoping he and the team can put up more resistance this time around.

Battle for the ‘Class B’ Title Intensifies

Whilst there’s only really the battle for third place to be decided in the top six drivers (Valtteri Bottas currently leads Kimi Raikkonen by 207 points to 196), the competition for who can finish as ‘best of the rest’ is getting ever tighter.

This has been a fascinating battle over the course of the year, with several candidates in contention for seventh place in the drivers’ championship.

Sergio Perez’s seventh-place finish at the Japanese Grand Prix moved him to the head of the midfield, and he’s now one of three drivers (from three different teams!) on 53 points. The Racing Point Force India driver is at the front of this tiebreaker due to his third-place finish at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix earlier this year.

Haas’ Kevin Magnussen is also on 53 points and classified in eighth due to having the next-best individual finishes; two fifth places in 2018.

The final driver on the aforementioned points total is Nico Hulkenberg, who has one fifth place finish to his name this season.

This isn’t just a three-driver battle, though.

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso has swept up points in the under-performing McLaren at every chance that’s come his way, and he has 50 to his name, one ahead of the second Force India of Esteban Ocon.

Slightly further back are Carlos Sainz (39) and Romain Grosjean (31), with the latter still waiting on the outcome of the hearing to try and overturn his Italian Grand Prix disqualification. He finished sixth in that race, which would potentially edge his total back up to 39 points.

In the constructors’ contest, Haas out-scoring Renault by three points at Suzuka have put the American team just eight behind with four races to go, and they’ll fancy their chances of taking further points at the higher-speed COTA circuit. Renault will be looking to pick up their pace; they’ve struggled in qualifying and have only had one double-points finish since the French Grand Prix.

Force India are rapidly closing in on sixth-place McLaren and, if form continues, they should be surpassing their points total within a couple of races. Disappointingly for the Silverstone-based team, if the first twelve races hadn’t been chalked off the championship, they would be occupying fourth place in the constructors’ with 102 points, ten ahead of Renault.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

Who do you think will take the win in Austin? Who’s your money on for the ‘Class B honours? Leave your comments in the section below.

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Dear James, would it make a difference if the format goes back to 1 hour quali + 10 lap sprint (either Sunday or saturday). On the day of the final race based on the result of the sprint race, make it an all choice tyre (as team wishes) and minus the laps by 10. Just wondering whether this would make an unpredictable race through out the season?


I like the sprint idea. Not sure of logistics of same day as race but I’d like to see it and it would be killer for social/ TV


I like the idea too. Which isn’t surprising as we’ve all been starved for sprint races ever since f1 became more akin to endurance racing in the last few years.

The only concern is that the sprint race will become the main spectacle rather than the main race.


I am now wondering who ruins more race weekends, Hamilton or aveli?


FanF1, if either of the people you mention manage to ruin a race weekend for you, then you can’t be as much of a fan as you claim…..


TimW..suddenly you’re the king of what makes someone a sports fan.


Tomx. A sports fan can enjoy a Grand Prix, even if his least favourite driver wins it. Surely even you would agree with that?


Sure, every little bit helps. But let’s see how close it is in the race, and in the championship.


Luke. Then no doubt you are perfectly happy with yesterdays incredibly close qualifying session?


Not if there is no contest.


@ Captain Risky

Blimey, you’re still a student. Good luck lad with the exams and yes always read hard.

As for my stars, well I think 4 stars is pretty accurate because I tend to take long breaks from posting.


is agony as severe as that?



Now is the time to point out (if it wasn’t already obvious to everyone) that Toto Wolff’s ambitions are for Mecedes – not Lewis Hamilton. Indeed Toto would really like anyone to win in his car other than the man currently winning under his brand name. Despite David Couthard’s attempts to persuade us that it is all down to the drivers in F1 we will without doubt see Hamilton win the series and then Toto will press a button under his console and scupper his car. Thereafter Bottas will suddenly start to go faster then his team mate. Eddy Jordan is the only person I have ever heard on the box mention this possibility yet IT WILL HAPPEN! Rosberg got his championship out of Toto’s strategy. I bet Lewis wishes he was driving for Ferrari – They don’t mind having a number one driver.


@ Shelts – I am trying hard to make sense of this post, but I am obviously just to dumb.


Toto Wolff’s ambitions are for Mercedes – not for Lewis Hamilton.

Toto’s greatest acheivement would be to leave us in agreement that Mercedes were unbeatable regardless of who was driving. He doesn’t work for Lewis Hamilton. Toto has had to accept second best …. Mercedes are unbeatable with Hamilton behind the wheel, also with Rosberg (so long as Lewis couldn’t beat him) but not with Bottas because he has not been able to get clear of the opposition. I say again – as soon as Lewis has the crown, Bottas will have all the team support. I predict more podiums for Valttery and David C telling us that Hamilton has gone off the boil!


Toto would really like anyone to win in his car other than the man currently winning

Odd then, that Toto should be the one to issue the order for Bottas to move over in Sochi…..wouldn’t you say?


how is it odd when bottas has failed to win a single race while his teammate has won 9? even vettel won 6.

i feel your agony.



You rarely make much sense but, even judging you by your own [extraordinary] standards, you have excelled yourself on this occasion.


C63, or keep re hiring him…


F1 threads lightly on damage limitation mode. Expect more of that for some time


And the latest from Gazetta

Montoya Poised For Return As F1 Imposes Minimum Driver Weight Rule


So Hamil gets his fifth title and Sebs is a mere four-timer.

Kimi is, and will remain, the only Ferrari Champion on this grid.


I don’t care who wins tomorrow as long as there is no repeat of the horrible, cringeworthy drivers’s intro with Michael Buffer.

I kinda wished we still had the V10s only to have drowned out that muthaVVVVRRRROOOMMMM!


massa has driven all engines and rates the current engines as the most violent and best.


Think they are not doing a
“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”
intro this time round.
It cuts into the drivers comfort break before they get strapped into the cars.
So that’s been discarded … glad that bit of American glitz and tinsel is no more.
Plus the stretched out National Anthem sung by an X Factor winner which seems to go on forever. Reminds me of a Simpsons episode, where the audience falls asleep .
I give the USA a salute and a nod as
Americans do Tacky in a Proud Fashion 😉


many are still posting and claiming that hamilton’s success is due to the car when we have emphatically explained with ample evidence that it is a combination of his talent and hard work which have brought him this much success. alonso russell and wolff have all confirmed yet they clutch.


“when we have emphatically explained”? Give me a break, like no other driver has ever been talented and worked hard?
Hamilton is good, maybe great, maybe one of the greatest and will go down in F! History as a great champion (Deservedly so).
But his relative greatness can never be stated with any level of fact. It can never be stated about any driver ever as it is all about relative performance at a point in time by a Team (Car, Pit, Driver, ETC). In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, or to be PC the one-eyed woman is queen.
To all the Hamilton fans, enjoy Hamilton’s moment and success, it is great when your guy is winning, but please stop overstating his greatness, it is boring. He is simply an exceptionally good driver in what is the best team at this point in F1 history, Mercedes are and have been hands down the best Team (Even when Nico won it).
Hamilton or any other driver can never be compared to those that went before or those still to come with any level of fact. They can only be compared to those there at the same time with the context of the strength of their team taken into account.


But I thought Lewis personally engineered the car? So it’s all down to him anyway right?

I’m sure you mentioned it at least 600 times on a previous thread.

Don’t forget about his killer debriefs either.


Dear aveli
It is with some trepidation but with overdue vigour that I pose the following question to you as suggested by a fellow poster: “ask him where in the midfield the works Merc team would be without Lewis as their driver…” your answer is not necessarily of interest to me as I am simply gold star digging 🙂


@ Lucia…Please don’t feed the pigeons. You’re welcome to a few of my stars if you like. Anything to stop that Aveli chap genuflecting on auto every 30 secs.


you need better tools to dig for those gold stars an axe would do. you need heavy duty pneumatics and tnt.

as good as he is, he won’t be able to tell you as he knows only about events which have occurred and nothing about ifs and what ifs.


aveli, Hamilton ranks behind Fangio, Schumacher and probably Jimmy Clarke and Senna in the all time greats. Not saying he is not a good driver, he obviously is. But sorry to break it to you mate….his car has has played a bigger part in his success than the four mentioned.

Alonso said he is one of the greats, not the greatest. 🙂


JohnH, you have no idea if Lewis ranks ahead of, or behind the drivers you mention, none of us do.


“…when we have emphatically explained…”
How arrogant! Who made you king of explaining?


Alonso, Russell and Toto apparently. And no they are not characters from the Land of Oz, I think…

But one rather avoids disturbing his daily routine, he might crack


He is clearly referring to James

Whilst trying to make it very clear, so even the stupid people can understand basic facts.

Emphatically : without doubt; clearly


Hey everybody…
Little david is back 😂🤣
Quick get out the regular size sour grapes🍇.
They look so tiny in his hands 👐 🍇
Now remember David… 5 normal size sour grapes can be included in your 5 portions of sour fruit allowance . 🤣😂


Off topic, I just read somewhere that Renault is building a completely new engine architechture for the 2019 season.

I hope that they found something that could take the fight to Merc, Ferrari and Redbull. Ric and Nico deserve a fighting chance. Could they be fighting for wins next year? Abiteboul is quite bullish on it but then again, he isn’t called Alotofbull for nothing.


i feel for you. hamilton will drive at mercedes for both the 2019 and 2020 seasons. still fresh to sign another 3 season contract with any team with ambition for championship victories.


FanF1, maybe if the new engine works better than the current one, but is not quite on a par with the Ferrari or Merc, then we can call him Cyrille Abitobull?



They do have the ex-FIA guy. Which I thought was a masterstroke by Renault. Great poach if he has actual value to bring.


Fan, it was a sneaky underhanded move by Renault that pushed the rules to the limit, they really are getting the hang of this F1 game, so maybe it will work out for them!


@ Sebee

Oh no, I doubt Mercedes will win driver’s titles with Lewis in 2019, 2020 for don’t forget that before Lewis, no British driver had successfully defended their championship, let alone defend it for multiple seasons.

As for Rosberg, it was crucial he won in 2016 otherwise, he would have stayed onboard and taken points off Lewis in the following seasons.


@ Enoch

Unfortunately Bottas hasn’t won a race yet but to be fair, if it wasn’t for bad luck and team orders, Bottas should have won Baku, China and Russia


too many ifs.


Don’t worry after Lewis wins the series, Toto will press a magic button and Valttery will win every race left. Will Farrari let Kimi have a few over Seb ???


@ The Exigency

Hahaha cheers mate and no, my head isn’t full of facts, I just check on wikipedia


You do a grand job fella, always a good read in the run up to a race.


Should be easy way for Lewis to his manufactured championship. Fastest car, teammate is not allowed to beat him. And perhaps another disastrous mistake from Seb when he is trying to do everything he possibly can to keep the title hope alive.


Sami, Valterri was ‘allowed’ to beat Lewis four times this year.


100% agree Sami.


Of course you do david, sami said something negative about Lewis, so obviously you agree. It seems neither of you are concerned that Sami’s claim is untrue, but that’s pretty predictable as well.


hamilton guides his engineers to build him the fastest cars. what do other drivers do lay on the beach?


haha. thats hilarious


@Sami let it flow through you. Let the hate out. You’ll feel better in due time. #teamlh



I will call Seb manufactured champion too if he takes the title.




If Seb wasn’t making so many mistakes it wouldn’t be easy…


Vettel showed us what he was all about this year! Hahaha


@ Lucia

Yes stars on JAonF1 are awarded to members that post comments therefore, the more comments you post, the more stars you gain with 5 stars being the maximum.


why do you only enjoy 4 then?


* shorts…


@ goferet

I can’t understand why you “only” have 4 stars mate. You’ve been posting since i wore shots to school 🙂 Is it possibly your second time around?


@ cheep cheese

Aah I guess I used the wrong word.

Instead of ironic perhaps I was looking for coincidental



“Instead of ironic perhaps I was looking for coincidental”

I see you’ve studied at the George Carlin School of Grammar. Nice one.


It’s a foregone conclusion that LH will win the GP and title in Austin, so congratulations to him on both counts. Big question is who will finish second in the US GP. I can’t decide between Valtteri or Max.


Nothing can ever stop the Mercedes steamroller. It has no mercy, feels no pity, has no remorse — and it will stop at absolutely nothing until it has dominated f1 to the point of unwatchability, and saved enough fuel to save the planet.


It has no mercy, feels no pity, has no remorse — and it will stop at absolutely nothing…..

Good job they have Totenator in charge…..I’ll be back 🙃


Indeed. It’s just like that movie where it’s all about the machines and humans are merely pawns in the grand scheme of things.


Luke, just out of interest, what do you think is stopping the others challenging Mercedes?


Tim; wha do you think was stopping the others challenging RBR in the v8 era? Nothing, except regulation changes it level the playing field by banning red bull’s innovations.

So what are the plans for 2021 to level the playing field?


LukeC, F1 is still dominated by aero, this is why Renault is so far behind Red Bull. The aero trick bits you mention were banned because they were against thr spirit of the regulations, and it would have cost the small teams a fortune to copy them.

You are still clinging onto the idea that the Mercedes PU is streets ahead, but it is clear that Ferrari have at least equalled them.


Tim; let me put it this way: the v8 formula was essentially an aero formula. And we all know that RBR was the king of aero and that’s what gave them their dominance. In response the FIA banned their toys such as blown diffusers and generally stripped a large portion of the downforce off the cars which made it more difficult for RBR maintain their advantage.

Now, suppose Merc have done something absolutely magical with Mguh, and that’s what’s giving them their unprecedented dominance. And what if the FIA were to ban the Mguh? Would that be all that different to what the FIA did during the PU era?


Luke, there was nothing stopping the others having innovations of their own to match Red Bull’s then, and there is nothing stopping the others matching Mercedes now. As Ferrari clearly proved this season.


The steamroller will stop when Lewis calls time on F1. He will no longer be there to teach the engineers how to make a fast car. I read on this very forum that Lewis is the reason Mercedes is so dominant. Without Lewis they would be floundering behind Williams and McLaren. Lewis is also the reason the sun rises each morning and sets in the evening. I have absolutely no doubt that if something untoward were to happen to him he would rise again in a few days. They would write a book about him, erect buildings where fans could worship him.

The steamroller stops when Lewis says so. End of.


Nice foray into fantasy there, but Lewis didn’t design the car or the PU, just like he didn’t design the car and engine in 2007 which allowed him to almost win the title in his rookie year.


Not sure how long you’ve been following f1, but anything can happen. Take nothing for granted. Chicken count hack.


Just 22 years, and in that time I can’t think of a result that’s as guaranteed as LH winning this weekend.


One one side it’s clear that Ham and Merc deserve it, on the other hand it’s a bit sad that he might be crowned as WC three races before the end of the season. But, there is always a new season next year 🙂


A new season when Mercedes won’t be (meaningfully) challenged. Lol!


Let’s let Hamilton do it on his own this time.

He actually can.


He obviously doubts that so his teammate has to let him win


his teammate has been at the team for two seasons. how many wins has he managed his entire career?


71 wins david….


and all in the fastest car


david if it if gives you comfort to believe that, go right ahead, I realise this is a tough time for you.


@Gene Herbert

That is just an insane as saying that Rosberg only won the title because of Malaysia.


Rosberg won the title because Lewis said he could. Payback for childhood favours. Lewis promised him a title on condition that he never race again.


@Captain Risky

“Lewis promised him a title on condition that he never race again.”

Love this. The conversation probably happened in the swimming pool in the building where they both live, while Nico was teaching his little one how to swim.


Everyone is talking like it’s done and dusted but there’s 4 races left, what if we get a repeat of Malaysia 2016?


there is no dust left.


it’s polished on his mantle piece.


One Malaysia 2016 won’t be enough to help Vettel. He needs three Malaysia 2016s.


They’re only psyching themselves up in case the unthinkable happens. It’s a well known stress countermeasure. Pretending it’s done and dusted unless vettel manages to win, then they’ll act all surprised.


sort of like the Hamfans talking up the Ferrari as being the fastest car then heaping praise on Hamilton when the Mercedes beats the Ferrari?


david, or the Hambashers refusing to let go of the ‘dominant car’ stick?


that’s their only hope..


Well said TimW👏
Little david just wombling free in his wibbly wobbly way…Great Uncle Bulgaria will have a quiet chat with him. Mini Bags for life in tow😉


Hang in there Kevin.

One of these times, your Haas wins !

After that, the going will be easier, I predict.


Then he wins at Mexico.


F1 should register in united states, for a new subsidiary under the name “The Boring Racing LLC”.


Can you extrapolate on what you find boring about F1?


hamilton winning of course.


It’s only Thursday and the pain management is already underway.

Drip, drip, drip.

Can’t you guys wait until Monday?

Gluttons, I tell you. Gluttons!


splat splat splat!


@FanF1 Ahahaha 😀
I know right. Gluttons indeed. Every last one of them. It’s a copping mechanism as you’ve suggested. There’s certainly a pill for that, why be delusional. 😉


Congratulations to HAM and to his little army of Hamsters here! (touchy thin skins).

The Vettel/Ferrari project is in flames and the firefighters have given up and gone home.

This means that both Seb and Arrivo are teetering over the precipice. I don’t expect Arrivo to leave immediately, but certainly before the Ferrari Christmas party…

So who to replace Arrivo? Binotto Maybe?

You could do worse than Mattiacci, who restructured the team, got rid of Alonso, brought in Vettel, and laid the plans to get the team out of the midfield and up at the top to battle with Mercedes.


It’s not over @Phil Glass. If we indeed win it this weekend, I’ll gladly accept your compliments monday morning. Until then, i’ll remain cautiously optimistic.


Is it Lewis Hamilton’s fault that his main rival has self destructed making mistake after mistake?

Was it Alain Prost’s fault that Nigel Mansell’s rear tyre self destructed in Adelaide 1986?

Was it Mika Hakkinen’s fault when Michael Schumacher stalled on the grid at Suzuka 1998 and then retired with a puncture?

Answers: no, no, no.

It’s called capitalising on your opponents weak spots – all is fair in love and war in competition. If Sebastian Vettel can’t keep his head straight, that’s not Lewis Hamilton’s fault at all – you can only play the opposition in front of you, and if the opposition is weak, well, that’s to my advantage, no?


3place grid penalty, yet again. the pressure is simply unbearable.


#Gaz. Absolutely correct, Hamilton picking up wins or points from other’s failure is racing. The axiom that you have to finish to win is still true today. BUT please by the same rule can Hamilton fans not quote every time he has had something go wrong and claim he did not really lose the race it was the tyre failure’s fault etc.


anything you want sir!


Tomx. That isn’t the same rule at all, if Seb is leading comfortably on Sunday, and then suffers an engine failure, I will have no problem acknowledging that he had driven an excellent race, deserved the victory and that whoever was behind him had inherited the win. I won’t start crowing about how Seb got schooled in Austin, or make a feeble attempt to blame him for the mechanical failure.

If he spins off while leading again though, I won’t be so charitable.


Tomx. Yet again the point goes whizzing straight over your head!

If a driver (any driver) loses a race through mechanical failure, we can all still say that he drove a good race. Understand that?

Nico won the championship in 2016, and he deserved it, he drove well in certain races, and made the most of the opportunities that came his way. The only problem I have with certain people’s version of events is when they say that he outdrove Lewis, he simply didn’t.


TimW ..the world does not revolve around you and hence whilst you may not..I gurantee that any mention of 2016 will get a raft of Nico did not win but Lewis lost it because xxx posts.


@Gaz Boy You’ve forgotten glock in interlagos 2008. /s Poor massa 🙁


Yes Massa robbed of a WDC and an undeserving Hamilton taking it


🗣Waah waaaah 👐 😫
david didems 😥
Hush now child 🍼


david, do you crave attention this much in your personal life?


As a fan of Lewis, it’s a great position to be in. We’re just sitting here waiting for him to bring it home, which he inevitably will. I’d like it to be in Austin, I’m not a city boy but it’s one of the best I’ve visited in my view and those guys know how to party, as does Lewis. So yeah, I hope it’s there but it doesn’t really matter…

“It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming…

F1 is coming home”


I watched him trackside starting his career with Manor and I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s been amazing to watch his rise to greatness and it’s absolutely crazy to think he’s now at a point where he can genuinely start to think about taking over from Schumacher.

Haters gonna hate but all those in the know are well aware he’s got to where he is because of his brilliance.

Love conquers all.



When did he ever drive for Manor? He started his F1 career with McLaren.



Ever heard the expression- look before you leap ?


2006 gp2


That was ART Grand Prix that year.


Hamilton began his car racing with Manor Motorsport after karting.
2001 Formula Renault 2000 UK Winter Series
2002 Formula Renault 2000 UK
Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup
2003 Formula Renault 2.0 UK
British Formula 3
Formula Renault 2000 Masters
Formula Renault 2000 Germany
Korea Super Prix
Macau Grand Prix
2004 Formula 3 Euro Series
Bahrain Superprix
Macau Grand Prix
Masters of Formula 3
As with all drivers they drive for somebody else before F1. Most of the F1 young driver programmes prove funding for the drivers and the F1 teams place them with the teams they have links with as McLaren had with Manor.


except hamilton approached ron dennis aged 10 and got signed ages 13, still karting, long before single seater racing.


@MartinW, I think he’s referring to Manor Motorsport, the team which Lewis drove for in the 2002 Formula Renault UK championship.



Yes, he did start his formula 1 career at McLaren, but he did the 2002 Formula Renault UK season with Manor Motorsport.

Wikipedia is a beautiful thing.


He raced for Manor in Formula Renault in 2002


Euro F3 in 2004.


@MartinW long before F1 he started his career with Manor Motorsport in Formula Renault. 2001/2002 if I remember correctly.


@The Exigency


Brilliant mate. Can’t wait to see him with the trophy in his hands!


vettel has already seen him with that trophy..


Tell that to Vettel.


I don’t get why people prefer to hate on performing drivers and teams while the real reason the rest of the field is not competitive is the under performing teams. Surely “it is better one speeds up one’s progress to catch up rather than slow other’s progress for one to catch up”. . .If RB’s Aero and McL Chassis are so good then they should Grovel, Beg and do anything to get that Merc or Ferrari Engines (put egos aside), Tata and Renault are rich companies and should put more money into their team’s development budget. . .I don’t know


don’t misunderstand hate vs having no respect. There is a difference


Tiny d
Man those Smurfs must’ve have given you a rough time in the Smurf playing ground and then on way to Smurf home. Smurfing heck,
I suppose the Smurfaritans were just a pipe dream back in the day. Old man Smurf had a WACO type thing going back in the day.
Hate vs No respect smurf man, that’s on the Smurf continuum of Smurf extremist.
Jeez bet you are glad you are not on an episode of Hollywood little people. 😂


“tiny d” smurfs”?
Do you have an obsession with size?
and the rest of your post is drive. Get a life man (or woman)


VB…you’re right, you don’t…
The reason for the hate…everything you mention has been tried and blocked by unnatural super powers within the sport. The lack of performance convergence is not the fault of those trying to catch up…too much power lies with the two main engine manufacturers and they have the governors of the sport over a barrel…this is the 5th year and unless you’re a Lewis fan…most have had enough…thus the hate (albeit misdirected at Lewis as he is the beneficiary of the lack of competition)…


@ LKFE…As pre empted, once my post cleared, the attacks flooded in from the indignant self righteous. I think that my point was well made. They have nothing new to say and just rely on the repetitive phrases. If you don’t lick the boots then you must be a ‘hater’. It’s a pity really but there you go.


the attacks flooded in

LOL – you might want to look up the meaning of flooded (in this context) – you had 4 very polite replies (3 if you discount Aveli as he replies to everything).


the hate on here started in 2008. it hasn’t just started. hamilton said it started when he was 8 years old.

he’s christian and forgives them all, invlding his secondary school headteacher who made his life hell for missing school because of karting abroad.


Lkfe, what do Mercedes and Ferrari do in order to prevent Honda and Renault catching up with them? The only thing I can recall that could reasonably be held accountable was the development token system (that Renault voted for). But they are long gone.


@ LKFE what really rankles is the ongoing use of the term ‘hate’. To put it mildly, if you don’t lick the boots of Hamilton you’re declared a ‘hater’. This site has become nothing more, in many cases, but a Hamilton fan site. No one can possibly venture an alternate viewpoint without being savagely attacked by the Hamilton supporters, en masse, therefore degrading any possibility of having an intelligent debate. Just wait until this post is cleared [ ? ] and my point will be validated.


They remind me a bit of a certain US president Ken….
If you’re not with us, you’re against us…


there are other drivers who wear boots too and they are different. why don’t you choose to like some else’s boots?


Tim’s self help series, vol 1;

‘How to tell if you hate a particular driver’

Answer the following questions honestly with regard to your least favourite driver;

1, Do you blame him for 100% of the on track incidents he gets involved in?

2, Are you incapable of congratulating him for doing well?

3, Do you always come up with imaginitive reasons why his successes don’t count?

4, Do you wildly exaggerate the significance of any comments he might make.

5, Do you judge him by his own special set of rules, that are far stricter than those that apply to any other driver?

How many questions did you answer ‘yes’ to?

If you answered yes to one or two of the questions, then you clearly don’t like the guy, but hate is too strong.

Three or four yesses means you clearly do have some hatred for him.

Five yesses means you have reached the ‘full Kenneth’

Help is available to anyone affected by taking this quiz…..



Is it reasonable for you to complain about others when you continually refer to Ham fans as luvvies? It doesn’t bother me as such, and I never use the word hater in any case, but I thought I’d canvass your opinion seeing as you are the one who is moaning .



As I said I never use the term hater, but you use the term luvvies in a derogatory manner – all the time. You are the opposite side of the very same coin which you are complaining about. If you don’t like getting ‘savagely attacked’ you might want to consider whether you should adopt a different approach – if you dish it out, you’re gonna get some back! Either that or stop crying about it.


@C63…The reason i have used the term ‘luvvies’ is simply because the original term is exactly the opposite of the term ‘hate’.


Surely you’re trolling? Or at least, surely you see the HUGE irony in your statement?

As for dishing out “hate” towards a driver, you’re by far the worst on this forum. As for attacking others, you’re by far the worst for that too.

There, did I validate your point for you?

You’re a hater pure and simple Ken, no question.

Has it ever occured to you that you get what you give? I’ve been here long enough to know that the person doing the most of that is you. The fact that it’s now coming back at you is simply cause and effect.

Enjoy the title celebrations dear chap.



Some people’s standards are very low. Maybe we could blindfold Hamilton in Austin and give him only 3 wheels.

Imagine if he still wins? Puputan!


@VB, Great comment. Equality of outcome is the antithesis of competition. People watch sport for greatness. To see exceptional people doing scarcely believable things, conjures primitive emotions we can’t help but being drawn to.

In the past, during their domination, can’t recall RBR asking the FIA to ban exhaust blowing or flexy wings. Teams will, and always have, played down their strengths, avoid mentioning their weaknesses and if possible destabilize their opposition. This is the DNA of formula one and it’s a shame most fans haven’t quite understood that.

Mercedes’ current domination didn’t appear from a vacuum. Daimler threw boats of cash post 2011 to achieve this level of success. If Renault – as a manufacturer – truly wishes to replicate, they too will have to open the coffers. Which they seem reluctant to do.


not only to do with cash, more to do with hamilton guiding them. the team believing in hamilton’s requests for investments in specific areas lacking performance.

this is because he has always had poor equipment as a karting child yet found ways of winning regardless. he learned from an early age to maximise in multiple areas of performance enhancements to beat the opposition who enjoyed superior equipment. he stepped into f1, a better driver than the entire field, destroying alonso as evidence. he therefore knows how to win yet it took him until 2016 to convince an f1 team to have total faith in him. although mercedes approaches him, they didn’t give him complete access to all areas of performance until the end of 2016 probably 2017. i day this because hamilton has driven for mercedes since 2014 and yet we only just heard for the first time this season mercedes mentioning that the believed in him. he he thanking the team for believing in him. it goes to show they didn’t have complete believe in him until recently. with this level of believe in him, he has not only demonstrated his ability to drive his car but restructured their lines of communication for better efficiency and asked for the best from each team member. mercedes understand this well, hence wolff’s sochi team orders call. hamilton is well known for asking for fairness between teammates.


Good post mate. And it looks like Mecachrome who build Renault’s engines are starting to take a step back, yet Renault are in the middle of building a whole new engine. It’s not a stable situation over there.

Lots of big manufacturers are shunning F1 with a preference for FE now. Renault were in there and then they left to focus on F1. But I don’t think it will be long before they want back in FE given how their road cars are going.

Soon enough it won’t make much sense for them to be in F1 because it will be at odds with the road cars they make. Odd situ and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out in the years to come.

Questions are, how much will it damage F1 if Renault leave, and will Ricciardo be able to get something out of it before things change?


not many want to watch formula e. it is not exciting to watch, as hard as they try. manufacturers are only in it because they don’t want to be left behind. they are scared governments will force them to go all electric yet the market is forcing them to go all internal combustion engine. everyone i have spoken to who owns an electric car have said their next car would be a hybrid because they are fed up of the anxiety of running out of charge and having to stop for long periods of time to charge.

coupled with the fact that electric cars aren’t leaving forecourts, the government efforts are futile. not based on any scientific evidence but lies. the ridiculous idea of preventing internal combustion engines cars in cities is the next. they forget that air goes everywhere and that the percentage of oxygen in the air is still 21% regardless of so much of it being used up in burning all that fossil fuels to produce those pollutants they complain about. it is all a nonsense. why has the atmospheric percentage composition of oxygen remained at 21% get they claim that of carbon dioxide has risen from 0,031% to 0.04%? the lying thieves!


Aveli, I couldn’t disagree more. FE is fantastic and getting better. The cars tech is improving at a crazy pace and it’s all going to be very interesting. There are more and more big drivers moving over there too.

My suggestion is give it another chance. The racing is excellent at times. Sure there are boring races but no more than F1.

Plus the new cars look absolutely amazing on track.

As for the purchasing of electric road cars, you realise we don’t have a choice right? We’re all going to be forced into it because it “does good for the global economy”. Basically the big boys who run the world have got a new thing they want us to buy. They’ll make sure that we do. The tide is just on the change but it IS changing trust me.

I own some nice cars. They’re going to have to drag me out of them kicking and screaming. But driving an electric car is an amazing experience, the torque is addictive. Soon enough there will be road cars that people want and the infrastructure to cope with it.

It’s all about rich folk getting richer mate, we don’t have a choice.

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